John Rudolph Snider - National Normal School
16 December 1877 Autograph Book

Transcription and photo contributed by his great grandson Thomas L. Downey on 6 July 2004

I have a small (4¼" x 2-3/4" x ½") autograph book that belonged to my great-grandfather, John Rudolph Snider, who was born in Basil, Ohio, in 1857. It is identified in handwriting on the third page as follows:
"Lebanon O. Dec. 16, 1877.
J. R. Snider's

Glued to the inside cover is a faded photograph of a group of young men. I have no idea who they are. The only photograph I have of my great-grandfather was taken around 1933, when he was about 76 years old.

Fifty-two of its pages contain autographs, many with short verses of poetry. The handwriting in these autographs is often full of flourishes, making it somewhat difficult to decipher. Here are the names that I can read, with question marks beside names to indicate uncertain spelling and beside towns to indicate that I could not find them in my atlas (I listed them in the order in which they occur in the book)


All but 6 of the names were also found in the N. N. U. card file at the Warren County Historical Society. Information from those cards is included below to the right of the "signature" list

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Lebanon O. Dec. 16, 1877.
J. R. Snider's

Entries from Autograph Book

Entries found in card file at the Warren County Historical Society

M. Myers, Cleves, O., Hamilton Co. Myers, Matthew, Cleves, Ohio 1877, 1878
Ida Conrey(?) Conrey, Ida, Troy, Ohio 1878, 1879
Lizzie Angle(?), Troy-?, Ohio Angle, Lizzie 1878
W. N. Shambaugh, Detroit Mich. Shambaugh, H. H., Detroit, Mi 1877, 1878
C. F. Rinker, Sovettsville-?, Va. Rinker, C. F., Lovettsville, Va. 1877, 1878
J. R. Shaw, Elizabethtown, Ohio Shaw, J. R., Elizabethtown, Ohio 1877, 1878
W. E. Peters, Houston, Ohio Peters, William E., Athens, Ohio
deceased attorney at law
Houston, Ohio
1876, 1877, 1878
Charles Irwin, Greenfield, Ohio Irwin, Charles, Greenfield, Ohio 1877, 1878
H. S. Welker, Dunkirk, Ohio Welker, H. S., Dunkirk, Ohio 1877, 1878
Alma L. Fulton, Locust-Grove, Ohio Fulton, Alma, Lovetts, Ohio 1878
L. B. Milburn, Hillsboro, Ohio Millburn, L. B. (P.), Bell, Ohio; New Market, Ohio 1873, 1878
Cornelius Jones, Hamilton, O. Jones, Cornelius, St. Charles, Ohio 1876, BS 1878
J. V. Colville, Rockey Fork, Licking Co, Ohio Colville, Prof. J. V.; Wichita, Kansas
Licking, Ohio; Rocky Fork, Ohio
1878, 1880, BS 1881, 1882
Sam'l Holmes Holmes, Samuel W., Middletown, Ohio; Mt. Olivet, Ky. 1867, 1878
Sirra Jones, Greenfield, O. (not listed in card file)  
John Cole, Royalton, Fairfield Co., O. Cole, John, Royalton, Ohio 1877, 1878
Famie(Farnie?) Battin, Selma Ohio Battin, Fannie, Selma, Ohio 1878
T. T.(?) Buel, London, Ohio Buel, T. T. (Theodore)(T. E.), Walntu, Run, Ohio 1877, 1878
Geo. W. McLucas, Shannon, Ill. McLucas, G. W., Shannon, Ill 1878
F. E. Pomeroy, Hawthorne, Ill. 90th Session Pomeroy, Frank E., Hawthorn, Ill 1877, 1878

