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Lebanon Gazette 8 Mar 1884, Page 3
Henry Harlin Hizar
Henry Harlin Hizar was born near Wilmington, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, September 22, 1816, and died of consumption near Fort Ancient, Warren County, Ohio, February 28, 1884, aged sixty-seven years, five months and six days. At the age of eighteen he moved with his father and family to Warren County, where he remained until his death. When young he learned the blacksmith trade, and followed his chosen vocation for several years, but, his constitution not being strong enough to withstand the hard knocks of his trade, he abandoned it, and commenced tilling the soil, being known ever after as one of the leading farmers of Warren County. The farm which he took so much pride in lies along the Little Miami River.

Several times since living in Warren County he has passed through sever illness. In the summer of 1879 he was prostrated for several weeks with that dreaded disease, cholera. In the spring of 1875 he pulled through a long and severe attack of typhoid fever, which again, in the fall of 1877, caused him to suffer for several weeks.

For two years past, the family could see their father was failing rapidly, and he remarked that his stay in this world was short. Last fall he said he did not expect to see another spring. Seven weeks he was confined to his bed. He has gone to dwell with the loved ones who have passed on before. Of the little band of ten, there are three left, a dear wife and two sons to mourn the loss.

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