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Wayne County, Ohio
Early Census


Members of the Society have gone through and indexed the townships. The following is an electronic index with a link to a scanned copy of the originial list. If you have an early ancestor in Wayne County, this lists all the MALES 21 years of age and older in the county as of 1823.

WARNING - These files may take a while to load as they are large files! You will also need to scroll through the file to find the name you are looking for.

Surname First Township
Aason, Robert Wooster
Achan, Joseph Chester
Achisaw, Matthew Baughman
Achison, Benjamin Washington
Achison, Henry Washington
Achison, Jeremiah Washington
Achison, John Washington
Adames, Eligh Congress
Adams, Isaac Canaan
Adams, William Chester
Adams, Hugh Perry
Adams, John Perry
Adams, William Perry
Adams, James Prairie
Adms, James Sugar Creek
Agnes, James East Union
Aikins, Alexander Lake
Aikins, Joel Lake
Akey, James Paint
Akey, Peter Paint
Akey, Robert Paint
Akey, Robert Salt Creek
Alajon, Janus Perry
Albert, Peter Paint
Albertson, Jacob Prairie
Albertson, John Prairie
Alexander, Thomas Paint
Alexander, William Wooster
Alexandrer, Andrew Franklin
Alexandrer, John Franklin
Alexandrer, Joseph Franklin
Alison, John Congress
Allbury, Peter Plain
Allen, Holden Lake
Allen, Silas Mohican
Allison, John Milton
Alman, William Salt Creek
Ames, Prescot Chester
Amstuts, John (2) Sugar Creek
Andersan, David Baughman
Andersan, David Baughman
Anderson, John Jackson
Anderson, Isaah Mohican
Anderson, Jonathan Mohican
Anderson, John Paint
Anderson, Andrew Perry
Anderson, James Perry
Anderson, William Salt Creek
Andrews, Ebenezer Chippewa
Andrews, Moses Perry
Andrews, Thomas Perry
Annol, James E Mohican
Anspaugh, Peter Wayne
Antels, David Green
Anttes, John Chippewa
Appleman, James Baughman
Arb, Benjamine Green
Argo, Smith, Baughman
Armstrong, Thomas Canaan
Armstrong, Robert East Union
Armstrong, Rowland Paint
Armstrong, Ephram Plain
Armstrong, George Salt Creek
Armstrong, John Salt Creek
Armstrong, Joseph Salt Creek
Armstrong, Robert Jr Salt Creek
Armstrong, Robert Sr Salt Creek
Armstrong, Thomas Salt Creek
Armstrong, George Washington
Armstrong, John Washington
Armstrong, James Wooster
Arnal, Charles Plain
Arnal, Jese Plain
Arnal, Philip Plain
Arnol, Jacob Prairie
Arnold, Daniel (2) Sugar Creek
Arnold, Joseph Sugar Creek
Arnold, Samuel Sugar Creek
Athison, Thomas Chester
Aukerman, George Congress
Ault, Fredrick Baughman
Ault, Henry Baughman
Ault, Jacob Baughman
Ault, Valtentine Baughman
Austin, Ambrose Mohican
Austin, Ambrose Junier Mohican
Avery, Henry Milton
Avery, Edward Wooster
Aylsworth, Ira Pike
Aylsworth, Phillip Pike
Ayres, James Baughman
Ayres, James Pike
Ayres, Ellis Wooster
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Backer, John Wayne
Backull, Jacob Wooster
Badman, Thomas Franklin
Baer, Daniel Jackson
Bainbridge, Sugar Creek
Bair, Adam Sugar Creek
