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Morrow Cemetery
Salem Township, Warren County, Ohio

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
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Sec Lot Grave Name Died Veteran
C     Maag, Earl J. 1984  
C     Maag, Myrtle B. 1971  
B     MacKenzie, Daniel H. 1954  
B     MacKenzie, Miriam R. 1929  
B     MacKenzie, Ruby Benn 1960  
D     Malott, Grace M. 1987  
D     Malott, Homer B. 1998  
C     Malott, Melissa Ann 1974  
C     Malott, Valney 1966  
A     Maloy, Grandma [no dates]  
C     Maloy, James 1879  
C     Maloy, James W. H. 1866  
C     Maloy, John 1878  
A     Maloy, John [no dates]  
C     Maloy, Margeret C. 1866  
A     Maloy, Maria [no dates]  
A     Maloy, Nannie [no dates]  
D     Manasek, Frank 1990  
D     Manasek, Mary 1989  
C     Mann, Albert M. 1980 World War II
C     Mann, Audrey M. 1993  
C     Mann, David R. 1941  
C     Mann, Joseph Albert 1978 US Navy
C     Mann, Michael A. 1962  
C     Mantle, Kelley Michelle 1989  
C     Marlatt, Fannie B. 1970  
C     Marlatt, John W. 1973  
C     Marlatt, Milton 1944 World War II
D     Marquis, Gilbert "Lee" 2011  
D     Marquis, Patricia "Pat" 2001  
C     Marrs, Alberta Lehman 2004  
C     Marrs, Charles E. 1999  
C     Marsh, Ashley Nichole 1984  
C     Marshall, Clarence Wesley 1984 US Navy
B     Marshall, Emma Nixon 1950  
C 132   Marshall, Frank 1978 World War II
B     Marshall, Gladys 1988  
C     Marshall, Mary 1995  
C     Marshall, Thelma 1996  
C     Martin, Clarence 1971  
B     Martin, Georgia 1912  
C     Martin, Jean M. 2002  
C     Martin, Rose Ella 1971  
B     Martin, Stanley [no dates]  
C     Martin, William F. 1977  
D     Massie, Arnold Eugene 20007  
D     Massie, Kendra Beth reserved  
D     Massie, Treva Redonda (Bowles) reserved  
C     Mastin, Thelma F. 1958  
C     Mastin, Thelma J. 1979  
B     Mathews, Grace Urton 1948  
C     Maupin, Franklin Lee 1957  
C     Maurice, Charles A. 1980  
C     Maurice, Christine 1991  
C     Mayhew, David Andrew 1983 World War II
C     Mayhew, Verna Lee (Carroll) reserved  
B     McBride, Pearl 1931 World War I
A     McCallister, Addie S. Burroughs 1874  
A     McCallister, Ella Maude    
A     McCallister, Oscar P.    
C     McCrary, Alta reserved  
C     McCrary, Henry G. 1963  
C     McCrary, James H. reserved  
A-1     McCray, Daniel J. 1938 World War 1
A-1     McCray, Grace F. 1922  
A     McCray, Nancy 1921  
C     McDaniel, Ralph Edward 1939  
B     McDermott, Fred 1908  
B     McDermott, Mattie 1925  
B     McDonald , Miriam 1922  
C     McDonald, Elbert 1966  
B     McDonald, Fred 1962  
B     McDonald, Martha J. 1967  
C     McDonald, Roseanna 1996  
