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Basinger/Bassinger Cemetery
aka Long or Collins Cemetery
Harlan Township
Warren County, Ohio

The Bassinger Cemetery is a small, inactive cemetery located on the grounds of the Mid-Western Children's Home.
The Warren County Genealogical Society reading of the cemetery recorded 44 burials for individuals who died between 1815 & 1906 with the following surnames - Collins, Doughman, Gooden, Goodwin, Hanna, Long, Runyan, Safle, Shurts, Smith, Snell, Soth, Young

  • From Roachester-Cozzaddale Road (County Road 52) go south on Long Spurling Road (County Road 171) about 3/4 of a mile. The Cemetery is due south of the 1st turn in the road.
  • Two entries in "Ohio Cemeteries 1803-2003" by the Ohio Genealogical Society ,
    • Cemetery #12249, Bassinger-(Basinger) Cemetery and
    • Cemetery #12251, Collins-Long Cemetery
  • Coordinates: 39° 16' 53"N, 84° 07' 52"W
  • Virginia Military District Survey #3798
  • D.A.R. Turtlecreek Chapter & Warren County Historical Society (available at the Historical Society Library)
    • Early Vital Records Volume 4, page 26-27 [listed as Long or Collins Cemetery]
    • Early Vital Records Volume 8, page 35-36 [listed as Long or Collins Cemetery now on Basinger Farm - copied 1954 by Nelson Stewart]
  • Warren County Genealogical Society
    • Warren County Cemetery Records Volume 2 page 1-2 [also see on-line Name Index]
    • Runyan gravestone photos contributed on 16 May 2006 by Bobbi Tindle
    • Snell and Doughman photos contributed on 19 Mar 2007 by Mark D. Montgomery of DuBois, Pennsylvania
    • Bobbi and Ron Tindle photographed all extant tombstones in the cemetery for the Warren County "Virtual Cemetery" project in June, 2007 They were able to locate and photograph all but two of the stones noted in previous readings. In addition they have photographed a previously unrecorded stone for Mary Jane Runyan and 10 footstones.
      The results of their efforts will be incorporated into the planned updates to the WCGS cemetery books. All their photos may be viewed at this website.
Variant Names:  

Long or Collins Cemetery [DAR Early Vital Records Books]
Dr. Basinger Cemetery [WPA Veteran Grave Registration Project]

NOTE:  The naming of this cemetery is easily confused with the nearby Ingle Cemetery which is identified as the Long Cemetery on topo maps, the I. W. Long Cemetery on the WPA plat maps.

Plat from WPA Veteran Grave Registration Project for the Dr. Basinger Cemetery which lists 5 veterans noted in the index below.

Index to Photos of all extant Gravestone
If we have a photo, the name will be a "clickable" link.
[To add your photos email them in jpg format to  Arne H Trelvik ]
Name Death Veteran
_ [footstone] E. A. _    
B [footstone] W. B. [or W. R. ?]    
Collins, Ernest A. 1896  
Collins, Freddy C. 1864  
Collins, George E. 1860  
Collins, Jacob 1906 Civil War
Collins, Mary 1881  
D [footstone] M. D.    
D [footstone] M. D. [or M. B.]    
Doughman, Christian 1863  
Doughman, Daniel 1843 War of 1812
Doughman, Hannah 1876  
Doughman, Henry 1843  
Doughman, Henry 1863 Civil War
Doughman, Maryetta 1853  
Gooden, James 1848  
Goodwin, Daniel [no dates]  
Goodwin, John 1848  
Goodwin, Martha Jane [no dates]  
H [footstone] E. H.    
Hanna, Elizabeth 1852  
Hanna, Joseph 1852  
L [footstone] M. L.    
Long, Alonzo [no dates] Civil War
Long, George 1861  
Long, Margery 1859  
R [footstone] E. L. R.    
Runyan, Catharine 1854  
Runyan, David 1860  
Runyan, Eliza J. 1843  
Runyan, Harriet M. 1872  
Runyan, James 1847  
Runyan, Martha [perhaps same as Mary Runyan] 1853  
Runyan, Mary 1853  
Runyan, Mary Jane 1840  
Runyan, Rebecca 1847  
Runyan, William 1841  
S [footstone] S. S.    
Safle, ___ [not found - photo needed] 1837  
Shurts, Rachel Charlotte 1849  
Smith, Sarah 1829  
Snell, Anna 1862  
Snell, Christena 1815  
Snell, Christena 1889  
Snell, Elias A. 1837  
Snell, Henry 1827 War of 1812
Snell, Henry 1876  
Snell, Mary 1854  
Snell, Mary [another stone] 1854  
Snell, William 1886  
Soth, Gordon 1862  
C. Y. [foostone]    
J. Y. [foostone]    
Young, Jacob 1852  
Young, Martha Jane 1849  
Young, Mary E. 1853  

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