Bair, Adam (2) Wayne
Bair, John Wayne
Baird, Adam Mohican
Baird, Calvin Jun Mohican
Baird, Charles Mohican
Baird, Chester Mohican
Baird, Kendal Mohican
Baird, Andrew Wooster
Baker, Joseph Canaan
Baker, James Chester
Baker, Thos Lake
Baker, Jacob Perry
Baker, Peter Wayne
Baler, William Paint
Bales, Caleb Sugar Creek
Bales, David Sugar Creek
Balls, Thomas Washington
Bane, Samuel Sugar Creek
Bankdul, Joseph Plain
Banowite, Joseph East Union
Bantlit, Shones Mohican
Bantlit, Wiliam Mohican
Barber, Joseph Wooster
Barkdell, Michael Wooster
Barkdell, Peter Wooster
Barkdell, Samuel Wooster
Barker, Peter Chippewa
Barlet, Daniel Wayne
Barnes, Daliel Plain
Barnes, Henry Prairie
Barnes, Samuel Wooster
Barnett, Thomas Paint
Barnhill, Gabrial Paint
Barnit, Peter Green
Barnit, William Green
Barns, Wm. Canaan
Baron, John Perry
Barr, Thomas East Union
Barton, Thomas Wayne
Basinger, Michael Chippewa
Baston, George East Union
Battenfield, Joseph Mohican
Baudy, Hugh Chester
Baughman, John Baughman
Baughman, Soloman Baughman
Baughman, David Milton
Bawers, Benjamin Baughman
Bayer, James Paint
Bayer, John Paint
Bayer, Thomas Paint
Bays, John Jun Paint
Beabout, Abraham Canaan
Beabout, John Canaan
Beal, John Congress
Bealer, Jacob Paint
Beall, Josiah Prairie
Beall, Nahanial Prairie
Beall, Robert Prairie
Beall, Reason Wayne
Beall, Harvey Wooster
Beall, Jacob Wooster
Beall, Joseph Wooster
Beall, Reasin Wooster
Beall, Simeon Sr Wooster
Beall, Simeon Jr Wooster
Beam, Jacob Paint
Beamen, Thomas Plain
Beard, Lymon Milton
Beaty, Samuel Salt Creek
Bechanon, James Perry
Bechtell, Martin Wooster
Beck, Samuel Prairie
Beck, John Washington
Beckley, Henry Plain
Beecher, Freeman Wooster
Beerbour, John Paint
Beerbower, Jacob Salt Creek
Beevter, Calvin Baughman
Beires, Jacob Paint
Beitler, Henery Paint
Bejamin, ?athan Mohican
Bell, Zephaniah Pike
Bell, Aaron Jun Plain
Bell, Aaron Plain
Bell, Reason Prairie
Bell, Samuel Prairie
Bell, John Salt Creek
Bell, William Salt Creek
Bell, Samuel Sugar Creek
Beman, Wm Pike
Benham, Thederick Pike
Bennett, Aaron Chester
Bennett, John Paint
Bennett, Charles Wooster
Bennett, Lindzey Wooster
Bentley, Jesse Lake
Bentley, Benjamin Wooster
Berry, Jacob Jackson
Berry, Peter Perry
Berry, John Wooster
Berry, William Wooster
Bery, James Ripley
Bery, Mark Ripley
Bettz, Abraham Chippewa
Bettz, John Chippewa
Bevengton, Henry Jr Salt Creek
Beving, John Salt Creek
Bevington, Alexander Salt Creek
Bevington, Charles Salt Creek
Bevington, Henry Jr Salt Creek
Bevington, Samuel Salt Creek
Bevington, Thomas Salt Creek
Bidwell, Joseph Lake
Bidwell, Samuel Lake
Bidwell, Seth Lake
Bigham, John Green
Bigham, William Paint
Billby, John Paint
Billby, William Paint
Binley, William Prairie
Bissell, Hezekiah Wooster
Bivins, Henry Mohican
Bivins, John Mohican
Bixler, Jacob Sugar Creek
Blachley, Wiliam Plain
Blachley, Wiliam B Plain
Bleeks, John Green
Blew, Abraham Lake
Blew, Fredrick Mohican
Blew, John Mohican
Blew, William Perry
Blocher, Daniel Canaan
