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Ingle Cemetery
[sometimes referred to as the Engels, Ingals, Long or I. W. Long Cemetery]
Harlan Township, Warren County, Ohio

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  • Northeast side of Pleasant-Renner Rd (TR 172), about 2/3rds of a mile southeast of Roachester-Cozzaddale Rd (CR 52) and about 1/2 mile northwest of the Clermont County line.
  • "Ohio Cemeteries 1803-2003" by the Ohio Genealogical Society , Cemetery #12258 [Ingle Cemetery]
  • Coordinates: +39° 16' 12.10"N, -84° 8' 7.89"W
    Virginia Military District Survey #3799
  • USGS GNIS - Long Cemetery; FID #1066311
  • Warren County Auditor for Ingle Cemetery, Property Account # 3700984, Parcel ID 17072000051] - _ acres
  • Warner's 1867 Warren County Ohio Wall Map shows the cemetery located on the 320 acre farm of Wm. Ingle in Military Survey #3799 as does the 1856 County Wall Map
    The 1875 Atlas shows the cemetery on the 422 acre farm of John Ingle. 
    The 1891 and 1903 atlases do not identify a cemetery but the cemetery location on both of the atlases is on the 276 acre farm of William I. Long.  In 2008, the land is still owned by the Long family.
  • D.A.R. Turtlecreek Chapter & Warren County Historical Society (available at the Historical Society Library)
    • Early Vital Records Volume 4, pages 26-28
    • Early Vital Records Volume 8, pages 35-38
  • Warren County Genealogical Society
    • Volume 2, page 41
    • Volume 6; page 378
    • Chelsea Burns, Zoe Graham, Erin Hawley, Lauren Howell, Marissa Krutraup and Audrey Obholz of Girl Scout Troop 1594 photographed all extant gravestone in August of 2005 and have contributed their photos to the "Warren County Virtual Cemetery Project." All their photos have been added to this website and their efforts will be incorporated into the new cemetery books planned by the society.  If you have photographs of any other gravestones at this cemetery, please consider sharing them with us
  • Other Known Transcriptions
    • none known of
Variant Names:  

The location is referred to as the Long Cemetery on USGS topo maps.  The plat of the cemetery for the WPA Veteran Graves Registration project calls it the I. W. Long Cemetery.
"Ohio Cemeteries 1803-2003" by the Ohio Genealogical Society  lists a Cemetery #12258, Ingle Cemetery without any coordinates.  The coordinates and location description that are listed for Cemetery #12251, Collins-Long Cemetery, is actually for this cemetery. 
[It is believed that Collins-Long Cemetery should be considered a variant name for the Basinger Cemetery as cemetery readings done under those 2 names are identical]

Plat of Cemetery #59, "I. W. Long Cemetery" from the WPA Veterans Grave Registration project which lists one Civil War soldier, John Ingle

Name Died Veteran
Boorom, Alva J. 1881  
Boorom, Frederick 1921 Civil War
Boorom, Jesie G. 1870  
Boorom, Mary E. 1882  
Boorom, Willie T. 1870  
Ingle, Barbara A. 1851  
Ingle, Elizabeth 1890  
Ingle, Emeline 1846  
Ingle, Huldah 1876  
Ingle, Huldah 1879  
Ingle, infant 1839  
Ingle, infant 1857  
Ingle, John C. [no dates]  
Ingle, John D. 1893 Civil War
Ingle, Louis 1872  
Ingle, Mary 1905  
Ingle, Samuel 1866  
Ingle, Thomas R. 1874  
Ingle, Thomas R. [no dates]  
Ingle, William 1873  
Ingle, William P. 1860  
Ingle, William P. [no dates]  
Long, Amanda Soth 1942  
Long, Harper 1907 Civil War ?
Long, Martha Ann 1863  
Long, William Ingle 1931  

McMullen, Catharine A. [Catherine on stone]

McMullen, Katie 1872  
Patterson, Mollie L. 1878  
Snell, David 1939  
Snell, Louise (nee Ingle) 1927  
Spence, Infant dau 1878  


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