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  Crosson Cemetery
Crosson Township, Warren County, Ohio
Surnames Beginning with B

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Name Veteran Death
Baker, Martha E.   1959
Ballard, James William Jr. Vietnam 1973
Balzhiser, (infant)   [no dates]
Balzhiser, Margaret   1891
Bayless, Al W.   1842
Bechert, Fred   [reserved]
Bechert, Sarah   1913
Benn, Daniel Civil War 1887
Benn, Frances A.   1905
Benthean, Carl F.   1889
Benthean, John   1888
Benthean, Mary J. M. Segnitz   1885
Benthean, Mary L.   [reserved]
Bentine, Mary D. M.   1875
Binder, Adam   1895
Binkley, Nora Clark   1979
Bird, Christiana   1882
Bird, Joel H. Civil War 1872
Bird, John O.   1844
Bird, William   1868
Bisher, Charles W.   1957
Bisher, Lena M.   1941
Bock, Angie   1956
Bock, Anna   1906
Bock, Cora   1928
Bock, Florence   1958
Bock, Frank   1927
Bock, Garey   1923
Bock, Minnie   1947
Bock, Peter   1898
Bock, Sophia   1920
Bodmer, Barbary   1876
Bodmer, Catherine   1920
Bodmer, Elizabeth   1890
Bodmer, John   1913
Boothby, Carl Vernon World War II 2001
Boothby, Garnette Leaf   1998
Boyle, Ellen O'Brien   1949
Butler, Abram   1881
Butler, George   1843
Butler, Grace   1854
Butler, John M. Civil War 1862
Butler, Samuel   1864
Butler, Sarah C.   1846

Index to Available Gravestone Photos
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