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Warren County Local History by Dallas Bogan

The History Of Washington Township Schools

Dallas Bogan on 4 September 2004
original article by Dallas Bogan
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September 18, 1865 The annual school directors meeting were held at the home of William Vandover. Present were C.N Wilkerson, Francis Jeffery, George Harner, Joseph Thompson, and Lewis Humphreys, who was appointed to the chair.
April 16, 1866 School board members present at this meeting were Francis Jeffery, C.N. Wilkerson, Joseph Thompson, T.M. Williams, Jeremiah Mills, and Absalom Glasscock, who was appointed chairman. Business included an "order in favor of the teacher of the colored school in Vernon Township [Clinton County] for a sum in proportion to the number of colored pupils sent from this township."
April 15, 1867 Francis Jeffery reported the sale of old schoolhouse in sub-district No. 2 for 18 dollars, and sale of lot for 3 dollars, motion carried. Mr. Jeffery reported 72 living peach trees on schoolhouse lot, which he bought for 15 cents each. April 20, 1868 - Total bills at this meeting were placed at $870. Dist. 1, $60 for fence repair and privy. Dist. 2, $105, new fence and privy. Dist. 3, $50 to Irons and Lingo for fence, privy and wood house. Dist. 5, $80 for wood house and desk. District 6, $100, new floor in schoolhouse and privy. District 7, $62 for privy, pump and fence. Dist. 8, $190 for fence and new wood house.
September 21, 1868 Joseph Thompson was to receive $818.85 for building and finishing school house in Dist. 8.
January 11, 1869 A special meeting was held by the board with members John M. Snook, chairman; present were Charles, A. Harris, Allen Shawhan, John S. Hizar, John Penquite, William Kelsey, and Joseph Thompson. Object of the meeting was a controversy between Morris Morrow, teacher, and Willis Humphrey, pupil in District 4. Findings: Mr. Morris "acted in a legal and proper maneuver in refusing to hear Willis Humphrey, until he should comply with the teachers' requirements in getting a composition."
And on this same date the board decided that the teachers would be held responsible for the government of the school for the purpose of securing good government. In this particular meeting a number of rules were laid down that were set to govern the pupil.
September 19, 1870 Board of Education members present were Alexander Harlan, Charles A. Harris, Isaac Campbell, William Kelsey, William Reason, James Cones, John M. Snook, William Seaman, and Samuel McCray. The board approved the contract to pay for the seats in Dist. l1, the amount of $164 to be paid back by July 1, 1872, without interest. Also, a motion was made that John M. Snook was to finish paying for seats in Dist. 4, to the amount of $80.00
April 17, 1871 Many motions concerning the Washington Township schools were made during this meeting.
April 20, 1874 Board of Education members present were C.N. Wilkerson, chairman; David Wilson, Allen Shawhan, George Morrow, George Ridge, Lee S. Dunham, Charles Cleaver, David Gard, and J.C. Goldale. Some motions were: David Gard moved that a special levy of $55 be made on Washington Twp. for painting the school house in Dist. 2. Gard also moved that painting the schoolhouse in Dist. 8 at a cost of $45 be carried. Lee S. Dunham moved that $1300 be levied on Washington Twp. for repairing schoolhouse and fence in Dist. 5.
April 19, 1875 George Ridge made a motion that a sum of $2,000 be used for continuation of schools. M. W. Nixon was transferred for educational purposes from Dist. 4 to Dist. 3. George Morrow made a motion that a sum of $250 be ordered on Washington Twp. for contingent expenses.
June 3, 1876 Board members present were J.H. Vandervoort, F.J. Sherwood, George Morrow, George Ridge, C.O. Thompson, John Penquite, and A.M. Kinsey. Bid for the new schoolhouse in Dist. 3 from Wright Simpson was $1,123. Broken down, the stonework was $70, plastering, $90; painting, $95; carpenters material, $603; labor, $265. Many other bids were received. A. Stubbs and an Abram McKinsey submitted a bid of $1,200, and C.H. Vantress and Jonathan Palmer submitted a bid of $1,080, they getting the job. J.W. Worley was appointed to superintend the building of the schoolhouse.
