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Dicks Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery
opposite 3023 Union Rd (Grace Baptist Church)
Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio

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Worn, illegible gravestones    Area Photos of cemetery    Dicks Creek Cemetery Home page

Dicks Creek Cemetery Restoration Workshop
Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sponsored by the Warren County Genealogical Society

The cemetery is owned and maintained by the
Trustees of Franklin Township
418 Fairview Drive
Franklin, OH 45005
(937) 746-2852

looking east from Grace Baptist Church Sign across the street (click photo for larger image)  

Dicks Creek Cemetery, one of the oldest surviving cemeteries in Warren County, is the final resting place for many of the original settlers in the Blue Ball area. It was established in 1810 when Joseph Parks and his son, Robert, donated a parcel of ground on Union Road for a church and an acre of ground a djacent to it for a cemetery. Revolutionary War Veteran, Joseph Parks who died 12 Apr 1814, is the 1st known burial in the cemetery.

From various sources , we know of 133 burials in the cemetery. Gravestones for 88 of them have been located and photographed. This last known burial in the cemetery is said to be that of Bruce Mell in the 1920s.
The cemetery is the final resting place for Seven Revolutionary War veterans (one of the highest concentrations in Warren County) Joseph Parks, Robert Boal, Joseph Green, Andrew Karr, James Wilson, John McMeen and John Bryant. It is also the final resting place for Civil War soldiers John Logan and Theophilus L. Todd.

The area around the cemetery is experiencing rapid growth spurred by the relocation of Middeltown Regional Hospital to Union Road, north of State Route 122.  At least for now, the cemetery appears to have been saved from any encroachment from these developments.  A wood fence has been built along the back line of the cemetery and so far the cemetery has been spared from the loss of land from the widening of Union Road.  We are grateful for the efforts of Bob Young, Franklin Twp Trustees and many others who have looked after the interests of the cemetery.

  • Opposite 3023 Union Road (Grace Baptist Church) less than 1/2 mile south of State Route 122, Franklin Twp, Warren County, Ohio
    [surrounding land has since been incorporated into the city of Middletown]
  • "Ohio Cemeteries 1803-2003" by the Ohio Genealogical Society , Cemetery #12224 with coordinates 39° 29' 22.46"N, 84° 19' 03.64"W
  • Coordinates:39° 29' 22"N, 84° 19' 01"W (GNIS) or 39° 29' 22.46"N, 84° 19' 03.64"W (OGS)
  • TRS: Range 4 North, Township 3 East, Section 33

WPA Plat Map, Dicks Creek Cemetery No. 18, Veteran Grave Registration Project

Row Grave War Name COMMENTS
11 3 1 Revolutionary War Boal, Rob't  
4 5 1 Revolutionary War Brant, Jno.  
12 14 1 Revolutionary War Green, Jos.  
3 9 1 Revolutionary War Karr, Andrew  
1 1 19 Civil War Logan, Jno. N.  
9 2 1 Revolutionary War McMeen, Jno.  
4 1 1 Revolutionary War Parks, Jas. perhaps should be War of 1812?
3 2 10 War of 1812 Parks, Jos. should be Revolutionary War
7 15 19 Civil War Todd, T. L.  
3 16 1 Revolutionary War Wilson, Jas  
  • D.A.R. Turtlecreek Chapter & Warren County Historical Society (available at the Historical Society Library)
    • Early Vital Records Volume 4, page 10
  • Warren County Genealogical Society
    • Chester & Betty Dunn surveyed the cemetery in 1986 and 1987, working from a 1983 boy scout project, which contained a grid map showing the relative location of the various stones. Their results of their work was published on page 420 to 423 of Warren County Cemetery Records Volume 7 [also see their on-line Name Index]
    • Dana Palmer, Theresa Baughman and Alex Baughman visited the cemetery in Nov 2003 to photograph all extant gravestones in the cemetery. Other photos have been contributed by Amber Geisler.  These photos have been added to the Warren County, Ohio Virtual Cemetery Project and will be incorporated into a future update of their cemetery books. All of the photos have been added to this web site. 
  • Other Known Transcriptions
    • "Epic of Blue Ball Ohio" published 1978 by the Blue Ball Historical Society, pages 90 & 91 contains a listing of 83 burials in the cemetery
    • "Historic Dicks Creek Presbyterian Cemetery founded 1810", 1983 Eagle Progress Award Service Project by David Eury, Jr. of Middletown Ohio. Copy on file at the Warren County Genealogical Society.
    • In September, 1995, Opal Barret privately produced a book listing Dicks Creek burials with a grid map to show the relative location of the various stones Copies are available for viewing at the Warren County Historical Society and at the Warren County Genealogical Society.
Variant Names:  
  • None known of
  • 19 May 2009 by John Apgar
    "My mother Mary Ross Apgar and her sister Janet Ross Johnson did extensive research on the Ross family. Alexander Ross is our stopping point on that side of the family. What we are lacking for him is his place of birth (country of Origin), his parents, emigration date to the US. We know he traveled to Brownsville (Redstone) in Pa, then moved with his inlaws to Franklin in Warren County . He served in the Rev War, at Battle of Brandywine, Paoli (captured), and Whiskey Rebellion. My mother, Mary Ross Apgar visited the Warren County Courthouse and examined their records in person. It was from there that she discovered Alexander Ross (1755-1809) and his wife, Nancy Ann Ross, were buried in Dicks Creek Cem. There is no gravestone, as it may have been destroyed or removed over the years. We also have references from the Kidner family (an in law from one of Alexander's children) that he was burried there."
  • 3 May 2012 by Patri Hilborn
    "I have been researching Wilson and Parks names
    In the Dick's Creek Cemetery.
    1. James Wilson died 1 Nov. 1834 I believe he is the Brother to My Robert Wilson also in Rev. War He is buried at Ebenezer Cem. Indiana Co. Pa.
    2. Joseph Parks died 1814 buried at Dick's Creek Cem Rev War soldier in Pa. believed to be the Brother to Esther Parks Wilson married to Robert Wilson.
    Their parents were Robert Parks born 1699 County Donagal Ireland died 22 Oct. 1752 Derry Pres. Church Cem Dauphin Co. Pa. and Elizabeth Russell Born 1710 died 16 Sept. 1793 same Cem
    Hope this helps anyone researching these names."

looking north

Click on the thumbnails to see larger images showing the sad condition of many of the stones in the cemetery.
All photos contributed by Dana Palmer, Theresa Baughman and Alex ???

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24
25 26 27
28 29 30 31
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Worn, illegible gravestones    Area Photos of cemetery    Dicks Creek Cemetery Home page

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