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Warren County Local History by Dallas Bogan

Wayne Twp. Participants In The Civil War

Dallas Bogan on 13 August 2004
original article by Dallas Bogan
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CHARLES S. BURNET was born Nov. 27, 1841 in Wayne Twp., Warren County, Ohio. Our subject was the son of William G. and Elizabeth S. (Sinclair) Burnet, the grandson of Daniel and Ann (Gause) Burnet. Elizabeth was the daughter of John and Rachael (Proctor) Sinclair. Charles was one of seven children.
Charles enlisted in the War of the Rebellion November, 1861, in Company F, 34th O.V.I., and served nearly three years. He was killed in the battle of Cedar Creek, Va., October 19, 1864.

JOHN D. CLEMENTS was born in Wayne Twp. Aug. 11, 1825. He was the son of John and Catharine (Dutterow) Clements. The paternal ancestors were of Irish descent. The original ancestors came from Ireland prior to the Revolutionary War. The maternal ancestors were from Germany. John D. was one of ten children, six sons and four daughters. Our subject remained with his father until his death. In the spring of 1855, he went to Illinois, where he resided until the winter of 1858, when he returned to Ohio.
In August, 1862, he enlisted in the War of the Rebellion, in Company H, 79th O.V.I., and served with Sherman in his great march through the South to the sea. He was engaged in the battles of Resaca, Peach Tree Creek, Averysboro and others, but escaped without a wound and was mustered out at Camp Dennison, June 5, 1865. He entered as First Duty Sergeant and was promoted to First Lieutenant.
On January 3, 1867, he was married to Elizabeth V., daughter of Hiram and Rachael Ann Taylor.

JOHN M. COLEMAN was born in Miamisburg, Ohio, Feb 21, 1846. He was the son of Washington and Eliza Barnhart Coleman. Washington Coleman was a tailor by trade; was married in Waynesville and located in Miamisburg where he followed his trade until the fall of 1849. In the spring of 1849, he lost his wife by death, and, in the fall following, he went south and located in Mississippi.
Here, he carried on his trade for eleven years. At the breaking out of the war, he returned to Ohio and enlisted in the army and served under Gen. Buell until attacked by sickness. He died at Murfreesboro, Tenn., April 23, 1863.
Our subject, John M., was one of six children; he was but three years old at the death of his mother, Eliza. His uncle, John Barnhart, with whom he remained until the age of nineteen, raised him.
In January, 1865, John M. enlisted in the War of the Rebellion in the 184th O.V.I. and served until the close of the war. He was discharged at Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio, Sept. 27, 1865.
Mr. Coleman married Miss Ida, daughter of Daniel and Louisa Crane, April 16, 1874. His wife died Oct. 22, 1878.

JESSE GIBBS was born in Franklin Co., Penn., June 10, 1819. He was the son of Joseph and Rachael Wood Gibbs, he a native of New Jersey and she of Pennsylvania. Jesse was one of five children.
Jesse moved to Warren County in 1839. He married, Sept. 3, 1840, Hannah, daughter of Ellis and Mary E. Ward. Mr. Gibbs was the father of nine children.
Mr. Gibbs, our subject, on Aug. 14, 1862, enlisted in the War of the Rebellion in Company H, 79th O.V.I. He was with Sherman in his glorious March to the Sea. He received his discharge June 6, 1865.

JOSEPH E. GIBBS was the son of Jesse Gibbs. He enlisted at the same time as his father, Aug. 14, 1862 in the same regiment, Co. H, 79th O.V.I. Our subject, like his father, served the duration of his enlistment. Joseph E. contracted the camp diarrhea and from the effects, died April 17, 1875.

ISRAEL HOPKINS HARRIS was born in Centerville, Ohio, Nov. 23, 1823. He was the eldest of five children. With prepatory classes at Centerville and Franklin, Ohio, he entered Yale College at the beginning of his junior year. He received his degree in 1846; returned home to Waynesville and became his father's assistant in the dry goods business. In 1855, he changed his vocation to banker status.
In November, 1848, he married Esther Ann, daughter of Jarvis Stokes of Warren County, Ohio. In November, 1849, Mrs. Harris died. Mr. Harris remarried to Carrie E. Bunnell, daughter of Mr. Merritt Bunnell.
Mr. Harris was the "patron saint" of the Harris Guards, Co. F, O.N.G., one of the finest companies in the 13th Regiment; the company having named for him voluntarily, as a tribute to his worth and popularity.

