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Warren County Local History by Dallas Bogan

Warren County Roads And Their Histories

Dallas Bogan on 6 September 2004
original article by Dallas Bogan
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The following records were taken from the Warren County engineer's office in Lebanon, Ohio. These roads are the earliest in the county with some dating before 1803. However, this writer has included a few of the later roads. Included are the road names, the townships or towns in which they are located, with the beginning dates and the dates finished. The finish dates are when the main road was completed to its near pre- sent location including alterations and extentions. The majority of these names are the original ones. Many names were altered and parts dropped. The names are arranged in alphabetical order.

1 Adams Road--Hamilton Twp.--1823-1847.
2 Addis-Mounts Rd.--Harlan Twp.--1844-1895.
3 Anderson Rd.--Salem Twp.--1848-1896.
4 Armstrong Rd.--Harlan Twp.--1838.
5 Axman-Templin Rd.--Harlan Twp.--No Date.
6 Baxter Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--1860
7 Beal Rd.--Franklin Twp.--1845-1847.
8 Bennett-Vandervoort Rd.--Salem Twp. No Date.
9 Bindley-Mounts Rd.--Harlan Twp.--1846-1866.
10 Blanchester-Milford Rd.--Harlan Twp.--No Date--(St. Rt. 133)
11 Bone Rd.--Union Twp.--1842.
12 Bowman-Swigert Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--1882.
13 Brant Rd.--Salem Twp.--1835-1913.
14 Brewer Rd.--Turtlecreek & Deerfield Twp.--1849.
15 Brooks-Carroll Rd.--Massie Twp.--1834.
16 Bunnel Rd.--Union Twp.--No Date.
17 Bunnel Hill-Bradstreetrd.--Clearcreek Twp.--1806-1898.
18 Butler-Warren Rd.--Deerfield Twp.--1834-1898.
19 Canbytown-Surface Rd.--Wayne &Massie Twp.--1829-1834.
20 Carter Rd.--Wayne & Massie Twp.--No Date. (Vacated 1973 Because Of Lake Area)
21 Chamberlain Rd.--Franklin Twp.--1817-1837.
22 Chenoweth Rd.--Wayne Twp.--1877.
23 Cincinnati-Chillocothe Rd.--Harlan Twp.--1835-1886. (Now S.R. 28)
24 Cincinnati-Columbus Rd.--1806-1901--(Lebanon To Butler Line-1806 (To Waynesville-1813)(To Mason-1832) (Waynesville To Greene Co.-Line-1834) (Now U.S. 42.)
25 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd.--Franklin Twp.--1829-1872. (Old U.S. 25.)
26 Cincinnati-Zanesville Rd.--Washington,Salem, Deerfield, Hamilton Twp., Morrowtown (Morrow To Clarksville, Establishedbefore 1804-1899) (Now St. Rt. 3 & U.S. Rt. 22)
