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National Normal University
Alumnal Roster


A roster of of the Alumni and Alumnæ of the National Normal University was published by the Alumnal Association in 1893 for distribution among its members.  The 108 page book measuring 7.1" by 5.1" begins with a list of officers, preface, bylaws and constitution on the 1st 8 pages. The remainder of the book contains an alphabetical Alumnal Roster, listing name, degree(s), residence and occupation for each member.  Only a few pages are provided below.  Others will be added as time permits.

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N. N. U.

Arne H Trelvik
30 January 2011

Title Page

of the
Alumni and Alumnæ
of the
National Normal University,
Lebanon, Ohio.

Unitas inter nos et fidelitas Almæ Matris.

Published by the
For Distribution among its members.

Arne H Trelvik
30 January 2011

page 3


President, W. A. Clark.
Secretary, Emma Koogle.
Treasurer, Perry V. Bone.

Alabama B. C. Jarratt, Jacksonville, Ala.
Alaska Ter.  
Arizona Ter. Herschell H. Brown, Florence, Ariz.
Arkansas C. S. Barnett, Eureka Springs, Ark.
California R. N. Bulla, Los Angeles, Cal.
Colorado T. O. Baker, Durango, Colo.
Connecticut John M. Moore, New Haven, Conn.
District of Columbia Geo. J. Smith, Washington, D.C.
Florida J. C. Compton, Traverse, Fla.
Georgia A. T. Moore, Valdosta, Ga.
Idaho Kate Nelms, Kendrick, Id.
Illinois John M. Rapp, Fairfield, Ills.
Indiana Rev. L. R. Banks, Richmond, Ind.
Indian Ter. Geo. T. Ralls, Muskogee, I. T.
Iowa Alice E. Dilley, Panora, Iowa
Kansas J. O. Allen, Junction City, Kans.
Kentucky W. F. Pate, Elizabethtown, Ky.
Louisiana Hannah Raynham, Slaughter, La.
Maine B. C. Wood, Bangor, Me.


Arne H Trelvik
30 January 2011

page 4


Massachusetts Rev. C. C. Cregan, Newton, Mass.
Michigan Dr. Sara B. Armstrong, Bay City, Mich.
Minnesota J. E. Benham, Duluth, Minn.
Mississippi C. L. Tubb, Aberdeen, Miss.
Missouri A. L. Whitaker, Kirkwood, Mo.
Montana T. J. Porter, Miles City, Mont.
Nebraska C. R. Atkinson, Fairburg, Nebr.
Nevada Trenmore Coffin, Carson City, Nev.
New Hampshire  
New Jersey Rev. Albert Cain, Nutlen, N.J.
New Mexico Ter. Carrie Bushman, Hillsborough, N.M.
New York Rev. J. Lee Gamble, Callicoon Depot, New York
North Carolina E. S. Sheppe, Durham, N.C.
North Dakota  
Ohio C. S. Spangler, Washington C.H., O.
Oklahoma Ter. James R. Keaton, Guthrie, O.T.
Oregon G. W. Allen, Portland, Ore.
Pennsylvania T. E. Orr, Pittsburg, Pa.
Rhode Island Clara Slocum, Wakefiled, R.I.
South Dakota S. K. Clark, Tyndall, S.D.
South Carolina Rev. D. A. Blackburn, Columbia, S. C.
Tennessee Margaret McLaughlin, Chattanooga, Tenn.
Texas J. C. Lattimore, Waco, Texas.
Utah Ter. Bessie Dulin, Provo, Utah.
Virginia J. H. Nininger, Charlotteville, Va.
Washington D. Allen, Aberdeen, Wash.
West Virginia W. G. Brown, Nicholas C. H., W. Va.
Wisconsin Rebecca E. French, Marinette, Wis.
Wyoming Dr. E. Stuver, Rawlins, Wy.


Arne H Trelvik
30 January 2011

page 5

  This Roster of the members of the Alumnal Association
has been prepared in accordance with Article III, Section 3
of the Constitution. The data have been gathered slowly
by correspondence and inquiry during the past eight
months in the midst of other duties and the committee are
fully conscious of the incompleteness and imperfection of
their work. While they congratulate themselves that they
have shown it possible to print such a catalog and have
made some advance toward the desired end, they ask of
the association a charitable reception of this somewhat
tentative list and prompt assistance for the committee of
the coming year. No doubt numerous errors both of
omission and commission will be found; but if all will
unite in correcting them it will be possible for the next
committee to issue a fairly correct list. Each Alumnus or
Alumna should as soon as possible after the receipt of the
Roster examine it carefully for errors and omissions,
making a list of such as are found and reporting them to
the committee

  By what was recognized at our last meeting as an unfor-
tunate omission after it was too late to correct it, the
Constitution fails to recognize the degrees I. J. and I. N. as
qualifying for membership in the Association. So mani-
festly was this a mere oversight on the part of the com-
mittee drafting the Constitution and so evident was it that
a proper amendment would be voted at the earliest oppor-
tunity, that the Executive Committee have
included in this list the names of all those receiving these

John Allen

2 Jun 2014

page 6


   The funds contributed by the member of the Association
have not proved sufficient to pay for the printing and mail-
ing of the Roster; but the committee will have some extra
copies which they propose to sell at fifty cents each for the
purpose of meeting the deficit. A prompt application for
these both by those who have not already contributed and
those who want additional copies will relieve the committee
of this burden.

   The committee would call attention of all to the objects
of the Association as stated in Article II of the Constitution
and would ask that each consider what he may do to show
his love for his Alma Mater and his interest in the the welfare
and happiness of those who measure all distances from
same “Golden Milestone.”
                                     THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
N. N. U., Lebanon, Ohio.
       June 1, 1893

[transcription needed]

John Allen

2 Jun 2014

page 7

of the
National Normal University Alumnal Association.

[transcription needed]

Arne H Trelvik
30 January 2011

page 8


[transcription needed]

Arne H Trelvik
30 January 2011

page 9


H. B. Abernathy, Mrs. S. G. Abernathy, W. M. Adair, Frank P. Adams, Anna Mary Adams, Lewis H. Adams, Hannah Adams, John Akels, C. Antoinette Akers, Julia Akers, W. E. Albright
R. D. Alderson, T. P. Alexander, G. W. Allen

Arne H Trelvik
30 January 2011

page 10


Allen, Edward. B.S. ‘90
     Winchester, Ky.
Allen, D. I. J. ’60, I.N. ‘61
     Aberdeen, Wash. Attorney-at-Law
Allen, J.O. B.S. ’81, M.S. ‘86
     Junction City, Kan. Prin. High School
Allen, James A. B.S. ‘84
     Columbus, O. Attorney-at-Law
Allen, R. D. B.S. ’85, B.A. ‘86
     Sulphur Springs, Tex. Attorney-at-Law
Allen, Basil Louis. B.S. ‘88
     Bruceville, Ind. Pastor Christian Church
Allen, Rivers O. B.S. ’90, B.A. ‘92
     Rusk, Tex. First Ass’t Public Schools
Allison, J. J. B.S. ’77, B.A. ’78, M.A. ‘81
     Crown Point Ind. Supt. of Schools
Allison, Ella. B.S. ‘92
     Blue Lick Springs, Ky.
Allison, B. F. B.S. ’80, B.A. ‘81
     Redding Cal. Principal of Schools
Allison, Violetta May B.S. ‘86
     Attica, Ind. Teacher
Allphin, J. R. B.S. ’80, B.A ‘82
     Denver, Colo. Attorney-at-Law
Amos, A. Alonzo B.S. ‘86

Amos, Lillie Sue. B.S. ‘86
     Corydon, Ky.
Anderson, Ida B.S. ‘77
Andrews, J. W. B.S. ‘78
     New England, O.
Andrew, M. F. B.S. ‘91
     Cheviot, O. Principal of Schools
Anderegg, Elizabeth. B.S ’89, B.A. ‘90
     New Philadelphia, O. Teacher of Latin and German
Anto, Nellie. B.A ‘80
     Lebanon, O. At home

John Allen
9 March 2014

page 11


Argo, Clarence S. B. S. ‘83
     Sioux City, Iowa. Attorney-at-Law.
Argo, J. K. Rev. B. S. ‘83
     Galion, O. Pastor Lutheran Church.
Armstrong, Allen. I. J. ’60, I. N. ‘63

Armstrong, Sara B. B. S. ’80, M. D. ’86, B. A. ’86, A. M. ‘90
     Bay City, Mich. Physician.
Armstrong, L. E. B. S. ‘91
     Cove, O. Teacher.
Arrel, Jean M. B. S. ‘89
     Lowellville, O.
Ashworth, Augustus. B. S. ’80.
     Middletown, O. Bookkeeper
Atkinson, Chas. R. B. S. ’79, B. A. ’80.
     Fairbury, Nebr. County Supt. Of Schools.
Aubert, Nettie L. B. S. ’79, B. A. ’80.
     Anaheim, Cal.
Aubert, Elise, B. S. ’89.
     Anaheim, Cal. Teacher.
Aubley, Henry. B. S. ’77.
     Middletown, O. Principal of Schools.
Aubley, Jacob. B. S. ’78.
     Kansas City, Mo. Restaurant.
Austin, A. S. B. S. ’80.

Auten, F. E. B. S. ’84.
     Monticello, Ill. Teacher.
Avey, C. B. B. S. ’78.
     Cincinnati, O. Real Estate Broker.
Avey, Laura. B. S. ’85.

Aydelatt, J. H. B. S. ’78.
Aylsworth, Ella. B. S. ’77.
     Camp Chase, O. Married Wm. Postle.
Baber, J. A. B. S. ’85, B. A. ’87, M. A. ’91.
     Huntington, Tenn. Associate Prin. So. Nor. Univ’t’y.

John Allen
27 March 2014

page 12


Bachman, Jacob L.  B.S. '86.
     Columbus, O.  Attorney-at-Law.
Baggs, I. Dell.  B.S. '86.
     Corsica, O.
Baggs, Chas. T.    B.S. '89.
     Chicago, Ill.
Bailey, D.  B.A. '71, A.M. '79.
     Ashland, O. Bookseller.
Bailey, G.   B.S. '65.
     Willshire, O.  Physician.
Bailey, R. E.   B.S. '73.
Bailey, J. A.   B.S. '83.
Bain. T. H.   B.S. '76
      Topeka, Kan.   Attorney-at-Law.
Bainbridge, W. H.  B.S., '91.
      Salado, Tex.   Teacher.
Bair, J. H.   B.S. '81
Baker, J. E.  B.S. '76, B.A. '77.
Baker, Will Clarence, B.S. '92.
      Mt. Zion, Ky.  Teacher.
Baker, T. O.  B.S. '83, B.A. '86, A.M. '92
      Durango, Colo.  Supt. of Schools.
Baldwin, Lida.  B.S. '74, B. A. '76.
      Niles, O.  Principal of High School.
Baldwin, Julia.  B.S. '71.
Baldwin, C. H.  B.S. '76.
Ballard, A. N.  B.S. '70, B.A. '71
      Birmingham, Ala.   Physician.
Balthrop, Ed. S.  B.A. '92
      Edgewood, Tenn.   Teacher.

