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Fellowship Cemetery
4031 Columbia Road
Union Township, Warren County, Ohio

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Sec   Name Veteran Death
    Randolph, Alivia   1841
    Randolph, Celia   1851
    Randolph, David   1857
    Randolph, Eleanor   1888
  ~ Randolph, Harriet   1831
    Randolph, James S.   1887
    Randolph, John   1889
    Randolph, Martha   1864
    Randolph, Rebecca   1828
    Randolph, Sarah   1908
    Randolph, William   1833
    Rapp, Robert J. US Air Force 2009
    Reynolds, Clarence E. World War I 1973
    Reynolds, Irene   1991
C 46 E Reynolds, Randolph   [no dates]
    Rhoden, Alaveia   1970
    Rhoden, Frank M.   1973
    Rhoden, James H.   1982
    Rhoden, James R.   1972
    Rhoden, John D.   1955
    Rhoden, Lillian M.   1999
    Rhoden, Perry C.   1984
C 1 Rhoden, Perry Jr.   2008
    Rhoden, Richard Korea 1994
    Rhoden, Robert W.   1960
    Riker, Aliva   1885
    Riker, Charlie   1885
    Riker, Ennis Civil War [no dates]
    Riker, N. S.   1841
    Riker, Rosetta   1924
    Riley, Lottie Gilvin   nc
    Roark, Sally D.   1975
    Robertson, Delmer   1988
    Robertson, Geneva   1995
    Robinson, Dave   2002
    Rowland, Ether   1983
    Runyan, Bonham   1844
    Runyan, Nancy   1874
    Runyan, Rachel   1832

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