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Pioneer Cemetery
originally called the Baptist Graveyard (north) and Methodist Graveyard (south)
Lebanon, Ohio
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Section Grave Name Death Veteran
Baptist 116.1 Dakin, Edrick E. 1848  
Baptist 116 Dakin, Raymond H    
Baptist 117 Dakin, W. S. (Dr.) 1817  
Baptist 205 Drake, Abraham 1816  
Baptist 174 Drake, Catharine W. 1871  
Baptist 184 Drake, Eliza 1836  
Baptist 172 Drake, Emeline A. 1831  
Baptist 206 Drake, Henry 1818  
Baptist 185 Drake, John B. 1837  
Baptist 168 Drake, Lewis 1849 War of 1812
Baptist 167 Drake, Mary [Russell] 1821  
Baptist 171 Drake, Mary Corwin 1860  
Baptist 173 Drake, Matthias C. 1864 War with Mexico
Baptist 186 Drake, Nancy 1838  
Baptist 169 Drake, Rachel [Lincoln] 1845  
Baptist 170 Drake, Samuel 1865 War of 1812
Baptist 166 Drake, William 1812  
Baptist 25 Duckworth, George 1849  
Baptist 27 Duckworth, Hannah An Maria 1839  
Baptist 206.1 Duckworth, Sarah Corwin 1850  
Baptist 74 Dunham, Archeaslaus 1856  
Baptist 71 Dunham, Edward 1842  
Baptist 72 Dunham, Elizabeth 1857  
Baptist 65 Dunham, Elizabeth 1832  
Baptist 212 Dunlavy, Francis 1839 Revolutionary War
Baptist 217 Dunlavy, George Whitfield    
Baptist 215 Dunlavy, James Hervey 1831  
Baptist 217 Dunlavy, Mary Craig 1828 Revolutionary War
Baptist 216 Dunlavy, William H. 1833  
Baptist 219 Dunlevy, John C. (M.D.) 1834  
Baptist 213 Dunlevy, Maria 1821  
Baptist 218 Dunlevy, Mary Craig    
Baptist 37 Duval, James 1833  
Baptist 37 Duval, James C.    
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