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Martin, Krewson, VanArsdale, Snuff & Cunningham Family Photos

Kimberly (Martin) Richard on 22 November 2005 & 29 November 2005
All of the family information, and photos, albums, journals etc. came to me via my grandmother. Janet Krewson/ Martin. They seemed to have been passed down through the women all the way back from Martha Cunningham, each adding thier own personal items and belongings. Several of the family photos were in Marybelle Snuff's album, she was given as a child in Red Lion ,in 1865, by her teacher Issac Gustin. There is jewelry, glass and journals from Marybelle and May and a Civil War journal from Peter VanArsdale. There were daguerreotypes that I assume were Martha Cunningham's, then Marybelle's...I've had to buy a magnifying glass to read the journals because they wrote so darn preserve paper I guess?? ( 3 year diary in one tiny bank God, you go blind trying to read it! ) Also my grandfather, Edward Martin, was a portrait photographer in Dayton. My goodness, he was very good at making sure there were photo's and portraits of everyone galore! He was very diligent at making copies of my grandmothers really old negatives and storing them well
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1907 or 1908 Family Reunion from Kimberly (Martin) Richard*who writes,
"Linda Gunder and I both had the same family reunion photo in our old family photo stash, but could each only identify our own family members. I just started working with Marybelle Snuff/VanArsdale's great-granddaughter in Dayton. She had the same photo but hers had all the family members listed on the back! So here goes: Printed as it reads on the back....

Mother ( Mrs. Belle VanArsdale ) Grandma
Mrs. Nina Garder Heckathorn
Miss Alpha Garber Ryder
P.C. Zindorf ( Uncle Z)
Miss Maude VanArsdale ( Aunt Maude)
Mrs. Virgie Spitzer Garber
Virgil Garber
Mrs. Belle Hunt
Wilbur B. Krewson
Mrs. P.C. Zindorf ( great Aunt Lizzie)
Mrs. May VanArsdale Krewson ( mother)
Van Krewson
Mrs. Kate Dearth ( great-great Aunt Kate)
Mr. Allen Garber
Carl Garber ( Virgil's)
Mrs. Addie Garber ( Mrs. Allen Garber )
Mrs. Jane French ( Great Aunt Jane )
Donald Gunder ( Aunt Lizzie's boy)
Dwight Garber ( Virgil's)
Dale Gunder ( Aunt Lizzie's boy )
Taken at the home of Mr and Mrs. Allen Garber, West Sonora O. 1907 or 1908

* my own note....this was "Van Krewson's" photo, handed down to his daughter Anne Krewson Coder. Anne sent me this copy that has the names on the back. "Van Krewson's" full name is actually Wilbur VanArsdale Krewson...his father's name was Wilbur B. , listed above. He was always known as "Van".
Also the name Mrs. Nina Garder Heckathorn....I am not sure if it suppose to be is translated as written. I am not sure where Sonora Ohio is, but there are several Warren County folks in it.

Around the Library Table

L to R - Aunt Emma Sauerbraun, Mary Belle, Uncle Ed Sauerbraun, Janet, Aunt Lizzie, May Krewson, Aunt Maude, Wilbur Krewson

Library Table

L to R - May Krewson, Maude Van Arsdale, Janet Krewson, Aunt Lide [Mary Eliza Wilkinson Snuff], Mary Belle Van Arsdale

Sunday Picnic

At age 60 Peter Van Arsdale moved to the Soldier's Home in Dayton, OH. Every Sunday the family (even his wife!) would go visit him. (Taken in 1913) L to R - Peter, John Edward Snuff, Mary Belle, Aunt Lide [Mary Eliza Wilkinson Snuff], Janet Krewson, May, Van

Minnie? Burnett

[perhaps daughter of Kate (Burnell) Burnett]

Photo found in the family bible says "The 6 brothers of Grandmother Snuff"

[Mathias, Richard, Ichabod, Joseph, William & Benjamin Corwin, sons of Joseph Case & Susannah (Wickerham) Corwin]

"Jo Cunningham
cousin to Belle Van"

[Joseah A. Cunningham, son of David B. & Mary Ann (Gorman) Cunningham]

Reward of Merit
Presented to J. Cunningham
by Amanda Doughty Teacher

added 16 Jan 2007 by Kim Richard
"thought to be Mary Belle's brother who was born 19 May 1829"

Martha (Barton) Cunningham

[wife of Joseph Cunningham & mother of Martha A. (Cunningham) Snuff]

Schenck? Davis

John Gillespie

[Cousin of Belle Van Arsdale / Married to Henrieta Wilkinson]

