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Red Lion / Zoar Methodist Cemetery

Clearcreek Township, Warren County, Ohio

Index to Available Gravestone Photos
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  Name Veteran Death
A Anthony, Jacob M.   1917
B Ballard, Amanda   [no dates]
  Ballard, Lewis   1860
  Ballard, Thankful (Warren)   1836
  Ballard, William H.   [no dates]
  Beal, Luella   1875
  Beal, Martha Rhodes   1881
  Beal, Samuel Civil War 1914
  Blake, W. H. Civil War [no dates]
  Breeden, Robert H.   1857
C O [footsone] E. O. [or perhaps C. C.]   [no dates]
Carter, Anna   1867
  Carter, Stephen P.   1867
  Clark, Eliza   1830
  Crampton, Harvy   1870
  Crampton, Sabitha   1878
  Crampton, Thomas R.   1852
  Crosley, Dulcenia Bell   1860
  Crosley, Mary E.   1871
  Crosley, Moses Rev. War 1843
  Crosley, Moses Jr.   1852
  Crosley, Rachel   1846
  Crossfield, E. D. (Dr.) War of 1812 1873
  Crossfield, Frank   [no dates]
  Crossfield, Johney   [no dates]
  Crossfield, Orpha   [no date]
D Davis, J. A. L. Civil War [no dates]
  Davis, Quincy   1880
  Dyche, Elizabeth   1849
  Dyche, Elizabeth   1854
  Dyche, George   1860
  Dyche, Mary   1862
  Dyche, Rachel   1850
  Dyche, Rachel Ann   1855
  Dyche, Ruth A.   1853
  Dyche, William   1841
E Earnhart, Abba L.   1885
  Earnhart, Anna B.   1860
  Earnhart, Enos L.   1854
  Earnhart, John G.   1860
  Earnhart, Joseph   1875
  Earnhart, Margaret   1871
  Earnhart, Mary   1855
  Earnhart, Permelia   1865
F Fitzwater, Elsie   1911
G G [footstone] J. T. G   [no dates]
Gallaher, Martha E.   1876
  Glassford, Nellie   1871
  Glassford, Norine   1878
  Glassford, Sarah Alice   1917
  Green, James T.   184_
  Gustin, Benagan   1886
  Gustin, Emeline   1866
  Gustin, George Wesley   1844
  Gustin, Lydia   1874
  Gustin, Robert P.   1863
  Gustin, Thompson   1841
H Henry, James   1857
  Hess, John F.   1860
  Hess, Mary Bell   1855
  Hess, William Henry   1853
  House, Eleazer   1849
  House, Lydia   1850
  Hunt, Howard E. Civil War 1868
  Hunt, Jerusha   1872
  Hunt, Morris   1858
  Hunt, Spencer   1878
  Hunter, Mary   1847
  Hunter, Thomas   1858
  Hunter, William   1848
J James, Lavina   1852
L Lincoln, Isaac War of 1812 1867
  Lincoln, Mary   1859
  Linder, Charley   1874
M Martin, Mary   1871
  McCurdy, Lewis Civil War [no dates]
  McKinley, Allie   1883
  McKinley, Catharine   1852
  McKinley, Eliza   1868
  McKinley, Harry   1882
  McKinley, Joseph   1892
  McKinley, Webster   1876
  Miltenberger, Amelia   1867
  Miltenberger, Anna   1863
  Miltenberger, Catharine   1862
  Miltenberger, George   1842
  Miltenberger, Infant son   1844
  Miltenberger, J. N.   1875
  Miltonberger, Elizabeth   1873
  Miltonberger, John   1845
  Miltonberger, Joseph   1839
  Monger, Elizabeth   1877
  Monger, Henry   1849
N Nicely, Roland   1903
  Nisley, Martha S.   1872
O O [footsone] E. O. [or perhaps C. C.]   [no dates]
Olinger, Carrie   1866
  Olinger, Elizabeth Caroline   1847
  Olinger, Mary Eliza   1847
  Olinger, Sarah   1879
P Pence, John H.   1856
  Pence, Martha   1848
  Phillips, Jabish   1878
  Phillips, Laura F.   1878
R Ross, Jane   1849
  Ross, Johnston   1838
S Scarff, Julia A.   1883
  Shaffer, Elizabeth   1871
  Sharp, Sarah S.   1859
  Sharp, Susannah   1844
  Snyder, Martin   1879
  Snyder, Nancy   1888
  Stickelman, Elizabeth   1872
  Stickelman, Margaret Snyder   [no dates]
  Swink, Eliza   1887
  Swink, Enos J.   1851
  Swink, Esther B.   1841
  Swink, John L.   1908
  Swink, Lawrence   1863
  Swink, Orpha T.   1917
T Taylor, Charles E.   1863
  Taylor, Guy Kenneth   1881
  Tilton, Carre B.   1870
  Tilton, Silas H.   1872
  Tullis, Nancy   1839
  Turner, Rebecca   1875
W Ware, Isabel   1872
  Warrick, Catharine E.   1874
  Warrick, Eliza M.   1896
  Willis, Nancy Elizabeth   1839
  Woolf, Flora   1870

Index to Available Gravestone Photos
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