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Bulletin of Lebanon University
Lebanon, Ohio

  Ken Daniszewski   

The bulletin is 40 pages in length
   pages 1 through 10 give information about the school and its various programs, departments & activities
   pages 11 through 14 list the requirements for the various degrees offered
   pages 15 through 32 provide individual course descriptions
   page 33 is a class photo labeled "1910 Scientifics"
   pages 34 through 40 provides a Register of Students 1909-1910, representing fifteen different states and countries

The entire bulletin is available for download as a pdf file below.  Selected pages have been converted to individual jpg images

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pdf file:
Lebanon University Catalogue Vol. 2, No. 5, 1910-1911.pdf
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front cover

Bulletin of
Lebanon University
Catalogue Number.
Vol. 2           No. 5

Lebanon, Ohio.

transcribed by
 Arne H Trelvik
21 January 2009
inside front cover
Wallace E. Miller (French Bros.) Lebanon, Ohio
Prof. V. S. Loer Lebanon, Ohio
Ira F. Bigony (Citizens National Bank) Lebanon, Ohio
Dr. B. H. Blair Lebanon, Ohio
John Marshall Mulford (Western Star) Lebanon, Ohio
J. Warren Wood (Citizens National Bank) Lebanon, Ohio
Solomon Fred (S. Fred Co.) Lebanon, Ohio
Prof. J. P. Cummins Cincinnati, Ohio
Prof. J. W. Withers St. Louis, Mo.
Myers M. Cooper Cincinnati, Ohio
Geo. O. March (March Bros., Pub.) Lebanon, Ohio
Dr. A. W. Mardis Lebanon, Ohio
Frank A. Brandon (Brandon, Burr & Ivins) Lebanon, Ohio
J. S. Morris (J. S. Morris Co.) Lebanon, Ohio
F. M. Cunningham Lebanon, Ohio
Judge David Davis Cincinnati, Ohio

P. V. Bone (Lebanon National Bank)

Lebanon, Ohio
Wallace E. Miller President
Prof. V. S. Loer Secretary
Ira F. Bigony Treasurer
Wallace E. Miller Chairman.
Ira. F. Bigony Treasurer.
Prof. V. S. Loer Secretary.
Geo. O. March  
Dr. B. H. Blair  
transcribed by
 Arne H Trelvik
21 January 2009
page 1


Catalogue Number

Published Bi-Monthly during the school year by Lebanon University, Lebanon, Ohio.  Entered as Second-Class matter November 3, 1908, at the post-office at Lebanon, Ohio, under Act of Congress, July 16, 1894.

By Action of the Board of Trustees in April, 1907, the name was changed from the National Normal University to Lebanon University

Founded in 1855.
Re-Chartered 1904.

with information for 1911-1912
Lebanon, Ohio

transcribed by
 Arne H Trelvik
21 January 2009

larger view
page 2
Prof. R. Heber Holbrook.
Prince among men and teachers
Member Board of Trustees
Born April 10, 1845.   Died February 13, 1910
transcribed by
 Arne H Trelvik
21 January 2009
page 3 


Floyd Poe, A. M., D.D.,
President and Professor of Philosophy.

Fletcher Hawk, A. M.,
Professor of Ancient Languages

Louis K. Oppitz, A. M.
Professor of Science and Mathematics

Wallace E. Miller, A. M.,
Professor of Sociology and Economics.

Amos McClellan Crane, A. M.
Professor of Botany and Nature Study.

William Stephen Oppitz,
Professor of Modern Languages

Lucille Blackburn Berry, Ph. B.,
Professor of English, Literature and History

Lester S. Ivins, M. S.,
Special Lecturer in Agriculture

B. H. Blair, M. D.,
Special Lecturer in Abnormal Psychology

Chester E. Roberts, B. S.,
Instructgor in Book-keeping

Frieda M. Sieker, B. B. S.,
Instructor in Stenography and Typewriting

A. W. Mardis, M. D.
Instructor in Physiology and Hygiene

transcribed by
 Arne H Trelvik
21 January 2009
page 4 

Glenna Ruhl Poe
Instructor in Piano

Laura Cunningham,
Instructor in Voice

Ben Lewis,
Instructor in Violin and Wind Instruments

Florence I. March, A. B.,

Elva May Drake, A. B.,

Alberta Kinsey,
Teacher of Drawing, China Painting, etc.


