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Pioneer Cemetery
The north half was originally the Baptist Graveyard
The south half was originally the Methodist Graveyard
Lebanon, Ohio
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  • City block in Lebanon, Ohio bounded by Main St, West St, Mulberry St. and Harrison St.
  • "Ohio Cemeteries 1803-2003" by the Ohio Genealogical Society , Cemetery #12292, listed as Pioneer-Old Baptist-Old Methodist.
  • Coordinates: N39° 26' 04", W84° 12' 53"
  • TRS: Range 3N Township 4E Section 6


Cemetery Transcriptions:

The Beers 1882 History of Warren County contains the following passages beginning on page 471

"On the 7th of September, 1806, Jonathan Tichenor and Abner Smith, as Trustees of the Presbyterian Church at Lebanon, in consideration of $40, purchased of John Shaw a lot, which is now in the western part of Lebanon, for a graveyard, and is known as the Old Presbyterian Graveyard. This is the oldest graveyard at Lebanon. It is much older than the date of the deed to the Presbyterian society would indicate, as it is known that it was used as a place of burial as early as 1799. There are no inscriptions upon the tombstones marking the earliest graves. Capt. Robert Benham was buried here, but there is no inscription upon his tombstone. The grounds have long been neglected, and are grown up with weeds and briers. Many remains interred here have been removed to the Lebanon Cemetery. Among the names of well-known families of Warren County, the following are found on the tombstones in this yard: Beller, Ferguson, James, Randolph, Dill, Perlee, Dunlap, Halsey, Monfort, Miller, Blackburn, Beedle, Braden Bone, Brown, Liddell, Krewson, Cowan, Perrine, Tharp, Goodwin, McCrary, Dunham, Crane and Benham.

About 1811, the Baptists removed their church from the site east of Lebanon to a lot in the western part of the town, as since enlarged. The churchyard from that time was used as a burying-ground, and is still known as the Baptist Graveyard. Here are the graves of Judge Francis Dunlevy, Elder Daniel Clark, Judge Joshua Collett, Judge Matthias Corwin (the father of Gov. Corwin), and Keziah Corwin (grandmother of the Governor). In this yard was buried a daughter of Henry Clay, the inscription upon whose tombstone is as follows: “In memory of Eliza H. Clay, daughter of Henry and Lucretia Clay, who died on the 11th day of August, 1825, aged twelve years, during a journey from their residence at Lexington, in Kentucky, to Washington City. Cut off in the bloom of a promising life, here parents have erected this monument, consoling themselves with the belief that she now abides in heaven.”

What is known as the Methodist Graveyard, which adjoins the Baptist burying-ground on the south, does not seem to have been used as such until about 1820. There is now no line marking the boundary between the two yards, both being within the same inclosure, and the whole comprises a square within the corporate limits of Lebanon. Although some of the remains have been removed to the new cemetery, the grounds are still kept in good preservation, and no steps have as yet been taken for their abandonment as graveyards."

Veteran Graves Registration Project - Old Baptist Cemetery No. 73, Sheet #31
Rows are numbered from north to south and Graves are numbered from west to east.

War Name Comments
16 - War with Mexico Bowers, Jno.  
19 - Civil War Corwin, Jno. W.  
1 - Revolutionary War Dunlevy, Francis  
19 - Civil War Frazier, Jno. W. no gravestone
1 - Revolutionary War Hamilton, Rob't.  
1 - Revolutionary War Kibbey, Ephraim probably wrong - believed to be buried in Deerfield Cemetery
19 - Civil War Korgle, Jno. A. spelled John A. Koogle on gravestone
19 - Civil War Shellhouse, Geo. no gravestone
16 - War with Mexico Smith, H. A. Hugh H. Smith on gravestone
1 - Revolutionary War Spenning, Mathias Matthias Spining on gravestone
33 - "other" Sutton, David probably wrong - believed to be buried in Deerfield Cemetery
33 - "other" Woodward, Levi probably wrong - believed to be buried in Deerfield Cemetery


Name Death Veteran
Brandenburg, Aaron 1825 Revolutionary War
Methodist 144 Conrey, John 1864 War of 1812
Baptist 189.2 Corwin, David 1872 War of 1812
Baptist 144 Corwin, Ichabod 1834 War of 1812
Baptist 168 Drake, Lewis 1849 War of 1812
Baptist 173 Drake, Mathias 1864 War with Mexico
Baptist 170 Drake, Samuel 1865 War of 1812
Baptist 217 Dunlavy, Mary Craig 1828 Revolutionary War
Baptist 90 Keever, Abraham Sr. 1839 War of 1812
Baptist ? Kesling, George 1860 War of 1812
Baptist 198 Lamb, Joseph 1828 Revolutionary War
Methodist 205 Mulford, Joseph 1833 War of 1812
Baptist 150 Phillips, John 1837 War of 1812


Arne H Trelvik
21 Mar 2011



"Old Cemetery and Church, Warren County, Lebanon, Ohio. - 1936 by Sam R. Kremer - Photographer, Dayton, O.

photo in the Ohio Guide Collection, a part of the Ohio Memory Project, a collaborative project of the Ohio Historical Society and the State Library of Ohio

The 2nd photo was taken 3 Dec 2010 at about the same postion as the 1936 photo.


The village appropriated $150 for the improvement of the Methodist graveyard, this money together with $50 appropriated by Turtlecreek township has been applied to partially enlosing the graveyard with a stone wall four feet high. It was a much needed improvement.

SourceThe Western Star (Lebanon, Ohio), Thursday, September 19, 1889

Arne H Trelvik
22 Mar 2011

Southwest Corner of cemetery, looking east on Main Street.The Pioneer Cemetery is maintained by the City of Lebanon. The sign and retaining wall in the top photo were installed in 2003 in conjunction with the Main Street renovation project.

  Looking South
Looking South - West side of Cemetery
(note the wrought iron fence, taken down for painting at the time of the photo has since been reinstalled)

Looking South - East side of Cemetery
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