27 Clarksville-Harveysburg Rd.--Massie Twp.--1828-1880. (Formerly Dakin Free Pike)
28 Clarksville-Wellman Rd.--Washington, Wayne & Massie Twp.--1828-1882.
29 Clearcreek-Franklin Rd.--Franklin & Clearcreek Twp.--1849-1897.
30 Clevenger-Crossley Rd.--Clearcreek Twp.--1841-1873.
31 Cochran Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--1904.
32 Cold Springs Rd.--Turtlecreektwp.--1827-1890. (Formerly Miami River Rd.)
33 Coles Rd.--Franklin Twp.--1895.
34 Collett Rd.--Wayne Twp.--1883.
35 Collins-Riley Rd.--Harlan Twp.--No Date.
36 Columbia Rd.--Turtlecreek,Union& Deerfield Twp. 1819-1867. (Formerlyunionfreeturnpike Rd.)
37 Compton-Hawkins Rd.--Wayne Twp.--1849.
38 Cones Rd.--Hamilton Twp. & Loveland--1806. (Formerly Old River Rd.)
39 Cook Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--No Date.
40 Cook-Jones Rd.--Wayne Twp.--1820-1846.
41 Corwin Ave.--Corwin & Wayne Twp.--1954.
42 Corwin Rd.--Wayne Twp.--1807-1869. (Formerly Miami Rd.)
43 Corwin-Clevenger Rd.--Harlan Twp.--1853?
44 Cox-Smith Rd.--Deerfield & Union Twp.--Established Before 1805-1897.
45 Crane-Weidner Rd.--Clearcreek Twp.--1823-1850.
46 Davis Rd.--Deerfield Twp.--1806-1809.
47 Dayton-Lebanon Rd.--Turtlecreek & Clearcreek Twp.- Lebanon Previous To 1805-1909 (Now St.Rt. 48.)
48 Dayton-Oxford Rd.--Franklin Twp.--1832-1874.
49 Deardoff Rd.--Franklin Twp.--1900.
50 Dearthrd.--Franklintwp.--1823-1851.(Formerly Noble-Dearth Rd.)
51 Debold-Koebel Rd.--Harlan Twp.--1868.
52 Decker Rd.--Franklin Twp.--1818-1837.
53 Drake Rd.--Clearcreek Twp.--1841-1875. (Formerly Kirby & Hathaway Free Pike.)
54 Dry Run Rd.--Union Twp.--1872.
55 Dubois Rd.--Franklin Twp--1848-1850.
56 Dwire Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--No Date.
57 Edwardsville-Pleasant Grove Rd.--Harlan Twp.--1811-1888.
58 East St.--Lebanon Corp.--1817.
59 Elbon Rd.--Wayne Twp.--1850-1884.
60 Ellis-Lincoln Rd.--Wayne Twp.--1875.
61 Elm Tree Rd.--Wayne Twp.--No Date. (Changed From Lytle-Centerville In 1973)
62 Eltzroth Rd.--Harlan Twp.--1826.
63 Emmons Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--1834-1897. (Formerly Gilcrist Pike)
64 Entz-Shawhan Rd.--Harlan Twp.--No Date.
65 Factory Rd.--Springboro,Clearcreek Twp.--1832-1878.
66 Fairview Rd.--Franklin Twp.--1816-1837. (Formerly Chautauqua Rd.)
67 Fields-Ertel Rd.--Deerfield Twp. --1836-1848.
68 Ford Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--1881.
69 Fordyce-Stagge Rd.--Washington Twp.--1821.
70 Fort Ancient-Clarksville Rd.--Turtlecreek & Washington Twp. (Part Of College Township Road.-- Established Before 1804-1899) (Old Route Vacated) (Now St. Rt. 350)
71 Fosters-Maineville Rd.--Maineville-Hamilton Twp.--1825-1855.
72 Franklin-Germantown Rd.--Franklintwp.--1836-1837. (St.Rt. 123)
73 Franklin-Lebanon Rd.--Franklin, Clearcreek & Turtlecreek Twp., Franklin& Lebanon Corp.--1805-1897. (Now St. Rt. 123)
74 Franklin-Shakerton Rd.--Franklin Corp., Franklin & Turtle Creek Twp. 1818-1874. (Formerly Franklin & Union Free Pike)
75 Franklin-Trenton Rd.--Franklin Twp.--1848.
76 Franklin-Wilmington Rd.--Franklin, Wayne & Massie Twp.-1805-1847. (St. Rt. 73)
77 Fryberger St.--Hamilton Twp.--1821.
78 Furnas-Oglesby Rd.--Wayne & Massie Twp.--1845-1880.
79 Gard Rd.--Wayne & Massie Twp.--1850-1884.
80 Gheils-Carroll Rd.--Salem Twp.--1824-1877.
81 Gilmour Rd.--Salem Twp.--1807-1825. (Formerly Millgrove & White Oak Free Pike).
82 Glosser-Richardson Rd.--Union Twp.--1839-1850.
83 Gorsuch Rd.--City Of Franklin--No Date.
84 Goshen-Wilmington Rd.--Harlan& Washington Twp.-- 1809-1881. (Now Batavia-Clarksville Rd.)(Made A State Rd. In 1937--St. Rt. 132)
85 Greentree-Lebanon Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--Established College Twp. Rd. Before 1805--1866.
