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National Normal University
Alumnal Roster


A roster of of the Alumni and Alumnæ of the National Normal University was published by the Alumnal Association in 1893 for distribution among its members.  The 108 page book measuring 7.1" by 5.1" begins with a list of officers, preface, bylaws and constitution on the 1st 8 pages. The remainder of the book contains an alphabetical Alumnal Roster, listing name, degree(s), residence and occupation for each member.  Only a few pages are provided below.  Others will be added as time permits.

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N. N. U.

Arne H Trelvik
30 January 2011

Title Page

of the
Alumni and Alumnæ
of the
National Normal University,
Lebanon, Ohio.

Unitas inter nos et fidelitas Almæ Matris.

Published by the
For Distribution among its members.

Arne H Trelvik
30 January 2011

page 3


President, W. A. Clark.
Secretary, Emma Koogle.
Treasurer, Perry V. Bone.

Alabama B. C. Jarratt, Jacksonville, Ala.
Alaska Ter.  
Arizona Ter. Herschell H. Brown, Florence, Ariz.
Arkansas C. S. Barnett, Eureka Springs, Ark.
California R. N. Bulla, Los Angeles, Cal.
Colorado T. O. Baker, Durango, Colo.
Connecticut John M. Moore, New Haven, Conn.
District of Columbia Geo. J. Smith, Washington, D.C.
Florida J. C. Compton, Traverse, Fla.
Georgia A. T. Moore, Valdosta, Ga.
Idaho Kate Nelms, Kendrick, Id.
Illinois John M. Rapp, Fairfield, Ills.
Indiana Rev. L. R. Banks, Richmond, Ind.
Indian Ter. Geo. T. Ralls, Muskogee, I. T.
Iowa Alice E. Dilley, Panora, Iowa
Kansas J. O. Allen, Junction City, Kans.
Kentucky W. F. Pate, Elizabethtown, Ky.
Louisiana Hannah Raynham, Slaughter, La.
Maine B. C. Wood, Bangor, Me.


Arne H Trelvik
30 January 2011

page 4


Massachusetts Rev. C. C. Cregan, Newton, Mass.
Michigan Dr. Sara B. Armstrong, Bay City, Mich.
Minnesota J. E. Benham, Duluth, Minn.
Mississippi C. L. Tubb, Aberdeen, Miss.
Missouri A. L. Whitaker, Kirkwood, Mo.
Montana T. J. Porter, Miles City, Mont.
Nebraska C. R. Atkinson, Fairburg, Nebr.
Nevada Trenmore Coffin, Carson City, Nev.
New Hampshire  
New Jersey Rev. Albert Cain, Nutlen, N.J.
New Mexico Ter. Carrie Bushman, Hillsborough, N.M.
New York Rev. J. Lee Gamble, Callicoon Depot, New York
North Carolina E. S. Sheppe, Durham, N.C.
North Dakota  
Ohio C. S. Spangler, Washington C.H., O.
Oklahoma Ter. James R. Keaton, Guthrie, O.T.
Oregon G. W. Allen, Portland, Ore.
Pennsylvania T. E. Orr, Pittsburg, Pa.
Rhode Island Clara Slocum, Wakefiled, R.I.
South Dakota S. K. Clark, Tyndall, S.D.
South Carolina Rev. D. A. Blackburn, Columbia, S. C.
Tennessee Margaret McLaughlin, Chattanooga, Tenn.
Texas J. C. Lattimore, Waco, Texas.
Utah Ter. Bessie Dulin, Provo, Utah.
Virginia J. H. Nininger, Charlotteville, Va.
Washington D. Allen, Aberdeen, Wash.
West Virginia W. G. Brown, Nicholas C. H., W. Va.
Wisconsin Rebecca E. French, Marinette, Wis.
Wyoming Dr. E. Stuver, Rawlins, Wy.


Arne H Trelvik
30 January 2011

page 5


[transcription needed]

Arne H Trelvik
30 January 2011

page 6


[transcription needed]

Arne H Trelvik
30 January 2011

page 7

of the
National Normal University Alumnal Association.

