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  Jack Cemetery
located on Big Tree Plantation Christmas Tree Farm
2544 S. Waynesville Road
Salem Township, Warren County, Ohio

This cemetery consists of a single remaining monument plus some field stones that are located about 1/2 mile off the road on the 194 acre Big Tree Plantation Christmas Tree Farm. This is private property so please be sure to obtain permission from the owners before attempting to visit the burial ground. Contact information can be found on their website at

  • From Interstate 71, Exit 32, go east towards Morrow on State Route 123 1.4 miles to Waynesville Road.
    Turn Right on Waynesville Road and go south 0.6 miles to the Big Tree Plantation Christmas Tree Farm Driveway on the left.
  • "Ohio Cemeteries 1803-2003" by the Ohio Genealogical Society , Cemetery #14205 [Jack Cemetery]
  • Coordinates: 39° 23' 20" N, 84° 7' 45" W
  • TRS: Range 3 North Township 5 East Section 9
Variant Names:  
  • none known of

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Sarah Jack Jas. Jack Nancy Jack
mother of Jas. Jack
died 1830
aged 82 years
died 1816
aged 42 years
wife of Jas. Jack
died Jan. 5, 1869
aged 84 years
Dana Palmer
2 December 2007 
Polly Jack
died Oct. 1824
aged 11 years
Dana Palmer
2 December 2007 
    Jane Hizar
dau. of
Jas. & Nancy Jack
died July 1828
aged 17 years
Dana Palmer
2 December 2007 
    Polly Skinner
dau. of Jas. & Nancy Jack
died Sept. 6, 1828;
aged 11 months & 2 days
Dana Palmer
2 December 2007 

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11 Sep 2016 Mary Conklin Hi, I am Mary Conklin, nee Jack, and have been actively been trying to sort out my Jack line. In trying to break down my Jack brick wall I have done Y DNA testing on a number of Jack men. The notes on this web page says that Sarah Holiday married James Jack from Chester Co. PA. I cannot prove or disprove this. However, Patrick and James Jack, brothers, per the history books ended up in Chester Co. PA. YDNA is passed from father to son, father to son, so if James and Patrick were brothers their descendants YDNA should be the same with perhaps some minor mutations. I have tested John V. Jack of Texas who's line of Jacks can be easily traced from Patrick Jack. I also tested a man named Foster Jack who is descended from some of the Warren Co. Jacks and met another man, Keith Jacks ('s' was added later he says) who tested and is also related to Warren Co. Jacks. They match each other but do NOT match John V Jack who descended from Patrick Jack, they are separate lines. This means that the James Jack who married Sarah Holiday is not descended from the James Jack who was Patrick's brother. As more people test and join the Jacks Surname project on FamilytreeDNA we will learn more as to the Jack lines. In the early days names were used over and over and in the Jack lines both James and William are extremely common and make it difficult to sort out who belongs to who. I don't know if this info can somehow be used on the website but I thought I'd pass it on.
9 Dec 2013 Doyle Hopkins The deceased Samuel Halliday was the sister to Sarah Jack (formerly Halliday)
Line Length is the same as viewed on the microfilm
Bonds and Letters 1803 - 1831
Warren County, Ohio
Probate Court
fhl 0964275

page 65
June Term 1812
The Court appoints John Holaday and Caleb Harvey
to administer on the estate of William Holaday deceased
who are give bond in $400 with William Furgerson
and Cornelisu Vochis their bail
James Wilkson |
Joseph Tate |- appraisers
Nathaniel Edwards |

page 261 (abstract)

John T. Jack appointed guardian for Mary McClullighn
age six and Emily McCulingh age four and document is dated
Aug 23, 1821.

page 269
November Term 1821
Cynthia Halliday aged seventeen years
and Samuel Halliday age fifteen years
infants and heirs of Samuel Halliday
deceased come into Court and chose for
their guardians John T Jack and the
court appoint the said John T Jack
guardian for Lititia* Halliday aged seven
years child and heir of the said
Samuel Halliday deceased who is to
give bond (crossed out) separate bond in one
hundred dollars each with William
Ferguson and John Adams his bail
November 21st 1821

