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  Crosson Cemetery
Crosson Township, Warren County, Ohio
Surnames Beginning with S

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Name Veteran Death
Sawyer, Elizabeth   1887
Sawyer, Jonathan Civil War [reserved]
Scheer, George   1857
Scheer, John   1861
Scheer, John   1910
Scheer, Katharina   1855
Scheer, Magdalina   1891
Scheid, Henry   1880
Scheid, Mary Louesa   1888
Scheid, Mary Louesa   1881
Schnell, Caroline B.   1903
Schnell, Chester Clyde   1980
Schnell, Philip   1916
Schnell, William   1956
Schnyder, Philip Civil War [no dates]
Schooley, William Ralph World War II 1978
Scott, Margaret   1852
Scott, Winfield   1849
Scullly, Margaret   1884
Seufferle, Maria   1903
Shahan, Ella   1879
Simpson, Nellie   1885
Smith, Ada C.   1934
Smith, Ben F. Civil War 1931
Smith, Blanche   1946
Smith, Carrie   1939
Smith, Charles W.   1946
Smith, Elias   1919
Smith, Elizabeth   1904
Smith, Francis M.   1920
Smith, Ida A.   1893
Smith, Jane   1931
Smith, John B. Mexican American or Civil War or both? 1912
Smith, Lillie M.   1931
Smith, Margaret Wise   1945
Smith, Mary   1876
Smith, Mary L.   1872
Smith, Minnie C.   1918
Smith, Phoebe   1908
Smith, Polly L.   1889
Smith, Rachel   1863
Smith, Ray   1898
Smith, Sarah   1892
Smith, Wm. Civil War 1896
Snyder, Barbara E.   1905
Snyder, Charles H.   1851
Snyder, Gilbert E.   1853
Snyder, Lewis S.   1884
Snyder, Mary E.   1866
Snyder, Philip A.   1903
Soth, Ann Eliza   1843
Soth, Anna   [no dates]
Soth, Blanche L.   1902
Soth, Carlotta   1863
Soth, Edward   1904
Soth, Edwin   1891
Soth, F. Pierce   1881
Soth, Hannah   1879
Soth, Matilda T.   1894
Soth, Michael   1903
Soth, Samuel D.   1846
Soth, William Leslie   1913
Sparks, Carrie   1980
Sparks, Kenneth   1961
Sparks, Richard Terry   2008
St. John, George W.   1851
Starkey, Ala G.   1884
Starkey, Bert B.   1898
Starkey, Louisa Roll   1948
Starkey, Mary   1892
Steinert, Barbara   1882
Steinert, Charles   1916
Steinert, George   1885
Steinert, Michael   1884
Stephens, Charles   1993
Stephens, Martha   1988
Stephens, William   1956
Steurer, Helen   [no dates]
Steurer, Jacob   1881
Steurer, Jane   1899
Steurer, John   1900
Steurer, John Jr.   [reserved]
Steurer, Joseph   1881
Steurer, Leroy   [no dates]
Steurer, Mary A.   1913
Steurer, Minerva   1932
Stewart, Alvin A.   1923
Stewart, Burdette   1910
Stewart, Gerladine   1937
Stewart, Ione Spurling   1931
Stewart, Margaret L.   1909
Stewart, Nancy A.   1911
Stewart, Nell   [no dates]
Stewart, Odessa   1918
Stewart, Wm. B.   1905
Stewart, Wm. Dowd   1959
Stouder, Maude R.   1965
Stouder, Oliver Neal   2004
Stouder, Walter E.   1963
Stowell, Lulu C.   1960
Stowell, William G.   1949
Strunk, Ralph Melvin Korea 1998
Strunk, Robert Korea 1997
Strunk, Roy   1939

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
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