86 Grandin Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--1823-1840.
87 Grog Run Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--1860.
88 Gum-Grove Rd.--Washington Twp.--No Date. (Formerly Penquite-Gum Grove Rd.)
89 Gustin-Rider Rd.--Harlan Twp.--1837-1895.
90 Haines Rd.--Wayne Twp.--No Date.
91 Halls Creek Rd.--Salem Twp.--1878-1888
92 Hamilton Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--1838-1867. (Formerly Probasco-Thompson Pike) (Free Pike In 1876)
93 Hamilton-Lebanon Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--1809-1839. (Now St. Rt. 63)
94 Hamilton-Middletown Rd.--Franklin Twp.--1810-1855. (Now St. Rt. 73)
95 Harlan Rd.--Clearcreek Twp.--Before 1804-1869.
96 Harlan-Carroll Rd.--Massie Twp.--1828.
97 Harrison Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--No Date.
98 Hart Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--1841.
99 Hatfield-Hollingsworth Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--1849.
100 Hathaway Rd.--Clearcreek Twp.--No Date.
101 Hatt-Swank Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--1825-1911.
102 Hendrickson Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--1842. (Formerly Bigler Rd.) (Formerly Long Free Turnpike-1869)
103 Henry-Fischer Rd.--Washington Twp.& Harlan Twp.--1827-1896.
104 Henry-Pummert Rd.--Harlan Twp.--No Date.
105 Homan Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--1927.
106 Hills-Station--Hamilton Twp.--No Date.
107 Hopkins Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--1871.
108 Ireland Rd.--Hamilton & Salem Twp.--1878.
109 Irwin-Simpson Rd.--Deerfield Twp.--1821-1885.
110 Jack Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--1893-1894.
111 Jackson-Runyan Rd.--Harlan Twp.--1841-1877.
112 Johnson-Staley Rd.--Franklin Twp.--No Date.
113 Keays Rd.--Franklin Twp.--1955.
114 Keever Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--No Date.
115 Kendrick Rd.--Wayne Twp.--No Date.
116 King Rd.--Massie Twp.--1845-1872. (Vacated In 1973 Because Of Lake)
117 Kings Mills-Fosters Rd.--Deerfield Twp.--1880-1885. (Formerly Hoff& Dillfree Pike)
118 Kings Mills River Rd.--Union Twp.--1880-1903.
119 Kirby Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--1869. (Formerly Walcott Free Pike)
120 Layman Rd.--Harlan Twp.--1833.
121 Lebanon-Maineville Rd.--Deerfield, Turtlecreek, Hamilton & Union Twp.,Maineville & Lebanon--1807-1860. (St. Rt. 48)
122 Lebanon-Morrow Rd.--Salem &Turtlecreek Twp.-- Lebanon & Morrow--(Old Chillocothe Rd.- Established Before 1804-1867) (St. Rt. 123)
123 Lebanon-Springboro Rd.--Clearcreek & Turtlecreek Twp.-1840-1866.
124 Lebanon-Stubbs Mill Rd.--Turtlecreek, Union & Hamilton Twp. 1816-1879 (Formerly Ditmar's Free Pike.)
125 Lebanon-Utica Rd.--Clearcreek & Turtlecreek Twp.--1831-1880.
126 Lebanon-Wilmington Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.-(Lebanon To Clinton Co.-1807;River Toclinton Co. Line-1811.--Finished To Free Pike-1882)
