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Obituaries With Warren County Connections
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Sears Surname Obituaries

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Deborah Phoebe (Anderson) Sears (1823-1897)

Memorial For The

Sat. Aug. 14th, 1897.

Light and Shadow, pleasure and pain, mirth and sadness, joy and grief, are the mingled experiences through which we pass in this earthly life. And these are so blended together that we should not become unduly exalted through the one kind or experience, or weighed down and depressed by the other. Neither should we desire to be always blest with the first kind, and made free from the other. What is more to be desired than either, is to have our lives develop into something more tender and sympathetic, as well as more noble and heroic. For: -

‘Not enjoyment, and not sorrow,
Is our destined end or way,
But to act, that each tomorrow,
Find us fa(r)ther than today.’

The warp and woof of our lives are only the more strongly woven together when the elements which compose them are so interwoven by the shuttle of affliction that the finished fabric bears the impress of the Divine Pattern.

Our family Reunion here are pleasurable gatherings, where all the ties of kinship are renewed, and the bonds of affection are strengthened.

Here young and old from the prattling babe to the aged grandsire can meet with hearty good will, and greet each other as members of one parent stock, or ancestral line, and feel the thrill of affinity which unites them together as one common family. But these greetings will bring tears as well as smiles over the face of some who shall meet here today. The passing months since last you met have brought days of sadness to some of your homes.

Some who met with you one year ago are not here today.

He who, at the last meeting, presided over the exercises of the day, as he had done year by year since your organization 11 years ago, was called away by death on the 17, day of Sept. 1886; having been stricken with paralysis four days before. Today “Uncle George” will not call you together as in former years. His tall, manly form, will no more be seen moving amongst you, nor his voice be heard as he presided over your assembly. But he will live in your hearts and memories, and his life will still be an inspiration to young and old, calling them to truer and nobler living, and speaking to them of fidelity and earnestness in all life’s duties. Having faithfully performed his work to the best of his ability, he has answered to the welcome call of his Master, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant, thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things; enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.”
The let us believe that his usefulness has not been cut off, but his sphere of influence been extended in all that exalts life and glorifies its bountiful Giver.

We are called upon also to memorialize the departure of Deborah Sears, who died Jan. 22, 97, after having suffered many years from organic ailments which assumed acute form and suddenly called her from her home and family, to join the great silent majority who have passed over to the other shore. She usually met in these Annual gatherings, but by reason of partial deafness was not able to enjoy these pleasant occasions as well as many.

Source: unidentified Waynesville area newspaper - transcription contributed by John Hartsock
4 Sep 2001 John Hartsock email:
Deborah Phoebe (Anderson) Sears was the sister-in-law of George Sears, born July 10, 1823, near Centerville, the daughter of Ephraim (1796-1849) and Sarah (Moon) (1795-1863) Anderson. She married John Paul Sears, Sr. (1825-1899), who came with his parents, Samuel (1795-1867) and Mary Ann (Wilson) (1802-1847) Sears from Dinwiddie County, Virginia, around 1828. They may have first settled near Springboro, Warren County, Ohio, along with the rest of the Sears clan.

John and Deborah are my 3rd great uncle and aunt.

John Hartsock
4 Sep 2004

George Sears (1824-1896)

George Sears An Aged And
Honored Citizen Gone
To His Reward

George Sears, who resided – miles So. West of here, died Thursday evening of last week, Sept. 17, 1896, from a complication of diseases, aged 72 years, 5 months and 19 days. He came to Ohio with his parents when he was 4 years old. He has been three times married; in 1847 he was married Lavina Hatfield, to Sarah Young in 1856, Lucinda Cramer in 1859.

Mr. Sears was regarded as one of the best men of his community. He lived the life of a christian, and his daily walks were always in accordance therewith and his spirit is with God and His holy angels. Deceased leaves a wife and one daughter and a large circle of relatives and friends. The funeral was preached from the christian church last Sabbath by Rev. Butler assisted by Rev. Vaughan. Burial in Centerville cemetery.

Source: unidentified Waynesville area newspaper - transcription contributed by John Hartsock
4 Sep 2001 John Hartsock email:
Note: George Sears (1824-1896) was born in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, the son of Samuel (1795-1867) and Mary Ann (Wilson) (1802-1847), and the grandson of Paul (1768-1841) and Huldah (Ladd)(Simmons) (1765-1827) Sears. Paul Sears and his children moved to Springboro, Ohio, around 1828 after the death of his wife, Huldah. She had traveled to Belmont County and Warren County, Ohio, during her ministry with the Quaker Church. Members of both the Sears and Ladd families had moved to Ohio in the early 1800s, and Huldah had often suggested to Paul that they move to that beautiful country. Her death occurred on her return from a trip to Belmont County. The following excerpt is from records of the Friends Meetings in Virginia:

"There is one period in the history of this monthly meeting to which I would like to call attention. It is the period from 1812-1824, It covers the active ministry of Huldah Sears, wife of Paul. She was a minister of power in this section. She was a true evangelist and was untiring in her zeal and efforts to revive the strength of the Friends in her area. She reminds one of the Crenshaws of Cedar Creek. She appointed new meetings in Mecklenburg County, in the city of Petersburg, "among the Methodists of Bryant's Meeting House", and "at a place call Laurel Spring Meeting House in Surry County". She traveled far and wide even extending her journeys to Indiana, Ohio and eventually to Europe. She, with the courageous aid of Martha Binford, bearded the lions in their dens and visited slaveholders of her own community urging them to free their negroes. Though the monthly meeting cooperated to the extent of granting her official permission to continue her labors and even bought her a horse and carriage, somehow the spark she supplied could not re-kindle the dying fires of the Society in this state. With all hope abandoned and the discontinuance of the Upper Monthly Meeting the tide of Quakerism receded from the Southside Virginia to the extreme lower eastern counties where to this day it remains." On her death a memorial written by her husband, Paul, was read and ordered recorded by the Virginia Yearly Meeting on 18 May 1829.
Her grandson, George, was the father of 5 children, four of whom mothered by Lavina (Hatfield) (1828-ca1855) Sears, and the last whose mother was Lucinda (Cramer) (1824-1914). Around 1850, he purchased land from Asbury Watkins, to the south and west of Centerville. His father, Samuel, owned land south of Centerville, which is now located around the property where Centerville High School is located.