[transcription needed]

Arne H Trelvik
30 January 2011

page 8


[transcription needed]

Arne H Trelvik
30 January 2011

page 9


H. B. Abernathy, Mrs. S. G. Abernathy, W. M. Adair, Frank P. Adams, Anna Mary Adams, Lewis H. Adams, Hannah Adams, John Akels, C. Antoinette Akers, Julia Akers, W. E. Albright
R. D. Alderson, T. P. Alexander, G. W. Allen

Arne H Trelvik
30 January 2011

page 10


Allen, Edward. B.S. ‘90
     Winchester, Ky.
Allen, D. I. J. ’60, I.N. ‘61
     Aberdeen, Wash. Attorney-at-Law
Allen, J.O. B.S. ’81, M.S. ‘86
     Junction City, Kan. Prin. High School
Allen, James A. B.S. ‘84
     Columbus, O. Attorney-at-Law
Allen, R. D. B.S. ’85, B.A. ‘86
     Sulphur Springs, Tex. Attorney-at-Law
Allen, Basil Louis. B.S. ‘88
     Bruceville, Ind. Pastor Christian Church
Allen, Rivers O. B.S. ’90, B.A. ‘92
     Rusk, Tex. First Ass’t Public Schools
Allison, J. J. B.S. ’77, B.A. ’78, M.A. ‘81
     Crown Point Ind. Supt. of Schools
Allison, Ella. B.S. ‘92
     Blue Lick Springs, Ky.
Allison, B. F. B.S. ’80, B.A. ‘81
     Redding Cal. Principal of Schools
Allison, Violetta May B.S. ‘86
     Attica, Ind. Teacher
Allphin, J. R. B.S. ’80, B.A ‘82
     Denver, Colo. Attorney-at-Law
Amos, A. Alonzo B.S. ‘86

Amos, Lillie Sue. B.S. ‘86
     Corydon, Ky.
Anderson, Ida B.S. ‘77
Andrews, J. W. B.S. ‘78
     New England, O.
Andrew, M. F. B.S. ‘91
     Cheviot, O. Principal of Schools
Anderegg, Elizabeth. B.S ’89, B.A. ‘90
     New Philadelphia, O. Teacher of Latin and German
Anto, Nellie. B.A ‘80
     Lebanon, O. At home

John Allen
9 March 2014

page 11


Argo, Clarence S. B. S. ‘83
     Sioux City, Iowa. Attorney-at-Law.
Argo, J. K. Rev. B. S. ‘83
     Galion, O. Pastor Lutheran Church.
Armstrong, Allen. I. J. ’60, I. N. ‘63

Armstrong, Sara B. B. S. ’80, M. D. ’86, B. A. ’86, A. M. ‘90
     Bay City, Mich. Physician.
Armstrong, L. E. B. S. ‘91
     Cove, O. Teacher.
Arrel, Jean M. B. S. ‘89
     Lowellville, O.
Ashworth, Augustus. B. S. ’80.
     Middletown, O. Bookkeeper
Atkinson, Chas. R. B. S. ’79, B. A. ’80.
     Fairbury, Nebr. County Supt. Of Schools.
Aubert, Nettie L. B. S. ’79, B. A. ’80.
     Anaheim, Cal.
Aubert, Elise, B. S. ’89.
     Anaheim, Cal. Teacher.
Aubley, Henry. B. S. ’77.
     Middletown, O. Principal of Schools.
Aubley, Jacob. B. S. ’78.
     Kansas City, Mo. Restaurant.
Austin, A. S. B. S. ’80.

Auten, F. E. B. S. ’84.
     Monticello, Ill. Teacher.
Avey, C. B. B. S. ’78.
     Cincinnati, O. Real Estate Broker.
Avey, Laura. B. S. ’85.

Aydelatt, J. H. B. S. ’78.
Aylsworth, Ella. B. S. ’77.
     Camp Chase, O. Married Wm. Postle.
Baber, J. A. B. S. ’85, B. A. ’87, M. A. ’91.
     Huntington, Tenn. Associate Prin. So. Nor. Univ’t’y.