Arne H Trelvik
2 Jun 2014

page 13


Banes, Vinnie.  B.S. '92.
      Springfield, Ohio.  Reporter.
Banks, L. R.  B.S. '72
      Richmond, Ind.  Pator First Baptist Church.
Bane, R. R.  B.S. '77, B.A. '78, A.M. '80.
      Columbus, O.  Merchant.
Bane, John.  B.S. '69.
      Knoxville, Tenn.  Broker and Real Estate Dealer.
Barker, Newton.  B.S. '69
Barlow, G. A.  B.S. '86.
Barnett, G. R.  B.S. '84.
Barnes, Oliver M.  B.S. '92.
      Fannin, Miss.
Barnett, C. S.  B.S. '85
      Eureka Springs, Ark.
Barnett, W. W.  B.S. '85.
      Houston, Tex.  Principal of School.
Barnhill, J. U.  B.S. '76, B.A. '87.
      Columbus, O. Prof. Starling Medical College.
Barrow, C. R.  LL.B. '90.
      Tarkio, Mo.  Attorney-at-Law.
Barr, D. D.  B.S. '85.
      Centerview, Mo.  Physician.
Bartlett, N. H.  B.S. '84.
      Germantown, O.  Principal High School.
Bartlett, Annette M.  B.S. '83.
      Mexico City, Mex.  Missionary and Principal Girls' School.
Bartlett, James W.  B.S. '89.
      Marlin, Tex.  Bookkeeper.
Bartlett, Cora.  B.S. '82.
      Mt. Healthy, O.  Married Mr. Bartlett.
Barton, W. F.  B.S. '79.

Arne H Trelvik
2 Jun 2014

page 14


Bateman, S. K.  B.S. '73, B.A. '76.
     Lompoc, Cal.  Fruit Grower.
Bates, Mille.  B.S. '91.
Bateman, D. T.  B.S. '75.
     San Jose, Cal.  Teacher.
Batterson, Chas.  B.S. '87.
     Erie, Colo.  Supt. Public Schools.
Barwise, J. H.  B.S. '90.
     Witchita Falls, Tex.  Surveyor.
Bayliss, W. M.  B.S. '78.
Bays, J. H.  B.S. '77.
     Eldorado, Kans.  Attorney-at-law.
Beachler, Wm.  B.S. '88.
     Brookville, O.
Beall, G. M.  B.S. '82.
     Knoxville, Tenn.
Beaty, Lizzie.  B.S. '91.
     Galton, Ill.  Teacher.
Beedle, Olive Ione.  B.S. '92.
     Paris, Ill.  Clerk in Dry Goods Store.
Beers, Mollie.  B.S. '76.
     Pittsburg, Pa.  Married T. E. Orr.
Beery, S. H.  B.S. '82.
     Richmond Dale, O.  Farmer.
Berryman, W. O.  B.S. '85, B.A. '86.
     Birmingham, Ala.  Attorney-at-law.
Beese, Mary C.  B.S. '87.
     Washington, D.C.  Married E. S. Henry.
Beesly, Alicia.  B.S. '88.
     Linn, Ill.  Teacher.
Beeson, O. T.  B.S. '80.
     Osawatomie, Kan.  Supt. Public Schools.
Belcher, W. Orville. B.S. '92.
     Rochester, Ky.
Belcher, T. Newton.  B.S. '92.
     Rochester, Ky.

Arne H Trelvik
2 Jun 2014

page 15


Belknap, J. F.  B.S. '85, B.A. '86.
     Aoyoma, Japan.  Prof. of Philosophy.
Bell, Newton H.  I.J. '60.
Bell, B. M.  B.S. '86.
Bell, Jos. G.  B.S. '85.
     Greenfield, O.  Teacher.
Beller, Etta J.  B.S. '83.
     Morrow, O.  Married Mr. Simpson.
Benedict, C. B.  B.S. '82.
     Greenwich, O.  Diary-farming.
Benedict, J. C.  B.S. '86.
     Thaxton, Miss.  Teacher in Thaxton High School.
Benedict, C. C.  B.S. '87.
     Lebanon, O.  Law student.
Benham, J. E. B.S. '78, B.A. '80.
     Duluth, Minn.  Attorney-at-law.
Bennett, W. Otho.  B.S. '86, B.A. '87.
     Wichita, Kans.  Physician.
Bennett, F. G.  B.S. '92.
Bennert, Lewis Agustus.  B.S. '92.
     Vandalia, O.
Benton, J. M.  B.S. '81.
     Winchester, Ky.
Berkshire, Jennie.  B.S. '91.
     Harriman, Tenn.  Teacher in the Public Schools.
Bernard, Laura.  B.S., I.S. '91.
     Melvin, O.  Teacher.
Berryhill, Hallie.  B.S. '92.
     Bellefountaine, Miss.
Best, D. R.  B.S. '72.
Betz, Franklin Saumuel.  B.S. '92.
     Loyal Oak, O.
Beveridge, J. Harrie.  B.S. '92.
     Glidden, Iowa.  Ass't. Prin. National Normal School.
Arne H Trelvik
2 Jun 2014

page 16
Bigley, Marion B.S. '78 Kansas City, Mo.  
Bigony, W. M. B.S. '80, B.A. '90 Kosse, Tex. Teacher
Bigony, I. F. B.S. '89 Leelan, O. Priincipal of Schools
Bigony, J. F. B.S. '91, M.D. '92 Kirkersville, O.  
Binford, J. H. B.S. '71    
Binford, Mattie B.S. '71    
Binkley, Frank B.S. '91, B.A. '92 Wallerville, Miss. Principal of Schools
Bishop, Claude C. B.S. '90 Walton, Ind. Merchant
Bishop, Frank W. B.S. '83 Sandcoulee, Mont.  
Bishop, W. C. B.S. '87 Batavia, O. Attorney-at-Law
Blackburn, J. G. B.S. '91 Mt. Zion, Ky. Principal of School
Blackburn, W. T. S. B.S. '90, B.A. '91 Sherman, Ky.  
Blackburn, Ella B.S. '86 Cincinnati, O. Trained Nurse
Blackburn, D. A. B.S. '86 Columbia, S.C. Minister Presbyterian Church
Blackford, Frank B.S. '89 Boston, Mass. Student in Tuft's College
Blackford, W. McNeal B.S. '87 Helena, Mont. Attorney-at-Law
Blackford, Harry B.S. '90 Eldorado, O.  
Blair, J. E. B.S. '87 Texarkana, Tex. Attorney-at-Law
Blair, R. A. B.S. '87 Flat, O.  
Arne H Trelvik
2 Jun 2014
5 Nov 2015

page 17
Bloomer, Margaret A. B.S. '85 Elkton, Ky. Teacher
Boake, Lucy R. B.S. '80 Toledo, O.  
Bobo, Lucy K. B.S. '85    
Boden, W. H. B.S., I.S. '90 Marshfield, O. Principal Public School
Boltz, Anna B.S. '86 Dadeville, Ala. Married L. H. Wright
Bond, J. A. B.S. '77    
Bookmyer, A. J. B.S. '80 Peoria, Ill. Bookkeeper
Bone, Lizzie B.S. '83   Married Dr. Wiley
Bone, Annie L. B.S. '78 Lebanon, O. Married W. S. Dilatush
Bone, Perry B.S. '77 Lebanon, O. Ass't Cashier Lebanon National Bank
Boon, J. W. B.S. '77 Lindside, W. Va. Merchant
Boon, J. L. B.S. '79 Hartsville, Tenn. Principal Masonic Institute
Boothe, Mary E. B.S. '92 Lebanon, O.  
Booth, E. R. B.S. '74 Cincinnati, O. Principal Technical School
Boren, S. W. B.S. '91 Cynthiana, Ind.  
Boudinet, Clara R. B.S. '90 Excello, O.  
Boughner, A. L. B.S. '82 Pine Grove, Pa.  
Bowman, W. E. B.S. '82, B.A. '83 Hicksville, O.  
Bower, A. M. C.E. '86, B.S. '87 Culloden, Ga. Principal High School


Arne H Trelvik
2 Jun 2014
5 Nov 2015

page 18
Bower, Geo. N. B.S. '67.    
Bowers, Mrs. Lou. B.S. '83. Pomeroy, O.  
Bowers, Morris. B.S. '83. Pomeroy, O. Superintendent Schools.
Bowler, Lizzie. B.S. '75, B.A. '76. Harrison, O.  
Bowyer, Lizzie. B.S. '89, B.A. '90. Mason, O.  
Bowyer, Clark. B.S. '83. Chicago, Ill.  
Bowyer, Laura. B.S. '83. Mason, O. Married J. W. Wolfe
Boyce, Flora. B.S. '80. Otsego, O. Married Dr. J. I. Bradford.
Boyd, E. M. B.S. '81.    
Boyle, Amelia. B.S. 83. Santa Ana, Cal. Married E. E. Keech.
Boynton, Geo. H. B.S. '85. Hamilton, Tex.  
Bradshaw, D. E. B.S. '91. Little Rock, Ark. Attending law school.
Brady, W. S. B.S., C.E. '90 Tampico, Ill. Farmer.
Brammeier, Anna.   Durango, Colo. Teacher.
Brant, J. M. B.S. '91. Lebanon, O. Law student.
Brandon, Frank. B.S. '83, B.A. '87. Lebanon, O. Attorney-at-Law.
Brentlinger, E. B.S., C.E. '88, B.A. '89. Dayton, O. Assistant City Engineer.
Brentlinger, H. G. B.S. '88, B.A. '89. Dayton, O. Bank Correspondent for Cash Register Co.
Brate, Joseph Emery. B.S. '92. Lebanon, O. Member Classical Class.
Arne H Trelvik
21 October 2014

page 19
Brewer, Vinnie Pearl B.S. I.S. '89 Mason, O. At Home.
Berwer, Anna C. B.S. '86 Mason, O. At Home.
Brewer, Harry F. B.S. '90 Cincinnati, O. Prof. in Technical School.
Brice, James B. B.A. '85    
Brice, Walter H. B.A. '85    
Brice, W. B. B.A. '82    
Brodbeck, Retta B.S. '87 Lawrenceburg, Ind.  
Brooks, Chas. J. B.S. '92 Wiggonsville, O. Teacher.
Browne, Nettie H. B.S.'85 Fayette, O. Married Emerson Dodds.
Brown, Herchel H. B.S. '85, B.A. 90 Florence, Arizona. Prin. of City Schools.
Brown, F. I. B.S. '87 Columbus, O. Asst. Court Stenographer.
Brown, Wm. Griffee. B.S. '89 Nicholas C.H., W. Va.  
Brown, Wallace W. B.S. '92 Ordinary, Ky.  
Brown, B. F. B.A. '86 Deceased.  
Brown, H. B. B.S. '71 Valparaiso, Ind. Princ. Nor. Ind. Normal School.
Brown, J. R. P. B.S. '72 Cincinnati, O. 31 Johnson Bld.
Brown, Miles. B.S. '77 Deceased.  
Brown, Frank. B.S. '82 Deceased.  
Brown, C. A. B.S. '82 Fayette, O. Associate Prin. Fayette Normal Univ't'y.
Arne H Trelvik
26 September 2014

page 20
Brown, Fred C. B.S. '81 Columbus, O.  
Brooker, E. J. B.S. '78, B.A. '81 McGwawville, N.Y. M. E. Minister
Brookover, Chas. B.S. '90 Milton, Tenn. Principal of Milton Seminary
Brouse, M. M. B.S. '76 Eaton, O.  
Brouse, Joseph L.   Eaton, O.  
Brower, A. L. B.S. '84 Milton Junction, Iowa Supt. Schools
Brumbaugh, W. D. B.S. '90 Greenville, O. Surveyor Darke Co.
Brumbaugh, C. L. B.S. '87 Delaware, O. Student
Brundage, May B. B.S. '91 Berlin Heights, O. Teacher
Brunson, Chas Morton B.S. '92 De Graff, O.  
Bryant, Frank W. I.N. '63    
Bryon, Chas. M.D. '90 Beaumont, Texas  
Buchanan, W. H. B.S. '76 Piqua, O.  
Buchanan, Jas. M. B.S. '89 Piqua, O.  
Buck, W. H. B.S. '82    
Buckle, Herbert Wilmot B.S. '92 Gallipolis, O.  
Buffington, E. B. B.A. '92 Minerva, Ky. Pres. of College
Bulla, R. N. B.S. '71, B.A. '73 Los Angeles, Cal. Attorney-at-Law
Bulla, T. H. B.S. '70, B.A. '73 Youngstown, O. Teacher


