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Wayne County, Ohio
Cemetery Contributions

To make a contribution to this page, please send Cheryl Abernathy your photo(s) and transcribed information. Please note which cemetery the photo is from.

Chester Township Cemetery

Contributed by RJLG103

E. Quimby Smith , and Bertha Raudebaugh are the submitter's GG grandparents.

James T. and Minnie K. Smith

W. Eslie and Elizabeth J Smith


Lehman Cemetery aka Salem Cemetery

Contributed by Nancy J. Freehafer

Rebecca Bressler (nee Freehafer)
d. May 16, 1853 Aged: 68y 5m 16d
w/o John Bressler & d/o Christian Freehafer & Mary Whitehill
b. Dec. 1, 1874 Philadelphia, PA
Note: Her husband may be buried next to her, but his tombstone is not in the cemetery.

Daniel Briner

Fredrick Briner
d. Mar 6, 1872 Aged: 90y 6m 6d

Mary Briner
d. ?? ?? 1869 Aged: Ilegible
d/o Frederick Briner

Mary Briner

Mary E. Briner

Bucher Tombstone

Andrew W. Bucher
Nov. 10, 1870-Dec. 18, 1927
Mary E his wife
March 28, 1869-May 30, 1913
Infant Daut. Jan. 30, 1913

Ann Mary Bucher
d. Sep 9, 1859 Aged: 57y 1m 13d
w/o Michael Bucher Photo

Catharine Bucher
d. Jan 27, 1864 Aged: 88y 2m
w/o Henry Bucher

Henry Bucher
d. Dec 6, 1851 Aged: 76y

Michael Bucher
d. Apr 12, 1883 Aged: 83y 5m 15d

Sarah Bucher
Mar 21, 1821-Sept 12, 1899

Catharine Dague
d. Aug 19, 1841 Aged: 42y 8m 5d
w/o Jacob Dague

Elizabeth Dague (nee Bressler)
d. Jan 19, 1863 Aged: 54 y 10m 20d
w/o Jacob Dague & d/o Johannes Bressler & Rebecca Freehafer
b. Feb 28, 1808 Womelsdorf, Berks Co., PA
(Note that this is not the date if calculatting DOB based on her age at death,
which comes out to 29 Nov 1808)

Jacob Dague
d. Mar 13, 1882 Aged: 84y 6m 2d

Mary Dague
d. May 9, 1873 Aged: 51y 8m 7d
w/o Jacob Dague
in East Pennborough, Cumberland Co., PA

Frederick Griner
d. Jul 19, 1887 Aged 73y 6m 14d

Sarah Griner
b. Mar 8, 1820 Washington Co. PA
d. Aug 24, 1873 Aged 53y 5 m 10 d

Elizabeth Thorn

John Thorn
d. May 15, 1895 Aged: 79y 6m 12d

Wooster Cemetery

Contributed by Nancy J. Freehafer

Adam Wilson Siegenthaler
d. 11 Mar 1863 Aged: 19y 2m 11d
Co. H 102 Reg. OVI
s/o George & Mary (Bressler) Siegenthaler

Alfred J. Siegenthaler
d. 1 Apr 1899 Aged: 69y 12d
20th Ohio Battery
h/o Hannah & s/o George & Mary (Bressler) Siegenthaler

George Siegenthaler
d. Oct 15, 1872 Aged: 70y 5m 23d

Hannah Siegenthaler
d. 26 Apr 1908 Aged: 77y 8m 10d
w/o A.J. Siegenthaler

Isaac Uriah Siegenthaler
d. 21 Oct 1864 Aged: 22y 10m 29d
s/o George & Mary (Bressler) Siegenthaler
Note: Top portion is off it's base.

Mary Siegenthaler (nee Bressler)
d. May 25, 1889 Aged: 83y 1m 26d
d/o Johannes Bressler & Rebecca Freehafer & w/o Geo. Siegenthaler
b. c 29 Mar 1806, Womelsdorf, Berks Co., PA