A     McDowell, Mary Alice Bryan 1976  
B     McElfresh, Ada 1917  
A     McElfresh, Lavina 1975  
A     McElfresh, Samuel 1953  
A     McFarland, Anna L. 1939  
C     McFarlin, Ernest E. II 1968 World War II
C     McGaha, J. M. 1957  
C     McGaha, Linda 1951  
B     McGeorge, Jeffery Thomas 1969  
C     McGeorge, Kizzie Marie 2010  
B     McIntire, Elmer    
B     McIntire, George 1885  
B     McIntire, George C. 1885  
B     McIntire, James 1899  
B     McIntire, Mattie 1923  
B     McIntire, Nancy S. 1912  
D     McIntosh, Agnes (Gibson) reserved  
C     McIntosh, Connie Sue 1990  
B     McIntosh, Geo T. 1935  
C     McIntosh, John E. 1985  
C     McIntosh, John J. 1993 veteran
B     McIntosh, Mary 1943  
C     McIntosh, Mary Belle 1978  
C     McIntosh, Michael J. 1982  
B     McIntosh, Phyllis A. 1980  
D     McIntosh, William Arnold 2006  
B     McKinley, Fannie J. [or McKinney] 1883  
A     McKinney, Alexander 1926 Civil War
A     McKinney, Chas. 1893  
A     McKinney, Cora B. 1927  
B     McKinney, Fannie J. [or McKinley] 1883  
A     McKinney, Mame 1955  
A     McKinney, Mary 1902  
A     McKinney, Will Jr. 1889  
A     McKinney, William 1897  
C     McKinsey, Clyde N. 1975  
C     McKinsey, Flora L. 1964  
C     McKinsey, Joseph N. 1961  
C     McKinsey, Maude Coe 2000  
B     McKitterick, Blanche J. 1969  
B     McLaughlin, Alva 1957  
B     McLaughlin, Emma 1960  
B     McLaughlin, Harold W. reserved  
B     McLaughlin, Harry R. 1922  
B     McLaughlin, Joanne reserved  
A     McLeod, Benjamin S. 1911  
A     McLeod, Eleanor 1876  
A     McLeod, Mary L. 1920  
A-1     McRoberts, Chas R. 1968  
A-1     McRoberts, Leo 1924  
C     Meddock, Jerry 1948  
D     Meeks, Christine 1993  
D     Meenach, Cathern reserved  
D     Meenach, Wilford reserved  
C     Melton, Lana K. 1986  
C     Mengle, George J. 1948  
C     Mengle, George M. 1955  
C     Mengle, Hattie L. 1962  
C     Mengle, Jesse R. 1969  
C     Mengle, Mildred B. 1086  
C     Middleton, Edgar D. 1982 World War II
C     Middleton, Hazel M. 1988  
C     Middleton, Ida 1951  
C     Middleton, Joseph 1944  
C     Middleton, Pearl A. 1990  
A-1     Mider, John H. 1896  
B     Miley, Ben 1942 World War I
D     Miller, Dorothy E. reserved  
D     Miller, George C. 2008 World War II
C     Miller, Georgiana 1965  
C     Miller, Herman L. 1936  
D     Miller, John E. Jr. 2011 Vietnam
C     Miller, Ronald R. 1977 US Army
A     Miller, Sophia E. 1915  
A     Milner, Alfred    
A     Milner, Annie Fuller 19nc  
A     Milner, Grace    
A     Milner, Joseph 1924 Civil War
C     Mink, Hedy 1986  
C     Mink Jerl D. reserved  
C     Miranda, Albert G. 1994 World War II
A     Miranda, Armeda 1896  