Bodene, John Wooster
Bodine, Samuel East Union
Bogles, Daniel Ripley
Boils, William Mohican
Bolds, thomas Chester
Boles, James Franklin
Boles, John Franklin
Boles, William Franklin
Bolin, George Franklin
Bolin, James Franklin
Boling, Elijah Lake
Bollen, John Washington
Boner, William Prairie
Bonewitz, John Wayne
Bonnet, Isaac Lake
Boon, James Prairie
Boon, George Prairie
Boon, Mordecai Wayne
Booth, Eli Washington
Boreland, David Sugar Creek
Bornhouse, John Paint
Borrowman, Henry Wooster
Bovard, Alexander Wooster
Bovurd, Alexander Salt Creek
Bowen, Lot Franklin
Bowers, Henry Chester
Bowers, Abraham Paint
Bowers, Adam Paint
Bowers, Daniel Paint
Bowers, Elias Paint
Bowers, Philip Sugar Creek
Bowersmit, David East Union
Bowman, John Chippewa
Boyd, James Congress
Boyd, James Franklin
Boyd, John Franklin
Boyd, John Paint
Boyd, William Paint
Boyd, David Wooster
Boydston, David Canaan
Boydston, George East Union
Boydston, Thomas East Union
Boydston, Sugar Creek
Boyeston, Benjamine Green
Boyeston, George Green
Boyles, Thomas Wooster
Bracken, Thomas Wooster
Brady, James Ripley
Bragg, Arial Canaan
Bragg, F Willard Canaan
Bragg, Willard Canaan
Braidingbaugh, Peter Chippewa
Brakebiel Green
Branen, John East Union
Brant, Cristian Green
Brathen, Joshua Salt Creek
Bready, David Sugar Creek
Brewer, Mathew Congress
Brewster, Jedekiah Baughman
Brian, John Chippewa
Bright, Thomas Mohican
Brigs, Ezeriah Pike
Brin, Benjamin Mohican
Brindel, Phillip Wayne
Bristoe, George Chester
Britan, Amans East Union
Brogan, James Franklin
Brookins, Thomas Paint
Brooks, Edward Baughman
Brooks, Tate Jackson
Brown, Thomas Chester
Brown, Andrew Chippewa
Brown, Emanuel East Union
Brown, C John East Union
Brown, J John East Union
Brown, Jacob East Union
Brown, George East Union
Brown, Peter East Union
Brown, Thomas A Mohican
Brown, Henry Perry
Brown, B John Pike
Brown, Harmon Plain
Brown, William Prairie
Brown, Abia Salt Creek
Brown, Calab Salt Creek
Brown, John Salt Creek
Brown, Robert Salt Creek
Brown, Samuel Salt Creek
Brown, Eli Sugar Creek
Brown, John Wooster
Brumfield, James Salt Creek
Bryan, Daniel Jackson
Bryan, James E Mohican
Bryan, John Mohican
Bryan, Rheuben Mohican
Bryan, William Mohican
Bryer, Frederic Wayne
Buchanan, Samuel Wayne
Buchanan, William (2) Wayne
Buchhanan, James Canaan
Buckhanen, John Prairie
Buckley, Robert Franklin
Buckmaster, Joshua Prairie
Buckmaster, Jeremiah Salt Creek
Buckmaster, John Salt Creek
Buckmaster, Joseph Salt Creek
Buckmaster, Richard Salt Creek
Buckmaster, Wilson Salt Creek
Bundy, Caleb L. Chippewa
Burgan, Jacob Franklin
Burgan, Danniel Green
Burgan, Elijah Wayne
Burgan, Samuel Wayne
Burgan, William Wayne
Burgan, James Wooster
Burgan, Joseph Wooster
Burner, James Prairie
Burnett, Thomas East Union
Burnett, John East Union
Burnett, Isaac Wooster
Burns, Hecter Congress
Burwill, Joseph Green
Burwill, Phenias Green
Buterbough, Joseph Franklin
Butler, Thomas Jun Prairie
Butler, Thomas Sir Prairie
