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Fellowship Cemetery
4031 Columbia Road
Union Township, Warren County, Ohio

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  Name Veteran Death
  S [footstone], L. J. S. S.    
  Sargent, Rebecca   1869
  Sargent, Saml. M.   1866
  Sargent, Thos. M.   1855
  Sawyer, Rayman L.   1910
  Scofield, Absalom F.   1841
  Scofield, Martha Ann   1839
  Scott, Hannah A.   1856
  Scott, John S. (Lt.) Civil War 1863
  Scott, Nicholas   1867
  Scott, Rhoda   1865
  Sears, Benj.   1899
  Sears, Benj. Jr.   1869
  Sears, C. E. B.   1880
~ Sears, Rachel Beedle   1908
  Sears, Ros. A.   1871
  Sears, Samuel   1887
  Serjeant, Rebecca   1863
  Serjeant, Sampson   1847
  Shope, Elsie   1948
  Shope, Glen C.   nc
  Shope, Pauline   nc
  Shope, Sherman   1964
  Shope, Thelma   1943
~ Shultz, Mattie A.   1952
  Shurts, Algernon H.   nc
  Shurts, Donald R.   1912
  Shurts, Elizabeth   1907
  Shurts, Eva Grace   1918
  Shutts, Harold R. World War II 1989
  Shutts, Robert M.   1955
  Shutts, Ruth   nc
  Sibbit, Aaron   1841
  Sibbit, Rebecca   1845
  Sibbit, Richard   1844
  Simkins, Saml.   1869
  Simonton, Mary   1843
  Simonton, Mary   1843
  Simonton, Richard (Elder) War of 1812 1849
  Skeen, David Marshall Vietnam 1997
  Skeen, Pamela S.   nc
  Smith, Charlie   1865
  Smith, Christopher Ryan   1987
  Smith, Clarinda H.   1901
  Smith, David Civil War 1902
  Smith, Dennis K.   1971
  Smith, Ellen Stall   2000
  Smith, Florence A.   1980
  Smith, Francis L.   nc
  Smith, French B.   1995
  Smith, Gertrude S.   nc
  Smith, Harry L.   1949
  Smith, J. Glenn World War II 1997
  Smith, James M. (Dr.) Korea 1993
  Smith, John D.   1888
  Smith, John Davenport   1930
  Smith, Johnathon   1905
  Smith, Maria   1928
  Smith, Melissa   nc
  Smith, Nathan J. World War II 1990
  Smith, Olive   1864
  Smith, R. 'Betsy'   nc
D 48 E Smith, Ruth   2017
  Smith, Rosetta W.   1883
  Smith, Sophia B.   1931
  Smith, Venna   nc
  Smith, William   1906
  Sonny, Han Cha   2005
  Spencer, Charlie R.   1864
  Spurling, Al   2000
  Spurling, Anna M.   1994
  Spurling, Arthur W.   nc
  Spurling, Gladys K.   1995
  Stanley, Helen Parkin   1995
  Stitt, Laura E.   1922
  Stitt, Myrta   1873
  Stitt, Newton   1917
  Strawbridge, Margaret   1847
~ Sullivan, Effie   1997
  Sullivan, Effie (Fisher)   1997
  Sullivan, John Gilbert   1999
  Sullivan, Kenneth A.   nc
  Sullivan, Mary Ann   nc
  Sullivan, Melbourne K.   1984
  Sullivan, Ralph C. World War II 2003
  Sullivan, Vera   2017
  Sutton, Elizabeth   1882
  Sutton, Firman   1886

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