Arne H Trelvik
2 Jun 2014
5 Nov 2015

page 21
Burdine, A. L. B.S. '91 Smithville, Miss. Teacher
Burdine, I. P. B.S. '90 Aberdeen, Miss. Physician
Burgess, M. T. B.S. '65    
Burke, John B.S. '71, M.A. '83 Newport, Ky. Supt. Schools
Burford, Joseph T. B.S. '86   Deceased
Burns, Sara B.S. '66    
Burns, Charles Wilson B.S., I.S. '92 Monterey, O.  
Burr, G. Alfo. B.S. '86 Lebanon, O. Attorney-at-Law
Burras, Fred S. B.S. '86 Norwalk, O.  
Burrow, Philip L. B.S. '88 Perryville, Ark. Supt. School
Bursk, Joe Jr. B.S. '89 Mason, O.  
Burson, S. W. B.S. '84, B.A. '85 Chicago, Ill. Physician
Burson, Luella B.S. '83, B.A. '84 Covington, Ind. Married L. N. Fouts.
Bushman, Carrie B.S. '92 Hillsborough, Sierra Co., N. Mex. Teacher
Butcher, W. R. B.S. '85 Buffalo, N.Y. With "Natl Stockman and Farmer"
Butler, Maggie B.S. '84 Mason, O.  
Butterfield, Flora B.S. '76    
Butts, Edward B.S. '70    
Buxton, John L. B.S. '86 Rockport, Ind. Physician


Arne H Trelvik
2 Jun 2014
5 Nov 2015

page 22


Buxton, E. O.  B.S. '74, B.A. '76.
     Cleveland, O. Pastor M. E. Church.
Byington, Walter M.    B.S. '91.
     Buchanan, Ky.
Byrne, Lucy.     B.S. '85.
      Staunton, Va.
Caddell, D. M.     B.S. '91.
     Holly Hill, Ky.
Cadwallader, J. L.     B.S. '91.
     New Vienna, O.
Cain, Albert.     B.A. '73.
     Nutlen, N.J.   Pastor M. E. Church.
Cain, J. W.      B.S. '75, B.A. '76.
     Goshen, Ind.   Pastor M. E. Church.
Caldwell, J. Sterrett.     B.S. '78, B.A. '80.
     Cincinnati, O.     Physician.
Caldwell, F. S.     B.S. '85.
     Winchester, Ind.     Lawyer.
Caldwell, Clinton E.     B.S. '92.
     Minerva, Ky.
Calvin, H. H.     B.S. '77.
     Bryan, O.
Campbell, J. W.     B.S. '72.

Campbell, Mary.     B.S. '67.
     Wellington, Kan.
Campbell, W. H.     B.S. '73.
     Genesco, Ill.     Supt. Public Schools.
Campbell, W. I.     B. S. '81.

Cammack, J. W.     B.S. '91.
     Owenton, Ky.     Attorney-at-Law.
Canfield, W. W.     B.S. '76.

Carey, Ada Z.     B.S. '86, B.A. '87.
     Lebanon, O.   Married T. J. Moore.
Carey, Mattie E.     B.S. '73.
     Delaware, O.    Married J. D. Sycks.

Arne H Trelvik
13 February 2011

page 23


Carey, Harry W,     B.S. '87.
     Lebanon, O.
Carleton, A. B.     B.S. '86.
     Kingsbury, O.   Teacher.
Carman, A. B.     B.S. '86.
     Barnesville, O.
Carmony, Maud.     B.S. '88.
     Marysville, O.
Carpenter, Mary C.    I.N. '62
     Springfield, O.   Married Dr. Rice.
Carothers, J. B.     B.A. '87.
Carr, S. H.     B.S. '74.
     Dayton, O.   Attorney-at-Law.
Carroll, C. E.     B.S. '86.
Carter, J. T.     B.S. '84, C.E. '86.
     Thaxton, Miss.   Prin. Thaxton Normal High School.
Carver, Ella M.     B.S. '81.
Carver, H. N.     B.S. '67, B.A. '68.
     Valparaiso, Ind. Nor. Ind. Normal School.
Case, Clara M.     B.S. '89.
     Brooklyn, N.Y.   Teacher.
Case, David R.     B.S., I.S. '89.

Case, John Leonard.   B.S. '92.
     Trenton, Ga.     Teacher.
Castle, Allen S.     B.S., I.S. '90.
     Lebanon, O.    Cashier N.N.U.
Cate, W. A.     B.S. '77, M.S. '91.
     Mossy Creek, Tenn.   Teacher in C. and N. College.
Cavanaugh, Clara A.     B.S. '90.
     Dayton, O.   Teacher
Caywood, B. C.     B.S. '91, B.A. '92.
     Hiram, O.     Theological Student.
Chalfan, Clara.     B.A. '66.
     Middleport, O.

Arne H Trelvik
13 February 2011

page 24
Chamberlin, Lewis C. B.S. '78 Protland, Ind. Bookkeeper and Cashier
Chambers, J. M. B.S. '80    
Chaney, Alice B. B.S. '81    
Chaney, Anna B.S. '73 Level, O. Teacher
Chapman, G. W. B.S., I.S. '91 Lexington, Ky.  
Chapman, R. C. B.S. '87    
Chapman, D. A. B.S. '85 Lynn, Kan.  
Chase, R. E. LL.B. '88    
Cheek, John S. B.S. '83    
Cheek, J. C. B.S. '84 Milan, Tenn. Supt. Milan Public Schools
Chidester, G. O. B.S. '64   Deceased
Chrisman, George H. B.S. '83    
Christie, Robert D.D. B.S. '64 St. Paul, Minn. Presbyterian Minister
Church, John A. B.S. '80 St. Louis, Mo. Trav. Salesman St. Louis Paper Co.
Clapham, John H. B.S. '86 Cedar Bluffs, Nebr. Teacher
Clarence, Harriett E. B.S. '86 Chicago, Ill. Married E. M. De'Meschin
Clark, S. K. B.S. '85 Tyndall, So. Dakota. Teacher
Clark, F. Wilbur B.S. '85   Deceased



Arne H Trelvik
2 Jun 2014
5 Nov 2015

page 25
Clark, J. Dayton B.S. '82 Dayton, O. Attorney-at-Law
Clark, Lillie B.S. '78   Deceased
Clark, A. A. B.S. '76    
Clark, Esther A. B.S. '75, B.A. '85, M.A. '89 Lebanon, O. Teacher Literature N.N.U.
Clark, W. A. B.S. '72, B.A. '85, M.A. '89 Lebanon, O. Prof. Mathematics N.N.U.
Clark, Marcia A. I.J. '60, B.S. '68    
Clark, Eliza I.U. '60    
Clark, Ed. S. B.A. '67 Henderson, Ky. Supt. City Schools
Clarridge, Rose B.S. '65    
Clay, Wm. J. B.S. '85 Dublin, Tex. Principal Public School
Cleary, U. B.S. '70    
Clemons, J. B. B.S. '84 Montery, O.  
Clevenger, June Ola. B.S. '89, B.A. '90 Abingdon, Ill. Teacher of Languages
Clifton, Adelia B.S. '92 Clarksville, Tenn.  
Clotts, George C. B.S. '81 Summit Station, O.  
Clutter, Huldah B.S. '87 Early, O. Married C. C. Deal
Coates, W. P. B.S. '82 Mt. Airy, O. Railway Postal Clerk
Cockrell, Maggie V. B.S. '91 Springerville, Ark. Teacher
Cockroft, S. L. B.A.'77, M.A. '79    



Arne H Trelvik
2 Jun 2014
5 Nov 2015

page 26


Coe, Mary E.;   B.S. '77, B.A. '79
     Valparaiso, Ind.   Married Rev. James Smith.
COE, T. S.;   B.S. '87
Coe, Charles S.;  B.S. '87
     Monticello, Ind.   Merchant
Coffin, Tremnor.   B.A. '70
     Carson City, Nev.   Attorney-at-Law.
Coffman, G. B.   B.S. '89
     Alton, Ind.
Coffman, Wm. M.   B.S.'88
     Oxford, O.
Coffman, Edith M.   B.S. '91
     Franklin, O.   Teacher.
Coffman, James T.   B.S. '82.
     Healdburg, Cal.
Cohenour, C. A.    B. S. '87
Colbert, George H.    B.S.'83, B.A. '85, M.A. '90.
     Lincoln, Neb.   Math. in Western Normal College.
Cole, Emma L.   B.S. '91
          married Mr. Pease.
Cole, Glenn C.   B.S., I.S., C. E. '90
     Holmesville, O.   Principal Central Academy.
Collett, Jonathan P.    B.S., I.S. '90
     Blue Ball, O.
Collins, J. Edgar.   B.S.'92
     Peebles, O.
Collins, Lizzie D.   B.S. '87
     Athens, Ala.   Teacher.
Colman, W. H.   B.A. '70
     Round Rock, Tex.   Principal Public School.
Colville, J. V.   B.S. '81
Colyer, Cyrenius Emory.   B.S. '92
     Lebanon, O.   Student.
Combs, Ida G.   B.S. '88
     Hico, Texas.   Teacher.