Butler, Jonathen Prairie
Buzard, Sredrick Congress
Buzzard, Daniel Washington
Buzzard, George (2) Washington
Buzzard, Jonathan Washington
Byars, Benjamin Wooster
Byel, James Sugar Creek
Byers, David Chippewa
Byers, David Jackson
Byham, John East Union
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Cahel, Abraham Wayne
Cahel, Henry Wayne
Cahill, Isaac Wayne
Cahill, Richard Wayne
Caldwell, David Salt Creek
Caldwell, Henry Salt Creek
Caldwell, John Salt Creek
Caldwell, Samuel (2) Salt Creek
Calhoun, Jaretoh Baughman
Calien, James Mohican
Call, Alvin Chippewa
Camblin, David Prairie
Cameron, James Mohican
Cameron, John Pike
Campbell, George Baughman
Campbell, Wm Baughman
Campbell, James Chippewa
Campbell, John (2) Chippewa
Campbell, Joseph Chippewa
Campbell, William Chippewa
Campbell, B John East Union
Campbell, John Milton
Campbell, John Paint
Campbell, James Sugar Creek
Campbell, William Sugar Creek
Campell, Edward Wooster
Camph, Mathias Perry
Camren, Mordicai Wooster
Camron, Mordekiak East Union
Caples, Robert F Mohican
Carael, Jacob Prairie
Carey, Benjn Baughman
Carlon, Robert Congress
Carlon, James Jr Congress
Carlon, Joseph Congress
Carol, Jacob Ripley
Carpenter, George Washington
Carper, Adam Ripley
Carr, Hubbard East Union
Carrey, George Perry
Carrington, Joel Canaan
Carrol, William Sugar Creek
Carroll, Thomas Wooster
Carse, James Congress
Carson, George Green
Carson, Hugh Salt Creek
Carson, John Salt Creek
Carson, Patrick Salt Creek
Carson, William Salt Creek
Carson, Robert Wooster
Caster, Arnold Jr Salt Creek
Caster, Arnold Sr Salt Creek
Caster, George Salt Creek
Caster, John Salt Creek
Caster, McDaniel Salt Creek
Caster, Nathan Salt Creek
Caster, Reason Salt Creek
Caster, Thomas Salt Creek
Cary, Luther East Union
Cary, Stephen East Union
Cascadin, James Salt Creek
Case, Augustus Plain
Case, Joh Plain
Case, Samuel Plain
Casebeer, Jonathan Sugar Creek
Caskey, Andrew Wayne
Caskey, Benjamin Wayne
Caskey, John Wayne
Caskey, Samuel (2) Wayne
Caskey, Samuel Wooster
Casper, Daniel East Union
Casper, John East Union
Caster, Jacob Sir Prairie
Caster, Jacob Prairie
Catt, John Chippewa
Cearey, Amos Sugar Creek
Chacy, Daniel Jackson
Chaffin, Siman East Union
Chamberlin, William Franklin
Chambers, Wm Milton
Chambers, Edward Ripley
Chandler, Benjamin Paint
Chandler, Joseph Perry
Chandler, Robert Perry
Chappin, John Canaan
Charlton, Robert Prairie
Charry, Thomas Paint
Chary, James Wayne
Chary, John Wayne
Chary, Moses Wayne
Chary, Ralph Wayne
Chary, Thomas Wayne
Cheney, Jesse East Union
Chiderter, Ephram Wooster
Chidester, Samuel Wooster
Chidister, Paint
Chilcoat, Elisha Jackson
Chilcoat, John Perry
Chiles, James Plain
Chiney, John East Union
Chrismas, D Charles Wayne
Christmas, John Wooster
Christopher, Decemp Prairie
Christopher, John Prairie
Christopher, Samuel Prairie
Church, Edmon Mohican
Church, Benjamin Wooster
Cissne, James Prairie
Cissne, John Prairie
Clapper, Jacob Baughman
Clapper, Jacob Wooster
