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  Crosson Cemetery
Crosson Township, Warren County, Ohio
Surnames Beginning with F

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Name Veteran Death
F [footstone], J. F.   [no dates]
Fetz, Emma M.   1873
Fetz, Jenny   1881
Fetz, Margareth   1880
Fetz, Mary   1879
Fetz, Michael   1863
Fetz, Michel Civil War 1884
Fetz, Rosina   1876
Fisher, A. Clyde World War I 1951
Fisher, Elizabeth   1986
Fisher, Florence   1951
Fisher, G. Stella   2009
Fisher, Isobel   2009
Fisher, John W.   1940
Fisher, Raymond Eugene World War II 1987
Fisher, Robert L. World War II 2002
Fisher, Shirley   [reserved]
Fox, Catharine   1867
Fox, Geo.   1877
Fox, Minna   1853
Foxbower, Adel Faye   1983
Foxbower, Bertha   1916
Foxbower, Edith Lee   2002
Foxbower, Eva   1961
Foxbower, George R.   1989
Foxbower, Leonard W. World War II 1993
Foxbower, Mary   1901
Foxbower, Mary M   1957
Foxbower, Roy F.   1977
Foxbower, Roy Jr.   1999
Foxbower, William J.   1913
Foxbower, Wm.   1975
Frauenknecht, Jeannette   1899
Frauenknecht, Lewis   1864
Frauenknecht, Rudolph   1897
Frey, Jesse C.   1963
Frey, Lavone R.   1996
Fryberger, Jacob   1842

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