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Turtlecreek Friends Cemetery
East side of Waynesville Road, north of Hollingsworth Road
Turtlecreek Township, Warren County, Ohio

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This location was the site of the Turtle Creek Friends Preparative Meeting and cemetery which was established in 1806.  See details and photo below.
We know of 104 burials in the cemetery ranging from 1814 (Eunice Hollingsworth) to the 1953 burial of Douglas Hollingsworth
  There is also a Turtlecreek Cemetery on State Route 48 that was originally known as the Kirby Cemetery. FindAGrave, has mistakenly mixed burials from both cemeteries together under the name Turtlecreek Cemetery.


  • The Turtlecreek Friends Cemetery is located on the east side of Waynesville Road (TR #39) about 4/10ths of a mile north of Hollingsworth Road (TR #283) and about 800 feet south of the house at 2537 Waynesville Road.
  • "Ohio Cemeteries 1803-2003" by the Ohio Genealogical Society , Cemetery #14208 [Turtlecreek; Friends Turtlecreek Cemetery]
  • Coordinates: 39° 28' 12.23"N, 84° 7' 25.59"W
  • TRS: Range 4 North, Township 4 East, Section 8
Variant Names:  
  • Turtlecreek Cemetery, Turtle Creek Cemetery, Friend Turtlecreek Cemetery
  • Minst Cemetery name listed in Warren County Property Records. 
      The Minst name is a variant name for the Jeffery Cemetery located on private property south of this cemetery in Section 7, Township 4, Range 4

Turtle Creek Preparative Meeting.
Photo taken in May, 1983 by Duncan Hill and submitted by his father, Thomas C. Hill who also provided the following:
Superior Meetings: Miami M.M., Miami Q.M., Indiana Y.M. until 1891, Wilmington Y.M. after 1892
Established: Indulged 10 Apr 1806
Worship 14 Aug 1824
Preparative 14 May 1859
Laid Down: Worship Nov 1915
Preparative 31 May 1942 (attached to Harveysburg)

"Property of Meetings in Wilmington Yearly Meeting" by Thomas C. Hill at
Pages 67 & 68 provide a detailed history of the property to include the following:
17 Jun 1819 Henry & Martha Steddom deeded the property to John Steddom etal for use of the Turtle Creek Meeting of the Society of Friends
17 May 1947 Trustees of the Wilmington Yearly Meeting deeded the property to Dr. R. P. Steddom
6 Apr 1950 Will of Rice P. Steddom admitted to Probate. It establishes a Charitable Trust for the care of the Turtle Creek Graveyard.
28 Nov 1983 Judgement of Warren County Common Pleas Court (Case No. 3810) authorizing the razing of the meeting house and treating the meeting house grounds as part of the cemetery.

Thomas C. Hill
6 April 2011

Another Photo of the Turtlecreek Meeting House (undated)

Christine Hadley Snyder
16 Nov 2012

Veteran Graves Registration Project - Turtle Creek Cemetery No. 101, Sheet #43
Rows are numbered from west to east and Graves are numbered from south to north

War Name Comments
5 12 19 - Civil War Hydee (Hidee), George  
4 15 19 - Civil War Kuhn, Lewis  
5 2 19 - Civil War Schuyler, Wm.  
7 20 19 - Civil War Young, Michael Help!
We're looking for additional service information for this soldier
Arne H Trelvik
4 April 2011

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List of Known Burials A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z   [no surname/illegible] [Turtlecreek Friends Cemetery Home Page]
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