John Allen
27 March 2014

page 22


Buxton, E. O.  B.S. '74, B.A. '76.
     Cleveland, O. Pastor M. E. Church.
Byington, Walter M.    B.S. '91.
     Buchanan, Ky.
Byrne, Lucy.     B.S. '85.
      Staunton, Va.
Caddell, D. M.     B.S. '91.
     Holly Hill, Ky.
Cadwallader, J. L.     B.S. '91.
     New Vienna, O.
Cain, Albert.     B.A. '73.
     Nutlen, N.J.   Pastor M. E. Church.
Cain, J. W.      B.S. '75, B.A. '76.
     Goshen, Ind.   Pastor M. E. Church.
Caldwell, J. Sterrett.     B.S. '78, B.A. '80.
     Cincinnati, O.     Physician.
Caldwell, F. S.     B.S. '85.
     Winchester, Ind.     Lawyer.
Caldwell, Clinton E.     B.S. '92.
     Minerva, Ky.
Calvin, H. H.     B.S. '77.
     Bryan, O.
Campbell, J. W.     B.S. '72.

Campbell, Mary.     B.S. '67.
     Wellington, Kan.
Campbell, W. H.     B.S. '73.
     Genesco, Ill.     Supt. Public Schools.
Campbell, W. I.     B. S. '81.

Cammack, J. W.     B.S. '91.
     Owenton, Ky.     Attorney-at-Law.
Canfield, W. W.     B.S. '76.

Carey, Ada Z.     B.S. '86, B.A. '87.
     Lebanon, O.   Married T. J. Moore.
Carey, Mattie E.     B.S. '73.
     Delaware, O.    Married J. D. Sycks.

Arne H Trelvik
13 February 2011

page 23


Carey, Harry W,     B.S. '87.
     Lebanon, O.
Carleton, A. B.     B.S. '86.
     Kingsbury, O.   Teacher.
Carman, A. B.     B.S. '86.
     Barnesville, O.
Carmony, Maud.     B.S. '88.
     Marysville, O.
Carpenter, Mary C.    I.N. '62
     Springfield, O.   Married Dr. Rice.
Carothers, J. B.     B.A. '87.
Carr, S. H.     B.S. '74.
     Dayton, O.   Attorney-at-Law.
Carroll, C. E.     B.S. '86.
Carter, J. T.     B.S. '84, C.E. '86.
     Thaxton, Miss.   Prin. Thaxton Normal High School.
Carver, Ella M.     B.S. '81.
Carver, H. N.     B.S. '67, B.A. '68.
     Valparaiso, Ind. Nor. Ind. Normal School.
Case, Clara M.     B.S. '89.
     Brooklyn, N.Y.   Teacher.
Case, David R.     B.S., I.S. '89.

Case, John Leonard.   B.S. '92.
     Trenton, Ga.     Teacher.
Castle, Allen S.     B.S., I.S. '90.
     Lebanon, O.    Cashier N.N.U.
Cate, W. A.     B.S. '77, M.S. '91.
     Mossy Creek, Tenn.   Teacher in C. and N. College.
Cavanaugh, Clara A.     B.S. '90.
     Dayton, O.   Teacher
Caywood, B. C.     B.S. '91, B.A. '92.
     Hiram, O.     Theological Student.
Chalfan, Clara.     B.A. '66.
     Middleport, O.

Arne H Trelvik
13 February 2011

page 26


Coe, Mary E.;   B.S. '77, B.A. '79
     Valparaiso, Ind.   Married Rev. James Smith.
COE, T. S.;   B.S. '87
Coe, Charles S.;  B.S. '87
     Monticello, Ind.   Merchant
Coffin, Tremnor.   B.A. '70
     Carson City, Nev.   Attorney-at-Law.
Coffman, G. B.   B.S. '89
     Alton, Ind.
Coffman, Wm. M.   B.S.'88
     Oxford, O.
Coffman, Edith M.   B.S. '91
     Franklin, O.   Teacher.
Coffman, James T.   B.S. '82.
     Healdburg, Cal.
Cohenour, C. A.    B. S. '87
Colbert, George H.    B.S.'83, B.A. '85, M.A. '90.
     Lincoln, Neb.   Math. in Western Normal College.
Cole, Emma L.   B.S. '91
          married Mr. Pease.
Cole, Glenn C.   B.S., I.S., C. E. '90
     Holmesville, O.   Principal Central Academy.
Collett, Jonathan P.    B.S., I.S. '90
     Blue Ball, O.
Collins, J. Edgar.   B.S.'92
     Peebles, O.
Collins, Lizzie D.   B.S. '87
     Athens, Ala.   Teacher.
Colman, W. H.   B.A. '70
     Round Rock, Tex.   Principal Public School.
Colville, J. V.   B.S. '81
Colyer, Cyrenius Emory.   B.S. '92
     Lebanon, O.   Student.
Combs, Ida G.   B.S. '88
     Hico, Texas.   Teacher.

