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Bloss Family Photos
  • Richard Bloss writes,
    "I am fortunate to have had a close tie to Etta Bloss, my great aunt. Who was born in SPringboro, lived in Miamisburg and in about 1920 moved to Carmonte (Southern Hills) and died there in 1960. at 84.  She paid for and had installed the stone you see for her parents R. Harrison and Mary C. Bloss Etta and her sister are on the other side "Etta and Luvenia". Etta and Luvenia cared for the parents and never married. I got most of Etta's family pics, album and other docs when she died.
    More Family:
    "Olinger. he once ran the tavern at Red Lion
    Hayner married into Bloss
    thanks to a woman, now dead, at the Springboro Historical, know the locations and have pictures of many of our original homes..
    First family came from Elkton VA ara in 1832, more in 1834 and more in 1855. "
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Bloss Family Photo Taken about 1888

Back Row (L to R)
Thomas J. Bloss b. 1867; Willard Marsh (husband to Alice); C. Howard Bloss b. 1869
Seated (L to R)
Alice (Bloss) Marsh b. 1862; Ada Bloss b. 1873; R. Harrison Bloss b. 1836 (father); Mary Catherine (Bell) Bloss b. 1842 (mother); Luvenia F. Bloss b. 1876; Marietta Bloss b. 1874
On ground (L to R)
Harrison Bloss b. 1880; Ralph Bloss b. 1882; Walter b. 1884

Not present was Charles Bloss b. 1865

Richard Bloss
11 June 2009
27 June 2009


1893 Bloss Family Photo
1. Bertha Marsh (daughter of Alice #16 & Willard Marsh #2)
2. Willard Marsh (husband of Alice #16
3. Mrs. Miltenberger (wife of #4)
4. Mr. Miltenberger (descendent of Elizabeth (Bloss) Miltenberger (not shown) who was the aunt of R. Harrison Bloss #21)
5. Steve Bell (husband of Martha Bell #17)
6. Ed Squires (husband of Luvenia Francis Bell #18)
7. Thomas Bell (son of Grafton Bell #19)
8. Sally Bell (wife of Thomas Bell #7)
9. Howard Bloss (son of R. Harrison Bloss #21)
10. Thomas J. Bloss (son of R. Harrison Bloss #21)
11. Charles Bloss (son of R. Harrison Bloss #21)
12. John Bloss (brother of R. Harrison Bloss #21)
13. Charley Smith (husband of Mary Bloss not shown)
14. Baby Louis Smith (son of Charley Smith #13)
15. Ada Bloss (daughter of R. Harrison Bloss #21
16. Alice Bloss (daughter of R. Harrison Bloss #21)
17. Martha Bell (daughter of Grafton Bell #19)
18. Luvenia (Bell) Squires (daughter of Grafton Bell #19)
19. Grafton B. Bell
20. Sarah (Hess) Bell (wife of Grafton Bell #19)
21. R. Harrison Bloss
22. Mary Catherine (Bell) Bloss (daughter of Grafton Bell #19 and wife of R. Harrison Bloss #21
23. Jacqueline (Hayner) Bloss (wife of John Bloss #12
24. Jenny (Bloss) Smith (wife of Charles Smith #13)
25. Ralph Bloss (son of R. Harrison Bloss #21)
26. Walter Bloss (son of R. Harrison Bloss #21)
27. Harry Bloss (son of R. Harrison Bloss #21)
28. Steve Bell Jr. (son of Steve Bell #5)
29. Jennevieve Bell (daughter of Steve Bell #5)
30.  Bess Squire (daughter of Ed sQuires #6)
31. Luvenia Bloss (daughter of R. Harrison Bloss #21)
32. Etta (Marietta) Bloss (daughter of R. Harrison Bloss #21)
33. baby Mary Bloss (daughter of Charles Bloss #11)
34. Dixie (Karnes) Bloss (wife of Charles Bloss #11
35. Francis Smith (daughter of Charles Smith #13
36. baby Elsie Smith (daughter of Charles Smith #13)
Richard Bloss
11 June 2009