Miranda, Artimesia B.

A-1     Miranda, Benj. 1823  
A     Miranda, Charles A. 1912  
B     Miranda, Clyde 1954  
B     Miranda, Della 1971  
C     Miranda, Edna E. 1950  
C     Miranda, Edna M. 1982  
C     Miranda, Erle W. 1988 World War II
C     Miranda, Erle W. Sr. 1966 World War I
A-1     Miranda, George 1817  
C     Miranda, George H. 1929  
B     Miranda, Harrell 1971  
A-1     Miranda, Isaac 1825  
A     Miranda, J. Scott 1911  
A-1     Miranda, James 1836  
A     Miranda, Jas. 1882  
A-1     Miranda, Jno. 1905 Civil War
B     Miranda, Lurena 1951  
C     Miranda, Marie 1992  
A-1     Miranda, Milton 1926  
A     Miranda, Newton 1881  
C     Miranda, Nora 1954  
A-1     Miranda, Phebe 1859  
A-1     Miranda, W. Nelson 1922  
A     Miranda, Walter 1879  
C     Miranda, Walter R. 1969  
D     Mitchell, Anna E. "Sis" 2007  
D     Mitchell, Leonard 2002  
D     Mitchell, Robyn reserved  
D     Mitchell, Wilbur E. 1994 World War II
C     Mitten, Dee-Dee 1991  
D     Molittieri, Cora E. (Brown) reserved  
B     Monce, Emmerree (Kirkman) 1931  
B     Monce, Perry B. 1933  
A     Moore, Anna Patterson 1897  
C     Moore, Denver R. 1993  
C     Moore, Edward A. 1944  
C     Moore, George W. reserved  
C     Moore, Henry Ford 1969 World War II
C     Moore, Imogene reserved  
C     Moore, James Randy 1956  
C     Moore, Jean Whitacre reserved  
A     Moore, Lyle 1932  
C     Moore, Nellie C. 1966  
D     Moore, Pamela Sue (Morris) 1994  
C     Moore, Pauline E. 1992  
C     Moore, Rose Marie 2000  
C     Moore, Terry 1955  
C     Moore, Walter E. reserved  
C     Morgan, Chloea 1946  
C     Morgan, Evelyn 1972  
C     Morgan, John 1990  
C     Morgan, Lloyd D. 1953  
C     Mornin, Maxine J. reserved  
D     Morris, Arch reserved  
D     Morris, Imogene L. (Greer) reserved  
D     Morris, Margaret Wittrock 2008  
D     Morris, Ralph H. Jr. 2009 World War II & Korea
      Morris, Robert E. "Bob" 2017 Korea
D     Morris, Zua O.L reserved  
A     Morrison, Geneva A. 1938  
A 138   Morrison, George Thomas III 2001 Korea
A-1     Mossholder, David [no dates] Civil War
C     Motz, Geraldine Mae 1985  
D     Motz, William N. 1998  
A     Mount, Alice M. 1927  
A     Mount, Blanche H. 1979  
A     Mount, David J 1925  
A     Mount, Dora F. 1962  
A     Mount, George D. 1918  
A     Mount, Jesse A. 1945  
A     Mount, Laurilla 1894  
A     Mount, M. Roy 1964  
A     Mount, Minerva Alice 1929  
A     Mount, Minnie P. 1883  
A     Mount, Nancy H. 1879  
A     Mount, William I. 1933  
B     Mounts, Albert C. 1897  
B     Mounts, Angeline 1882  
B     Mounts, Charles S. 1929  
B     Mounts, Edith G. 1974  
B     Mounts, Edith W. 1953  
B     Mounts, F. Zane 1965 World War I
B     Mounts, Flora 1937  
B     Mounts, Florence C. 1929  
B     Mounts, Grace 1951  
B     Mounts, Harriet C. 1911  
B     Mounts, Harriet W. 1953  
B     Mounts, James L. (Dr.) 1909 Civil War
B     Mounts, John H. 1932  
B     Mounts, L. 1896  
B     Mounts, Leonard (Dr.) 1952  
B     Mounts, Louis F. 1909  
B     Mounts, Marion [no dates]  
B     Mounts, Martha W Smith 1909  
B     Mounts, Milton D. 1879  
B     Mounts, Nancy 1878  
B     Mounts, Neil W. 1963 World War I
B     Mounts, S. Elizabeth 1888  
B     Mounts, Sarah 1904  
B     Mounts, Vera V. 1981  
B     Mounts, Watson 1876  
B     Mounts, William T. 1916  
C     Mouzon, Samuel K. 1970  
C     Mullins, Edward 1967  
C     Mullins, Edward O'Dell Jr. 1945 World War II
C     Mullins, Mary F. 1963  
C     Mummert, Charles A. 2003  
C     Mummert, Charles H. 1991  
C     Mummert, Laura E. 1997  
B     Murphy, John F. 1901  
B     Murphy, Mary E. reserved  
C     Murray, C. A. 1968  
C     Murray, Dorothy V. 1985  
C     Murray, Dewey Earl 1961  
B     Murray, Gracie 1985  
C     Murray, James R. 1945  
C     Murray, Jessie 1979  
C     Murray, L. Etta 1995  
C     Murray, Leslie C. 1973  
C     Murray, Ralph L. 1975  
B     Murray, Ruth Emma 1972  
C     Murray, Teddy 1970  
C     Murray, Wallace O. 2006  
C     Myers, Helen M. 1993  
C     Myers, Johnson 1978  
C     Myers, Minnie 1966  
C     Myers, Perry 1959  

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W XYZ [no surname] [Morrow Cemetery Home page]
If we have a photo, the name will be a "clickable" link.
[To add your photos email them in jpg format to  Arne H Trelvik with specifics]

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