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Pioneer Cemetery
originally called the Baptist Graveyard (north) and Methodist Graveyard (south)
Lebanon, Ohio
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Section Grave Name Death Veteran
Baptist 163 Watson, Mark 1846  
Methodist 235 Watson, Webster    
Baptist 46 Watters, Mary 1831  
Methodist 170 Weakley, Charles Swain 1841  
Methodist 248 White, Jane 1843  
Methodist 249 White, Wyllys P. 1843  
Baptist 156 Wickerham, John 1837  
Methodist 98 Wiles, Deborah A. 1832  
Methodist 99 Wiles, Elizabeth 1832  
Methodist 100 Wiles, Mary Ann 1820  
Methodist 97 Wiles, Sarah E. 1836  
Methodist 167 Wiles, William H. C. 1839  
Methodist 96 Wiles, William M. 1837  
Methodist 15 Williams, Eliza Keziah 1833  
Baptist 33 Williams, Laura Amanda 1847  
Methodist 115 Woley, Luther 1846  
Methodist 166 Wood, Martha Jane 1827  
Methodist 165 Wood, Robert 1822  
Methodist 168 Wood, William H. 1843  
Methodist 116 Worley, Brice 1847  
Methodist 112 Worley, Felix G. 1842  
Methodist 114 Worley, Harrison 1846  
Methodist 113 Worley, James W. 1846  
Methodist 116 Worley, Margaret Ann [Vinson] 1848  
Methodist 121.2 Worley, Nancy 1837  
Methodist 111 Worley, Prudence 1846  
Methodist 121.1 Worley, William 1828  
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