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Schnorf Farm Cemetery
Turtlecreek Township, Warren County, Ohio

  • Located on private property about 1 mile Southwest of Red Lion on the west side of State Route 741 and north of Green Tree Road (County Road 20)
  • Coordinates: 39° 28' 37"N, 84° 15' 40"W
  • Range 4 Township 3, Section 20
  • The cemetery is not included in the USGS GNIS National Mapping Information
  • TopoZone Map (approximate location)
  • Property Summary for Property Account #5310636 [Parcel ID 08202000010] The cemetery is located on the southeast edge of this 133.05 acre parcel of land along State Route 741. It is just south of the point where the road crosses into section 20 and opposite a triangular shaped property on the east side of the road.

I am not aware of any transcriptions of tombstone readings for the Schnorf Family Cemetery or the Bunnel Farm Cemetery by the Warren County Historical Society, by the Warren County Genealogical Society or by anyone else.

Variant Name:

There are two schools of thought. One feels that the Bunnel Farm Cemetery is the same as the Schnorf Farm Cemetery while other feel that the Bunnel Farm Cemetery is at another location. We'll present what we know and let the reader decide for themselves

  • The1999 "Index to Cemeteries of Warren County, Ohio" by the DAR and the Warren County Historical Society indicate that the Bunnel Farm Cemetery is "SW of Red Lion on SR 741" and does not list a Schnorf Farm Cemetery. This could be a general description of the location of the Schnorf Farm Cemetery.
  • "Ohio Cemeteries 1803-2003" by the Ohio Genealogical Society has cemetery #12297 identified as the Bunnel Farm Cemetery located in S19 T3 R4 at coordinates 39° 28' 11.23"N, 84° 16' 34.03"W. This would place place the cemetery roughly a mile SSW of the Schnorf Farm Cemetery on the west side of Shaker road just south of the line between section 19 and section 20. A TopoZone map for these coordinates is marked with the word "grave". The Ohio Genealogical Society publication does not list the Schnorf Farm Cemetery.
  • At the time of the depression era "Veterans Grave Registration Project" by the WPA, a Bunnel family were tenant farmers on the property where the Schnorf Farm Cemetery is located.
    John Walker writes, "The WPA found our cemetery in 1939,the Bunnels were living there then,the Bunnel cemetery map shows it as being where the Schnorf farm was one mile south of Red Lion on 741,so it was recorded as the Bunnel cem.,but the real Bunnell cem. is approx.1/4 mile to the west/ southwest.The WPA has it all mixed up and now we have to undo all the damage somehow."

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I would be happy to include any photos that you may wish to contribute to this page

  Photo contributed by John Walker on 23 April 2005 who writes,
"view of the Schnorf /Bunnel cemetery-under the brush lies bottles,oil filters,tires,gravestones and old bones"
Larry Schnorf

23 Apr 2005
  Photo contributed by Larry Schnorf 30 Apr 2005 who writes,
"This would be general area I found stones."
Larry Schnorf

30 Apr 2005

2007 photo

2005 photos

Memory of
Mary Schnorf
consort of Jacob Schnorf
who was born Dec 4, 1752
and died
July 6, 1832
aged 79 years

John Walker writes 23 April 2005,
"stone was found at the Schnorf Cemetery and now located at the Verona Cemetery in Preble County, Ohio with that of her son, John Schnorf"
[2nd, touched up the photo, contributed by John Walker 1 April 2006]

photo by
Larry Schnorf

contributed by
John Walker

23 April 2005

2007 photo

2005 photo

foot stone marked "S. S."

John Walker writes 30 April 2005,
"must be the stone for Sarah Schnorf (1793-abt1840) found near the Mary Kinder Schnorf stone"

[footstones now at the Verona Cemetery in Preble County]

photo by
Larry Schnorf

contributed by
John Walker

30 April 2005

SNUFF, Isaac;
d July 1828, age 43 yrs.; wife Jane Riggs, b. Dec. 27, 1783, d Oct. 1860, daughter of Eleazer Riggs; son William. b July 11, 1818 in Warren County., married July 13, 1853, Catharine Freerer, daughter of Job & Almira Green) Freerer.

John Walker writes 27 Apr 2005,
"Farmer born in Washington Co.,PA,buried at the Schnorf farm cemetery in Turtle Creek Twp."

John Walker
27 Apr 2005

reverse side

front side
Memorial erected at the Verona Cemetery in Preble County, Ohio
by the Descendants of Jacob & Mary Schnorf
front side reverse side
SCHNORF Jacob Schnorf
Jacob Schnorf
Mar. 17, 1742
Apr. 12, 1827
Mary Schnorf
Dec. 4, 1752
July 6, 1832

Revolutionary War Veteran
Born Uetikon, Switzerland
Jacob & Mary (Kinder) Schnorf are buried on
Their Farm one mile south of Red Lion, Ohio.
Mary's stone was found there, in the destroyed
Schnorf Family Cemetery.