Arne H Trelvik
30 January 2011

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Lizzie A. Comerford, J. H. Compton, J. C. Compton, George Compton, F. M. Compton, Helen G. Conrad, James H. Condit, Lois Alta Conger, Nettie S. Conklin, Charles Contan, C. G. Conlow, J. J. Connaughton, W. H. Connell, Levi Conner, W. H. Conner, John M. Conner, Edith Converse, S. A. Cook. W. J. Cook

Arne H Trelvik
30 January 2011

page 28
Cook, S. M. B.S. '83    
Cooper, L. F. B.S. '89 Wortham, Tex. Teacher
Cooper, O. O. B.S. '86 Hinton, W. Va. Physician
Cooper, J. Calvin B.S. '89, B.A. '88    
Cooper, Walter B.S. '92 Beasley's Fork, O  
Cordray, A. T. B'S. '83 London, O Attorney-at-Law
Corley, George Staley B.S. '92 Dowellton, Tenn.  
Correll, S. A. B.S. '73    
Cort, A. B. B.S. '74, B.A. '77 Washington Presbyterian minister
Cory, W. N. B.S. '69    
Cotten, F. W. B.S. '80    
Cowan, Eva B.S. '77 Lebanon, O. Teacher in Public School
Cowley, E. E. B.S. '86 Armory, Miss Prin. High School
Cox, L. N. B.S. '72 Ashley, O. Merchant
Cox, C. F. B.S. '75 Southwest, Mo. Prin. of schools
Cox, Mabel Gertrude B.S. '92 Ensee, O. Teacher
Cox, J. L. C.E. '91 Massillon, O.  
Cox, U. T. B.S. '89 Ensee, O. Farmer
Craddock, Robert Worth B.S., C.E. '92 Dadeville, Ala.  
Arne H Trelvik
29 September 2015

page 29
Craig, J. E. B.S. '67, B.A. '68 Bradrick, O. Farmer
Crain, Edward B.S. '91 Bureau, Ills. Prin. of Schools
Crampton, Isaac W. B.S., C.E. '89, B.A. '90 Hedrick, Iowa  
Crane, A. G. Mc. B.S. '83, B.A. '84 Sheffield, Ala. Supt. of Schools
Crane, Frank E. B.S. '87    
Crawford, R. S. B.S. '85    
Crecraft, A. N. B.S. '78 Brookville, Ind. Co. Supt. of Schools
Cregan, Rev. Chas. C. B.S. '69 Newton, Mass. Sec. Am. Board Foreign Missions
Crippen, L. C 'B.S. 74 Frost, O.  
Crispen, W. F. I.J. '60 Akron, O. Minister
Cromer, L. G. B.S. '83 Hill Grove, O.  
Cromer, P. E. B.S. '83 Cleveland, O.  
Cromer, W. II. B.S. '83 Denver, Col. Attorney-at-Law
Cromer, F. Gillum B.S. 85 Greenville, O. Supt. of Schools
Cronbach, Chas. L. B.S. '87 Port Washington, O. Teacher
Crothers, J. I. B.S. '7    
Crum, Alevia B.S. '84    
Crumley, John J. B.A. '88 Denton, Tex. Teacher in Texas Normal College
Crutchfield, Campbell B.S. '85    
Arne H Trelvik
29 September 2015

page 30
Culbertson, Ella D. B.S. '82, B.A. '84 Independence, Pa.  
Cubbison, Jura. B.S. '83 Bristol, Tenn. Married Mr. Battin.
Cubbison, Sedalia. B.S. '83 Alliance, O.  
Culbertson, W. W. B.S. '91 Fernalda, Va. Teacher.
Cummings, T. Knox. B.S. '84 West, Tenn.  
Cummings, Elizabeth. B.S. '86 Knoxville, Tenn.  
Curl, Mattie B.A. '67    
Curles, H. G. B.S. '90, B.A. '91 Sinking Springs, O. M. E. Minister.
Currens, Sallie B.S. '75 Deceased.  
Currey, Nellie D. B.S. '87 Hartwell, O. At Home.
Currey, Hugh Means B.S. '92 Lebanon, O. Member of Classic Class
Curryer, J. S. B.S. '77    
Cusick, Alice E. B.S. '71 Pyrmont, O. Married to B. F. Moore
Cusick, Herbert C. B.S. '88 Pyrmont, O.  
Custer, Laura. B.S. '87 Pomeroy, O. Married Mr. Hecox.
Cuthbertson, Jessie S. B.S. '79    
Daffron, W. W. B.S. '83 Lynchburg, Tenn. Principal Normal Academy.
Dailey, Emma B.S. '77, B.A. '79, A.M., '89 Huntington, Tenn. Teacher Grammer and Rhetoric.
Married J. A. Baber.
Arne H Trelvik
26 September 2014

page 31
Damon, C. W. B.S. '79 Northeast Pa. Merchant
Damron, W. C. LL.B. '89    
Darby, Jas. W. B.S. '82 McArthur, O. Attorney-at-Law
Darst, Warren B.A. '74, M.A. 83 Ada, O. Professor in Ohio Normal University
Davidson, J. C. M.A. '90 Eureka Springs, Ark.  
Davis, W. F. B.S. '69 Batavia, O.  
Davis, Jno. R. B.S. '76, B.A. '77 Inland, O.  
Davis, J. D. B.S. '90 Chicago, Ills. Reporter
Davis, J. H. B.S. '82 Dalla, O. Arrorney-at-Law
Davis, G. W. B.S. '82 Lockland, O. Physician
Davis, A. J.   Clarion, Pa. PRincipal State Normal School
Davis, A. L. B.S. '85   Deceased
Davis, F. P. B.S., I.S. '89 Kosse, Texas  
Davis, J. K. B.S. '91   Law Student, University of Virginia
Davison, Alvin B.S., I.S. '88, B.A. '89, M.A. '91 Huntington, Tenn. Prof. of Science and Latin
Davis, R. Jay B.A. '83    
Davis, J. F.   Athens, O. Shoe Dealer
Davisson, O. F. B.S. '74 Dayton, O. Attorney-at-Law
Dawson, J. M. B.S. '74 Portsmouth, O. Attorney-at-Law
Arne H Trelvik
4 November 2015

page 32
Day, Nannie R. I.J. '60    
Day, Alice B.S. '92 Mt. Carmel, O.  
Day, Arthur Lee B.S. '92 Madisonville, Texas.  
Dayton, H. P. B.S. '72 Reding, Hamilton County, O.  
Dayton, F. H. B.S. '73 Mt. Healthy, O.  
Dean, H. A. B.A. '81 Iuka, Miss. Prin. Iuka Normal Institute
Dean, John Henry B.S. '92 Barren Plain, Tenn. Teacher.
DeBolt, William B.S. '68   Baptist Minister
DeForest, Ada B.S. '89 Chicago, Ills. Training School for Missionaries
DeMott, Charlotte B.S. '86    
Denison, T. S. B.A. '72 Chicago, Ills. Publisher
Denman, Lida B.S. '82, B.A. '84 Pueblo, Colo. Married Mr. Struble
Dennis, Jerry B.S. '89 Columbus, O. Attorney-at-Law.
DePew, O. G. B.S. '83, B.A. '85 Dangerfield, Texas.  
DeRan, H. Clifton B.S., I.S. '92 Lebanon, O. Member of the Classic Class
DeVol, E. Mary B.S. '73 Geneseo, Ills. Married W. J. Cook.
DeVore, G. W. B.S. '77, B.A. '78 Deceased.  
Delozier, J. H. M.D. '91 Cosby, Tenn. Physician
Arne H Trelvik
26 September 2015

page 33
DeWitt, Chas. E. B.S., C.E. '88 Sandusky, O. Civil Engineer
Dickerson, J. C. B.S. '83, B.A. '84 Mitchell, Ind. Teacher Southern Indiana Normal
Dickey, L. T. B.S. '85 Lexington, Miss. Principal Normal School
Dickey, J. S. B.A. '85, M.A. '88 Lexington, Miss. Independent Normal School
Dilatush, W. S. B.S. '76, B.A. '77 Lebanon, O. Judge Common Pleas Court.
Dill, Nettie B.S. '85, B.A. '87. St. Louis, Mo.  
Dill, Carrie E. B.S. '77 Muncie, Inc. married M. L. Hageman.
Dilley, E. Alice. B. A. '85 Panora, Iowa Teacher
Dillman, L. D. B.S. '74 Connersville, Ind. Physician
Dillon, Nannie B.S. '75    
Deisher, G. M. B.S. '76 Lewisburg, O.  
Ditto, Gideon. B.S. '72    
Doak, A. S. B.S. '72 Winchester, O. Druggist.
Dodds, Roberta B.S. '83 West Jefferson, O. Married Dr. Poste
Dodds, J. E. B.S. '85 Fayette, O. Principal Normal School.
Dodds, Jennie B.S. '91 Sylvania, Mo. Teacher.
Dodds, J. A. C.E. '90 Ridgedale, Tenn.  
Dodds, J. Boggs B.A. '88 Suadia, Syria. Missionary.
Dodge, Jno S. B.S. '89, B.A. '90 Portsmouth, O. Attorney-at-Law.
Arne H Trelvik
26 September 2015

page 34
Donaldson, Olive B.S. '83 Toledo, O. Teacher
Donnelly, L. Michael B.S. '77 Napoleon, O.  
Doty, G. H. B.S. '64 Middlewotn, O. Farmer and Stockman.
Doty, H. W. B.S. '82 Findlay, O. Attorney-at-LAw
Douglass, R. S. B.S. '87 Hendrysburg, O.  
Downer, Nonnie B.S. '90 Fairview, Ky.  
Downer, Maud B.S. '79 Glasgow, Ky. married Charles Burnam
Downey, W. F. B.S. '76 Richmond, Kan. Farmer
Drake, D. G. B.S. '76 Cincinnati, O.  
Dresbach, Chas.   Circleville, O. Attorney-at-Law
Drew, Earle B.S. '86 Grand Rapids, Mich.  
Dudley, Celestia P. B.S. '76 Washington, D.C.  
Dulin, Bessie B.S. '91 Provo, Utah Teacher
Dunbar, Emily B.S. '64    
Dunkin, Frank B.S. '85, B.A. '86 Wichita, KAn. Principal of School
Dunham, Geo. H. C.E. '86 Cincinnati, O.  
Dunn, J. M. B.S. '79 Chillicother, Mo.  
Duprey, Marcy M. B.S. '85    
Durlam, F. B. B.S. '83    
Arne H Trelvik
4 November 2015

page 35
Durling, Leonard H. B.A. '66, M.A. '81 Baltimore, Md.  
DuRie, W. B. B.S. '71 Jersey City, N.M. Principal Public Schools
Dusenberry, D. S. B.S. '76 Nelson, Neb.  
Duvall, B. H. B.S. '68    
Eagleson, Nannie B.S. '68    
Eakman, C. B.S. '83    
Easter, Anna L. B.S. '91 Hamburg, Ark. Teacher
Ebersole, D. B.S. '77 Donnelsville, O. Teaeher
Eck, T. S. B.S. '76 Middletown, O.  
Eddy, R. B. B.S. '87 Galena, Kan.  
Edens, Lucy K. B.S. '87 Waco, Texas married J. C. Lattimore
Edgar, Lottie E. B.S. '84 OAkdale, Ills.  
Edgerton, J. Arthur B.A. '87 Kearney, Neb. Editor Nebraska People's Sentinel
Edwards, Wm. C. B.S. '82 Portsmouth, O.  
Edwards, Mrs. Viola B.S. '90 Canadian, Texas Teacher
Eilenberger, W. B. B.S. '86    
Ekin, L. M. B.S. '91 Butler, Pa.  
Elliott, C. W. B.S. '80, B.A. '88 Carthage, O. M. E. Minister
Elliott, A. A. B.S. '78 Steubenville, O. Physician
Arne H Trelvik
4 November 2015

page 36
Elliott, Emma B.S. '88, B.A. '89 Jefferson, O. married J. E. McKean
Elliott, Jno M. B.S. '88 Wooster, O. Postal Clerk P. Ft. W. & C.R.R.
Elliott, Anna H. B.S. '90 New Lisbon, O.  
Ellis, Dora B.S. '78 Springboro, O.  
Ellis, J. M. B.S. '78    
Ellis, Glenburn E. B.S. '92 Una, Tenn.  
Ellis, A. L. B.S. '74, B.A. '80 Kingston, O. Teacher
Ellsberry, Clara B.S. '73 Georgetown, O. Physician
Embick, Edwin B.S. '81 Toledo, O. Real Estate Dealer
Emerson, T. W. B.S. '73    
Engle, J. R. B.S. '88    
Enlow, Maggie D. B.S. '85 Helena, Mont. Married J. C. Templeton
Eudaly, W. A. B.S. '75 Cincinnati, O. Attorney-at-Law
Evans, E. S. B.S. '65 Columbus, O. Eye, Ear and Throat Specialist
Evans, Julia A. B.S. '73    
Evans, C. B. B.S. '76    
Evans, Jennie B.S. '78 Morrow, O. Married A. E. Coleman
Evans, Millie B'S. 78 Cincinnati, O. Married D. C. Washburn
Evans, Wallace C. B.S. '89 Peroia, Ills. Civil Engineer
Arne H Trelvik
4 November 2015