Clark,, Samuel Baughman
Clark, Michael East Union
Clark, Cephas East Union
Clark, L Lemuel East Union
Clark, David Perry
Clark, John Prairie
Clark, Allen Salt Creek
Clark, James Sugar Creek
Clark, John Sugar Creek
Clark, William Sugar Creek
Clark, William (2) Wayne
Clark, Joseph Wooster
Clark, Thomas Wooster
Claton, Samuel Mohican
Clause, Neal Congress
Claw, Edwards Washington
Claypole, James Paint
Clayton, John East Union
Cliff, Stephen Wooster
Cline, Daniel Mohican
Clingen, Joseph Wooster
Clink, George Mohican
Close, Daniel Chester
Close, John Jackson
Clows, John Green
Cobler, Phillip Pike
Coder, Phillip Green
Coe, Ebenzer Baughman
Coe, Joseph Sugar Creek
Coe, Moses Sugar Creek
Coe, Stephen Sugar Creek
Colbitzer, Peter Chippewa
Colbitzer, William Chippewa
Cole, Stephen Jackson
Cole, Thomas Jackson
Collins, Abm Baughman
Collins, Charles L Mohican
Colowell, Henry Franklin
Combes, Joseph Ripley
Combes, Joseph Junior Ripley
Comen, John Pike
Commons, William Wayne
Cone, Ezra Lake
Coneham, Isaac Chippewa
Coney, Michael Franklin
Conkey, M David Pike
Conkey, M John Pike
Conkey, M Thomas Pike
Conkey, M Wm Pike
Conkle, George Mohican
Conley, Charles Wooster
Connell, Bela Franklin
Conner, James Baughman
Conrad, William Sugar Creek
Contwell, Thomas Paint
Cook, Asa Sugar Creek
Cook, Samuel Sugar Creek
Cook, Silvanus Sugar Creek
Cook, Silvanus Jun Sugar Creek
Cook, David Wooster
Cook, John Wooster
Cook, Samuel Wooster
Coolman, George Milton
Coolman, John Milton
Cooly, Horasha Pike
Coonrand, Danniel Green
Cooper, Jacob Paint
Cor, John Perry
Corathers, Frances Mohican
Corey, Aaron Perry
Cornel, B Samuel Pike
Cornel, Isaac Pike
Cornell, George (2) Lake
Cornell, Gideon Paint
Cornell, Johnathan Paint
Cornell, Joseph Perry
Cosady, David Plain
Cose, Levi Wooster
Cotton, Edward Salt Creek
Cotton, James Salt Creek
Couch, Barnabry Plain
Covert, Enoch Lake
Cowan, John Paint
Cox, Thomas East Union
Cox, Jacob Sugar Creek
Cox, Peter Sugar Creek
Coyle, Isaac Chippewa
Crafts, Parsones Congress
Crage, James Chester
Crage, William Chester
Crage, John Chester
Crage, Robert Wayne
Craven, Samuel Chester
Craven, John Franklin
Craven, Leonard Paint
Crawford, James Congress
Crawford, Joseph Congress
Crawford, Bazlill East Union
Crawford, Edward Salt Creek
Crawford, Edward Wooster
Crawford, Josiah Wooster
Crawford, Levi Wooster
Crawford, William Wooster
Creig, John Baughman
Crichfield, Amos S Lake
Cristy, George Chester
Critchfield, Ace Ripley
Critchfield, Elza Ripley
Critchfield, Enoch Ripley
Crites, George Green
Crites, Peter Green
Croce, Peter Prairie
Croil, Charles Jackson
Croninger, Joseph Sugar Creek
Cross, Isaac Paint
Cross, Jonathan Salt Creek
Crow, Lawrence Salt Creek
Crow, William Salt Creek
Crowford, Hugh Prairie
Crum, Lewis Mohican
Crumbaugh, George Sugar Creek
Cubertson, Thomas Plain
Culberson, John Franklin
Culberson, Joseph Franklin
Culberson, Alexander Salt Creek
Culberson, Hugh Wayne
Culberstson, Moses Wooster
Culberstson, William Wooster
