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Warren County, Ohio Military Heritage
Revolutionary War (1774-1784) War of 1812 (1812-1815) Mexican War (1846-1848) Civil War (1861-1865) Indian Campaigns  (~1817-1898) Spanish American (1898-1902)
World War I (1914-1918) World War II (1939-1945) Korean Conflict (1950-1953) Vietnam (1957-1973) Middle East Conflicts (1990 - ) Other Service
Warren County, Ohio Vietnam War Veterans

The Virtual Wall for Warren County, Ohio Vietnam War Casualties with photograths from The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C.
Vietnam War: U.S. Military Casualties, 1956-1998
Vietnam Veterans Memorial at
The Virtual Wall; The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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A Abrams, Adams, Albertson, Allen, Amyx, Andrews, Applegate, Armacost, Armstrong, Arnold, Artz, Ashmore,
B Back, Bailey, Baily, Bair, Baker, Baldemor, Ballard, Barber, Barker, Barrett, Bartram, Bay, Baysore, Benge, Bilby, Birch, Bishop, Black, Bledsoe, Blevins, Bloomberg, Bodenstein, Boggs, Bolser, Boreing, Bowles, Bowman, Branson, Brill, Britton, Brock, Brown, Bryant, Buchanan, Bunch, Burgess, Burnell, Burton, Butler, Butts, Byers,

Caldwell, Callahan, Campbell, Candrl, Capps, Carpenter, Carrier, Carter, Cascaddan, Casey, Chambers, Chandler, Chesney, Chilton, Christy, Clark, Cleary, Clendenin, Coates, Cockerham, Coffey, Coffman, Combs, Conger, Conley, Cook, Coomer, Copeland, Corcoran, Cornett, Coyle, Crawford, Crist, Crow, Culberson, Custenborder,

D Dalton, Damron, Daniels, Davenport, Davis, Dawson, Day, Dean, DeBra, Deck, DeJarnette, Denney, Dennis, Derossett, Dietz, Diltz, Doczy, Doherty, Dowd, Dudley, Dugan, Dunaway,

Earley, Eckley, Edds, Edgington, Edwards, Eldridge, Elliott, Epp, Evans, Eves,


Fidler, Fields, Fleenor, Fletcher, Fox, Francis, Freeman, Freeze, Friszell, Fritz, Fugate, Fultz,


Gard, Gates, Georgeff, Gibson, Gillum, Gomez, Goonan, Gort, Gravenstine, Grays, Griffin, Green, Greene, Greenhorn, Greer, Gross, Gruber,

H Hagemeyer, Hale, Hamilton, Hamm, Harner, Harp, Harper, Hasley, Hatmaker, Hay, Hayes, Haynes, Hayslett, Heath, Heldebrand, Hensley, Hibbett, Hiles, Hill, Hines, Hinkle, Holloway, Holt, Hoskins, Horn, Hornsby, Howard, Howell, Hubbard, Huddleson, Huffman, Hunter, Hurst,

Inloes, Irvin,


Jackson, James, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Joyce, Judd,


Kaufman, Keffer, Kelly, Kemper, Kendrick, Kennedy, Kerr, Kidd, Kidwell, Kight, Kimball, Kindoll, King, Kirby, Kirklin, Kitchen, Koch, Kohr, Koller, Kozee, Krist, Kuhns,

L Lafferty, Lamb, Lane, Laurence, Lawson, Leach, Leak, LeBlanc, Lee, Lehman, Leis, Lilley, Linkous, Lloyd, Lowe, Lowman, Ludlum,

MacNeel, Mang, Mangold, Mansell, Marsh, Martin, Mason, Mayabb, Mayer, McClung, McCluskey, McConnaughey, McDonald, McGeorge, McGlynn, McNutt, McQuinn, Meents, Mendelssohn, Menefee, Mescher, Middleton, Miller, Minard, Monds, Moore, Morrow, Mottashed, Mullins, Music, Myers,


Napier, Neeley, Neff, Nelson, Newman, Newton, Nicely, Noland, Noles, Norman,


Oberle, Offill, O'Leary, O'Neal, Orndorff, Osborn, Osborne,


Parker, Parks, Patrie, Penley, Perry, Pfeiffer, Pham, Pickett, Pilkenton, Philbin, Phillips, Pope, Poppe, Prall, Pyles,


Ratliff, Redick, Reed, Reedy, Reppert, Reynolds, Rhude, Rice, Richardson, Riddell, Ridgeway, Ridinger, Roberts, Robinson, Roman, Rommes, Rowland,


Sanders, Sandlin, Sandy, Scheidegger, Scherbauer, Scofield, Scott, Scurlock, Sears, Sexton, Shaffer, Sheets, Shepherd, Sherod, Short, Shumard, Simpson, Sisco, Skeen, Slusser, Smallwood, Smiddy, Smith, Snelling, Snow, South, Sparks, Spicer, Sprowl, Sprowls, Spry, Stacy, Stamm, Stanley, Stapleton, Steinhauser, Stephens, Stevens, Stiler, Stouder, Stratton, Suddith, Surette, Sutherland, Swartzel, Switzer, Sword,

T Taulbee, Taylor, Thatcher, Thebert, Thomas, Thompson, Tinch, Tomes, Tomlinson, Trent, Trowbridge, Truesdell, Tubb, Turner, Tussey,
U Ullum,

Van Auken, Van Nuys, Vance, VanMeter, Vanover, Vaughn,


Wagner, Wainscott, Walden, Walker, Warrick, Wass, Watkins, Wead, Weidinger, Wells, West, Whelan, White, Whitson, Whittamore, Wiggins, Wilder, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Wince, Wolf, Wood, Woods, Wright,


Yoak, York, Yost, Young,


Zale, Zeller, Zitkus,

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