page 37
Evans, Mary B.S. '89    
Evans, Charles B.S. '91 Salem, Ky Principal Public Schools
Ewing, Laura C. B.S. '86 Perrysville, O.  
Ewing, R. B. B. S. '85 Weatherford, Texas Teacher
Fairchild, J. B. B.S. '83    
Fairchild, G. W. B. S. '80, B. A. '83    
Farming, J. P. C. E. '86    
Farrabee, Emma B.S. '81    
Fast, L. R. M. D. '91    
Fawley, E. W. B. S. '90 Hillsboro, O. Teacher
Fegan, Frank B. S. '71 St. Louis, Mo.  
Feitzhans, J. C. B. A. '87 Springfield, Ills.  
Felton, Lillian B. S. '79 Chillicothe, Mo. Married J. L. Schmitz.
Ferguson, Samuel J. B.S. '92 Hoyes, Md  
Field, Reamy Eugene B.S. '92 Stockton, O.  
Finch, Louie E. B. S. '87 Joplin, Mo.  
Finefrock, J. E. B. S. '87 Malvern, O. Supt. of Public Schools
Fink, Laura B. S. '88 Washington D.C. Treasury Department
Finley, Chas. R. B.S. '91, B. A. '92 Hoopeston, Ills. Teacher
Arne H Trelvik
17 September 2016

page 38
Finney, Frank B. B. S. '91 Cincinnati, O. Law Student
Finney, Wm. S. B. S. '86 Greensburgh, Pa. Teacher in High School
Fisher, Simon B. S. '88    
Fisher, Jake B. S. '91 Sutton, W. Va.  
Fitzgerald, W. T. B. S. '87 Greenville, O. Physician
Flack, A. C. B. S. '91 Fredonia, Kan. Physician and Surgeon
Fleming, E. C. I. J. '60    
Flanegan, Wm. Archard. B. S. '92 Clermontville, O.  
Flannery, Wm. H. B. S. '89 Lexington, Ky.  
Fleshman, A. C. B. S. '84, M. S. '91 Winchester, Ky. Supervising Prin. Public Schools
Flinchpaugh, A. E. B. S. '88 Cleves, O. Teacher
Florea, J. C. B. S., I. S. '90 Halietsville, Texas Principal of Schools
Flory, E. M. B. A. '91 Camden, O.  
Flowers, J. R. B. S. '83 Conway, Miss.  
Fogle, D. Edgar B. S. '89 Nashville, Tenn. Vanderbilt University
Ford, O. P. M. B. S. '86 Lawrenceburg, Ind.  
Forgey, B. F. B. S. '90 Proctorville, O. Teacher
Forman, L. J. B. S. '78 Petersburg, W. Va. Attorney-at-Law
Fortney, R. L. B. S. '87, B. A. '88 Cambridge, Mass.  
Arne H Trelvik
16 Sepember 2016

page 39
Foster, D. J. B. S. '88    
Forsyth, Ella B. S. '82 Alexandria, O. Married Mr. Martin
Foster, Wm. N. B. S. '92 Lebanon, O. Member of Classic Class
Fouts, Chas. M. B. S. '91 Lebanon, O. Law Student
Fouts, L. N. B. A. '84 Covington, Ind. Pres. Ind. Normal College
Freeman, R. B. S. '69    
Freeman, H. Grace B. S. '90 La Veta, Colo. Teacher. Married A. H. Ireland
French, Rebecca E. B. S. '84, B. A. '85 Marinette, Wis.  
French, Ella M. B. S. '80 Duluth, Minn. Married J. E. Benham
Fries, Ida M. B. S. '83, B. A. '84 Mitchell, Ind. Married J. C. Dickerson
Fries, L. H. B. S. '83 Deceased  
Fritz, Mary Amelia. B. S. '89 Portsmouth, O. Married J. S. Dodge
Frowine, R. B. B. S. '86    
Fry, H. J. B. S. '84, B. A. '85 Canton, Miss. Supt. of Schools
Fry, Will H. B. S. '85 Glasgow, Ky. Principal of Public Schools
Fry, Geo. Ulysses B. S., I. S. '89 Dysons, O. Traveling Salesman
Fry, Benj. Lee H. S. '86 Alexandria, Ky. Principal of Schools
Fuhr, Miss Willie B. S. '65    
Fuller, Nannie B. S. '86    
Arne H Trelvik
16 Sepember 2016

page 40
Funderburg, A. B. S. '77    
Funk, Sue B. S. '71 Elizabeth, Ind. At home
Funk, A. L. B. S. '72    
Funk, E. B. B. S. '84 Princeton, Ind. Hardware dealer
Funk, Clara B. S. '84 Jeffersonville, Ind. First Ass't in High School
Funk, J. P. A. M. '83 New Albany, Ind. Principal of High School
Funk, Alice B. S. '80, B. A. '84 Corydon, Ind. Teacher in Public Schools
Fuson, F. S. B. S. '73 Deceased  
Galbraith, L. W. B. S. '77, B. A. '78, M. A. '79 Maysville, Ky. Attorney-at-Law
Gall, Fenton B. S. '84 Hillsboro, O. President of College
Gallaher, R. M. B. S. '83, B. A. 84 Lebanon, O.  
Gallaher, Thos. A. B. A. '88 Varna, Ills. Principal of Schools
Gamble, R. H. B. S. '74 Lima, Ohio Civil Engineer
Gamble, J. Lee B. A. '68 Callicoon Depot, N. Y. Minister
Gant, J. R. B. S. '87 New Bradford, O. Cumberland Minister
Gardiner, Chas. B. S. '75 Physician  
Gardner, Lucy M. B. A. '91    
Garmon, O. C. B. S. '71    
Garrard, D. K. B. S. '82 Deceased  
Arne H Trelvik
16 Sepember 2016

page 41
Garrett, Emma. B.S. '77, B.A. '81. Ladoga, Ind. Married Mr. Wilson.
Garrett, J. T. B.A. '87. Houston, Miss.  
Garrett, Harvey L. LL.B. '89. Covington, Va. Attorney-at-Law.
Gattis, M. A. B.S. 84. Deceased.  
Geeding, Ada. B.S. '79, B.A. '81. Lebanon, O. Teacher in Public Schools.
Gelvin, Emma H. B.S. '85, B.A. '91. Lebanon, O. Married Prof. R. H. Holbrook.
George, Julia B.S. '88. Russell Gulch, Colo. MArried J. S. Morris.
Geyer, J. L. B.S. '79. Paulding, O.  
Gibbon, T. A. B.S. '72.    
Gibbs, H. C. B.S. '80, B.A. '83. Indianola Ills. M. E. Minister.
Gibson, Frances. B.S. '89, B.A. '90. Lebanon, O. Teacher of Rhetoric in N. N. U.
Giffin, W. D. B.S. '80. Gothenburg, Neb. Attorney-at-Law.
Giffin, S. A. B.S., C.E. '88. Gothenburg, Neb.  
Gifford, Jennie B.S. '67. Akron, O. Prin. Prep. Dept. of Buchtel College
Gilbert, Lenny C. B.S. '89. Oadland, Ills. Merchant
Gilbert, Nellie B.A. '68.    
Gile, Jennie. B.S. '83.    
Gilleylen, J. R. B.S. '91. Coalville, Utah Dentist.
Gilleylen, J. D. B.S. '90. Dover, Miss. Physician.
Arne H Trelvik
21 October 2014

page 42


Julia Gilliland, Newton E. Givens, W. S. Glass, Emma D. Glazier, Edna Glazier, Bertha A. Goff, N. L. Goff, John Goff, N. L. Gold, J. E. Goldsby, W. T. Gooden, W. S. Goodhue, Julia Goodman, Lizzie Gordon, Chas. McClellan Gordon, F. M. Gorman, John Nimrod Gosney, John A. Gotschall, E. D. Graber.

Arne H Trelvik
10 January 2012

page 43


P. E. Graber, Aaron Grady, H. W. Graham, Chas. J. Graham, A. B. Graham, W. W. Graham, Martha Grassham, Eudora Gray, J. K. Graybill, Laura Green, J. F. Green, C. L. Green, C. O. Green, W. J. Green, Mary T. Gregg, Walter Gregg, Wm. B. Gregory.

Arne H Trelvik
10 January 2012

page 44
Griffin, Mattie. B.S. '74    
Griffith, Jas. Rinaldo. B.S. '86, B.A. '89  Brandon, Miss. Principal Male High School.
Griffith, E. T. B.S. '89, M.D. '92 Muncie, Ind. Physician.
Grimm, Lida. B.S. '87 Lebanon, O. At home.
Grimm, Mary. B.S., I.S. '91, B.A. '92  Sauk Rapids, Minn. Teacher in Central College.
Groom, C. L. B.S. '84 Cobb, Ky. Farmer.
Groom, J. B. B.S. '84 Cobb, Ky. Farmer.
Groom, Elginia. B.S. '84 Aberdeeen, Miss. Married G. J. Leftwick.
Gaultney, W. E. B.S. '89 Deceased.  
Gustin, Frank M. B.S. '92 Lebanon, O.  
Gustin, M. E. B.S. '68 Lebanon, O. Mayor of City.
Grove, Abram. B.S., C.E. '86    
Hadley, Minnie. B.S., I.N. '87    
Hageman, Eva. B.S. '81, B.A. '85 Muncie Ind. Married J. W. Little.
Hageman, Lena, B.S. 85, B.A. '86 Marion, Ind.  
Hageman, Morris. B.S. '80 Muncie, Ind. Ball Bros. Glass M'f'g.
Hagerty, Sharp. B.A. '67 Brooks, Kan.  
Hainey, Linda R. B.S. '81, B.A. '85 Topeka, Kan. Teacher.
Haines, H. Wallace. B.S. '90, B.A. '91 Rockfort, Ill. Merchant.
Arne H Trelvik
26 September 2014

page 45
Hale, R. T. I.J. '60 Deceased.  
Hale, O. F. I.J. 61 Deceased.  
Hale, R. T. I.J. 61 Deceased.  
Hale, C. E. B.S. '76 Deceased.  
Hall, B. B. B.S. '68    
Hall, W. T. B.S. '80    
Hall, J. F. B.S. '74 Waterloo, O. Teacher.
Hall, J. T. B.S. '90    
Hallett, E. S. B.S. '79    
Hamilton, W. J. B.S. '79    
Hamilton, J. M. B.S. '89 Lebanon, O. Prof. N.N.U.
Hammel, S. B. B.S. '77, B.A. '79 Cincinnati, O.  
Hammer, Blanche B.S. '83    
Hammond, Ida B.S. '91    
Hampton, G. M. F. B.A. '88 Millersburg, Ky. Teacher in Female College.
Hamrick, Mallie F. B.S. '92 Rusk, Texas. Teacher
Handley, May B.S. '85 Jackson, O. Married J. C. Alexander.
Hanna, Dillie B.S. '68    
Arne H Trelvik
21 March 2017