Cambrian Glee Club.
Vassar Girls.
Senator Burkett.
Dr. D. F. Fox
Robert Stuart McArthur.
Parland-Newhall Company.

Rev. Ira. Landreth, LL. D.     Commencement Oration.
Rev. Wm. Frost Crispin     Baccalaureate Sermon.

transcribed by
 Arne H Trelvik
21 January 2009
page 5 


Lebanon University is located at Lebanon, Ohio, an ideal school town of 4500 people.  It is a well known fact that the most delightful social and moral environments are found in the small college town.  Lebanon is no exception.  It is a college town and is proud that it is nothing more.  Its college traditions of educational qualifications, moral stamina and social gentility give it a charm unique and happy.  But it is modern, having electric lights, sewerage, water works, gas, paved walks, fire protection and no saloons.  Thus Lebanon has the advantage of time-honored influences plus all modern conveniences.  The ideal place to study diligently, uninterrupted or tempted by city allurements.  From Cincinnati take the Interurban Traction or the Cincinnati, Lebanon and Northern R.R.  From Dayton, take the Cincinnati, Dayton and Toledo Traction or the Dayton, Lebanon and Cincinnati R.R.

In 1855, what is now Lebanon University was organized as the South-western Normal School by the leading teachers of Southern Ohio, who chose for its principal Alfred Holbrook, then superintendent of public schools at Salem, Ohio.  In 1870, students having been received from thirteen states and one territory, the name was changed to the National Normal School.  In 1883, the field of influence having been materially widened, the National Normal University was established.  In 1904 the institution was re-chartered under a Board of Trustees, as a corporation without profit, and is therefore now a public institution.  In 1907, by unanimous action of the Trustees, the name National Normal University was changed to Lebanon University, by which name the school is now known, doing University work in the famous normal spirit.  In accord with an act of the Ohio

transcribed by
 Arne H Trelvik
21 January 2009
page 6 

Legislature, 1908, the University is a part of the school system of Lebanon, and is supported by a city tax.  All high school graduates of Lebanon are thus given free tuition in the University.

   First, to make possible higher education for the person who quits school too early and is now too old to enter preparatory classes with boys and girls. There ar many students ranging from 17 to 40 years of age who come to Lebanon and do their preparatory work and then their College work.
   Second, to help the teachers of the public schools to a livelier and better preparation for their life work, and at the same time give them credit for such work done on a course looking toward a degree; however, this is not a school for teacher only.  Regular College work is done.
    Third, to save money to the students.  The tuition is $1.00 per week but other expenses are so small as to make this school less expensive than the "free" schools.  Many students are given jobs of work whereby they make their expenses.  At least one fourth of our present student body is doing this very thing.
   Fourth, to save time.  It is difficult to get people to believe that four years' work is done in two years at Lebanon University, and yet this is the fact.  "The proof of the pudding is in the eating."  Our work is accepted by those schools who have taken the trouble of late years to examine both it and our students.  If you desire to save two years on your College work, then come to Lebanon University. This is true because we take only four weeks vacation during the entire year.  Classes recite from before six in the morning until after dark.

Students may enter at any time and take up the work.
   Students may enter without examination. 
We believe that a student should be allowed to take any subject he desires without making it contingent upon some former study.  Of course all the work catalogued must be done before a degree is conferred.
All graduates of first grade High Schools are admitted as regular students in the College Classes.

transcribed by
 Arne H Trelvik
21 January 2009
page 7 

One of the important adjuncts of every school is the facilities offered for comparative study.  In this respect, the University is particularly fortunate, having an excellent collection of books numbering about 10,000 volumes, all of which have been selected with great care.  They are at the disposal of the student body without charge.