Culberstson, William J Wooster
Culbertson, Alexandria Plain
Culbertson, Alexandria Jun Plain
Culbertson, John Plain
Culler, Ephram Prairie
Culley, John Mohican
Culley, Mathew D Mohican
Cully, Daniel Wayne
Culver, Aron Sugar Creek
Culver, David Sugar Creek
Culver, Truman Sugar Creek
Cumley, James C Wooster
Cumpeton, Henry Salt Creek
Cuningham, William East Union
Cuningham, David Perry
Cuningham, David J Perry
Cuningham, Thomas Perry
Cuningham, Matthew Wooster
Cuningham, Robert Wooster
Cunningham, Benjn Baughman
Cunningham, James Salt Creek
Cunningham, James Sugar Creek
Cuppy, James Jackson
Curnerne, Peter East Union
Curtis, Wiliam Mohican
Cuthbertson, Thomas Jackson
Cutter, John Prairie
Cutter, Samuel Prairie
Cutter, Samuel Wooster
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Dage, Fredrick Milton
Dage, Gabriel Milton
Daley, Isac H Mohican
Daley, Nathan Mohican
Daly, Abraham Lake
Daly, Philip Lake
Daniel, M Justus Wayne
Dannells, Benjamin Wooster
Dannells, Isaac Wooster
Dannells, John Wooster
Danner, James Washington
Dar, John Baughman
Dar, Peter Baughman
Darnel, George Prairie
Darnel, James Prairie
Darnel, Henry Prairie
Darnel, John Prairie
David, Carpenter Mohican
David, James Mohican
Davis, Henry Baughman
Davis, Saml Baughman
Davis, Saml Jun Baughman
Davis, Zhiheboy Chester
Davis, Cilas Chester
Davis, Robert Franklin
Davis, Zibey Prairie
Davis, John Sugar Creek
Davis, Lewis Wooster
Davison, Armstrong, Wayne
Davisson, John R Sir Prairie
Davisson, John R Jun Prairie
Davrick, Jacob Wayne
Davrick, Peter Wayne
Davs, Zhilander Chester
Dawson, Jacob Canaan
Dawson, John Milton
Dawson, Thos Milton
Day, Elem East Union
Day, Abner East Union
Days, Adam Baughman
Deardoff, Joseph Paint
Dearinger, Daniel Jun Prairie
Dearinger, Daniel Sir Prairie
Dearinger, Jacob Prairie
Decker, John Wayne
Deen, Jacob Sugar Creek
Denman, Millon East Union
Denman, Samuel East Union
Denman, John East Union
Deuert, Henry Congress
Devinport, John Pike
Devinport, Thomas Pike
Dewalt, John Jackson
Dewalt, Pholly Jackson
Dewalt, Henry Washington
Dewey, Moses Sugar Creek
Dibell, George Chippewa
Dickeson, James Perry
Dill, Thomas Paint
Dilmen, George Wayne
Disend, Benjamin Plain
Disord, James Plain
Disord, John Plain
Disord, Samuel Plain
Disord, Wiliam Plain
Dobbins, John Paint
Dobbs, Francis Salt Creek
Dodd, Jesse Salt Creek
Dodds, James Washington
Dollaghan, John Wooster
Donaghy, John Wooster
Donely, John Ripley
Donly, James Plain
Donot, George Chippewa
Doreland, Cornelius Salt Creek
Dorland, James Prairie
Dotey, Timothey Salt Creek
Doty, Arthur Paint
Doughty, Joseph Franklin
Doughty, Picket Franklin
Doughty, Thomas Franklin
Douglas, Andrew Baughman
Dowel, Jacob Paint
Dower, John Ripley
Doyle, Wm Milton
Drake, David Washington
Drake, Eliphalet Washington
Drake, George Washington
Drake, Jesse Washington
Drake, Nathan Washington
Drake, Thomas Washington
Driscal, John Plain
Dristle, William Chester
Dristle, Zhener Chester