Arne H Trelvik
30 January 2011

page 27


Lizzie A. Comerford, J. H. Compton, J. C. Compton, George Compton, F. M. Compton, Helen G. Conrad, James H. Condit, Lois Alta Conger, Nettie S. Conklin, Charles Contan, C. G. Conlow, J. J. Connaughton, W. H. Connell, Levi Conner, W. H. Conner, John M. Conner, Edith Converse, S. A. Cook. W. J. Cook

Arne H Trelvik
30 January 2011

page 42


Julia Gilliland, Newton E. Givens, W. S. Glass, Emma D. Glazier, Edna Glazier, Bertha A. Goff, N. L. Goff, John Goff, N. L. Gold, J. E. Goldsby, W. T. Gooden, W. S. Goodhue, Julia Goodman, Lizzie Gordon, Chas. McClellan Gordon, F. M. Gorman, John Nimrod Gosney, John A. Gotschall, E. D. Graber.

Arne H Trelvik
10 January 2012

page 43


P. E. Graber, Aaron Grady, H. W. Graham, Chas. J. Graham, A. B. Graham, W. W. Graham, Martha Grassham, Eudora Gray, J. K. Graybill, Laura Green, J. F. Green, C. L. Green, C. O. Green, W. J. Green, Mary T. Gregg, Walter Gregg, Wm. B. Gregory.

Arne H Trelvik
10 January 2012

page 92


Smith, W. W.   B.A. '89
          Chicago, Ill. Theological student.
Smith, Alice.     B.A. '87

Snavely, G. W.   B.S. '74
          Urbana, O. Teacher of Penmanship.
Snyder, S. B.    B.S. '92
          Jellico, Tenn.
Sonner, T. B.     B.S. '90

Sorber, O. F.     B.D. '80

Soule, O. M.     B.S. '92
          Port Union, O.
Sours, Lula A.     B.S. '90

Spangler, C. S.     B.S. '82, B.A. '83
          Washington C.H., O. Attorney-at-law.
Speer, John N.      B.S. '86

Spence, Fannie.     B.S. '84
Spence, J. M.     B.S. '81
          Spencer, O. Contractor and Sewere Builder.
Spencer, J. H.     B.S. '79
          Ironton, O. Physician
Sprague, A. A.     B.S. '88
          Hazelwood, O. Teacher
Sprague, W. T.     B.S. '90
          Columbus, O.
Sprague, Huldah.     B.S. '64
          Arabella, Cal. Married H. N. S. Newton.
Springer, C. H.     B.S. '89.

Arne H Trelvik
9 January 2012

page 93


L. A. Stabler, D. W. Stair, D. W. Staley, Wynne S. Staley, James A. Stanley, Nora Slant, B. F. Stapleton, Daniel Staver, John Stathers, J. J. G. Steddom, John A. Steele, J. G. Steffee, Sadie Stephan, P. Stephens II, H. F. Stephenson, W. J. Stevens, B. F. Stewart, W. P. Stewart, Wilbur H. Strickland

Arne H Trelvik
9 January 2012

page 94


S. A. Stillwell, Gussie Stocker, A. M. Stocking, W. H. Stone, Melville Stone, E. T. Stoner, S. A. Stout, Nina Stowe, J. E. Strayer, Wm. T. Strouse, J. E. Stuart, J. S. Stultz, P. P. Stultz, E. Stuver, Harvey Surface, C. Z. Sutton, Maggie Sutton, W. F. Swain, C. W. Swain

Arne H Trelvik
9 January 2012

page 95


George Swanson, J. Francis Swarens, J. M. Sycks, J. E. Sylvester, T. F. Tabler, Charles G. Tackberry, J. H. Tanquary, B. E. Tatum, Daisy Tatum, J. B. Gordon Tatum, Wm. F. Tawzer, W. S. Taylor, Carrie Taylor, C. H. Taylor, O. G. Taylor, Shelby Taylor, A. T. Teeter, J. C. Templeton, W. T. Terrill

Arne H Trelvik
9 January 2012

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