page 46
Hanna, C. W. B.S. '75    
Hanna, C. R. B.S. '76    
Hanna, John A. B.A. '68    
Hannah, Will D. B.S. '88    
Hannum, A. D. B.S. '92 Portland, O.  
Hansen, W. F. B.A. '78, Ph.D. '84 Fulton, Ill. Prof. of Math. Nor. Ill. College.
Hansen, A. M. B.A. '79, M.A. '84, LL.D. '90 Fulton, Ill. President of Nor. Ill. College.
Harbaugh, H. W. B.A. '75 Chicago, Ill. Congregational Minister.
Harbison, Mary B.S. '82    
Harbison, W. F. B.S. '80    
Harbison, C. H. B.S. '82 Spencerville, O.  
Hardy, L. M. M.A. '85    
Hardy, Oscar B.S. '72    
Hardy, Ida. B.A. '74 Deceased.  
Harford, W. P. I.J. '60 Omaha, Nebr. Ass't Gen. Agt. Ætna Ins. Co.
Harford, W. A. B.S. '91    
Harlan, B. B. B.S. '76 Middletown, O.  
Harmon, J. A. B.S., C.E. '87 Milford, Ill. Civil Engineer.
Harper, Myra I.J. '61 Deceased.  
Arne H Trelvik
21 March 2017

page 47
Harper, W. F. B.A. '73, M.A. '80 Tacoma, Wash. Baptist Minister.
Harper, W. F. B.S. '75    
Harr, W. H. B.S. '73, B.A. '74 Hamilton, O. Attorney-at-Law.
Harriman, S. F. B.S. '74, B.A. '75 Avondale, Coshocton County, O.  
Harris, Chas H. B.S. '86 St. Paul, Minn. Attorney-at-Law.
Harris, D. S. B.S. '83 Carthage, Miss. Traveling Salesman.
Harris, S. Grant B.S. '82, B.A. '87 St. Paul, Minn. Attorney-at-Law.
Harrison, W. B. B.S. '81 Omaha, Nebr. Cashier Union Life Insurance Co.
Harrison, Jessie V. B.S. '81    
Harrison, Nellie J. B.S. '81    
Harrison, G. E. B.S. '80 Chattanooga, Tenn. Physician.
Harrison, Mary B.S. '71    
Harrison, W. B. B.S. '81    
Harsha, W. M. B.A. '77 Chicago, Ill. Physician.
Hart, Will P. B.S. '81 Versailles, Ind. Teacher.
Harter, J. J. B.S. '78    
Hartley, Mary E. B.S. '92 Water Valley, Texas. Teacher
Hatcher, John Harris B.S. '92 Eagle Creek, Tenn. Traveling Salesman
Arne H Trelvik
21 March 2017

page 48
Hatfield, Job. B.S. '79 Tiffin, O.  
Hathaway, C. F. B.S. '86, B.A. '87 Washington, D.C.  
Hawk, Fletcher B.S. '86 Cincinnati, O. Prinipal of ward school
Hawk, Ella B.S. '88 Elk Point, S. Dak. Married Andrew Ring.
Hawkins, W. B. B.S. '83.    
Hawkins, Josie B.B. '86. Topeka, Kan.  
Hawley, Carrie E. B.S. '92. Eureka, Spring, Ark.  
Haycock, D. W. B.S. '66. St. Louis, Mo. Wholesale Carriage Manufacturer.
Hays, H. C. B.S. '79.    
Hazlett, Myrta May. B.S. '89. Suadia, Syria. Married J. B. Dodds, Missionary.
Headington, J. M. B.S. '69 Mt. Vernon, O.  
Heady, Lena. B. S. '91. Gadsden, Ala. Teacher.
Hecox, E. C. B.S. '87, LL.B. '90. Pomeroy, o. Attorney-at-Law.
Hedrick, E. C. B.S., C.E. '87.    
Heffner, D. A. B.S. '76, B.A. '77. Clyde, O. Attorney-at-Law.
Hehr, Barbara B.S., I.S. '90. Alexander, Ala.  
Hehr, Fannie. B.S. '92. Dadeville, Ala. Teacher.
Heiney, Will M. B.S. '85. North Yakima, Wash. Prin. of Ahtanum College.
Heise, J. L. B.S. '76, B.A. 79. Circleville, O. Attorney-at-Law.
Arne H Trelvik
21 October 2014

page 49
Heizer, John A. B. S. '90 Sekitan, O.  
Heller, L. D. B. S. '74 Columbus, O. Attorney-at-Law
Helt, Nellie E. B. S. 85 Miles City, Mont. Married Mr. King
Helt, Elbert E. B. S. '88    
Helt, Winfred C. B. A. '78 Blue Ball, O. Pastor of Presbyterian Church
Henderson, Carl W. B. S. '89, B. A. '90 Waynesville, O.  
Henderson, Lee M. B. S. '88, B. A. '90 Waynesville, O.  
Henderson, M. Cora B. S. '83 Corinth, Miss.  
Henderson, Nettie E. B. S. '88    
Hendrickson, Adda B. S. '85 Eureka Springs, Ark. Married Mr. Barnett
Hennessey, Rosa N. B. S. '91 Lebanon, O. Student
Henry, Edwin S. B. S. '86 Washington, D.C. Exam'r in U. S. Patent Office
Hercules, Alanson B. S., I. S., C. E. '91 Lightsville, O.  
Herd, Emma A. B. S. '81, B. A. '82 Raymond, O. Teacher
Herd, W. H. B. S. '81 Raymond, O. Farmer
Heskett, Frank P. B. A. '80 Deceased  
Hess, Lloyd N. B. S. '86 Deceased  
Hetzler, Orrie I. B. S., I. S. '90 Rochester, Wash. Principal of Schools
Hicks, L. E. I. J. '61 Deceased  
Arne H Trelvik
17 September 2016

page 50
Higgins, W. W. B.S. ;89 San Saba, Texas. Teacher in College.
Hill, Ellen B.S., I. S. '91 Herman, Nebr. Teacheer
Hill, Laura B.S. '90 Hillsboro, O. Teacher
Hill, John T. B.S. '90 Crider, Tenn. Teacher.
Hilbrant, Wm. B.S., I.s. '89 Moreville, Tex. Teacher.
Hillery, W. S. B.S. '71    
Hillis, Sallie B.S. '68 Akron, O.  
Hirons, Allen Norman B.S. '89 Hedrick, Iowa Teacher in Normal School
Hirst, B. D. B.S. '86    
Hitchcock, C. E. B.S. '73    
Hitchcock, L. V. B.S. '74 Red Bluff, Cal. Attorney-at-Law
Hixom, Hiram F. M.A. '83 Canton, O. Editor People's Forum
Hizar, J. Clyde B.S. '91, B.A. '92 Lebanon, O. Law student
Hobson, J. G. B.S. '74    
Hodges, J. A. B.S. '91 Ballardsville, Miss. Teacher
Hoff, Mattie B.S. '79, B.A. '82 Valdosta, Ga. Teacher. Married G. C. Moore.
Hoff, W. H. B.S. '98 Gunnison, Colo. Principal of Schools
Hoff, Weller H. B.S. '92 Mason, O.  
Hoff, G. Frank B.S. '89 Union City, Ind. Superintendent High School
Arne H Trelvik
21 March 2017

page 51
Hoffhines, I. N. B.S., I.S. '89 Chicago, Ill. Postal Service
Hogle, J. O. B.S. '85    
Holbrook, R. H. I.J. '61, B.A. '66 Lebanon, O. Vice-President N.N.U.
Holbrook Josiah B.S. '65 Lebanon, O. Dean Commercial Dep't N.N.U.
Holbrook, John B. B.A. '67 Deceased  
Holbrook, Irene B.A. '70 Lebanon, O. married W. A. Clark.
Holbrook, Anna L. B.A. '71 Lebanon, O.  
Holbrook, Mary B.S. '77 Boulder, Colo. married Dr. R. Batlett.
Holbrook, Anna I. B.S. '90, B.A. '91 Lebanon, O. Teacher
Holbrook, D. M. B.S. '91 Newfoundland, Ky  
Holbrook, Alfred H. B.S. '92 Lebanon, O.  
Holliday, Geo. L. B.A. '66 Pittsburgh, Pa. Agent American Book Co.
Hollingsworth, Josephus I.J. '60    
Hollister, Mary H. B.S. '92 Union City, Ind.  
Holly, P. B. B.S. '81 Hamilton, O. Attorney-at-Law
Holly, Bine B.S. '82, B.a. '83 Hamilton, O.  
Holly, Wilhelmina B.S. '82, B.A. '84 Fairfield, Ill. Married J. M. Rapp, Editor and Pub.
Holroyd, Sara J. B.S. '91 Steubenville, O.  
Hood, Laura B.S. '78 Logansport, Ind. Teacher
Arne H Trelvik
21 March 2017

page 52
Hood, Alice C. B.S. '79    
Hood, J. L. B.S. '82, B.A. '88 Bastrop, Texas Attorney-at-Law
Hood, A. B. B.S. '82, B.A. '83 Toledo, O. Merchant
Hooker, Jessie B.S. '86, B.A. '87 Deceased  
Hooker, Wm. H. B.S. '92 Corinth, Miss. Teacher.
Hoover, L. G. B.S. '74 Deceased  
Hoover, Florence B.S. '75, B.A. '76 Felicity, O.  
Hoover, C. C. B.S. '77 New Vienna, O.  
Hoover, Wm. M. B.S. '78 Grove City, O. Physician
Hoover, Eva B.S. '78 Felicity, O. Married Mr. Page.
Hoover, W. L. B.S. '81    
Hord, Anna T. B.S. '91, I.E. '91 Shelbyville, Ky. Teacher
Horn, Calvin W. B.S. '88, B.A. '89   Minister
Horne, Samuel H. B.A. '92 Des Arc, Ark. Principal of Schools
Hornell, Wm. B.S. '81    
Horst, J. R. B.S. '83 Hillsboro, O. Attorney-at-Law
Horst, Otto F.