Physical, Chemical, and Biological Laboratories are fitted with up-to-date apparatus and equipment.  No expense is spared in doing the laboratory work.

In the immense building on the corner of Silver and East Streets the school work is done.  Here are the recitation rooms, the dormitories, the dining room, the library, laboratories, office, etc., and also HOLBROOK HALL, which is a large and handsome auditorium seating 1500 people.  The entire building is heated with steam and lighted with electricity, and furnished throughout with all the modern conveniences such as hot and cold showers, sewerage, etc.

There are three Literary Societies and all doing good work.  The Phi Beta Kappa and Tom Corwin are the rival societies of the young men, while the Philomathean is the society for young women.  A most generous emulation exists in the debating contests of these societies.  Oftentimes they meet together, and practice parliamentary rules.  In these societies is continued the fiery debating of days gone by.

The usual field teams and outdoor sports are engaged in, tennis, football, baseball; while basketball and club swinging are the main features of the gymnasium work.  The school neither underestimates nor overestimates the value of athletics.

transcribed by
 Arne H Trelvik
21 January 2009
page 8 

   The young men of the University have a most enthusiastic Y. M. C. A., and likewise the young ladies an earnest Y. W. C. A.  Their rooms are in the University Building.  The Faculty takes pleasure in giving aid to these valuable essentials in college training.
   There are many churches in Lebanon, and their people and pastors take special interest in the students.  All work done in the Student's Bible Classes in  Sunday School is considered as University work.
   General Exercises are conducted daily at 8:45 A. M.  The students all gather in Holbrook Hall and listen to stirring addresses, or arrange the programs themselves.  At these exercises all students taking degrees must deliver three addresses each year.  A Noonday Prayer Meeting is held each school day.  This is the only school of which we know where the students do this.

   Any student can come to Lebanon University on the following expenses:

Tuition 48 weeks $45.00
Room rent 48 weeks, at 50c 24.00
Board 48 weeks, at $1.75 84.00

Add to this laundry, books, clothes, etc. as you may choose, but the entire expenses in Lebanon University for 48 weeks should not exceed $160.00.
   Many students make all their expenses doing work as waiting table, clerking on Saturdays, collecting laundry, etc.
   Expenses of Special Departments found under their heads.
   Money paid for tuition is not refunded, but if there is an absence of three or more consecutive weeks, a tuition due-bill is issued to the student for the unused time.

transcribed by
 Arne H Trelvik
21 January 2009
pages 9 to 32 see pdf file Lebanon University Catalogue Vol. 2, No. 5, 1910-1911.pdf  

larger view

page 33
transcribed by
 Arne H Trelvik
21 January 2009

pages 34
Register of Students
Crispin, Wm. Frost, Doctor of Divinity Akron, Ohio.
Monfort, Marie Antoinette, Master of Oratory Lebanon, Ohio.
BACHELOR OF ARTS. (see group photo)
Bain, Morell Lebanon, Ohio.
Cunningham, H. E. East Bank, W. Va.
Drake, Elva Lebanon, Ohio.
Hawk, Genevieve Lebanon, Ohio.
Kimble, Ruth London, Ohio.
Prickett, E. J. Forestville, Ohio.
Suemening, Wm. L. Lebanon, Ohio.
Will, Katherine Lebanon, Ohio.
Armstrong, R. A. Armstrong Mills, Ohio.
Bilyeu, L. E. Powhatan Point, Ohio.
Burns, Harry C. Lebanon, Ohio.
Cromer, W. J. Springfield, Ohio.
Drake, Hazel Lebanon, Ohio.
Dunn, C. F. Morning View, Ky.
Fletcher, B. A. Goldthwaite, Texas.
Fraser, Wm. Lebanon, Ohio.
Hopkins, Carl Dayton, Ohio.
Hart, Wm. Bruce Lebanon, Ohio.
Jordan, S. C. Bethany, Ohio.
McDonald, Ford Hughey, W. Va.
Mulford, Hilda Lebanon, Ohio.
Roberts, C. E. Camden, Ohio.
transcribed by
Ken Daniszewski
27 January 2009

