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Morrow Cemetery
Salem Township, Warren County, Ohio

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
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Sec Lot Grave Name Died Veteran
A     Cadwalader, Andrew W. 1904  
A     Cadwalader, Andrew W. 1939  
A     Cadwalader, Clinton 1868  
A     Cadwalader, Esther P. 1913  
A     Cadwallader, Ada B. 1888  
B     Cadwallader, Charlie [broken]  
A     Cadwallader, Clarkson 1908  
B     Cadwallader, Eliza 1920  
B     Cadwallader, Elmer 1908  
B     Cadwallader, Hiram B. 1926 Civil War
A     Cadwallader, Mary E. Alexander 1919  
B     Cadwallader, Walter 1936  
B     Cadwallader, Warren W. 1898 Spanish American War
B     Cadwallader, Zel___ [?] [broken]  
B     Cain, Deborah Kay 1960  
A-1     Cain, Mary Rebecca 1966  
C     Caldwell, Bonnie 2012  
C     Caldwell, Dale 1975 Vietnam
C     Caldwell, Dora B. 1958  
C     Caldwell, Elihu C. 1965  
C     Caldwell, Henderson 1994  
C     Caldwell, Vernon F. 1965 Vietnam
C     Camery, Flora 1994  
C     Camery, Francis Vane 1967  
C     Camery, Geraldine Elizabeth 1985  
C     Camery, Lawrence P. 1960 World War II
C     Campbell, James Daniel 1991  
      Campbell, Joanie Michelle 2002  
B     Carder, Emerson T. 1901  
C     Carder, Eva L. 1972  
B     Carder, Frank reserved  
C     Carder, Frank 1972  
G     Carder, Golide N. 2001  
B     Carder, Harold    
B     Carder, Martha J. 1929  
C     Carder, Nellie Agnes 1956  
B     Carder, Paul 1929  
C     Carder, Raymond 1982  
B     Carder, Willard 1929  
C     Carmack, Fred Jr. reserved  
C     Carmack, Gayle Ann 1980  
C     Carmack, John O'Neil 2005  
C     Carroll, Ann 1989  
A     Carroll, Calista 1930  
C     Carroll, Charles 1967  
A     Carroll, David 1907  
B     Carroll, Doris 1960  
C     Carroll, Eldon 2000 World War II
A     Carroll, Eliza S. 1891  
B     Carroll, Frances B. 1924  
A     Carroll, Francis 1921 Civil War
B     Carroll, Frank 1917  
C     Carroll, Goldie 1986  
C     Carroll, Hazel A. 1975  
C     Carroll, Herbert D. 1949  
C     Carroll, J. Robert 1963 US Marine Corps
A 180 1 Carroll, James 1921 Civil War
A     Carroll, Jesse 1869  
A     Carroll, Lydia 1889  
A     Carroll, Mary Jane 1896  
A     Carroll, Rebecca S. 1958  
A     Carroll, Sarah A. 1890  
A     Carroll, W. Ellery 1924  
B     Carroll, Zella 1928  
B     Carson, Elizabeth 1927  
B     Carson, John W. 1922 Civil War
C     Carter, Daniel B. 1958  
C     Carter, Dorothy M. 1980  
C     Carter, Florence E. 1980  
C     Carter, Glendora    
C     Carter, Huron D. 2001  
B     Carter, John [no dates] Civil War
C     Carter, Wilbur N 1971  
A-1     Cartwright, Chas. [no dates] Civil War
      Cash, Angel reserved  
      Cash, Charles 2008  
C     Center, Dorothy 2003  
C     Center, Dwight 2006 National Guard
C     Center, Robey Edison 1969 World War II
C     Charles, Andrew 1978  
C     Charles, Birtie 1995  
C     Charlton, Alice E. 1998  
C     Charlton, Curtis M. 1952  
C     Charlton, Edna E. reserved  
C     Charlton, John William 1959 World War II
C     Christiansen, Chris Paul 1982  
C     Christiansen, Gaynelle 1999  
C     Clark, Anna G. 1993  
C     Clark, Anna M. 1965  
C     Clark, Callie O. 1982  
A     Clark, Elizabeth 1904  
C     Clark, H. Riley 1945  
A     Clark, Humphrey 1896  
C     Clark, Infant 1975  
C     Clark, Mariana 1957  
C     Clark, Murfa L.    
C     Clark, Stanley 1966  
C     Clary, Arminta 1995  
C     Clary, L. Tarlton 1964  
B     Claypool, Albert C. 1872  
B     Claypool, James 1878  
B     Claypool, Phoebe 1926  
      Cleaver, Horace W. "Bud" 1994  
      Cleaver, Lillie (Cole) NC  
A     Cleland, Pearl May 1946  
A     Cleland, Walter David 1929  
B E. F. Fuller Lot   Clement, John Benham 1918  
B E. F. Fuller Lot   Clement, Lucie Layelle Fuller 1920  
A-1     Clevenger, Elizabeth 1849  
A     Clevenger, H. W. 1902 Civil War
A-1     Clevenger, Thomas J. 1849  
C     Clifford, Billy H. 1941  
C     Clifford, Earnest L. 1986  
C     Clift, Roland S. 1963 World War II
C     Clift, Thelma F. 1957  
A     Clinton, Archibald 1862 War of 1812
A     Clinton, Ellen 1890  
A     Clinton, Ellis 1881  
A     Clinton, Jackson 1884  
A     Clinton, James H. 1882  
A     Clinton, Jerusha 1872  
A     Clinton, Sarah E. 1858  
A     Coddington, Dudley E. 1896  
A     Coddington, Edwin Clyde 1951  
A     Coddington, Elizabeth 1913  
A     Coddington, Elizabeth Dudley 1938  
A     Coddington, George E.    
A     Coddington, Hermione L. 1960  
A     Coddington, Jonathan P. 1892  
C     Coe, A Chester 1978  
C     Coe, Almeda L. 1950  
C     Coe, Audrey 1973  
