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  Miami Valley Memory Gardens
1639 East Lytle-Five Points Rd,
Clearcreek Township, Warren County, Ohio

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Sec Row Lot Name Death Veteran
Apostles 4   Uhl, Forrest J. 1997
Apostles 4   Uhl, Virginia L. 2002
ChapMaus-02 Outside   Uhler, Frank E. 1970
Christus-U 15   Uhrig, Cecile M. 1991
Christus-U 15   Uhrig, Wilbert L. 1959
Everlasting Life 19   Ulmer, Eva J. 1979
Everlasting Life 19   Ulmer, Harold H. 1989
Cross 40   Umina, Mary L. 1984
Cross 40   Umina, Samuel J. 1999
Last Supper 18   Underwood, Carl E.  
Last Supper 18   Underwood, Carol Ann 1979
Last Supper 19   Underwood, Ian L. 2001
Last Supper 19   Underwood, Richard L. (III) 2001
Everlasting Life 18   Underwood, Robert J. 2005
Everlasting Life 18   Underwood, Shirley E.  
Last Supper 18   Underwood, Virginia D. 1977
Last Supper 18   Underwood, William S.  
Christus-U 13   Unger, Betty-Lou  
Christus-U 13   Unger, Lloyd Dean 2003 Veteran
Christus-U 9   Ungerer, Katherine Holch 2005
Christus-U 9   Ungerer, William H. 1976
ChapMaus-02 Inside   Unterburger, Odella K. 1977
ChapMaus-02 Inside   Unterburger, Roy A. 1972
ChapMaus-02 Inside   Unum, Fannie E. 1983
Prayer 30   Upchurch, Amelia (Stegemoller) 2003
Apostles 33   Upchurch, Elizabeth reserved
Prayer 30   Upchurch, William A. 1974 Veteran
Apostles 33   Upchurch, Willie 1992
Fam Heritage S-04   Upton, Alonzo T. 1982
Fam Heritage S-04   Upton, Dorothy L. 2001
Last Supper 10   Upton, Dorothy S. 2007
Last Supper 10   Upton, Gilbert Luther 1986 Veteran
Cross 28   Upton, Theodore 1966
Fam Heritage M-04   Usleman, Rebecca A. 2003
Fam Heritage M-04   Usleman, Robert T.  

Index to Available Gravestone Photos
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