pages 35
Scofield, F. L. Mason, Ohio.
Tigar, Lee Z. Lebanon, Ohio.
Welfling, R. O. Coudersport, Pa.
Whitmore, W. H. Lebanon, Ohio.
Zerfoss, G. E. Coudersport, Pa.
Berry, Lucile Blackburn Lebanon, Ohio.
Burns, Harry C. Lebanon, Ohio.
Close, F. H. Millersburg, Ohio.
Cunningham, H. E. East Bank, W. Va.
Dearth, Elma Franklin, Ohio.
Fletcher, B. A. Goldthwaite, Texas.
Franz, Raymond New Richmond, Ohio.
Fraser, Wm. Lebanon, Ohio.
Gustin, Mildred Lebanon, Ohio.
Hart, Wm. Bruce Lebanon, Ohio.
Martin, E. F. Green Camp, Ohio.
Nixon, Alta Lebanon, Ohio.
Norris, David Lebanon, Ohio.
Ritz, Enid Franklin, Ohio.
Robinson, R. R. Quaker City, Ohio.
Snook, Julia South Lebanon, Ohio.
Shade, Robert Ada, Ohio.
Yochum, S. L. Mowrytown, Ohio.
Thompson, Alex Falling Spr?gs, W. Va.
Blaisdell, W. G. New York.
Alexander, Gertrude Middletown, Ohio.
Armstrong, Bertha Armstrong Mills, Ohio.
Bradley, R. V. Lebanon, Ohio.
Brittain, Gerald Loogootee, Ind.
Brant, Ramona Morrow, Ohio.
Baker, Mary Winchester, Ohio.
Berry, T. S. Hillsboro, Ohio.
Bennett, Harrison Cincinnati, Ohio.
Bobbitt, L. O. Burnwell, W. Va.
transcribed by
Ken Daniszewski
27 January 2009

pages 36
Bryant, W. L. Burnwell, W. Va.
Bowman, J. F. Ironton, Ohio.
Boggess, H. K. Ironton, Ohio.
Briton, J. B. Clinton County, Ohio.
Baldwin, J. H. Lebanon, Ohio.
Cass, LeRoy Kane, Pa.
Conger, Elmer Lebanon, Ohio.
Chaney, J. B. Williamsburg, Ohio.
Conner, Mary Morrow, Ohio.
Cowan, Walter Lebanon, Ohio.
Covault, C.E. Troy, Ohio.
Carson, Estle Leesburg, Ohio.
Chandler, Elizabeth Waynesville, Ohio,
Collins, W. H. Wilmington, Ohio.
Constable, W. H. Blanchester, Ohio.
Cook, Alice Foster, Ohio.
Corrington, Leafy Mason, Ohio.
Cowan, Rice Lebanon, Ohio.
Cusick, Edna Lewisburg, Ohio.
Day, H. T. Big Fork, Ky.
Deegan, O. C. Ironton, Ohio.
Dolan, Anna Lebanon, Ohio.
Dunn, W. R. Ripley, Ohio.
Deeter, Calla Covington, Ohio.
Delaplaine, Blanche Greenville, Ohio.
Dillon, V. F. Proctorsville, Ohio.
Davis, Mary Waynesville, Ohio,
Ewing, Elsie Vanceburg, Ky.
Earnhart, Eleanor Kings Mills, Ohio.
Eckmann, J. R Hillsboro, Ohio.
Flannagan, E. B. McRae, Ga.
Franz, G. F. Lebanon, Ohio.
Franz, Richard Kings Mills, Ohio.
Fred, Rachel Lebanon, Ohio.
Greathouse, Evelyn Lebanon, Ohio.
Gillespie, John Troy, Ohio.
transcribed by
Ken Daniszewski
27 January 2009