Drugin, Josiah Paint
Dubbs, Henry Mohican
Ducat, Philman Wayne
Duck, Phillip Wooster
Dudley, Charles Mohican
Dudley, Nathan Mohican
Duenas, Philip Chippewa
Dunham, John Salt Creek
Dunham, Moses Salt Creek
Dunham, Phineas Sugar Creek
Dunlapp, James East Union
Dunlapp, Thomas East Union
Dunlapp, John East Union
Dunn, David Paint
Durphy, James Jackson
Dye, James Pike
Dysart, Stephen Franklin
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E Hurten James Prairie
Eagle, Wm Lake
Eagle, John B Mohican
Eagle, Thomas Mohican
Eagle, William Mohican
Eakin, John Jr Salt Creek
Eakin, John Sr Salt Creek
Eakright, William Jackson
Eard, Jacob Wooster
Earick, John Perry
Eb, Robert Wayne
Ebart, Valentine Perry
Ebirsel, Jacob Wooster
Echard, Abraham Perry
Eddy, Abner Pike
Eddy, Augustes Pike
Eddy, Miron Pike
Eddy, Y Milton Pike
Eddy, Augustus Plain
Edgar, Hugh Baughman
Edgar, James Baughman
Edgar, Wm Baughman
Edgar, Wm Jun Baughman
Edmon, Benjamin Plain
Edmon, Peter Plain
Edmonds, Daniel Canaan
Edmonds, Nathaniel Canaan
Edwards, Saml Baughman
Edy, Jonathan Perry
Eicher, Peter Wayne
Elder, John Chippewa
Elderton, William Sugar Creek
Eldridge, Stephen East Union
Eldridge, Henry Jackson
Eliott, John Sugar Creek
Eliott, Solomon Sugar Creek
Elling, John Chippewa
Elliot, Simon Chippewa
Elliott, Thomas Chippewa
Ellis, Thomas Paint
Ellis, Enos Wooster
Emery, John Chester
Emery, Jacob Chester
Emery, Conrad Salt Creek
Emry, Peter Chester
Enlow, Jesse Washington
Ensby, Frederick Paint
Ensign, Linus Mohican
Ensley, Mical Paint
Ensminger, David Mohican
Ensminger, George Mohican
Ensminger, Michael Mohican
Erich, Jacob Wayne
Erich, Peter Wayne
Erich, Peter Wayne
Evans, James Baughman
Evans, Nathan Baughman
Evenet, John East Union
Everhard, Jacob Chippewa
Everly, Adam Wayne
Everly, Joseph Wayne
Everly, Peter Wayne
Evins, Evin Lake
Evins, Jesse Lake
Ewalt, John Lake
Ewens, Jacob Mohican
Ewens, James Mohican
Ewens, John Junier Mohican
Ewens, William Mohican
Ewing, James Canaan
Ewing, Wm Jr Canaan
Ewing, Wm Sr Canaan
Ewing, James Congress
Eyar, James Wooster
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Fairchilds, Daniel East Union
Fanilan, David East Union
Fanklaid, Fredrick Lake
Fasor, Randolph Wooster
Fast, Martin Jackson
Faulon, David East Union
Feather, Daniel Chester
Feazel, Barney Wayne
Feazel, Barnney Wayne
Feazel, Jarmnin Wayne
Feazel, John Wayne
Feazel, Plase Wayne
Feazel, Thomas Wayne
Feazel, William Wayne
Federow, Daniel Paint
Fehgen, John Plain
Fehgen, Stophill Plain
Ferecman, Moses Pike
Fickes, John Green
Fickes, John Sugar Creek
Fightner, Abrham Green
Findley, James Franklin
Findley, Alexandrid Mohican
Findley, James Mohican
Fink, Michal Franklin
Finley, Archabald Perry
Firestone, Soloman Salt Creek
First, Phenies Salt Creek
First, Samuel Salt Creek
Firstone, George East Union
Firstone, Philip East Union
Firstone, George East Union
Firstone, Michael East Union
Fish, Samuel Mohican
Fishburn, Fredrick Jun Plain
