"Sixty Years Ago" and "Forty Years Ago"

Transcription contributed by Arne H Trelvik
The Western Star 16 Mar 1911
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Life's Golden Yesterday As Told by Western Star Files


Warren County Canal

The following joint resolution in relation to the Warren County Canal, has passed both Houses of the Ohio Legislature:,
Resolved by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio, That the board of public works in connection with the attorney general, inquire into and report to the next General Assembly upon the following points, to-wit: - First, the expediency of repairing or abandoning the Warren County canal, and if they deem such repair expedient, the estimated cost of such repair. Second, in case of the abandonment by the state of said canal, the probable amount of claims against the state, which the state would be bound in good faith to pay, in consequence of such abandonment. -- Mar. 14, 1851

Corporation Election

We are authorized to publish the following ticket for corporation officers, Mayor, J. C. Sabin; recorder, John A. Hardy; trustee, Joseph Anderson, A. G. McBurney, Amos Bennett, J. P. Gilchrist, J. B. Graham.
Also the following: Mayor, B. T. Brown; recorder, John A. Hardy, trustees, Lewis Chamberlain, Joseph Sausser, Joseph Simonton, D. P. Tichenor, J. M. Conley. --Mar. 14, 1851.


Swallowed a Pin.

Mrs. Mary J. Wright, a young married lady of Clarskville, accidentally swallowed a pin on last Friday nigh week, which becoming lodged in the throat, is likely to be attended with serious if not fatal consequences. This should be a warning to young ladies who are in the habit as so many of them are, of, holding pins in their mouths constantly. - - Mar. 16, 1871

Women's Suffrage.

The Long discussed question of Woman's Suffrage was decided at the Institute last Friday evening in favor of giving the ballot to the ladies by a majority of one. Some men who have not heretofore been classed with the long-haired reformers favored the elective franchise.


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