Transcription: contributed by Arne H Trelvik 15 Jun 2003
Source: Warren County Deed Book Volume 41, Pages 253 & 254
Surnames: Brown, Dunham, Nixon, Perrine, Smith
Images: Page 253, Page 254, MAP of Section 16, Township 5, Range 3 from Warren County Surveryors Record Vol 4, p. 200

Levi Brown Heirs To Moses Dunham - 7 Feb 1863 (Sheriffs sale by by John Butler Sheriff)

This Indenture Witnesseth that whereas in a certain suit in partition in the court
of Common Pleas of Warren County on the petition of Norman Brown against Ruth
Brown and others filed in said court on the Seventh day of February A.D. 1863
Such proceedings were afterwards had in Said cause that at the March term of Said
Court A.D. 1863 the Said Court did order and decree that the lands and tenements
hereinafter described Subject to the incumbrances herinafter named be Sold by the
Sheriff of Warren County according to law, after the said Sheriff should receive an
order for that purpose – And whereas on the order of said Court issued to Said Sher-
iff on the 1st day of September A.D. 1863 and bearing that date, the said Sheriff
after duly advertising Said Real Estate according to Law and the command of
said order did on the 5th day of October A.D. 1863 at public auction sell said Real
Estate to Moses Dunham for the sum of $29.00 per acre amounting in all to the
sum of $1176.75 that being the highest best bid offered there for and he being the
highest and best bidder therefor which said sale was duly approved and con-
firmed by said court at the November term thereof A.D. 1863. And the Said Sher-
iff was ordered by Said Court to convey said Real Estate by a good and sufficient
deed executed by him for that purpose to the Said Moses Dunham the purchaser
according to Law subject to the incumbrances, terms and conditions herein before referred
to. Now therefore, I John Butler Sheriff of the County of Warren in consideration of the
premises and for the further consideration of the said sum of Eleven Hundred and
Seventy Six Dollars and Seventy Five cents paid by the Said Moses Dunham the receipt
of which is hereby acknowledged have given, granted and conveyed and do by these presents
give, grant, and convey to the Said Moses Dunham his heirs and assigns the lands and Ten-
ements So Sold to him as aforesaid Situate in the county of Warren and State of Ohio, Being a per-
manent Leasehold renewable forever Situate in School Section number sixteen (16) Township No. 5
and Range No. 3 of lands between the Miami Rivers and bounded on the North by the Section line
on the east by lands of Lewis Perrine, on the South by lands of Mary Brown and Lewis
Perrine and on the west by lands Norman Brown and James R. Nixon containing forty
acres 3 Rods and 13 Poles of land subject to an annual rent of about 81 cents per acre
Being lot No 5 of Said Section as Shown by a plat and survey therof made by Isaac
Peacock for the trustees of the original Surveyed Township aforesaid Nov. 25th 1859 and
which survey and plat are now on file with said Trustees – Subject also to the dower of
the Said Phebe Brown in said petition named assigned in the Sum of $35.00 per
annum during her natural life and to the terms and conditions of the permanent
lease given by the Trustees of Original Surveyed Township No. 5 to Levi Brown and also
to the the lease of about 10 acres to Alfred A. Howell and Chas. A. Smith which expires on
the 1st March A.D. 1864 – the rent of the year ending with the said 1st March 1864,
encumberances terms and conditions hereinbefore described and referred to to the Said
Moses Dunham his heirs and assigns forever. In witness whereof I the Said
John Butler as Such Sheriff as aforesaid do hereto set my hand and Seal the 8th
day of December A.D. 1863.

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