Leo Glenn Gunder

[son of William & Lizzie A. (Snuff) Gunder]

Frank Hapner

[son of Morgan & Minerva (Snuff) Hapner - Gave Mary Belle Snuff a neckless with purple amythests]

Flora Belle (Bradley) Hurley
First husband
Albertson's mother
second "Hurley"
She was a Bradley - sister to Wilbur's mother

photos from Anne Coder contributed by Kimberly (Martin) Richard on 11 Jan 2006

Mae Krewson and Lizzie Zindorf

[May (VanArsdale) Krewson, daughter of Peter & Mary Belle (Snuff) VanArsdale with her aunt, Lizzie A. (Snuff) Zindorf]

Sarah Francis (Bradley) Krewson

[Sarah is the daughter of Azel & Martha (Meloy) Bradley & the wife of Richard Krewson]

Hettie and John Lilton

[thought to be friends of the family]


"Mystery Woman"

Caption on back reads,
" Belle VanArsdale's
great great grandmother.
Mrs. Mary Ruff [or Roff? or Ross?] taken when 87 yrs old in 1781 1871
She was Mary Corwin afterwards married Ruff [or Roff? or Ross?]"

Kim Olinger

wife of William Olinger
[Warren County marriage records include an 1867 marriage of a William C. Olinger to Clarrida Morris]

William Olinger

[son of Samuel & Susan (Schnorf) Olinger]

John Smith and wife

[thought to be friends of the family]

Taken at Florence, Colorado 1909
Home of Mr. & Mrs. Ed Snuff & Joe
Left to Right:
Mrs. Lide Snuff, Maude VanArsdale (Dayton), Mr. Joe Snuff, Mrs. Belle VanArsdale (Dayton), Mr. Ed Snuff
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Snuff were aunt and uncle to Mrs. Belle VanArsdale

photos from Anne Coder contributed by Kimberly (Martin) Richard on 11 Jan 2006

Edgar Snorf
uncle of Belle VanArsdale

[Possibly "John Edward Snorf" ??]

Joseph Corwin Snorf
father of Belle VanArsdale [born 22 January 1825]

First Picture ever snapped on Van's camera
Christmas 1912
Aunt Lide Snuff
It was snapped by Van

photos from Anne Coder contributed by Kimberly (Martin) Richard on 11 Jan 2006 who writes that "Aunt Lide" is "Mary Eliza Wilkinson who married John Ed Snuff.

Lulie Snorf
cousin to Belle VanArsdale
Martha Ann (Cunningham) Snuff and her daughter Mary Belle Snuff

" Martha Snorf
Belle VanArsdale's mother"

[Martha Ann Cunningham, daughter of Joseph & Martha (Barton) Cunningham & wife of Joseph Snuff]

  Mary Belle Snorf

Mary Belle Snorf Photo Album

On first page - "Given to Mary Belle Snorf by Isaac Gustin - her school teacher 1865 at Red Lion, Warren County, Ohio."


Mary Belle Snuff

[daughter of Joseph Corwin & Martha A. (Cunningham) Snuff. B - July 7, 1851 D- 10/26/1938]


Reward of Merit
To Mary B. Snuff
From Isaac Gustin

from Kim Richard 16 Jan 2007


Reward of Merit
To Mary Belle Snuff
From Isaac Gustin

from Kim Richard 16 Jan 2007

Pictures & Songs for the Little Ones at Home
Prize First Class
To Mary Bell Snuff for obtaining in Orthography a greater number of ____ than any member of her class for the term ending April 3, 1863
Isaac Gustin, Teacher

from Kim Richard 16 Jan 2007

Milton Snorf

[Not sure where he is on the family tree]

John Steinmetz and Maude Steinmetz

[thought to be friends of the family]

Belle VanArsdale

[with unidentified friends]

Mary Belle VanArsdale

[daughter of Joseph Cowin & Martha A. (Cunningham) Snuff. Married Peter Van Arsdale 6/10/1875]

Marybelle Snuff VanArsdale
Woodland Cemetery
Dayton, Ohio
1851 - 1938
photos from Anne Coder contributed by Kimberly (Martin) Richard on 11 Jan 2006

Sisters May and Maude VanArsdale

[daughters of Peter & Mary Belle (Snuff) VanArsdale]

Peter Case VanArsdale and his wife Mary Belle (Snuff) VanArsdale

Lizzie Zindorf sister of Belle VanArsdale

[Elizabeth Snorf married Willam Gunder then P.C. Zindorf b-8/12/1862 d-9/26/1936]

The Photo Collection also contained the following photos of unidentified individuals

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#10 #11 #12 #13 #14
#15 #16 #17 #18 #19

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