pages 37
Greely, McKinley Lebanon, Ohio.
Groff, J. G. New Weston, Ohio.
Grose, W. G. Handley, W. Va.
Grose, Mrs. W. G. Handley, W. Va.
Gomie, E. L. Hillsboro, Ohio.
Gill, Laverne Cincinnati, Ohio.
Harris, A. E. Collinsville, Ohio.
Holbrook, Hebe Lebanon, Ohio.
Harvey, Della Carlysle, Ohio.
Hancock, Loren Lebanon, Ohio.
Harrison, B. J. Holden, W. Va.
Howell, Alice Lebanon, Ohio.
Hickel, Elva Washington C. H., Ohio.
Hatfield, Cora Mianiisbnrg, Ohio.
Hamilton, Floyd Hamilton, Ohio.
Hunter, Ralph Lebanon, Ohio.
Hull, Forest Cincinnati, Ohio.
Hull, Mrs. J. W. Cincinnati, Ohio.
Hamilton, Russell Lebanon, Ohio.
Hawk, F. D. Waynesville, Ohio,
Humphrey, Pearl Miamisburg, Ohio.
Hess, B. E. Camden, Ohio.
Henderson, J. C. Quaker City, Ohio.
Hunter, G. G. Hillsboro, Ohio.
Hasting, R. E. Hillsboro, Ohio.
Horne, R. E. Paxinos, Pa.
Holzlin, Helen Kings Mills, Ohio.
Harper, Fannie Lebanon, Ohio.
Ihrig, W. E. Carntown, Ky.
Ihrig, C. D. Carntown, Ky.
Ingram, Mary Helen Cincinnati, Ohio.
Jarvis, Ina O. Lyndon, Ohio.
James, Arthur Portsmouth, Eng.
Jackson, Ola Bess Blanchester, Ohio.
Jones, Luther Echart, W. Va.
transcribed by
Ken Daniszewski
27 January 2009

pages 38

Kimble, Howard F. London, Ohio.
Karnes, T. J. Evansville, Ind.
Karnes, Mrs. T. J. Evansville, Ind.
Knapp, John Cincinnati, Ohio.
Keaton. E. F. Charlotte Furnace, Ky.
Kelsch, Alvina Cincinnati, Ohio.
Ladley, James London, Ohio.
Leonard, Marie Cynthiana, Ky.
Lux, G. V. Dayton, Ohio.
Liddil, F. R. Blanchester, Ohio.
Ludy, Iva West Alexandria, Ohio.
Lawther, Blanche Catawba, Ohio.
Montgomery, Alma Morrow, Ohio.
Mason, Mrs. Florence Lebanon, Ohio.
Meeker, Carrie Franklin, Ohio.
Meloy, Lucy Lebanon, Ohio.
Morton, W. H. Cincinnati, Ohio.
Marshall, Horace Fletcher, Ohio.
Monfort, Marguerite Lebanon, Ohio.
Moore, O. J. Mulberry, Fla.
Moore, Mrs. O. J. Mulberry, Fla.
Morris, Ailene Handley, W. Va.
Morris, Nina. Handley, W. Va.
McClung, W. E. Mason, Ohio.
Newman, Alice Miamisburg, Ohio
Nesbit. J. E. Manchester, Ohio.
Ogle, Bert Cincinnati, Ohio.
Osborne, H. V. Pleasant Ridge, Ohio.
Odell, Mae Greenville, Ohio.
Ollinger, Lauretta Kenton, Ky.
O?Neal, Donald Lebanon, Ohio.
Patterson, W. B. Millersburg, Ohio.
Pierson, Lewis Boston, Mass.
Phillips, Indiaola Morrow, Ohio.
Price, Earl South Lebanon, Ohio.
Payne, Mary. Lebanon, Ohio.
transcribed by
Ken Daniszewski
27 January 2009