C     Coe, Charles N. 2007 World War II
C     Coe, M Caroline 2002  
C     Coe, Nelda E. 1982  
C     Coe, Norval 1952  
C     Coe, Ward D. 1988  
B     Coepper, Carolina 1864  
B     Coepper, Mary Ann 1863  
B     Coepper, Max 1880  
C     Coffey, Betty Lou 1934  
C     Coffey, Juanita 1933  
C     Coffman, Alta I. 1957  
C     Coffman, John R. 1951  
C     Cole, Frank M. 1979 World War I
C     Cole, Laura Day 1995  
B     Coler, Hannah M. 1954  
B     Coler, Hannah Penders 1958  
B     Collins, Buddy R. 1977  
A     Collins, Elma 1914  
B     Collins, Fina 1912  
A     Collins, Frank M 1940  
A     Collins, Mae 1936  
B     Collins, Matie 1942  
A     Collins, Nancy Whitaker 1933  
C     Colliver, Leiman O. 1960  
C     Colliver, Thelma M. 1983  
      Combs, Cindy Lou 1956  
C     Combs, Clay 1980 World War II
C     Combs, Clifton 1982  
C     Combs, Clint 1978  
C     Combs, Dora 1991  
      Combs, Dorothy A. 2001  
C     Combs, Eugene 1975  
C     Combs, Gary Lee 1996  
C     Combs, Hershel 1978 Vietnam
C     Combs, Infant dau 1956  
C     Combs, John 1989  
C     Combs, Lucy 2005  
C     Combs, Malissia J. 1976  
C     Combs, Melda 1962  
      Combs, Oren Earl 2012 World War II
C     Combs, Stella Mae 2004  
C     Combs, Suzanne Vale 2005  
C     Combs, Walker 1954  
B     Compton, Daniel H. 1889  
B     Compton, Mahala 1908  
B     Compton, Michael 1878  
C     Conley, Enoch E. 1974  
C     Conley, Gladys J. 1986  
      Conner Monument    
C     Conner, Agness B. 1962  
C     Conner, Andrew J. 1941  
C     Conner, Annie 1984  
C     Conner, Arnold B. 1973  
C     Conner, Carolyn C. 1995  
C     Conner, Coleman 1977  
      Conner, Edward "Babe" 1982  
A     Conner, Harley L. 1914  
C     Conner, Inez L. 2005  
B     Conner, John 1908 Civil War
B     Conner, Joseph H. 1925 Civil War
C 84   Conner, Lloyd Beauford 1997 World War II
C     Conner, Mae W. 1931  
B     Conner, Mary L 1920  
C     Conner, Owen 1949  
C     Conner, Rickey E. 1993 Persian Gulf
C     Conner, Sally 1988  
C     Conner, Tressie F. reserved  
C     Conner, Willie Burt 1973 World War II
B     Conrad, Granville Roy 1996  
B     Conrad, Leona Wass 1959  
A-1     Constable, Anna C. 1935  
A-1     Constable, William H. 1926  
B     Converse, Hilda E. 1974  
B     Cook, Alvin M. 1937  
B     Cook, Dorothy S. 1997  
C     Cook, Eliza 1968  
B     Cook, Estella M. 1928  
B     Cook, Horace G. 1946  
B     Cook, James M. 1913 Civil War
B     Cook, Joe H. [no dates]  
C     Cook, Margaret Betty 1973 World War II
B     Cook, Marion A. 1974  
B     Cook, Martha A. 1917  
B     Cook, Mary E. 1903  
C     Cook, Oren Titus 1998 World War II
B     Cook, Robert H. 1994  
C     Cook, Thomas Edgar 1966 World War I
B     Cook, Wilson 1998  
B     Cooper, Charley J. 1927  
C     Cooper, Lee Roy 1983  
C     Cooper, Lottie 2004  
B     Cooper, Mellie 1945  
C     Cope, Bobby 'Neal' 1980  
C     Corder, Pearl A. 1979  
C     Cormack, Lawrence Kevin reserved  
C     Corrigan, Effie S. 1959  
B     Corrigan, John T. 1923  
C     Corrigan, William 1983  
A     Corson, Addie 1929  
A     Corson, Elizabeth 1904  
A     Corson, J. P. 1885  
A     Corson, Perry C. 1928  
C     Corwin, Anna Sue 1997  
C     Corwin, Annabelle reserved  
C     Corwin, Bertha L. 1994  
B     Corwin, Bertha S. 1963  
C     Corwin, Charles E. 1991  
C     Corwin, Francis E. 1971  
C     Corwin, Herman T. 1967 Korea
A     Corwin, Irene W. 1975  
C     Corwin, James B. 1908  
C     Corwin, Laura L. 2002  
B     Corwin, Mabel E. 1984  
C     Corwin, Robert C. 1984 World War II
C     Corwin, Robert L. 1975  
B     Corwin, Thomas E. 1946  
C     Cottings, Doris V. 2001  
C     Cottings, Kelsey C. 1959  
A     Couden, Albert B. 1929  
A     Couden, Alfred 1871  
B     Couden, Alfred N. 1911 Civil War
B     Couden, Ann 1897  
A     Couden, Charles C. 1948  
B     Couden, Clara Ann 1901  
C     Couden, Clem 1933  
B     Couden, Edgar 1902  
A     Couden, Elizabeth E Baker 1871  
A     Couden, Emily 1875  
A     Couden, Emma 1880  
A     Couden, Freddie H. 1871  
C     Couden, Grace 1974  
A     Couden, Hannah M. 1877  
C     Couden, Helen M. 1969  
A     Couden, Ida M. 1954  
A     Couden, J. T. 1902  
B     Couden, James E. 1921  
B     Couden, James S. 1883  
B     Couden, James S. 1984  
A     Couden, John W. 1915 Civil War
B     Couden, Josephine (Vandervort) 1920  
B     Couden, Louella C. 1945  
A     Couden, Louisa 1916  
B     Couden, Lucy 1926  
A     Couden, Nancy    
B     Couden, Prudence NC  
A     Couden, Sarah E. 1902  
B     Couden, Theodore 1905  
C     Couden, Theodore L. 1983  
A     Couden, Theodore Sr. 1890  
C     Coulter, Ernest A. 1966 World War I

