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Warren County Local History by Dallas Bogan

Early Warren County Mills

Dallas Bogan on 3 August 2004
original article by Dallas Bogan
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The following gives the names of many of the mills, location and some dates, many of which are approximate.

1. Dr. Evan Baines' mill, near the county line, Little Miami, January, 1805.
2. David Brown's mill, paint mill was built at (Freeport) Oregonia, Little Miami, before 1816.
3. Benjamin Butterworth's mill, Caesar's Creek, 1822.
4. Samuel Butterworth's mill, Newman's Run, 1850.
5. Mr. Caldwell's mill, Clear Creek.
6. Joseph Chenoweth's mill, Middle Run, 1816.
7. Brazillia Clark's mill, Foster's Crossing, Little Miami, 1806.
8. Cooper's mill, Little Miami?, 1827.
9. Robert Each's mill, Todd's Fork, 1805.
10. James Elliot's mill, Little Miami River, Waynesville, 1831.
11. Evans & Elliott, Newman's Run, circa 1848.
12. Fox's mill, Turtle Creek, Union Township.
13. Nebo Gauntt's mill at Oregonia (Freeport), Little Miami, 1802.
14. Seth B. Greeley's mill, Foster's Crossings, Little Miami.
15. John Haines' mill at Waynesville, Little Miami, 1805.
16. Samuel Heighway's mill, Waynesville, Newman's Run, 1805.
17. Samuel Heighway's mill, Little Miami River below Waynesville.
18. W.W. Ingraham Mill, Little Miami River, Oregonia, 1881.
19. John Jenning's mill, Little Miami River, Waynesville, 1825.
20. Daniel Kinsey's mill, Little Miami River, Oregonia, 1816.
21. Piercy Kitchel's mill, Little Miami River, 1806.
22. Lockport Mill, at I-71 bridge, Little Miami, 1830.
23. Lower or Baird's mill, erected by a Mr. Lawrence about the year 1801 or 1802 from the springs of Springboro.
24. Levi Lukens mill, Caesar's Creek, 1815.
25. Mather's mill, south of (Freeport) Oregonia, Little Miami, 1806.
26. McCray's mill, three miles west of Morrow, ca. 1805.
27. Mill Grove mill, between Ft. Ancient and Morrow, Little Miami, ca. 1810.
28. Governor Jeremiah Morrow's mill, below Morrow, Little Miami, 1812.
29. Charles Nixon mill, Little Miami River, Oregonia, 1844.
30. Jabish Philip's mill, midway between Todd's Fork and Turtle Creek on the Little Miami River. Started in 1798 and finished in 1801.
31. Joseph Phillips, between Morrow and South Lebanon, Little Miami, later known as the Zimri Stubbs mill, 1802.
32. Joseph Roger's Sr.'s mill, Middle Run, 1818.
33. Joseph Roger's Jr.'s mill, Middle Run, circa. 1823.
34. John Satterwaithe's mill, Little Miami River near Mount Holly, 1818.
35. Senior Powder Mill, Ft. Ancient, Little Miami, 1904.
36. Richard Sibbet's mill, Gainesboro, 1823.
37. Theophilus Simonton's mill, Hamilton Township, 1812.
38. Smalley's mill, on Todd's Fork near Clarksville, 1806.
39. Smith-Warwick Mill, located at the fork of Caesar's Creek and Flat Fork Creek, Massie Twp., before 1852.
40. Springboro Manufacturing Company, Located on Clear Creek, called Brock Mill or Old Red Mill, 1814.
41. Captain Benjamin Stites' mill, Waynesville, Little Miami, 1804.
42. Stubbs and Sherwood mill, Oregonia, Little Miami River, 1854.
43. Hugh Tate mill, Jonah's Run.
44. Henry Taylor's mill, Turtle Creek, 1799 or 1800.
45. John Taylor's Telegraph mill, Waynesville, Little Miami, 1856.
46. Upper mill, Clear Creek, 1831 or 1832.
47. Shubal Vail's mill, Great Miami River, Franklin, 1802.
48. Van Tuyl Mill, located on Twin Creek, Franklin Township. (Corner of Martz Paulin and Dian Dr.)
49. Samuel B. Walker's mill, Hamilton Township, circa. 1810.
50. Isaac Ward's mill, Newman's Run near Waynesville, 1816.
51. Amos and Samuel G. Welch and Thomas M. Wales built a mill on Caesar's Creek, near Harveysburg in 1839.
52. Whitacre's Mill, Morrow, Little Miami--Later sold to James Couden in 1853--was taken over by Frank Couden in 1886.
53. Joseph Whitehill's mill, on the Warren County Canal.
54. William Wood's mill, Kings Mills (Gainsboro), Little Miami, 1799.
55. Isaac Woodruff's mill Caesar's Creek, ca. 1834.
56. Wright's mill, Clear Creek, 1831.
57. Wright's Woolen mill, located on Factory Road in Clear Creek Township, 1836

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