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The N. N. U. Is in Better Shape than Ever Before

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The Western Star 29 July 1897
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THE N. N. U.

Is In Better Shape Than Ever Before

Is A credit to Our City and a Beneft to Our County....Recent Improvements In the Buildings.

Probably few of the citizens of Lebanon are aware of the extent of the improvements that have been made recently in the buildings of the University. We who pass it daily appreciate the fact that externally the buildings present a better appearance that ever before, but most of us do not see the inside often enough to appreciate what is doing there nor as often as our actual interest demands. In making a tour of the buildings we, of court first enter


This has been completely overhauled and remodeled. An ornamental wire railing, of the character usually found in banks, now enclosed the cashier's desk, adds a business like appearance, and gives a much needed privacy.


The space at the rear of the office which for many years has been used as a store room, has been converted into one of the lightest and most commodious apartments in the building. It is used as a museum and contains numerous and valuable specimens from the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. All recitations pertaining to scientific subjects are held here, and gather increased interest and value from the object lessons so close at hand. Geology and natural history are on the ascendant.


For the accommodation of guests is well furnished and is a credit to the institution. It is a most welcome addition.


are not so numerous as heretofore, but they have been thoroughly renovated in every particular, supplied with good furniture and are neat, clean, convenient, and satisfactory.


has been moved to the main building, where it occupies choice, ample and well lighted quarters on the third floor.


is very properly associated with art and occupies an adjoining apartment. The space used by these two departments was furnished at the expense of the old dormitories by removing partitions, and the general process of remodeling and renovation which was assisted by an unlimited amount of paint and paper, and extends throughout the institution. The effect in lighting and enlivening the building is not more manifest elsewhere than in the halls where it is more seen and appreciated than at other places.


is now separate in his location and is thoroughly equipped with the facilities for exemplifying practical business life in its several branches in the manner usually found in the best colleges of the country. This is a department which we think deserving of special mention. It shows that preparing teachers for their work is not the only aim of the Normal. We hope that this department will hereafter receive the attention and patronage it deserves. We have personally visited a large number of the business colleges throughout the United States including the most noted among them, and made a thorough investigation of their facilities, methods and details, and we see no reason why a young man should not prepare himself as well and as thoroughly for a business life in the N. N. U. as at any business collage in the land.


The space at the rear of the building, which was formerly a barren waste of cinders, has been converted into a botanical garden where the student can find rare plants of many kinds ready to his hand in the study of the most interesting science of botany.

Taken as a whole, it is not difficult to read between the lines that the present management of the University is laying better, broader and deeper plans for the future prosperity of the N. N. U. that it has ever heretofore enjoyed.


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