1904 Bloss Family Reunion, Miamisburg, Ohio
1. Willard Marsh (?)
2. Ada's husband
3. Ada
4. Ralph
5. Thomas J. Bloss
6. Mattie Eva (Burk) Bloss
7. Walter Bloss
8. C. E. Bloss
9. Daisy (Gebhart) Bloss
10. Dixie (Karnes) Bloss
11. C. Howard
12. Etta
13. Luvenia
14. Alice (Bloss) Marsh?
15. ? might be Mertha Marsh
16. Robert Harrison Bloss
17. Mary Catherine (Bell) Bloss
21. Cathryn Bloss dau. of Thomas?
22. Mary Altha Bloss
23. Paul Bloss (son of Charles & Dixie)
Richard Bloss
11 June 2009
  1910 Bloss Family Photo may have been taken when family gathered for funeral of R. Harrison Bloss, since he is not in photo.  Tentative identification
L-R Standing:  Howard, Luvenia, Daisy (Gebhart) wife of Howard, Walter, Etta, Ralph, unkn, T. J., unkn, Charles, Harry
L-R Seated:  unkn, Alice, Mary C. Bloss, Ada, unkn
L-R on ground:  unkn, unkn, Willard Marsh, unkn, unkn, unkn, unkn
Richard Bloss
11 June 2009

Newspaper Transcript Franklin Chronicle Sept. 12, 1889
Report of Reunion held Sept. 5th two miles north [sic] of Springboro at John Miltenberger farm, now owned (1889) by George Null.
Those Present:
G. W. Miltenberger, Macie Miltenberger, Ella Miltenberger, Ernest Miltenberger, Dwight Miltenberger, MRs. Belle Miltenberger Lawyer and L. A. Lawyer of Franklin; J. O. Butler, E. M. Butler, Carrie Butler of Bellefontaine; Henry Miltenberger of Dayton; Emma Miltenberger of Lebanon; Lydia Decker, Granville Decker, Elisa Decker, Lina Decker, Bertha Decker, Carl Decker, Mary Anna Githens, James Weidner, Chris Miltenberger, Jane Miltenberger, Hulda Miltenberger, Grace Miltenberger, Frank Miltenberger, Fddie(?) Miltenberger, Leroy Miltenberger, Wm. Fondersmith, Melisa Fondersmith, Louie Fondersmith, Maude Fondersmith, Chas. SMith, Jennie Smith, Francis Smith, John Bloss Jacquelide Bloss, James (?), James Allen, Wm. L. Dearth, Nana E. Philips, Layton Miltenberger, Mary Miltenberger, T. E. Bell, Sallie Bell, S. R. Crane, Mrs. S. R. Crane, Mrs. D. A. Wilkenson, Geo. Olinger, Emma Olinger, Bell Olinger, Wm. Null, Francis Null, Reba Null, Hettie Null, W. J. Allen, Re. E. Allen, Walter Allen, Amanda Allen, Charlie Allen, Mary Anna Allen, Henry Bean, Willard Marsh, Mrs. Alice Marsh, Thomas H.(?) Miltenberger, Minnie Miltenberger, Harry Miltenberger, Bertha Miltenberger, John C. Miltenberger, Grafton Bell, Sallie Bell, Edward Squire, Levinia Squire, Bessie Squire, Etta Bloss, Ambrose Dearth, Margaret Dearth, Luella Dearth, Lavenia Somers, Rev. J. B. Doughman, Geo. Dumbacher, Judith A. Dumbacher, Geo. Null, Willie Null, Ella Null, M. Taylor, Jacob Kemp, Louie Kemp, Will Kemp, Emma Kemp, Bertha Kemp, J. C. Miltenberger, Mary H. Miltenberger, Ella Miltenberger, Will Miltenberger, Annie Miltenberger, Wm. Miltenberger, Barbara Miltenberger, Eva Miltenberger, Lizzie Miltenberger, Thos. Miltenberger and Fannie Miltenberger of Bellefontaine, Jennie Brown, Mary Brown, Mary Frey, Howard Frey, Barbara Huffman, Segins ?ehman of Dayton, Elizabeth Miltenberger, Belle Miltenberger, Miss Samantha Ettel (?), Leanna Hess, Frank Miltenberger, Emma Miltenberger, Charles John Miltenberger.

Richard Bloss writes "error in newspaper it said farm 2 miles north when the Miltenberger place was south."

Richard Bloss
27 June 2009 

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