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Carson or Keller Cemetery
aka Armstrong Cemetery or James Hill Cemetery
Wayne Township, Warren County, Ohio

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  • Northeast side of State Route 132 about 1/4 mile southwest of Morrow-Rossburg Road [County Road 27] The Cemetery is located in a wooded area about 150 yards off the road
  • "Ohio Cemeteries 1803-2003" by the Ohio Genealogical Society , Cemetery #14202 [Carson - Keller - Armstrong - James Hill]
  • Coordinates: 39°17' 30.91"N -84° 6' 12.22"W
  • Virginia Military District: Survey #3798


  • D.A.R. Turtlecreek Chapter & Warren County Historical Society (available at the Historical Society Library)
    • Early Vital Records Volume 8, page 117
  • Warren County Genealogical Society
    • Warren County Cemetery Records, Volume 2, pages 3 - 5, based on a reading of the cemetery by Roger Stiles which contains 67 burial records.
    • Chelsea Burns, Zoe Graham, Erin Hawley, Lauren Howell, Marissa Krutraup and Audrey Obholz of Girl Scout Troop 1594 photographed all extant gravestone in August of 2005 and have contributed their photos to the "Warren County Virtual Cemetery Project." All their photos have been added to this website and their efforts will be incorporated into the new cemetery books planned by the society.  Their photographs identified 47 of the 67 previously identified burials at this cemetery and added 3 gravestones that were not found in previous readings. Unfortunately, many of the stones in this cemetery are now on the ground and/or broken and many others are now illegible [see below]. Sadly, the gravestones for Revolutionary War veteran Elisha Wallen and Civil War veteran David Stiles are among those that were not found during this survey. If you have photographs of any other gravestones at this cemetery, please consider sharing them with us
  • Other Known Transcriptions
    • none found
Variant Names:  
  • Carson Cemetery, Keller Cemetery, Armstrong Cemetery, James Hill Farm Cemetery

Name Death Veteran
___, Phebe [no dates]  
Armstrong, David 1851  
Armstrong, Isaac 1871?  
Armstrong, James 1823  
Armstrong, Phebe [1902]  
Armstrong, Rebecca 1834  
Armstrong, Rebecca Ann (Fogg) 1869  
Armstrong, William 1843  
Armstrong, William Jr. 1840  
Armstrong, William Sr. 1860  
Bolser, Jacob 1879  
Bolser, William L. 1851  
Brand, Elizabeth 1849  
Brown, John J. 1855  
Chesser, William 1819  
Collins, Nancy 1856  
Doughman, Harriet S. 1841  
Doughman, Infant [no dates]  
Doughman, Jacob W. 1855  
Doughman, Mary 1884  
Doughman, Rebecca 1881  
Doughman, Sarah H. 1851  
Doughman, William C. 1839  
Fry, Jennette B. 1855  
Hall, Louisa 1839  
Hill, Abraham 1846  
Hill, Aretta 1869  
Hill, Deborah 1891  
Hill, Diana 1823  
Hill, Ede B. 1865  
Hill, Hannah S. 1882  
Hill, James Jr. 1843  
Hill, James Sr. 1842  
Hill, Katharine 1899  
Hill, Mary 1854  
Hill, Nancy 1859  
Hill, Samuel 1852  
Hill, Sarah 1856  
Hill, Thomas 1891  
Hutchinson, Sarah J. 1877  
Kelly, Robert 1832  
Long, William 1844  
Mathews, James 1862  
Mathews, John 1868  
Mathews, Mary 1874  
McBriant, Henry 1853  
Randolph, Mary 1818  
Runyan, Catherine 1809  
Scudder, Elizabeth 1845  
Sharp, Benton 1871  
Sharp, Eva G. 1882  
Sharp, John William 1887  
Sharp, Mary 1837  
Shaw, John A. 1852  
Shaw, William 1851  
Shaw, William E. 1854  
Sims, Delilah 1854  
Sims, Martha J. 1854  
Spence, Adelia C. 1852  
Spence, infant 1847  
Spence, Sarah J. 1849  
Stephens, Ann Mariah 1822  
Stiles, Alonzo 1883  
Stiles, David 1903 Civil War
Stiles, Elizabeth 1886  
Stiles, Mary (Chesser) 1900  
Swinney, Gilbert N. 1843  
Trapp, James S. 1862  
Wallen, An. 1844  
Wallen, Elisha 1852 Revolutionary War
Walton, Mary 1841  

Unidentified Gravestones

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
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