Leesburg, O. Teacher
Howard, Mattie B.S. '76 Goshen, Ind. Married J. W. Cain
Howell, Alice G. B.S. '64    
Arne H Trelvik
21 March 2017

page 53
Howell, Clara B. B.S. '81 Deceased.  
Howry, Lida B.S. '74, B.A. '79 Cumminsville, O. Married Dr. R. Whallon
Howser, W. D. B.S. '90 Lebanon, O. Member Classic Class
Howser, M. P. B.S. '92 Red Boiling Springs, Tenn  
Hosick, Thomas G. B.S. '89 Dayton, O.  
Hostetter, F. F. B.S. '91 Otwell, Ind.  
Hoy, Nellie I. B.S. '80, B.A. '81 India Married Mr. Lawson
Hoyt, M. Jennie B.S. '75 San Jose, Cal. Married G. W. Worthen.
Huckleberry, Ida B.S. '91 Mound City, Ill Teacher in Public Schools.
Hudson, T. M. B.S. '87    
Hudson, John D. B.S. '90 Liberty Hill, Texas Teacher
Hueston, Jessie B.S. '83 Flushing, N.Y. Teacher of Nat. Science and Curator in High School
Hughes, Alma B.S. '82 Valdalia, Mo.  
Hughes, C. B. B.S., I.N. '87 Rye, Colo.  
Hughes, Benj. F. B.S, I. N. '87, B.A. '92 Carthage, Miss. Principal of Schools
Hughes, John F. B.S. '86, B.A. '88    
Hughes, H. H. B.A. '86    
Arne H Trelvik
21 March 2017

page 54
Hughes, Marguerite S. B.A. '92 Lee, O. Married Charles R. Harmon.
Hull, Orestus B.S. '89    
Humphrey, George Lee B.S. '92 Cynthiana, Ky.  
Humphrey, Wm. R. B.S. '85 Monticello, Ill. Editor Piatt County Herald
Humphreys, Alfred B.S. '87 St. Paul, Minn.  
Hunter, E. R. B.S. '90    
Hunter, C. A. B.S. '91 Oak Hill, O. Teacher
Huop, J. M. B.S. '78 Chicago, Ill. Attorney-at-Law
Hurst, Geo. B. M. B.S. '86 Youngstown, O.  
Hussey, Viola B.S. '91 New Vienna, O. Student of Music
Hussey, A. W. B.S. '78 Warsaw, Ill. Superintendent of Schools
Huston, Margaret A. B.S. '77 Los Angeles, Cal. Teacher in High School
Iams, J. E. B.S. '88, B.A. '89    
Ice, Irene B.S. '86 Arkadelphia, Ark. Instructor Elo. Meth. col.
Ice, Madge B.S. '86 Jasper, Fla.

Prin. Eng. Dep't Jasper Nor. Ins't.

Ickes, J. M.

B.S. '80

Newark, O. Postmaster
Ingram, Stella B.S. '79    
Irion, Henry T. B.S. '92 Mercerville, O.  
Irons, Amanda B.S. '87, B.A. '88 Covington, Ky. Ass't Matron Children's Home
Arne H Trelvik
21 March 2017

page 55
Irwin, Flora E. B.S. '84 Mason, O.  
Irwin, Geo. M. B.S. '90, B. A. '92 Mason, O. Law student at Cincinnati
Ivins, Howard W. B.S. '92 Lebanon, O. Student.
Jackman, Edith L. B.S. '76, B.A. '79    
Jacks, L. F. B.S. '84 Clarksville, O.  
Jackson, Cornelia S. B.S. '65    
Jackson, C. L. B.S. '73 Deceased  
Jackson, E. E. B.S. '82 Washington, D.C. Treasury Department
Jackson, Wm. H. B.S. '86 Greencastle, Ind. Law student
Jackson, Alice B.S. '87 Velisca, Iowa Married Clark Hale
Jackson, Austin B.S. '90 Rigdon, Ind. Teacher
Jackson, Alice B.S. '89    
Jackson, James N. B.A. '85 Mineola, Texas Teacher
Jacobs, G. L. I.J. '60 Council Bluffs, Iowa Ex-County Superintendent
Jacobs, Albert E. B.S. '89 Tycoon, O.  
James, W. W. B.S. '75    
Jameson, M. A. B.S. '77 Lebanon, O. Attorney-at-Law
Jarratt, Bernard B.S. '90 Jacksonville, Ala. Pres. State Normal School
Jehu, Sadie B.S. '74    
Arne H Trelvik
21 March 2017

page 56
Jenkins, M. C. B.S. '80    
Jenkins, Tilmon. B.S. '81, B.A. '82    
Jeter, James G. B.S. '88 Jacksonville, Ala. Prof. State Normal School.
Johnson, Lucy. B.S. '76 Athens, O. Married Mr. Jones
Johnson, A. E. B.S. '88, M.A. '87 Portsmouth, O. Pastor M. E. Church
Johnson, N. C. B.S. '80, B A. '89 Cambridge City, Ind. Superintendent of Schools.
Johnson, J. H., Jr. B.A. '82 Sheffield, Ala.  
Johnson, R. F., Rev. B.S. '81, M.A. '85 Water Valley, Miss. Minister Cumb. Pres. Church
Johnson, E. F. B.S. '82 Ann Arbor, Mich. Ass't Prof. Law University
Johnson, W. E. B.S. '82, M.A. '86 Clarksdale, Miss. Supt. of City Schools.
Johnston, G. B. B.S. '84 New Whatcom, Wash. Supt. of Schools.
Johnston, Clara. B.S. '86   Married Mr. Carroll
Johnston, M. K. B.S., I.S. '90, B.A. '91 Buffalo, N.Y. Law Student
Jolly, J. C. B.S. '82 Lake, Ind. Physician
Jones, C. M. B.S. '67, B.A. '68 Deceased.  
Jones, Cornelius. B.S. '78    
Jones, Lafe. B.S. '80    
Jones, G. G. B.S. '81, B.A. '82 Gadsden, Ala. Superintendent Schools
Jones, Kate B. B.S. '81    
Arne H Trelvik
26 September 2014

page 57
Jones, J. W. B.S. '85 Manchester, O. Superintendent Schools.
Jones, Morgan H. B.S.'85 Fort Worth, Texas. Principal of School.
Jones, E. Lance B.S. '92 New Philadelphia, Ill.  
Jones, A. E. B.S. '78 Atchison, Kansas.  
Jones, Ira L. B.S. '87, B.A. '88, M.A. '89 Chicago, Ill. Attorney-at-Law.
Jones, Dora. B.S. '91 Sedan, O. Teacher
Jones, A. V. B.S. '92 Cherry Fork, O. Teacher
Joseph, Corydon S. B.S. '90 Lebanon, O. Member Classic Class
Joyce, R. P. B.S. '83 Sater, O. Physician
Joyce, Sheridan. B.S. '90 Ross, O.  
Joyce, Walter. B.S. '90 Ross, O.  
Judkins, J. W. B.S. '75    
Jurey, Louisa I.N. '63 Lebanon, O. Married Lot Wright
Kane, A. L. B.S. '85    
Kean, Mary. B.S. '91 Wichita Falls, Texas. Teacher
Keaton, James R. B.S. '84 Guthrie, Oklahoma Ter. Attorney-at-Law.
Keech, Eugene E. B.S. '81, B.A. '82 Santa Ana, Cal. Attorney-at-:Law.
Keelery, Harriet E. B.S. '89, B.A. '91 Lebanon, O. At Home
Keelor, Ollie B.S. '71    
Arne H Trelvik
26 September 2014

page 61
Laughlin, W. H. B.A. '88    
Laylander, Florence B.S. '70    
Lawrence, Elmer W. B.S. '92 Winchester, Ind. Teacher.
Lawson, S. B. M.D. '92    
Laylander, Nettie B.S. '70    
Leach, Minington B.S. '88, B.A. '90 Deceased.  
Lee, J. J. B.A. '91 Eastfork, Miss. President of College.
Leech, J. B. B.S. '91 Catlettsburg, Ky. Superintendent Schools.
Leeper, Mollie E. B.S. '65, B.A. '66 Kansas City, Mo. Married Mr. Morris
Leftwich, Geo. J. B.S. '81, B. A. '82 Aberdeen, Miss. Lawyer.
Leinbach, T. J. B.S. '77 Rossville, Ga. Engaged in fruit culture
Lentz, J. J. B.S. '77 Columbus, O. Attorney-at-Law.
Leonard, Georgia F. B.S. '68 Cambridgeport, Miss.  
Leonard, Eda C. B.S. '64 Deceased.  
Leonard, A. S. B.S. '74    
Leonard, W. W. B.S. '77 Akron, O. Physician.
Lesh, L. D. B.S. 79 Eaton, O.  
Lewis, Emily. B.S. '77 Newcastle, O.  
Lewis, E. J. B.S. '77    
Arne H Trelvik
26 September 2014

page 64
Lyon, A. P. B.A. '74 New York City Professor in Boy's College.
Mabon, C. A. B.S. '90, B.A. '92 Marion Center, Pa.  
McBride, F. E. B.S. '84, M.D. '86 Deceased.  
McBrown, G. B.S. '82, B.A. '83    
McCain, Lizzie B.S. '70    
McCafferty, Wm. B.S. '85    
McCampbell, G. W. B.S. '84 Tustin, Cal.  
McCarley, N. Brant. B.S. '86    
McCartney, Marcus N. B.S. '85, B.A. '91 Mound City, Ill. Supt. of Public Schools
McCash, F. N. B.S. '82 Maryville, Mo. Pastor Christian Church
McCauley, W. F. B.A. '83 Dayton, O. Pres. Ohio Christian Endeavor Union.
McClellend, J. H. B.S. '81 Cincinnati, O.  
McClure, Virginia J. B.S. '82    
McConnell, Chas. A. B.S. '92 Simpson, Ill.  
McConnell, J. B. B.S. '74    
McCormick, A. F. B.S. '79    
McCormick, C. A. B.S. '80, B.A. '81 Ripley, O.  
McCormic, Burton. B.S. '85 Granger, Texas. Principal Schools.
McCowan, Jennie M.A. '83    
Arne H Trelvik
26 September 2014

page 69


Means, J. H. B.S. '80
         Troy, O. Physician

Meek, W. C. B.S. '82
         Irondale, O. Minister

Mell, A. W. B.S. '74
         Nashville, Tenn.

Meloy, L. S. B.S. '80
         Springfield, O. School Principal.

Meloy, Mrs. Alice B.S. '80
         Springfield, O.

Meloy, C. C. B.S. '92
         Lebanon, O. Member of Classic Class.

Melton, Anna B.A. '87
         Oroomiah, Persia. Missionary.

Mendenhall, Hon. T. C. I.N. '61, A.M. '71
         Washington, D.C. supt. U.S. Coast Survey.

Mendenhall, E. L. B.S. '91
         Huntington, Tenn. Prof. of Math. S. Nor. Univ'y.

Merritt, Wm. C. B.S., I. S. '90
         Mineral City, O. superintendent of Schools.

Messenger, A. C. I.J. '60

Messmore, Cynthia. B.S. '75

Methan, Alora B.S. '77
         Marysville, Tenn. Married W. A. Cate.

Milam, C. W. B.S. '82
         McMechen, W. Va. Pastor M. E. Church.

Milhollin, Mary E. B.S., I.S. '90

Miller, A. J. B.S. '83

Miller, H. E. B.S. '83

Miller, Geo. W. B.S. '84, B.a. '85
         Fair Play, Colo. County Superintendent of Schools.

