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Morrow Cemetery
Salem Township, Warren County, Ohio

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
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Sec Lot Grave Name Died Veteran
C     Gardner, Charles P. 1977  
C     Garner, Edith Mae 1973  
C     Garner, Floyd 1959  
C     Garner, Helen reserved  
C     Garner, Walter B.    
C     Garrison, infant 1950  
C     Garrison, Linda Sue 1961  
C     Garrison, Raymond 1977 World War II
C     Garwood, Goldia F. 1989  
A-2     Gaskill [no dates]  
B     Gaskill, Earl G. 1975  
B     Gaskill, Ethel 1976  
C     Gerber, Jennie V. 1984  
C     Gerber, Leroy W. 1943  
B     Gevedon, Harriet Greely 2002  
A     Gibbs, Charles H. 1971  
A-1     Gibbs, Geo. 1962 Civil War
A     Gibbs, Ruth M. 1989  
C     Gibbs, Willard C. 1999 World War II
B     Gibson, Glendora Patterson 1934  
B     Gibson, Mary E. 1925  
B     Gibson, Teresa Ann 1969  
A     Giehls, Albert 1969  
A     Giehls, Amelia 1949  
A     Giehls, Blanche 1924  
A     Giehls, Christian 1918  
A     Giehls, Emma 1945  
C     Giehls, George H. 1977  
A     Giehls, Henry 1886  
A     Giehls, Henry 1937  
C     Giehls, Leah I. 1979  
A     Giehls, Sophia 1908  
C     Gilkison, Ethel E. 1982  
C     Gilkison, Susan Jo (Stephens) 2001  
C     Gilla, Garnet 1996  
C     Gilla, John C. reserved  
C     Gillen, Mary E. 1952  
C     Gillen, Richard J. 1943  
A     Gilliam, A. M.    
A     Gilliam, Belle 1891  
A     Gilliam, Edna 1893  
A     Gilliam, Minnie 1895  
A     Gilliam, William   Civil War
C     Gilman, Deborah Sue (Henderer) 2008  
A     Gilmore, Carolyn S. 1958  
C     Gilmore, Francis R. reserved  
C     Gilmore, Harold 1979  
C     Gilmore, Harriet 1977  
A     Gilmore, James William 1930  
A     Gilmore, Leonard 1905  
A     Gilmore, Lillie May 1927  
A     Gilmore, Mary Darrow 1898  
A     Gilmore, Mary J. 1911  
A     Gilmore, Robert B. 1945  
A     Gilmore, Robert Beverly 1883  
C     Gilmore, Shirley W. reserved  
A     Gilmore, Warren 1937  
C     Gilmour, Alice 1946  
B   2-6-1 Gilmour, Charles D. [no dates] Civil War
B     Gilmour, Chester 1961  
B     Gilmour, Clinton 1917  
B     Gilmour, Earl 1957  
B     Gilmour, Emma R. 1929  
B     Gilmour, Ethel 1910  
B     Gilmour, G. W. [no dates]  
B     Gilmour, Horace 1919  
B     Gilmour, Ivy Jane 1981  
C     Gilmour, Joseph 1934  
B     Gilmour, Laura R. 1932  
B     Gilmour, Lewis 1909  
B     Gilmour, Margeret S. 1894  
B     Gilmour, Phoebe M. 1893  
B     Gilmour, R. [no dates]  
B     Gilmour, Robert 1924  
B     Gilmour, Sarah Belle 1917  
B     Gilmour, W. M.    
B     Gilmour, Waldron C. 1896 Civil War
C     Glancy, Elmer T. 1986  
C     Glancy, Goldie E. reserved  
A     Gleason, Frank 1892  
B     Goepper, Albert 1950  
B     Goepper, Edwin S. 1908  
B     Goepper, Eugene 1888  
B     Goepper, Jefferson 1879  
B     Goepper, Susan Bell 1931  
B     Goepper, William 1900  
C     Goins, Jakie J. reserved  
C     Goins, Jurel B. 1974  
C     Goins, Marvin J. Jr. 1973  
C     Goocey, Albert 1972  
C     Goocey, Charles W . 1980 World War II
C     Goocey, Charles W. "Buddy" 1968 US Air Force
A-1     Goocey, Glenn 1922  
C     Goocey, Nellie 1951  
C     Goocey, Ruby 2003  
C     Goodman, Andrew 1987 World War II
C     Goodman, Ora Lee 1969  
B     Goodpaster, Chas. 1867 Civil War
A-1     Goodpaster, James J. 1880  
A-1     Goodpaster, Margaret 1879  
B     Goodpaster, Rebecca A. 1923  
B     Goodpaster, Wm. E. 1926 Civil War
B     Gordon, Evelyn 1911  
B     Grapevine, Albert M. [see gravestone in Lebanon Cemetery] reserved  
B     Grapevine, Mary Ludlum 1920  
C     Gray, Ada L. reserved  
C     Gray, Andrew J. reserved  
B     Gray, Bertha A. 1947  
C     Gray, Edna W. 2001  
B     Gray, Eliza R. 1929  
B     Gray, George W. 1926  
C     Gray, Jerry M. 1982 US Army
C     Gray, Walter E. 1981  
A     Graybill, Susan Jack 1962  
A     Greely, Laura 1933  
B     Greely, Ruth Moss 1988  
B     Greely, Seth E. 1952  
B     Green, Della M. 2003  
A-1     Green, Rich'd [no dates] Civil War
      Greer, Betty R. nc  
C     Greer, Clarence E 1960  
      Greer, Judy Gadd nc  
C     Greer, Minnie 1959  
      Greer, Ralph E. 2005  
C     Greer, Robert C. 1970 World War I
      Greer, Robert Eugene 1991 World War II
A     Greuber, Celia J. 1901  
A 187 1 Greuber, Phillip S. 1905 Civil War
A     Greuber, Wm. L. 1898  
C     Grice, Daniel [no date]  
C     Grice, Lisa C. 1977  
B     Grim, Augusta E. 1924  
B     Grim, Edwin R. 1924 Civil War
B     Grim, R. Ashley 1953  
B     Grim, Virginia 1916  
B     Grimm, Annie Poppe 1940  
C     Grote, Henry 1950  
C     Grote, Sophia G. 1958  
A     Grubbs, Archie R. 1892  
A     Grubbs, Emory E. [no dates]  
A     Grubbs, John A. 1902  
A     Grubbs, Percell ?1906?  
A     Gustin, Mary Ollie 1904  
A     Guttery, Frances 1901  
A     Guttery, Wm. 1892  

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W XYZ [no surname] [Morrow Cemetery Home page]
If we have a photo, the name will be a "clickable" link.
[To add your photos email them in jpg format to  Arne H Trelvik with specifics]

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