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West Woodville (now Woodville) Cemetery
Harlan Township, Warren County, Ohio

Woodville (West Woodville) laid Out March 14, 1828

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Portion of Warners 1867 Wall Map of Warren County showing cemetery and village Old Section
west side of the road
New Section
east side of road
New Section
east side of road
New Section
east side of road

  • This is an active cemetery located in the extreme southeastern corner of Warren County in Harlan Township. It straddles Morrow-Woodville Road (County Road 24) just south of Stonelick Creek on the north side of the Village of West Woodville (now Woodville) in Wayne Township, Clermont County, Ohio. Various Warren County maps from 1856 through 1903 all show the village [with the name "West Woodville"] straddling the county line with the cemetery on the north boundary. Not sure when the name was changed from "West Woodville" to "Woodville"
    The "Old Section" is located on the west side of the road and the "New Section" is located on the east side of the road. The earliest burial recorded on the extant tombstones was in 1827 [Note: The Plum Run or Zoar Cemetery in Hamilton Twp is known as Woodville in the USGS GNIS]
  • "Ohio Cemeteries 1803-2003" by the Ohio Genealogical Society
    • Cemetery #12275 [New Woodville]
    • Cemetery #1938 [Old Woodville]
  • Coordinates: 39° 15' 22"N, 84° 00' 43"W
  • Virginia Military District Survey #764
Variant Names:  
  • Woodville Cemetery [WPA Plat Map and Warren County Auditor Records]
  • New Woodville Cemetery and Old Woodville Cemetery [Ohio Cemeteries 1803-2003" by the Ohio Genealogical Society]


WPA Plat Map of Woodville Cemetery #111 (page 63)
listing the following veterans

War Name Conflict
9 1 19 Baker, George Civil War
27 6 25 Burger, James Spanish American War
17 9 19 Day, John S. Civil War
21 6 19 Ducal, George Civil War
12 4 19 Foote, John W. Civil War
6 10 19 Foster, John M. Civil War
17 6 19 Hahn, Philip Civil War
17 5 19 Hahn, William Civil War
20 9 19 Long, Henry Civil War
33 6 19 Long, John Civil War
25 2 19 Myer, Francis Civil War
14 11 33 Scott, James H. Veteran
15 8 16 Scott, James T. War of 1812
14 18 19 Scott, Samuel Civil War
21 10 19 Taylor, Jacob Civil War
2 1 31 Doughman, Floyd F. World War I

Other veterans said to be buried here
To add to this list, please send information on other veterans buried in this cemetery to

Name Death Veteran
Bowling, Mark 1994 World War II
Bradburn, Walker Gilkey 2010 World War II
Campbell, David P. 1988 Korea
Campbell, Horace C. 1969 World War II
Campbell, Lewis 2006 Korea
Campbell, Shafter 1996 World War II
Campbell, Thomas R. 1965 World War I
Doughman, Virgil W. 1941 World War I
Dudley, C. J. 1863 Civil War
Dudley, Samuel F. 1864 Civil War
Ertel, Ralph L. 1972 World War II
Foote, Willard T. 1948 World War I
Gilliam, Charles R. 1914 Civil War
Gloyd, Albert Charles 1977 World War I
Gloyd, Joseph D. Sr. 2007 Veteran
Goodwin, John C. 1963 World War I
Greene, Ovid N. 2012 World War II
Harvey, Sherman 2001 World War II
Hill, William Newton 1983 World War II
Jackson, Homer W. 1981 World War I
Jackson, Irwin Dale 2010 World War II
Jones, Charles F. 1973 World War II
Knight, James Leland "Buck" 2011 US Army
Lane, Clyde Clifford Jr. 2010 Vietnam
Laymon, John 1909 Civil War
Long, Earl P. 1991 World War II
Long, Frederick H. 1922 Civil War
Mack, Ralph L. 1986 Korea
McMullen, James T. 2002 US Army
Moore, John C. 1996 Korea
Myers, Kella James 1957 World War I
Nause, Philip C. 2003 World War II
Noland, Dearl Wayne 1981 Vietnam
Noland, Glenn W. 1994 World War II
Osborne, Harold V. 1962 World War I
Pairan, Walter H. 1989 World War II
Prewitt, Henry C. 1994 World War II
Saylor, Delbert Lee 2005 US Army
Sperry, Walter G. 1971 World War I
Swigert, Earl 1982 World War II
White, Tom 1990 World War II
Wolf, Eldron 1947 World War I


Index to Available Tombstone Photos
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