Miller, Ella. B.S. '86


page 75
Neff, Enoch. B.S. '77    
Neff, Franklin B.S. '80 Jeff's O. Justice of the Peace
Neighbour, L. B. B.S. '81, B.A. '82 Dixon, Ill. County Surveyor.
Neighbors, Wm. Bennett. B.S. '89, B.A. '91 Kellyton, Ala. Principal of Graded Schools.
Nelms, Hayne B.S. '90 Austin, Texas. Law student in U. of T.
Nelms, Kate B.S. '90 Kendrick, Idaho. Teacher.
Nelson, George M. B.A. '68    
Newell, T. D. B.S. 77    
Newcomer, J. B.S. '66    
Newman, A. M. B.S. '81    
Nevins, Lot. B.S. '73    
Nicherson, H. A. B.A. '91    
Nichols, C. C. B.S. '67    
Nichols, Annie B.S. '89 Erin, Tenn. Teacher.
Nicholay, J. B. B.S. '68 Deceased  
Niday, F. Butler B.S., C.E. '89 San Francisco, Cal. Civil Engineer
Niday, J. E. B.S. '91 Reagan, Texas. Principal Public Schools.
Niday, J. L. B.S. '87, B.A. '91 Caldwell, Id. Superintendent Public School.
Niles, H. P. B.S. '87    
Arne H Trelvik
26 September 2014

page 79
Pate, W. F. B.S. '90. B/A/ '91. Elizabethtown, Ky. Principal of Graded School.
Patterson, J. L. B.S. '78    
Patison, S. G. B.S. '81 Ft. Wayne, Ind. Professor in Taylor University
Patton, A. C. B.S. '83 Washington, C.H., O. Attorney-at-Law.
Patton, O. M. B.S. '88 Mosgow, O. Superintendent of Schools.
Patton, C. E. B.S. '78    
Patton, Annie E. B.S. '92 Charleston, W. Va. Ass't. Principal in High School.
Paxton, J. W. B.S. '78 Dunlapsville, Ind. Teacher.
Paxton, G. P. B.S. '83    
Pearce, Eugene H. B.S. '65 Danville, Ky. Minister
Pierce, J. M. B.S. '80    
Pearson, Charles. B.S., I.S. '92 Bradford, O. Teacher.
Perfect, T. W. B.S. '77, B.A. '78 Saltillo, Tenn. Attorney-at-Law.
Perry, Warren F. B.S. '88, B.A. '90 Conyers, Ga. Teacher
Petry, Henry. B.S. '83    
Pflumner, Lizzie. B.S. '87 Lebanon, O. Member Classic Class.
Pflumner, Maggie. B.S. '87 Deceased.  
Pflumner, Sadie. B.S. '87 Lebanon, O. Teacher.
Phares, Jennie E. B.S. '76, B.A. '78 Wichita, Kansas. Married Mr. Eldridge


Arne H Trelvik
26 September 2014

page 82
Ralls, George T. B.S. '89 Muskogee, Ind. Ter. Attorney-at-Law.
Randall, P. A. B.S. '78 Alfonte, Ind. Lumber and Grain Dealer.
Randolph, Lowell W. B.S. '90    
Rapp, J. M. B.S. '83, B.A. '84 Fairfield, Ill. Editor of "Wayne County Record."
Rasco, Isaac. B.S. '82 Willow Hole, Texas.  
Ray, Teague B.S. '79 Chattanooga, Tenn.  
Rayne, Otis G. B.S. '92 Geneva, Ind. Proprietor of "Geneva Herald."
Raynham, Hannah. B.S., I.S. '90 Slaughter, La. Prin. of Kernan Collegiate Institute.
Rea, O. A. B.S. '75    
Ream, C. E. B.S. '91 Cincinnati, O. Medical Student.
Reason, J. M. B.S. '81 West Liberty, O. Superintendent of Schools.
Reed, Flora. B.S. '89    
Reed, E. C. B.S. '75    
Reed, Albert. M.D. '89 Woodbroome, N.Y. Physician.
Reel, Emmet C. B.A. '90 Vincennes, Ind.  
Rees, Stanley A. B.S. '90 Red Lion, O. Teacher.
Reese, Mary. B.S. '84 Joseph, Ill. Married C. O. Du Bois.
Reeves, Clifford. B.S. '91 Red Lion, o. Farmer.
Rehl, Wm. G. B.S., I.S. '90, B.A. '91 Zanesville, O. Supt. Trinity Lutheran School./
Arne H Trelvik
27 September 2014

page 90
Shrover, Harriet E. B.S. '89. Greenville, O. Teacher
Shulenberger, H. Ambrose. M.D. '92. Smithville, O.  
Sievers, Winona. B.S. '89. Mason O.  
Sigler, James F. B.S. '85, B.A. '89. Jacksonville, Texas Prin. Jacksonville Institute.
Sikes, Frank A. B.S., I.S. '89, B.A. '90. Walla Walla, Wash. Teacher.
Siler, Adam T. B.S. '92. Lot, Ky. Teacher.
Simkins, J. D. B.S. '80. St. Mary's O. Superintendent Public Schools.
Simkins, Mary Brooks. B.S. '88 Conyers, Ga. Married W. F. Perry.
Simmons, Sterling V. B.S. '82. Deceased.  
Simmons, W. V. B.S. '70.    
Simpson, A. B. B.S. '91. Spring Hill, Ky. Principal of School.
Singleton, J. L. B.S. '77. Mt. Vernon, O. Engineer.
Slask, C. H. B.S. '73.    
Slayback, J. C. B.S. 75, B.A. '77 Hamilton, O. Attorney-at-Law.
Slocum, Clara R. B.S. '92. Wakefield, R.I. Teacher.
Slough, Wm. S. B.S. '86.    
Sluss, E. E. B.S., L.S. '91 Salina, O. Attorney-at-Law.
Smallwood, J. W. B.S. '83, LL.B. '88 Zaleska, O.  
Smallwood, F. M. B.S. ''84.    
Arne H Trelvik
21 October 2014

page 92


Smith, W. W.   B.A. '89
          Chicago, Ill. Theological student.
Smith, Alice.     B.A. '87

Snavely, G. W.   B.S. '74
          Urbana, O. Teacher of Penmanship.
Snyder, S. B.    B.S. '92
          Jellico, Tenn.
Sonner, T. B.     B.S. '90

Sorber, O. F.     B.D. '80

Soule, O. M.     B.S. '92
          Port Union, O.
Sours, Lula A.     B.S. '90

Spangler, C. S.     B.S. '82, B.A. '83
          Washington C.H., O. Attorney-at-law.
Speer, John N.      B.S. '86

Spence, Fannie.     B.S. '84
Spence, J. M.     B.S. '81
          Spencer, O. Contractor and Sewere Builder.
Spencer, J. H.     B.S. '79
          Ironton, O. Physician
Sprague, A. A.     B.S. '88
          Hazelwood, O. Teacher
Sprague, W. T.     B.S. '90
          Columbus, O.
Sprague, Huldah.     B.S. '64
          Arabella, Cal. Married H. N. S. Newton.
Springer, C. H.     B.S. '89.

Arne H Trelvik
9 January 2012

page 93


L. A. Stabler, D. W. Stair, D. W. Staley, Wynne S. Staley, James A. Stanley, Nora Slant, B. F. Stapleton, Daniel Staver, John Stathers, J. J. G. Steddom, John A. Steele, J. G. Steffee, Sadie Stephan, P. Stephens II, H. F. Stephenson, W. J. Stevens, B. F. Stewart, W. P. Stewart, Wilbur H. Strickland

Arne H Trelvik
9 January 2012

page 94


S. A. Stillwell, Gussie Stocker, A. M. Stocking, W. H. Stone, Melville Stone, E. T. Stoner, S. A. Stout, Nina Stowe, J. E. Strayer, Wm. T. Strouse, J. E. Stuart, J. S. Stultz, P. P. Stultz, E. Stuver, Harvey Surface, C. Z. Sutton, Maggie Sutton, W. F. Swain, C. W. Swain

Arne H Trelvik
9 January 2012

page 95


George Swanson, J. Francis Swarens, J. M. Sycks, J. E. Sylvester, T. F. Tabler, Charles G. Tackberry, J. H. Tanquary, B. E. Tatum, Daisy Tatum, J. B. Gordon Tatum, Wm. F. Tawzer, W. S. Taylor, Carrie Taylor, C. H. Taylor, O. G. Taylor, Shelby Taylor, A. T. Teeter, J. C. Templeton, W. T. Terrill

Arne H Trelvik
9 January 2012

page 98
Trimble, Sallie B.S. '75.    
Trindle, Joseph. B.S. '83.    
Troendley, J. H. B.S. '90, B.A. '91. Central City, Colo. Superintendent of Schools.
Trout, O. B. B.S. '78. Springfield, O. Attorney-at-Law.
Trump, C. O. B.S. '89. Locust Corner, O.  
Trump, Wilson F. B.S. '89.    
Tubb, C. L. B.S. '90. Aberdeen, Miss. Superintendent Public Education.
Tucker, John B.S. '69. Canal Cover, O. Principal of School.
Tucker, E. N. B.S. '84.    
Turner, W. T. B.S. '82.    
Turner, Emmett. B.S. '84.    
Turner, Ella Mary B.S. '86. Portland, Or. Married Mr. Doty
Turner, W. Bruce. B.S. '91. Valparaiso, Ind. Student in Stenography.
Turner, Clarence W. B.S. '91. Valparaiso, Ind. Law Student
Turnipseed, A. G. B.S. '86. Ann Arbor, Mich. Law Student.
Tuttle, Lucius V. B.S. '64. Deceased  
Twichell, W. T. B.S. '83.    
Twichell, Lillie C. B.S. '84. Indianapolis, Ind. Married Mr. Barnes
Tye, H. H. B.S. '87, B.A. '90. Williamsburg, Ky.  
Arne H Trelvik
21 October 2014

page 103
Wheatley, Julia. B.S. '70, B.A. '71 Oakland City, Cal. Married Earnst Emerson
Wheatley, J. B. B.S. '92 Paintsville, Ky. Teacher
Whetstone, Hannah J. B.S. '84    
Whippy, C. A. B.S. '84    
Whitaker, A. L. B.S. '81 Kirkwood, Mo. Superintendent of Schools.
White, J. L. B.S. '70    
White, Marcia P. B.S. '92 Lebanon, O. N.N.U. Librarian.
White, Lizzie C. B.S. '73 Lebanon, O. At home.
White, Bernard. B.S. '92    
White, P. F. B.S. '79, B.A. '80 Deceased.  
White, S. F. B.S. '82    
White, A. M. B.S. '83 Kirkersville, O. Farmer.
White, Reba. B.S. '86 Cuyahoga, O. Maqrried J. C. Rowland
White, Sylvia. B.S, I.S. '89    
Whitehurst, Z. B. B.S. '85 Coleman, Texas.  
Whiteside, J. W. B.S. '72 Deceased.  
Whiteside, A. J. B.A. '91 Clear Lake, Minn. Principal of Schools.
Wilbur, F. D. B.S. '85    
Wiley, Lizzie B.S. '91 Inlow, Mo. Bookkeeper.


Arne H Trelvik
26 September 2014

page 105
Williamson, W. H.

B.S. ' 77

Willison, W. B. B.S. '78    
Wilkerson, Thaddeus. B.S., I.S. '91    
Wilkins, Lizzie. B.S. '67 Deceased.  
Wilson, J. H. B.S. '79 Holgate, O. Merchant.
Wilson, Amanda B.S. '87    
Wilson, Hermon W. B.S. '88 Deceased.  
Wilson, Cullie G. B.S. '91 South Denver, Colo. Married Rev. A. K. Stabler
Wilson, H. C. B.A. '91 Falmouth, Ky. Principal Graded School
Wilson, F. G. B.S. '91 Ermis, Texas. Teacher
Winegar, Ella B.S. '87    
Winn, Phillip B. B.S., C.E. '92 Winston, N.C. In Davis School.
Wise, C. N. B.S. '85    
Wiseman, Rorcoe S. B.S., I.S. '92    
Wishard, George W. B.S. '84 Lebanon, O. Special Student
Withans, G. W. B.S. '76    
Withers, John W. B.S., I.S. '80, B.A. '91 Waddy, Ky. Principal Kentucky Normal School.
Withgott, T. M. B.S. '69    
Wolcott, Clinton L. B.S. '86, B.A. '87 Social Circle, Ga. Teacher.
Arne H Trelvik
26 September 2014
Arne H Trelvik
21 October 2014

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