Erected by Schnoft/Snorf/Snuff Descendants

Larry Schnorf

22 May 2007

Other persons known to be buried in the Schnorf Farm Cemetery

Maps centered on Township 4E Range 3N Section 20
Wall Map
Wall Map
Plat Book
aerial photo from Larry Schnorf [purple lines indicate location of stones]

Additional Information

Original submitted
29 April 2005 by
John Walker

Update submitted
4 May 2005 by
Larry Schnorf

Schnorf farm owners by Larry Schnorf

The following is information that covers all the known land transactions of my Great 5 times Grand Father Jacob Schnorf. The correct description of this land is the North ½ of section 20, township 3, (turtle creek) Range 4. It is located just South of Red Lion, OH. The North boundary begins at the North boundary line of turtle creek township. Its South East

Boundary line overlaps State Rd. 741, at or about the time of purchase this was called the old Dayton trail.

Jacob Schnorf went into a contract with Judge John Symmes for this tract of land, I can only assume this contract had the same description, do not know, and have never seen this document anywhere. Was not recorded to my knowledge. May have been in the possession of Jacob and nowhere else. This transaction occurred in or around 1803.

Next transaction was the application of a land patent from the Cincinnati land office, we think that application occurred in or around 1810, in 1813 Jacob received his land grant that was signed by President James Madison, we have this document and this document gives the above description for the land. North Half of Section 20, township 3, range 4 between the great Miami rivers.

The next transaction I have, occurred Dec. 28, 1816. Jacob sold the center 1/3 of this farm to 2 of his Children, it was divided about 50 acres to Abraham (North portion) 50 acres to Isaac (South portion). Also at this same exact date the West 1/3rd (about 100 acres) was sold to Jacob Jr. This leaves Jacob Schnorf with the East portion of the farm, about 113 acres more or less.

Next transaction occurred July 28th, 1821, Jacob sold 3 acres (more or less) to David Tullis.
The description is very difficult to follow on this one in that it talks about trees and rocks and stakes etc. Would be happy to copy exactly to anyone if need be. I put this 3 acres North of where I believe Jacob had his cabin.

The next transaction occurred in 1827 as Jacob died and his youngest Son, George Schnorf inherited the 110 acres (more or less) The will of Jacob states 124 acres to be given to his youngest Son George Schnorf. Mary was to stay and be maintained, and also if Sarah remained un-married, she too was to be maintained.

The next transaction I have happened Sept, 4th 1830, Jacob Jr. sold his West 100 acres to John Gallaher.

Next transaction occurred Aug. 12th, 1832. Abraham sold his North center 50 acres to Samuel Welsh.

Next transaction I show is to John Stoner for 1 acre on the East side of farm Sept. 15, 1832. Again very lengthy description I put the place just North of the David Tullis place.

Next transaction occurred Aug first, 1844. George sells 4 and ½ acres to Abijah Hill, I located this portion just South of John Stoner

Next transaction occurred Dec 27, 1852. George sold 1 acre to Samuel Olinger, I put this place just South of Abijah.

Next transaction occurred Oct. 13, 1853 as George Schnorf heirs sell the home place to Harvey Crampton. George died earlier in the year.

Next transaction was Nov. 1853 as Harvey Crampton sells place to William Corwin who was married to Amy Schnorf.

Next transaction occurs Feb. 4th 1863 when the late Isaac Schnorf's Spouse Jane sells her 50 acres (South Center) to son William Snuff. [wording revised 15 Mar 2007]

Next transaction occurred Dec. 27, 1865 William Snuff sells the South Center 50 acres to John Gallaher.

The only other history about the land ownership I am sure of is that in 1865 William Corwin is still the owner of the 100+ acres on the East side of farm. I know that sometime after Amy Schnorf died (1867) William sold the land and left area.

This data comes from a township map (dated 1903) and shows C. B. Decker owning this 100+ acres.

The next known change of ownership occurred in 1950 and was given to me verbally by Susan & Fran Rielag. They stated their Dad Harvey Rielag purchased the land in 1950.

They now have ownership of this land. From our history we know that Harvey did not allow visitors to view the graves, I now know that the present owners also will not allow visitors to view the graves. They were very plain and disrespectful about it.

I have searched through each and every land document I have, and have found not one word about the family cemetery. Also as you can see there is or has been a lot of activity on the East side of the farm, however all we have points to the fact that George Schnorf and Spouse Keziah Corwin/Schnorf did occupy the farm and did maintain Mary Kinder and Sarah just as the will of Jacob Schnorf states, we have letters, census records etc. that show him on the home place. So I say even though there was several land transactions on that East side, George never let the cabin and cemetery get away from him. I also surmise that this place was exactly where I have located Jacob Schnorf Spouse Mary Kinder tombstone and several others not readable, one most likely footstone for Sarah, and other not sure.

I am writing this to prove this location is in fact the old Schnorf homestead and also is the location of our Family cemetery that was desecrated at a date we are not sure of.

We are attempting to get permission from the present landowners to go into this area and search for the remaining Family tombstones. WE desire to relocate them to another safe cemetery near the farm. Landowner says NO it is not going to happen!

I am writing this to any or all that would be interested in helping the Schnorf/Kinder and many other kinfolks of our Family get or gain access to this area for the expressed purpose of gaining possession of any or all Schnorf tombstones from this desecrated Family cemetery where a Revolutionary War Veteran lies buried under a trash dump and brush pile.

Larry Schnorf

Some additional photos & captions contributed by John Walker on 27 May 2005

  1st barn foundation; old tires old barn farm house foundation east side of old barn; foundation for 1st barn
"this is where Mary Kinder Schnorf's stone and a few others were recovered"
oil filters tires next to barn  

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