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Wilkerson Cemetery
aka Hurrell, Murrell and Spring Hill Cemetery
adjacent to 8966 Wilmington Road
Washington Township, Warren County, Ohio

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Deceased Died Military
B Baugh, Florance A. 1854  
D Darrow, Jason 1869  
  Darrow, Nancy 1871  
  Deakin, Thomas 1811  
  Denney, Irene L. 1888  
  Dinkle, Evaline M. 1896  
  Downs, Charles F. 1847  
  Downs, Esther 1847  
F Farris, Aaron 1867  
  Farris, Abigal 1859  
  Farris, David 1882  
  Flack, Elizabeth A. 1875  
  Flack, Samuel 1856  
G Garner, Mary J. 1876  
H Harris, Sarah 1842  
  Harris, Sarah Ann 1850  
L Lambert, Alice 1876  
  Lambert, Anna 1881  
  Lambert, Harvey 1885  
  Lambert, Mary 1900  
  Lambert, Morris 1863  
  Lambert, Myrta 1876  
  Longstreth, George F. 1875  
  Longstreth, Rachel 1857  
  Longstreth, Sarah 1842  
M Mills, Ann 1854  
  Mills, Anna T. 1891  
  Mills, Enis I. 1855  
  Mills, Maria L. 1855  
  Mills, Mary E. 1889  
  Mills, Perry G. 1894  
  Murrell, Julia A. [see notes] 1843  
S Settlemire, Margaret 1833  
  Settlemire, William 1876 War of 1812
  Sherwood, Horace C. 1856  
  Sherwood, Margaret 1862  
  Smoot, Mary 1836  
T Terry, Mary J. 1851  
  Terry, William 1851  
 V Vandervoort, Elizabeth 1882  
  VanderVoort, Maria 1903  
  Vandervoort, Paul [see notes] 1863 War of 1812
  Vandervort, Elizabeth 1861  
  Vandervort, James 1859  
  Vandervort, Jonah [see notes] 1858 War of 1812
  Vandervort, Mary Ann [see notes] 1861  
  Vandervort, Nicholas [see notes] 1861  
  Vandervort, Paul  [see notes] 1835  
  Vandervort, Sarah [see notes] 1833  
W Wilkerson, Amanda F. 1873  
  Wilkerson, Andrew C. 1844  
  Wilkerson, Ann Rebecca 1858  
  Wilkerson, Elizabeth 1870  
  Wilkerson, infant daughter 1874  
  Wilkerson, James 1834 Revolutionary War
  Wilkerson, James 1876  
  Wilkerson, James V. 1853  
  Wilkerson, Jane 1841  
  Wilkerson, Jane 1842  
  Wilkerson, Jehu P. 1888  
  Wilkerson, John 1868 War of 1812
  Wilkerson, Mabel 1884  
  Wilkerson, Mahala 1879  
  Wilkerson, Mariah 1889  
  Wilkerson, Mary F. 1879  
  Wilkerson, Mary Neal 1856  
  Wilkerson, Nancy 1850  
  Wilkerson, Ray 1892  
  Wilkerson, Sarah 1841  
  Wilkerson, Theresa 1856  
  Wilkerson, William 1849 War of 1812
  Williams, Anna 1879  
  Williams, Annie E. 1874  
  Williams, Ennis 1857  
  Williams, Harrison 1863 Civil War
  Williams, infant daughter 1871  
  Williams, James A. 1866  
  Williams, John 1873 Civil War
  Williams, Samuel 1870 Civil War
  Wilson, Nancy 1860  
  Wilson, Sarah M. 1859  
  Wilson, Thos. 1862  

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