Ida B. Carr, Cincinnatti, O

(not listed in card file)  
Ella Jenkins, New Burlington, Clinton Co., Ohio Jenkins, Ella, Ohio 1878
Rebecca Hopping(?), Xenia, O. >roomates Hopping, Rebecca, Xenia, Ohio 1878
Millie Corson, London, O. Corson, Millie, Range, Ohio 1878
Hugh Rodman Ayers, Frankfort, Ky. Ayres, H. R., Frankfort, Ky. 1878
J. A. Buchanan, Rekin-?, Ill. Buchanan, J. A., Antioch, Ohio 1874, 1876, 1877, 1878
E. A. Land, Carmi, Ill. 90th S. Land, E. A. (Edwin), Hawthorn, Ill or
Land, H. S., Carmi, Ill
1876, 1878
J. O. Liming, Hamersville, O. Liming, J. O., Harnersville, Ohio (Hamersville, Ohio?) 1875, 1878
A. F. McCormick, Freestowe(?), O. McCormick, A. T. (F.), Scioto, Ohio; Freestone, Ohio 1878, 1880
B. S(?). Cook, Basil, O. (not listed in card file)  
Harry C. Platte, Columbus, O Platter, H. C., Reese, Ohio 1878
Ella Jones, Martinsburgh, O Jones, E. M. (Ella), Bloomingsburg, Ohio; New Martinsburg, Ohio 1867, 1878
Lou McGrew, Montgomery, Ohio McGrew, Lou, Montgomery, Ohio; Hamilton, Ohio 1878, 1880
N. Ed. Bradley(?), Felicity, O. Bradley, N. E., Felicity, Ohio 1876, 1878
Ella C. Nixon, Boothsville, West Va. Nixon, Ella C., Boothsville, West Va. 1878
Anna Gaston, Saramia(?), Ind. Gaston, Anna, Sardinia, Ind. 1878
Mina N. Garman (not listed in card file)  
C. W. Tonkinson, Springfield, Ohio (not listed in card file)  
M. L(?). Leaverton, Leesburg, O. Leaverton, M. P., Leesburg, Ohio 1878
J. Milton(Shilton?) Reason, Harveysburg, O. (Warren Co.) Reason, J. M., West Liberty, Ohio
Supt. of Schools, Warren, OH, Harveysburg, OH
1878, BS 1881, 1885
C. H. Roth, Mount Eaton-?, Ohio Roth, C. H., Mount Eaton, Ohio 1878
Linda R. Haines, Waynesville, Ohio Haines, Linda R., Topeka, Kansas, Teacher,
Waynesville, Warren County, Ohio
1878, 1880, BS 1881,
BA 1885
Charles K. Hamilton, Lebanon, Ohio Hamilton, Charles K., Lebanon, Ohio 1875, 1876
O. P. Kinsey Kinsey, Prof. O. P., Valparaiso, Indiana also Freeport, Ohio (Box 103) Harrison County; Winter home, St. Petersburg, Fla.; deceased 1931; Assoc. Prin. of Nothern Indiana Normal School 1868, 1869, BS 1870,
BA 1871
J. M. Lewis, Randolph Co., Ind Lewis, J. M., Arbo, Ind, Madison, Ohio 1878, 1880, 1881
F. M. Fuller, Chillicothi, O. Fuller, F. M., Byer's Station, Ohio 1877, 1878
L. Breese, Sater-?, O. Breese, Louis V., Sater (?), Ohio 1877, 1878

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7 July 2004 Thomas L. Downey

John Rudolph Snider was born on 19 June 1857 in Basil, Ohio, and died on 24 April 1940 in McAllen, Texas. He was the son of John Snider (b. in 1813 in Pleasant Township, OH; d. 13 August 1871 in Liberty Township, OH) and Lydia Thomen (b. 8 March 1818 in Walnut Township, Ohio; d. 3 April 1868 in Liberty Township, OH).

a little book (69 pages, including index) titled: _Martin Thomen_ (subtitled: Who came from Switzerland to America in 1803; sub-subtitled: his descendants and some of their ancestors), written by Harold O. Thomen, and published in 1970 by Tavern Press in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania.

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