The Sears’ Reunions were held on George’s property for the 11 years before his death and were said to be attended by as many as 1200 people. The Centerville band would often play in the afternoon after church services were held in the morning, and relatives attended from all over Ohio and Indiana.

George and Lavina (Hatfield) Sears are my 2nd great grandparent; Samuel and Mary (Wilson) Sears my 3rd great grandparents; and Paul and Huldah (Ladd)(Simmons) Sears my 4th.

John Hartsock
4 Sep 2004

John Paul Sears (13 Oct 1825 - 23 Dec 1899)

John P. Sears, was born of Quaker parentage in the state of Virginia, Oct. 13, 1825. Departed this life Dec. 23, 1899; aged 74 years 2 months and 10 days.
He was twice married; his second marriage was to Deborah Anderson, Feb 19, 1852, with whom he lived until three years ago, when she was removed by death from husband and children, who have since realized how lonely and difficult was life without her companionship and helpfulness.
A family of five sons and one daughter remain to know and feel the loss they have sustained in the departure of mother and father, and the breaking up of the old home circle.
Brother Sears led the quiet life of the farm, and through hard labor secured a nice farm and pleasant home in which to rear his family. He was quiet and unostentatious in manner, and lived an industrious and peaceful life.
He united with the Sugar Creek Christian church on profession of faith, in January 1853, and remained a member until his death, a period of 47 years.
He gave regularly to the support of the cause he had professed to have loved, and attended services of the church until a little over a year ago, when failing health made it impossible for him to attend longer. His faith was simple and strong, and his hope of a better life through Christ was abiding and full of comfort.
The funeral services were held in the Baptist church, Centreville, on Christmas day.
Sermon by B.F. Vaughn, who was assisted in the services by Rev. H.A. Smith and Rev. Neff.
Mr. Maffitt of Wayesville was the undertaker.

Source: Obituary taken from a scrapbook probably kept by Lil Benham of Waynesville containing obituaries from local newspapers.

John Hartsock email dated 4 Oct 2004
John Paul Sears was born in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, the son of Samuel (1795-1867) and Mary Ann (Wilson) (1802-1847) Sears. The Sears family moved to the Springboro area around 1828, after the death of John Paul’s grandmother, Huldah (Ladd) (Simmons) Sears, who was a Quaker minister and abolitionist in the early 1800s.
John Paul’s siblings were:

(1821- ) who was married first to Jane Simpson (1821-1843), a daughter of Samuel (1792-1862) and Anna (Merrick) (1793-1885) Simpson. They had no children. After her passing he married Sabrina Morgan. They had 4 children that are known.
Maria Wilson Sears (1822- ), married Morgan Hatfield (1818-1865). They had 2 children that are known.
(1824-1896), married first to Lavina Hatfield, a daughter of William (1799-1877) and Sarah (Benham) (1805-1830) Hatfield. They had five children. (George and
Lavina are my 2nd great grandparents) Secondly, he married Sarah Young with no issue, and his third marriage was to Lucinda Cramer (1824-1914). They had one child.
John Paul, the subject of this obituary.
Huldah Ann, who died in infancy. She was the last of their children to be born in Virginia.
Benjamin (1829-1864), married Hannah Davis (1832- ) and they had two children that are known. He was born in Warren County.
Isabella (1831- ), died as an infant.
Robert G. (1833-1910), married Eunice A. Anderson (1840-1921), a daughter of Ephraim H.(1796-1849) and Sarah (Moon) (1795-1863) Anderson. They had eight children. He was born near Centerville in Montgomery County.
Samuel (1834- ), died young.
Joseph Stafford (1836-1915), married Mary Jane Young (1834-1916), and they had one child.
William Penn, died young.
Mary Ann (1840- ), married William Creighton (1844- ) with whom she had four children that are known.
Charles W. (1842-1885), married Zelinda Peebles (1842-1907).
Martha (1844- ), died young.

John Paul Sears married Rosanna Reeder(1829->1850) on December 20, 1846 in Montgomery County. After her death he married Deborah Phebe Anderson (1823-1897), a daughter of Ephraim H. (1796-1849) and Sarah (Moon) (1795-1863) Anderson, and the sister of John Paul’s Brother’s wife, Eunice Anderson.
John Paul and Deborah had eight children:
(1848- ), who married a Cosler.
George (1849-<1899).
Joseph (1851- ).
Martha (1854- ).
Charles S. (1855-1923), married Laura F. Sackett (1855-1937), daughter of John (1825-1891) and Mary Eliza (Clevenger) (1827-1892) Sackett.
H. Calvin (1858- ), married Emma (ca 1859- )
John Paul, Jr. (1863-1910).
Edgar S. (ca1866- ), married Anna.)

John Hartsock
4 Oct 2004




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