pages 39
Pugh, Mary M. Kings Mills, Ohio.
Pickett, W. G Harriman, Tenn.
Parker, W. E. Hillsboro, Ohio.
Purdy, H. M. Buford, Ohio.
Puckett, Oscar Buford, Ohio.
Polluck, Pearl Newport, Ky.
Pociey, Josephine Citicinnati, Ohio.
Pheanis, J. N. Camden, Ohio.
Quicksall, C. B. Caney, Ky.
Queener, W. E. Jacksboro, Tenn.
Ringer, Orpha Frankfort, Ohio.
Retallick, Grace Lebanon, Ohio.
Rogers, Ernest Waynesville, Ohio,
Reeves, Floy Dayton, Ohio.
Rogers, Ray Wilmington, Ohio,
Randolph, James Richmond, Ky.
Ruffner, Edwina Lebanon, Ohio.
Riley, E. L Ironton, Ohio.
Rosenthal, Ada Lebanon, Ohio.
Roberts, Clarence Mowrytown, Ohio.
Shreve, Pearl Lebanon, Ohio.
Smith, A. W North Clymer, N. Y.
Seal, Marion Cedar Grove, Ind.
Seal, Lelia Cedar Grove, Ind.
Sturgeon, Geo. Washington C. H., Ohio.
Smith, Miriam Springfield, Ohio.
Stillings, C. B. Cold Springs, Ky.
Stuart, L. A. Banner, Ark.
Stevens, Ralph Arco, Idaho.
Sexton, Earl Kentucky.
Sellers, E. J. Lebanon, Ohio.
Secore, Fenton Dayton, Ohio.
Stevens, Ross Metropolis, Ills.
Steinhauser, Norma DeMossville, Ky.
Strong, Margaret Springfield Ohio.
transcribed by
Ken Daniszewski
27 January 2009

pages 40
Simpson, G. H Blanchester, Ohio.
Shinn, Anna Lebanon, Ohio.
Shade, Mrs. Luelta Ada, Ohio.
Strawn, J. W Waynesville, Ohio,
Schaefer, Elizabeth Franklin, Ohio.
Stewart, Forest Ironton, Ohio.
Smith, Clara West Alexandria, Ohio.
Shultz, Goldie Lebanon, Ohio.
Tucker, Clark Lucas, Ohio.
Tucker, R. P. Mason, Ohio.
Toll, R. D. Buford, Ohio.
Taylor, Geo Masontown, W. Va.
Vail, Clarence Lebanon, Ohio.
Van Winkle, E. C. Lebanon, Ohio.
Vance, Ben B. Hillsboro, Ohio.
Van Cleve, R. L. Blanchester, Ohio.
Vogel, Edith Monroe, Ohio.
Winans, Ben Terre Haute, Ind.
Williams, Nellie Lebanon, Ohio.
Winkler, Bernice Maceo, Ky.
Winfield, Edna Morrow, Ohio.
Weik, W. H. Mt. Healthy, Ohio.
Wilson, Mae Anstin, Ohio.
West, J. C. New Vienna, Ohio.
Workman, B. E. Hillsboro, Ohio.
Walton, Joseph Yellow Springs, Ohio.
Williams, C. W. Lebanon, Ohio.
Yochum, Anna. Biehn, Ohio.
Zimmerman, Louis Lebanon, Ohio.
Zeiders, C. E. Knousetown, Pa.
Zentmyer, Roxy Kings Mills, Ohio.

There were fifteen different States and countries represented in the student body.

transcribed by
Ken Daniszewski
27 January 2009
inside back cover
Sunday, August 7 Baccalaureate.
Thursday, August 11 Commencement.
Monday, September 5 Opening First Session.
Friday, October 28 Close First Session.
Monday, October 31 Opening Second Session.
Friday, December 23 Close Second Session.
Monday, January 2 Opening Third Session.
Friday, February 24 Close Third Session.
Monday, February 27 Opening Fourth Session.
Friday, April 21 Close Fourth Session.
Monday, April 24 Opening Fifth Session.
Friday, June 16 Close Fifth Session.
Monday, June 19 Opening Sixth Session.
Sunday, August 6 Baccalaureate.
Thursday, August 10 Commencement.
Friday, August 11 Close Sixth Session.
Monday, September 4 Beginning First Session.
transcribed by
Ken Daniszewski
27 January 2009
outside back cover

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