127 Levicy Rd.--Massie Twp.--No Date.
128 Liberty-Keuter Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--1887.
129 Lindley-Worley Rd.--Harlan Twp.--1845.
130 Long-Spurling Rd.--Harlan Twp.--1835-1839.
131 Longstreth-Garver Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--1853-1876.
132 Loveland-Fosters Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--1865.
133 Loveland-Maineville Rd.--Hamilton Twp.-Maineville--1837-1876.
134 Loveland-Murdock Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--1833-1891.
135 Lower Carlisle-Franklin Rd.--Franklin Twp.--1848.
136 Lower Springboro-Waynesville Rd.--Wayne, Franklin & Clear Creek Twp.-Franklin--1806-1841.
137 Ludlum Ave.--Hamilton & Salen Twp.--1809.
138 Lukens Rd.--Massie Twp.--1835-1847. (Vacated 1973 Because Of Lake)
139 Lundy-Whitacre Rd.--Salem & Harlan Twp.--1820.
140 Lytle-Ferry Rd.--Wayne Twp.--Previous To 1804- 1836. (Part Was Raysville Rd. & Part Was Pinckney Rd.)
141 Lytle-Five Pointsrd.--Clearcreek&Wayne Twp.-- 1824-1880. (Formerly Vandeveer Free Pike)
142 Mabray Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--1960.
143 Maddox Rd.--Washington Twp.--1844. (Now St. Rt. 133)
144 Madison-Franklin Rd.--Franklin Twp.--1826-1837.
145 Main St.--Mt. Holly & Wayne Twp.--1833.
146 Manchester Rd.--Franklin Twp.--1818-1859.
147 Martz-Paulin Rd.--Franklin Twp.--1817-1837. (Formerly Vantuyl Rd.)
148 Mason-Bethany Rd.--Deerfieltwp.--Established Before 1804-1867.
149 Mason-Hamilton Rd.--Deerfield Twp.-Mason--1842.
150 Mason-Kings Mills Rd.--Deerfield Twp.-Mason--1833-1890.
151 Mason-Mauds Rd.--Deerfield Twp.--1835.
152 Mason-Montgomery Rd.--Turtlecreek&Deerfield Twp.- Mason--1806-1840.
153 Mason-Morrow-Millgrove Rd.--Union & Salem Twp.- South Lebanon--1819-1833. (Formerly Muddy Creek Free Pike.)
154 Mason-Socialville Rd.--Deerfield Twp.--1828-1882.
155 Mason-Springboro Rd.--Turtlecreek, Deerfield & Union Twp.-Springboro 1807-1859. (Turned Over To State In 1936, Now St. Rt. 741)
156 Meyers-Kunker Rd.--Harlan Twp.--1811-1820.
157 Middle Run-Mt. Holly Rd.--Wayne Twp.--1835.
158 Middleboro-Blanchester Rd.--Harlan &Washington Twp.-1841-1880. (Formerly Blanchesterfree Pike.)
159 Middletown Rd.--Franklin Twp.--1807-1888. (Now St. Rt. 122) (Formerly Clemens Free Pike.)
160 Mill Rd.--Union Twp.--1849.
161 Miller Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--1854.
162 Monroe Rd.--Lebanon Corp.--1901-1972.
163 Morningstar-Maue Rd.--Franklin Twp.--1848-1890.
164 Morrow-Blackhawk Rd.--Salem Twp.--1804-1898.
165 Morrow-Cozaddale Rd.--Harlan &Hamilton Twp.--1809-1898.
166 Morrow-Rossburg Rd.--Harlan & Salem Twp.-Morrow--1809-1846.
167 Morrow-Waynesville Rd.--Salem& Turtlecreek Twp.--1804-1898.
168 Morrow-Woodville Rd.--Salem & Harlan Twp.-Morrow & Butlerville 1833-1882. (Butlerville & Morrow Free Pike--Also Grimm Free Pike)