Coulter, Mildred J. 'Billie'

C     Coverdale, Annabel 1945  
C     Coverdale, Clyde H. 1973  
C     Craig, Arthur E. 1967  
A-2     Craig, Betty Jane 1932  
C     Craig, Betty Jane 1932  
C     Craig, Chester C. 1967  
C     Craig, Clinton S. 1956  
B     Craig, Daisy 1967  
B     Craig, Daniel 1907 Civil War
B     Craig, Earl O. 1962  
A     Craig, Edwin Moody (Dr.) 1951  
C     Craig, Elizabeth E. reserved  
C     Craig, Elizabeth J. 1939  
C     Craig, Elva P. 1982  
B     Craig, Emily 1937  
B     Craig, Everett 1962  
C     Craig, Gloria J. reserved  
B     Craig, Grace 1959  
C     Craig, Helen L. 1943  
C     Craig, John L. 1998  
C     Craig, John Jr. 2000 World War II
A     Craig, Miriam VA Cadwallader 1948  
C     Craig, Richard A. reserved  
C     Craig, Virginia E. 1977  
C     Crank, Dorothy Winstel 1993  
C 84 1 Crank, Jasper 1964 World War II
C     Crank, Thomas 1977  
C     Crank, Tressie 2005  
A     Craven, Signe 1956  
C     Creamer, Cora Lee 2007  
C     Creamer, Howard A. 2012 World War II
B     Creech, Tonya Jean 1970  
B     Crocker, Albert B. 1924 World War I
B     Crocker, Catharine reserved  
B     Crocker, Harold 1921  
C     Crosson, Emma 1972  
C     Crosson, Estler 1927 US Marine Corps
C     Crosson, Otto 1950  
C     Croucher, Hallie 1966  
C     Croucher, John 1961  
C     Crowe, Eva Joy reserved  
C     Crowe, Lavone 2006  

Crowe, Lawrence C. 'Red'

1092 World War II
C     Crowe, Sharon Lavone 1967  
C 310 1 Crowe, William E. 1989 US Army
C     Cumber, Millard F. 1980  
B     Cummings, Frank 1904  
C     Cummings, Frank C. 1939  
C     Cummings, Ida B. 1936  
C     Cummings, Mary E. 1962  
C     Cummings, Theo. A. 1951  
A     Cummins, John 1876  
A     Cummins, Sarah 1899  
C     Curtis, Stanley E. 1973  
C     Curtis, Susan E. 1978  
B     Cushard, Amos M 1920  
B     Cushard, Blanche 1975  
B     Cushard, Elizabeth Daye 1922  
C     Cutler, Francis L. 1978 World War II
C     Cyrus, Ida Mae "Edna" 1970  
C     Cyrus, Linzy Grant 1935  
C     Cyrus, Linzy Jr. "Bud" reserved  

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
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