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Stories from the "The Ridge" Community of Warren County
Some Teachers at Ridge School
(with approximate dates)

Kittie Jameson Lollar - around 1875-79
W. B. Robinson - 1884- 1885
S. Ella Jameson - 1881
James D. Davis - 1893-94
H. P. Hewitt - 1895-96-97
Laura B. Jackson - 1897-98
Rae McCain - 1899
Carry Robertson - 1900-1901
T. Benton Jack -1902
Verna Leming - 1910
Myrtle Snell - 1911
Alma Montgomery - 1912-13
Helen Ullum - 1914
Mary McMcray - 1915
Floy Hancock Whitacre - 1916-1920
Dolly Stump - 1921
Mrs. Ruth Murray - 1922
Chrystine Crane - 1923-24
Adah Spencer - 1925-1926
Eunice Hollingsworth - 1926-27
(who became Mrs. Wilfred Squires at the end of her teaching year)

Mamie M. Retallick - 1927-28, 28-29, 29-30, 30-31
(Mamie Miller Retallick and her husband, Edmond L. Retallick,
had four sons, Van B., Virgil M., Vivian R. and Kenneth M.
all of whom were also teachers)

Information about teachers' salaries and certification requirements is available for the years 1910 through 1929 through a series of articles which appeared in the Western Star from May 27/July 5, 1956. These articles were based on the minute book for Ridge School made available to the writer of the articles by Harry D. Lollar, who was clerk of the Ridge School board for a number of years. beginning January 7, 1924. (Information about the activities and membership of the Board appears in a section about The Ridge School itself.)

Salaries and Certification of teachers at Ridge School 1910-1929

March 24, 1910 - Board hired Miss Verna Leming, who had a two-year certificate, which she secured through examination by County Examiners. J. M. Hamilton, W. P. Vandervoort, and C. H. Young. Her scores were: Orthography 8, Reading 9, Writing 8-l/2, Arithmeic 7-l/2, Geography 8-l/2, Theory and Practice 9, Physiology 8-l/2 and Literature 9. Miss Leming was paid $50 a month and an extra $3 for janitor services.
1911-1912 - Miss Margery Monfort was hired but resigned to teach in the Lebanon Schools. Myrtle Snell was hired and was not only given teaching and janitor salary but was allowed $12.50 for attending the Warren County Teachers Institute. The salary was raised to $55 a month.
October 28, 1915 - The board moved to "make some arrangements to have music taught in the school and to try to get a part of the money from the state for paying for same" Prf. M. C. Morey was hired at 75 cents per lesson ($1.50 a week)., "the lessons to be thirty minutes long immediately after school." At a later date Vada McPherson was hired to teach music at $1.00 a person, and in 1917 Mrs. Hawley Clark was employed as the music teacher for $11.00 per month.
1916-1920 - During the years that Mrs. Floy Whitacre taught, her salary rose from $70 a month to $1,000 for the school term of 9-l/2 months, with $5 per month janitor fee.
1921 - Miss Dolly Stump was hired for $100 a month; For the first time an expenditure of $55.70 appears for payment into the Teacher's Retirement System.
1923 - Miss Chrystine Crane received a reduced salary of $810 for a nine months' term, but in 1924 her salary was again made $100 per month plus janitor fees. The salaries varied according to how many years' experience the teacher had had.
January 7, 1929 - Mrs. Mamie Retallick, (teacher since 1927) was rehired at $1,000,
a salary increase refused, probably because the hard times of the Depression were already being felt.

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