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  Morningstar Cemetery
East side of Franklin-Madison Road
Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio

List of Known Burials [no surname/illegible] [Morningstar Cemetery Home page]

All 640 acres of Section 6 were patented to James Findlay on 15 Nov 1807 when the land was still part of Butler County.  Findlay sold the west 320 acres to M. Morningstar on 7 Aug 1811 for $3200 - see 1837 plat map.  This Michael Morningstar is believed to be the John George Michael Morningstar who is buried in the cemetery in 1841.  Warren County probate records [Box 17] shows that his estate was entered into probate on 8 Jun 1844.  There was supposed to be a will that could not be found, resulting in the estate ending up in court.  Records in the Warren County Recorders office list the transfer of the 320 acre property from the estate of John George Michael Morningstar to sons John, Jacob and Michael Morningstar on 11 Oct 1847 [Vol 28:352] as well as 4 Sheriff sale entries on 12 Jan 1864 [Vol 41:366] from the estate, all to Michael V. Poast. 

  • Wooded area on privately owned 23.7 acre parcel at 7648 Franklin-Madison Road (TR T-0004) about 1/2 mile south of Morningstar Road (TR T-0106).   The cemetery is about 100 feet due east of the junction with Thomas Road.
  • "Ohio Cemeteries 1803-2003" by the Ohio Genealogical Society , Cemetery #12227 [Morningstar Cemetery]  This would appear to be the same cemetery listed as the Barkalow Cemetery #1293 in Madison Twp, Butler County, on the west side of Franklin-Madison Road which is the county line between Butler & Warren County (S1-T2N:R4E)
  • Coordinates: about 39°33'44.4"N, 84°21'50.9"W
  • TRS: Range 5 East, Township 1 North, Section 6
  • D.A.R. Turtlecreek Chapter & Warren County Historical Society (available at the Historical Society Library)
    • None
  • Warren County Genealogical Society
    • Not in any of the currently published Cemetery Books.
    • Harriet Foley of Franklin and Kay Davenport of Orem, Utah, read the cemetery on 9 Nov 2001 and found 10 gravestone plus some footstones.  The result of their efforts was published in the Heir Lines Quarterly, Volume 20, Issue 4, Winter 2001, page 64
    • Warren County Genealogical Society volunteers, Harriet Foley and Dana Palmer visited the cemetery on 14 May 2011 and photographed all extant gravestones.
  • Other Known Transcriptions
Variant Names:  
    [Butler County, Ohio Cemetery Records, Volume IX done by Hazel Stroup in 1967 describes the location of a Barkalow Cemetery as Wayne Township, on a farm once owned by William C. Barkalow on Trenton-Franklin Rd near the overhead railroad bridge near the Butler-Warren County line.  This description would put the cemetery in the vicinity of the Morningstar Cemetery.  The Stroup book lists 5 burials, none of which are included in the readings of the Morningstar Cemetery.  However, they are all found in the Barkalow Cemetery on the Atlas Roofing Company grounds in Franklin Twp, Warren County.  A review of 19th century entries in the Conveyance Book for Section 6 at the Recorders office did not reveal any entries that would indicate a Barkalow owned any part of section 6 during the 1800s.]

1837 Plat Map of  Range 5 East, Township 1 North Section 6 [from Carlisle, The Jersey Settlement in Ohio 1800 - 1990]
Michael Morningstar - west half [no cemetery shown on map]
Michael VanTuyl - East half
Arne H Trelvik
21 November 2008 
1875 Plat Map of Range 5 East, Township 1 North Section 6 [from Combination Atlas Map of Warren County by L. H. Everts]
The west half now divided as follows:
- M. Post - 196 acres
- Mrs. Morningstar - 60 acres south of the railroad
- Miss M. A. Morningstar - 50 acres north of the railroad track - [location of cemetery marked with a cross - this is the only map I know of that marks the cemetery]
- Mrs. Morningstar - 17 1/2 acres in northwest corner of section
The east half now divided as follows:
- J. W. Lane - 60 acres
- School Lot just south of the railroad [now known as the Lane School]
- A. Schenck - 48 acres
- O. Ely - 12 acres
- A. Vantyle - 120 acres
- G. Banker - 79 acres
Arne H Trelvik
21 November 2008 
    Plat of Cemetery #65, Morningstar Cemetery from the WPA Veteran's Grave Registration Project for Warren County
[NOTE: This plat shows the cemetery on the west side of Franklin-Madison Road which would put it in Madison Twp, Butler County.  No veterans are listed as buried here] 
Arne H Trelvik
21 November 2008 


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