CAPTAIN JAMES A. KEARNEY was born in the County of Kerry, Ireland, Jan. 24, 1846; he was a son of Patrick and Sophia Apjohn Kearney, natives of Ireland. Our subject was three years of age when brought to this country. In 1865, Patrick Kearney came to this county and located on a farm near Waynesville.
Captain James A. came forward in defense of this country and enlisted in the Navy, August, 1, 1861. He was but sixteen at the time. He served about two and one-half hears and resigned, returning to Cincinnati, after which he was engaged in various capacities in the employ of the Government.

HIRAM KILBON was born in Waynesville, Ohio, Sept. 19, 1840; he was the son of John T. and Julia Ann Appleton Kilbon. John T. was a native of Worchester Co., Mass. and Julia Ann of New Jersey. John T. carried on the boot and shoe business but a short time, then entered upon the grocery trade, which business he conducted for may years. Our subject remained with his father, assisting him in the grocery business til 18 years of age; then he labored on a farm until the War of the Rebellion.
On Aug. 20, 1862, he enlisted in the 129th Ill. V.I., and served throughout the war. He was mustered out at Washington D.C., June 8, 1865; having engaged in the Battle of Buzzard's Roost, Resaca, Nashville, Decatur and others, and fortunately escaped without a wound.
Hiram married April 19, 1866, to Miss Rebecca M., daughter of Charles and Maria Braddock, natives of New Jersey.

AQUILLA C. McCOMAS was born in Waynesville, Ohio, Dec. 16, 1839. He was a son of Thomas B. and Julia A. Cummings McComas, he a native of Maryland and she of Waynesville.
Thomas B. was raised in Maryland until 16 years of age, when in 1827, he with his brother immigrated to Xenia, Ohio, where he for several years practiced the blacksmith trade. He later located in Waynesville and set up his own business.
Our subject was one of fifteen children. He lived and worked with his father until the age of 25.
On Sept. 5, he enlisted in the 180th O.V.I., and served til the close of the war; was mustered out at Charlotte, N.C., July 13, 1865. Mr. McComas married, April 3, 1866, Kate E., daughter of Benjamin and Annette Fahrenstock.

M. HORACE McKAY was the second son of Jonas T. and Matilda Ferguson Mckay, natives of Virginia. The paternal grandfather, Moses McKay, was a native of Virginia and married a Miss Shinn; they immigrated to Ohio in 1818; they came by wagons to Wheeling, Virginia (now West Virginia), thence by flatboat to Cincinnati; thence by wagon to Warren County, and to Wayne Township. The maternal grandfather, Samuel Ferguson, was a native of Virginia, and married Mildred Garrison, and immigrated to Greene County, Ohio, about 1824; he was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. The ancestors of the McKay and Ferguson family were of Scotch descent.
Our subject, M. Horace, was in the War of the Rebellion; enlisted in the 79th O.V.I., and served about two and one-half years until discharged for disability.

HENRY PRATER was born in Wayne Twp. Sept 8, 1840; was a son of William and Ann Eliza Slack Prater; he a native of the county and she of Pennsylvania. The paternal grandparents were Zachariah and Elilzabeth O'Neall Prater, natives of North Carolina; immigrated to Ohio in 1810 and located in Wayne Twp. Henry was one of seven children.
Our subject enlisted in the war June 10, 1862, in the 84th O.V.I., and served three months, the term of enlistment; on Dec. 18, 1863, he again enlisted in the 34th O.V.I., and served till the close of the war; was with Sheridan in all his campaigns up the Shenandoah Valley and was in nineteen marked battles, was once taken prisoner, but made his escape; was mustered out July 27, 1865, having served without so much as a scratch.
Henry was married Dec. 10, 1863, to Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Isaac and Matilda Sands.

CYRUS M. WARD enlisted in the War of the Rebellion, in Co. H, 79th O.V.I., and served till the close of the war. Mr. Ward was wounded at the battle of Kenesaw Mountain, June 24, 1864, and was in the hospital at different points until May 1865; he was discharged at Camp Dennison, Ohio, because of disability.

DR. FRANCIS A. WILLIAMSON was born Nov. 14, 1812, at Manney's Neck, North Carolina. He was a son of Francis and Elizabeth Worrel Williamson, natives of Virginia, his ancestors being of Scotch descent. Mr. Williamson was possessed by a large estate, which was located partly in North Carolina and partly in Virginia, being at one time a large slave-owner.
In December, 1839, he married Miss Miriam Pierce, who was born in Wilmington, Ohio. She was the daughter of Richard and Mary Fallis Pierce, he a native of Wilmington, Del., and she of Virginia. Six children were born of this marriage.
In 1862, he entered into the arena of war as a Surgeon, and shortly thereafter was, by Gen. Rosecrans, promoted to a Surgeon on his own staff. He was passionately devoted to his profession, and to the very last was a close student, ever keeping pace with the onward march of science and progress of events of the time.

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