M. Hildebrand, agent for Excelsior Company, propositioned the board for wood desks for Dist. 1 for the sum of $5.00 for double desks and $2.50 for single desks. The motion was carried.
June 17, 1876 A one-half acre lot for the new schoolhouse was bought from Aaron Ertel for the sum of $100.
September 18, 1876 Motion for the deed from Aaron Ertel was carried
April 16, 1877 Motion was carried to sell old schoolhouse in Dist. 3 to Allen Shawhan for $220. Motion also carried that each district be allowed enough contingent money to pay present indebtedness. Motion also carried that sufficient amount be taken out of building fund to buy bell for schoolhouse in Dist. 3.
September 17, 1877 Motion carried that the pump be taken out of the well in Dist. 2 and be placed in John W. Drake's well near by for school purposes.
April 15, 1878 Motions were submitted and carried concerning the purchase of McGuffey's Spellers, Ray's Algebra, Harvey's Grammar, Electic Geography, Bedphalth's History, Brown's Psychology, and White's School Register. Rejected were Electic Penmanship and French Aromatic.
February 1, 1879 Appointment to school board of Aaron Ertel to fill vacancy in Dist. 3 caused by the resignation of Harvey Lambert.
March 3, 1879 David B. Glasscock was appointed to fill school director vacancy in Dist. 7. Signed by Francis M. McCray, J. Penquite, Thomas McCray, John Nicholson, R.A. Wilson, and Amos Williams.
April 21, 1879 Board members present were John VanHorn, Wilson Ward, James Stanfield, newly elected president; Amos Williams, W.T. Mounts, John Nicholson, Frank Sherwood, and Wright Howard. Motion was made and carried of Frank Sherwood that there be a levy made of 1 3/4 mills for continuation of schools. Motion was made and carried of W.T. Mounts that Wright Howard be sustained as clerk for Dist. 9. District 1 was granted a levy of $40 for building a fence. District 3 carried a motion that a sum of $30 be allotted for painting the schoolhouse.
September 15, 1879 Mr. M. Worley was dismissed as teacher by the board in school Dist. 9, the Hammel School.
April 18, 1881 Board members in attendance were Paul Williams, B.M. Settlemyre, Thurston Robertson, James Stanfield, Daniel Perrine, newly elected president; Simon Shumaker, Thomas McCray, Frank Sherwood, and George Brant. Nathan Perry was appointed librarian at a yearly salary of $1.50. Motion was made and carried of Paul Williams concerning a special levy of $120 for a new well, and $12 to buy a new stove in Dist. 1. Motion was made and carried by B.M. Settlemyre in regards to the safety of the Olive Branch schoolhouse. A committee of three, James Stanfield, Huston Robertson, and Thomas McCray were to do the inspection and check back with the board.
April 25, 1881 The committee reported to the school board that the Olive Branch schoolhouse was unsafe for pupils to be exposed in as the ceiling may fall in by a storm or the shaking of the building.
April 16, 1883 Clerk of Clarksville Village school district presented a bill of $49.80 as a tuition fee for six children coming to said school from the Charles Hadley farm. The Washington Township board called for an investigation of the circumstances. James Stanfield and Wm. Nicholson were appointed as investigators. It was found that the Hadley farm was originally transferred to Vernon Township and had never been retransferred.
April 21, 1884 C.A. Harris was declared ineligible to serve in Dist. 1. John Wall made application to transfer from Dist. 2 to Dist. 8., transfer granted. A request was made for $150 in Dist. 2 that a wood house, well and two stoves be purchased. H.V. Warwick requested that two lightning rods be purchased in same district, subsequently, rods were installed on all the schools, Districts 1, 8, and 9 already being provided with rods. An appropriation of $3,790 for tuition was granted for the districts.
April 20, 1885 School books for the year included the Electic Educational Series, namely McGuffey's Revised Readers and Speller. Ray's New Arithmetics, Electic Geography and Electic Primary History of the United States.
September 21, 1885 Attending the board meeting were members C.B. Wilkerson, Frank Sherwood, George Koeble, Robert Andrews, Daniel Perrine, George Morrow, William Nicholson, George W. Henderson, and Frank O. Hughes.

Perhaps at another time we shall finish the remaining years.

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