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Fellowship Cemetery
4031 Columbia Road
Union Township, Warren County, Ohio

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  Name Veteran Death
  Mayne, Alex John   1992
  Mayne, Bertha McKeehan   1995
~ McCarty, (infant daughter)   1893
~ McCarty, (infant daughter)   1896
~ McCarty, (infant son)   1894
  McCarty, Anker   1842
~ McCarty, David   1852
  McCarty, David   1829
~ McCarty, Fannie Smith Ross   1903
~ McCarty, John Ross   1902
~ McCarty, Martha A.   1861
  McCarty, Peter W.   1888
~ McCarty, Winfield S.   [no dates]
  McFerren, Clara Smith   1915
  McKenney, Sarah Maria   1842
  McKinney, Charles F.   1841
  McKinney, Joseph (Esq.)   1832
  McKinney, Mary   1835
  Meece, Lake E.   1980
  Meece, William A.   1908
  Meek, Inez R. (see death certificate)   1915
  Meeker, Christene   1855
  Melvin, Violet C.   1975
  Messer, Colman W. Korea 2001
  Miller, Almira S.   1914
  Miller, Mathias R. Civil War 1908
  Miller, William O.   1908
  Mobley, Nora   nc
  Mobley, Robert Korea 2002
  Molen-Mason, Daniel Wentz   1998
  Monfort, A. S.   1912
  Monfort, Andrew S.   1918
  Monfort, Ann E.   1848
  Monfort, Bertha   1877
  Monfort, Emma J.   1925
  Monfort, Frank E.   [no dates]
  Monfort, George   1893
  Monfort, Hannah M.   1882
~ Monfort, John W.   1926
~ Monfort, Pervin J.   1884
  Monfort, Rebecca J.   1877
  Moores, Anna   1940
  Moores, Joel   1922
D 98 C Morehead, Daphne G.   2015
D 98 B Morehead, Donald P.   2015
  Morris, Eliza M.   1997
  Morris, Ethel Mae   1996
  Morris, Kenneth   nc
  Morris, Orville M.   1986
  Mulford, Ann   1902
  Munrath, Florence   1967
  Munrath, Harry   1969
  Murphy, Edward J.   1846
  Murphy, Elizabeth   1862
  Murphy, James M.   1885
  Murphy, Leven R.   1847
  Murphy, Nathanel War of 1812 1868
  Murphy, Sarah   1889

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