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National Normal University
Feb. 26th, 1886 letter from Alfred Holbrook to J. S. Frank

Jim Bullard, Orlando, Florida
Original now located at the Warren County Genealogical Society
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National Normal University
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Founded 1855 National Normal University; 2000 Enrolled.
Total Expenses, $2.50 to $3.00 a week; For a year of 40 weeks, $100 will pay TOTAL EXPENSES
ORIGINATOR of "The New Education," known as "Independent Normalism," PARENT INSTITUTION of all other Independent Normal Schools.
Over Twenty Departments in Constant Operation, including All Grades of Classes,
from those in
The Common School Branches to Full Collegiate and University Courses.
  Alfred Holbrook, President and Founder
Left Margin This letter was dictated and transcribed on the type-writer. All errors are therefore due to the amanuensis.

Office of President
Lebanon Ohio, Feb. 26th, 1866

Mr. J. S. Frank,
Chester, Ohio -- Dear Sir:-

Inclosed, I send your grades as you request and meet your grammatical difficulties.

Query. "What is a participial noun?"
Ans. It is a participle in form, limited by an article or an adjective, and consequently has no governing power.

Query. "Write a sentence containing a participial noun in the objective case governing another objective."
Ans. This demand is absurd; a noun whether participial or otherwise never governs an objective; objective cases are the objects of verbs or prepositions or the subjects of infinitives, never objects of nouns.

Query. "What verbal force has a participial noun?"
Ans. None save that it is the name of some action, state or being, whereas a participle is not a name; it assumes the action state or being.

Very truly yours,
A. Holbrook [signature]

Footer The National Normal Exponent is an Educational Journal, published by this Institution as the Organ of Independent Normalism.
Editor, R. H. Holbrook, Vice-President N.N.U.
Opinions: "Crisp." "Able" "Bright" "Practical" "Fearless" "Racy" Terms, 50 cents a year. Advertising rate, $25 a page.

Left Margin The National Normal University is at Lebanon, O
Image Regional Map showing the roads to Lebanon.
Right Margin Lebanon, O., is on the Cincinnati, Lebanon & Northern R. R., between Cincinnati and Dayton, O.

Annual Enrollment, 2000 - Teachers Employed 35, Expenses $25
Postmark Lebanon O. Feb. 27 1866
Address Mr. J. S. Frank
Chester, O
Meigs Co.

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