169 Mounts Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--1824.
170 Mulford Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--1879.
171 Murray Rd.--Washington Twp.--1880.
172 McClure Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--1812-1846. (Formerly Cadwallader Rd.)
173 McGuinn Rd.--Washington Twp.--No Date.
174 McIntire Rd.--Hamilton&Salemtwp.--1853. (Formerly McIntire Free Pike.)
175 McLean Rd.--Franklin Twp.--1850.
176 Nicholson Rd.--Washington Twp.--1844-1877.
177 Nicholson-Drake Rd.--Washington & Harlan Twp.--1882.
178 Nickel Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--1883.
179 Nixon-Camp Rd.--Turtlecreek&Salem Twp.--1841-1882.
180 Noble-Dearth Rd.--Franklin&Clearcreek Twp.--1823-1850.
181 Nunner Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--No Date.
182 O'Neall Rd.--Massie & Wayne Twp.--1834-1885.
183 Oglesby-Harris Rd.--Massie Twp.--1857-1872.
184 Old Stage Rd.--Wayne Twp.--1834.
185 Oregonia-Corwinrd.--Wayne&Washington Twp.--1807-1897. (Formerly Freeport Rd.)
186 Oregonia-Harveysburg Rd.--Massie, Turtlecreek & Washington Twp.- Harveysburg--1813-1820.
187 Oregonia-Olive Branch Rd.--Washington Twp.--1834.
188 Oregonia-Red Oak Rd.--Wayne Twp.--No Date.
189 Orphans Home Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--1869.
190 Osceola-Blanchester Rd.--Salem& Harlan Twp.--1830.
191 Parkdr.--Carlisle--1848 Or 1850. (Formerly Carlisle R.R. Rd.)
192 Pekin-Waynesvillerd.--Clearcreek,Frankin& Wayne Twp. 1806-1860. (Formerly Kirby Free Pike)
193 Pence-Jones Rd.--Wayne Twp.--1977.
194 Penewit Rd.--Wayne Twp.--No Date. (Changed From F. Smith Rd.)
195 Pennyroyal Rd.--Franklin& Clearcreek Twp.--1824- 1841. This Road Led To Vanderveers Mill On The Great Miami.
196 Penquite Rd.--Washington Twp.--1821-1844.
197 Phillips Rd.--Turtlecreek & Union Twp.--No Date.
198 Pioneer Village Rd.--Massie Twp.--1828.
199 Pleasant Plain-Edenton Rd.--Harlan Twp.-Pleasant Plain--1887-1915.
200 Pleasant Ridge-Renner Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--1837-1847.
201 Red Lion-Five Points Rd.--Clearcreek Twp.--In Use Before 1804-1873.
202 Ritz-Wills Rd.--Clearcreek Twp.--No Date.
203 Roachester-Blanchesterrd.--Salem & Harlan Twp.--1825-1888. (Now St. Rt. 123)
204 Roachester-Cozaddalerd.--Hamilton & Harlan Twp.--1812-1891.
205 Roachester-Osceolard.--Salem&Harlan Twp.--1811-1880.
206 Robinson-Vail Rd.--Franklin Twp.--1841.
207 Rohmer Rd.--Deerfield Twp.--1818-1839.(Changed To Old Mill Rd. In 1973)
208 Ross Rd.--Harlan Twp.--1826-1833.
209 Ross Rd.--Washington Twp.--1855-1857.
210 Ross-Lever Rd.--Harlan Twp.-Lebanon Corp.--1855.
211 Ross-Vandervoort Rd.--Harlan Twp.--1861.
212 Rossburg-Dallasburg Rd.--Salem &Harlan Twp.--1844-1902. (Formerly Wolf Run Free Pike.)
213 Roxanna-New Burlington Rd.--Wayne Twp.--No Date.
214 Sales Rd.--Wayne Twp.--1860-1875.
215 Schlottman Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--1875.
216 Senior-Northern Rd.--Washington Twp.--1820-1894.
