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Arne H Trelvik on 1 January 2005
Lebanon Gazette 7 March 1885 [copy obtained from microfilm available at the Warren County Genealogical Society]
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Quarterly meeting from First Church in Wayne was held at Silver Grove on last Sabbath, with good attendance.

Rev. Denny and wife, of Hillsdale College, are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Lambert.

Jacob Ridge and wife, of near Wilmington, spent Sunday with George Shawhan and family.

Martin Bagford will move, Tuesday, on the Hatton farm, and George Shawhan will move on the Ridge farm.

Warren Urton has moved back to his home on the hill.

Miss Emma Stoneman has returned home, after a pleasant visit among friends in this vicinity.

Miss Emma Spencer, teacher in our school, spent Sabbath with her folks at home.

John Stoneman and wife spent Sunday at Silver Grove.

The Fort Ancient Literary Society met at the school-house February 26, 1885, and were greeted with an audience of about one hundred. Silver Grove and Independent schools were well represented, and Messrs. Ferd. VanRiper and Clint. Seamons were present from Bethany. The following was the programme for the evening:

Song. - By Society.
Declamation - "A Hunting Morning" - Della VanRiper.
Reading- "Troublesome Cow" - Ona McDoual
Essay- "Christmas" - Gertie Wolfe.
Dialogue - -The Biter Bitten" - Linnie Hizar, Harry St. John and Myrtle VanRiper.
Declamation - "Five Little Chickens" - Webster Williams.
Reading - "The Schoolmasters Greeting" - Miss Emma Spencer.
Declamation - "The Perty Chicken" - Willie St. John.
Song - "Is there Room Among the Angels ?" - Maggie Dowdle.
Declamation - "My Little Pig Under the Shed" - Clyde Williams
Reading - "Spookendyke's Pie" - Myrtle VanRiper
Declamation - "Which Loved Best?" - Victor VanRiper
Dialogue - "Stopping Off at Magra" - Ona McDoual and Maggie Dowdle
Declamation "The Old man in the Woods" - Webster Williams.
Song - "Only Waiting" - Linnie Hizar.
Declamation - "Advice to a Bachelor" - Maggie Dowdle.
Reading - "Getting Ahead" - Della VanRiper.
Declamation - "If We Knew" Mattie Williams.
Declamation---- The Snow Drop's Complaints" - Rozella Williams.
Song - "In the Gloaming" - Linnie Hizar.
Declamation - "The Blacksmith's Story" - Miss Emma Spencer.
Reading - "Papa's Letter" - Gertie Wolfe.
Dialogue - "Romance of the War" - Linnie Hizar, Maggie Dowdle and Harry .St. John.
Declamation - "Nobody" - Mary Monce.
Declamation - "Molly, Let the Boys Alone" - Ona McDoual.
Reading - "My Ideal of a Wife" - Harry St. John.
Declamation - "Miss Pussy Sickness" - Victor VanRiper.
Reading - "Over the Hills to the Poor-House" - Linnie Hizar.
Reading - "Over the Hills from the Poor-House" - Maggie Dowdle.
Declamation - "Bangs" - Myrtle VanRiper.
Reading - "Before and After" - Maggie Dowdle.
Declamation - "Indeed, I'm Not a Flirt" - Ella St. John.
Song - "Boston Fire" - Willie Dowdle.
Reading - "Engineer's Murder" - Ona McDoual.
Declamation - "Somebody's Darling" - Gertie Wolfe.
Dialogue - "Not Satisfied" - Harry St. John and Maggie Dowdle.

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