* I believe her name should be spelled Letitia
The Court grants administration of
the estate of Elizabeth Halliday dec'd
unto Corlron Daynd who is to give
Coeilron Dayni
bond in two hundred dollars with
Robert Lee and Iabish Philips his bail
the court appoints Henry Lee , Josias Lab-
bert & Robert Hamilton appraisers
administrator sworn AD Nov 22 1821

page 270
Ann Halliday aged 12 years child
of Samuel Halliday dec'd comes unto
Court and chooses for her guardian
John T Jack who is give bond in one
hundred dollars with William Fergusen
& John Adams his bail Nov 22 nd 1821
22 Jun 2011 Pam Vazquez I just found your site with headstone pics of Sarah Holliday Jack and children. That was nice to see.

I'm researching Sarah's parents Samuel Holliday and his offspring. Sarah Holliday would have been born 1748 in Pikeland Twp, Chester County, PA. Her father Samuel first appeared on the tax list there in Pikeland Twp, in 1747. By 1762 he bought property in Uwchlan Twp and worked as a blacksmith. He sold that property in 1775 and then lived in West Caln Twp. I'm trying very hard to find who Sarah's mother was but the nearest I can find is that her name must have been Jane and that she would have died probably sometime before 1775. Samuel Holliday married his 2nd wife Susannah around that time. Samuel Holliday had 11 children and I don't have the birth dates of all of them so I can't tell if Sarah was the oldest. Her birth year is the oldest of those I've found.

Samuel mentions his daughter Sarah Jack in his will written 1792 written in Elizabeth Twp, Allegheny Co. PA
26 May 2011 Andrew W. Jack

Samuel Silas Jack was my Great Great Great Grandfather and a Pioneer that spent his life in the Lebanon/warren county area. He was a war of 1812 veteran. He Married Rebecca Paxton, the youngest child of Colonel Thomas Paxton, one of George Washington's officers and the founder of Loveland Ohio.

Samuel Silas is buried in the Church Graveyard across from the old Rock School house as are my Great Great Grandfather George Harrison Jack. My family line moves to Xenia when my Great Grandfather William T Jack moved there.

My father and I actually went to the land of the Big Tree Plantation before it was the Bige tree plantation and put the tombstome back into position with cement. The original stone home has recently burned down and I aquired the date stone of the home at that time.

My late father was full of family history, which I now seem to be the holder of.

3 Dec 2007 Michael Sellers I don't know if the limited info I have concerning the Jacks named on the cemetery monument is helpful at all but figured the little bit couldn't hurt.

"Sarah Jack" was born Sarah HOLIDAY in 1748 in Pennsylvania. She was the wife of James Jack, who was born March 17, 1726, in Chester county, PA. At some point they had relocated to Lexington, Woodford county, KY, where James Jack died prior to 1801.

I believe Sarah came to Warren county, OH, in the very early 1800s with sons John Thomas Jack, James Jack, and Samuel Jack. There were also three other sons born to Sarah that I'm slightly aware of; Robert Little Jack, Adam Jack, and Joseph Jack. Whether they came to Warren county as well is unknown to me.

John Thomas Jack married Elizabeth Todd Smith on January 10, 1801, in Versailles Township, Fayette county, Kentucky, prior to removing to Warren county, OH, fairly soon after. I'm guessing that when boys John Thomas, James, and Samuel relocated to Warren county they brought their mother, Sarah (Holiday) Jack, with them. It is thus Sarah and her son, James Jack, along with James' wife, Nancy (Smith) Jack, that are mentioned on the monument in the Jack Cemetery.

Not sure what happened with Samuel after the move to Warren county. John Thomas Jack remained in Warren county until 1828 when he moved with his own son, James H. Jack, to Indiana. Apparently, John Thomas did not like the area in Montgomery or Fountain county, Indiana, and thus moved to Tippecanoe county, Indiana, where he got a land grant. Born July 4, 1777, John Thomas Jack remained in Randolph Township in Tippecanoe county, Indiana, until his death on August 19, 1835.

The family of James and Sarah Jack were pretty thick, so to speak, in Warren county, OH, after the move from KY. I wouldn't be surprised at all if additional Jacks were buried in the Jack Cemetery...

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