217 Settlemire Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--No Date.
218 Settlemyre Rd.--Washington Twp.--1943.
219 Sharts Rd.--Franklin Twp.--1953.
220 Shawhan Rd.--Union&Salem Twp.--1877-1880. (Formerly Shawhan Pike)
221 Shawhan-Ayers Rd.--Washington Twp.--1830.
222 Sherod Rd.--Massie Twp.--1869.
223 Sibscy Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--1875.
224 Smith-Achterman Rd.--Harlan Twp.--1825-1891.
225 Snider Rd.--Deerfield Twp.--1828-1890. (Formerly Mcvey Pike, Finney Turnpike & Thompson & Spinner Pike)
226 Snook Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--No Date.
227 Snook Rd.--Union Twp.--No Date.
228 Socialville-Fosters Rd.--Deerfield Twp.--1821.
229 Spencer-Ford Rd.--Turtlecreek Twp.--1910.
230 Starkey Rd.--Harlan Twp.--1860.
231 Starkey-Clevenger Rd.--Harlan Twp.--1855-1869.
232 Stephens Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--1849.
233 Stitt Rd.--Deerfield Twp.--1829-1840.
234 Striker Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--1840.
235 Strout-Patterson Rd.--Washington Twp.--1811-1893.
236 Township Line Rd.--Clearcreek Twp.--1816-1905. (Formerly Clearcreek-Wayne Rd.)
237 Templin Rd.--Harlan Twp.--No Date.
238 Trovillo Rd.--Union & Salem Twp.--1877. (Formerly Trovillo & Washington Free Pike)
239 Turtlecreek Rd.--Union Twp.--1815.
240 Tylersville Rd.--Deerfield Twp.--1835. (Formerly Mason-Mauds Rd.) (Formerly Voorhees Free Turnpike)
241 Turtlecreek-Union Rd.--Union Twp.--1880.
242 Union Village Rd.--Franklin & Turtlecreek Twp.- Franklin--1834-1890. (Formerly Dick's Creek Meeting House Rd.)
243 Union-Western Row Rd.--Deerfield Twp.--1806-1894.
244 Utica Rd.--Wayne & Clearcreek Twp.--1835-1880. (Formerly Rogers & Carey Free Turnpike)
245 Van Camp Rd.--Deerfield Twp.--1823. (Alias Rich Rd.)
246 Volkerding Rd.--Harlan Twp.--No Date.
247 Ward Rd.--Salem Twp.--No Date.
248 Ward-Koebel Rd.--Washington Twp.--1830.
249 Warwick-Lincoln Rd.--Washington, Wayne & Massie Twp.--1839-1847.
250 Watkins-Bowman Rd.--Harlan Twp.--No Date.
251 Watkins-Starkey Rd.--Harlan Twp.--No Date.
252 Waynesville-Bellbrook Rd.--Wayne Twp.--1820.
253 Waynesville-Ferry Rd.--Wayne Twp.--In Use Before 1805. (Formerly Waynesville-Dayton Rd.)
254 Waynesville-New Burlington Rd.--Wayne Twp.-Corwin 1819-1847.
255 Waynesville-Lytle Rd.--Wayne Twp.--1823-1888.
256 Weidner Rd.--Clearcreek Twp.--1823-1851. (Formerly Crane-Weidner Rd.)
257 Weisenberger Rd.--Clearcreek Twp.--1900.
258 Welch Rd.--Salem Twp.-Morrow--1903.
259 Whitacre Rd.--Harlan Twp.--1887. (Formerly Smith- Worly Rd.)
260 Whitzel Rd.--Massie Twp.--1828. (Changed To Huddleson Rd. 9-6-1977.)
261 Wilmington-Woodville Rd.--Harlan Twp.--No Date.
262 Wilson Rd.--Wayne Twp.--1934. .
263 Wood Rd.--Turtlecreek & Union Twp.--1885.
264 Woodward-Claypool Rd.--Washington Twp.--1813-1914.
265 Yankee Rd.--Clearcreek Twp.--1841-1867.
266 Zoar Rd.--Hamilton Twp.--1819-1870.

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