Fishburn, Fredrick Plain
Fisher, Stephen Chippewa
Fisher, David Paint
Fisher, George Paint
Fisher, John Paint
Fisher, Soloman Sen Paint
Fisher, Soloman Jun Paint
Fisher, Jesse Salt Creek
Fisher, John Salt Creek
Fisk, Joel Wayne
Fister, John Sugar Creek
Flack, James Chester
Flack, Samuel Chester
Flack, Richard Prairie
Flack, James Prairie
Flack, Robert Prairie
Flack, Samuel Prairie
Fletcher, Thomas Paint
Flickner, John Green
Flicknier, Peter Green
Flin, Thomas Chippewa
Floyd, John Franklin
Fluck, Jacob Wooster
Fluhart, Henry Salt Creek
Fluhart, Jacheus Salt Creek
Follmer, Daniel East Union
Folty, Frances H Wooster
Folty, Frederick Wooster
Foltze, John Pike
Forbes, Wm Baughman
Force, Jacob East Union
Force, William East Union
Force, Abraham Franklin
Force, James Franklin
Force, William Franklin
Ford, William Chippewa
Ford, John Jackson
Foreman, Alexr Baughman
Foreman, John Baughman
Foreman, Alexandr Chester
Forgison, Samuel Green
Formolt, John Green
Forter, S James Baughman
Foster, Daniel (2) Sugar Creek
Foster, Samuel Wayne
Fouch, David Pike
Fouch, John Pike
Fourman, Hugh Wooster
Fowble, Michael Chippewa
Fowler, John Franklin
Fowler, Thomas Salt Creek
Fox, John Mohican
Fox, Christopher Wooster
Fraher, Thomas Franklin
Fraisar, John East Union
France, Frederick (2) Wayne
France, George Wayne
France, Henry Wayne
France, Mickel Wayne
France, Peter Wayne
France, John Wooster
Franks, Henry Canaan
Franks, John Canaan
Franks, Abraham Chippewa
Franks, Henry Sr Chippewa
Franks, Henry Jr Chippewa
Franks, Jacob Chippewa
Franks, Jasper Chippewa
Franks, John Jr Chippewa
Franks, John Sr Chippewa
Franks, Michael Chippewa
Franks, Uriah Chippewa
Franks, Jacob East Union
Franks, Conrad East Union
Franks, Peter Salt Creek
Frany, Elehu Mohican
Fraser, John Wooster
Fraze, Henry Chippewa
Fraze, Jacob Chippewa
Fraze, John Chippewa
Frazze, Jacob Paint
Frederick, Thomas Chippewa
Frederick, Jacob Salt Creek
Free, Samuel Mohican
Freeman, Alexander Sugar Creek
Freman, Luther Mohican
Freman, Samuel A Mohican
French, James Salt Creek
Frick, Henry Wayne
Fried, Henry Paint
Fried, Jacob Paint
Friedline, Conard Perry
Fritz, Martin Milton
Fritz, Samuel Milton
Fritzinger, George Chippewa
Fry, Daniel Chippewa
Fry, Henry Franklin
Frye, John Paint
Fulke, Joseph Congress
Fulks, Clark, Congress
Fulton, James Chester
Funk, Jacob Baughman
Funk, Samuel Chester
Funk, Benjamin Paint
Funk, Jacob Pike
Futhey, Benjamin Chippewa
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Gackson, Henry Mohican
Gaddes, Abner East Union
Galehouse, Frederick Chippewa
Gallagher, John Baughman
Gallagher, Owen Wayne
Gallaway, Wm Baughman
Garbeson, Adviel Ripley
Gardner, George Baughman
Gardner, James Baughman
Gardner, Jacob Sugar Creek
Garkell, Thomas Wooster
Garne, David Congress
Garritson, William Sugar Creek
Garver, Mical Sugar Creek
Garver, Ollerich Sugar Creek
Garwell, William Salt Creek
Gathnie, Richard East Union
Gaut, Samuel Canaan
Gaut, John Wayne
Gaut, Samuel Wayne
Gavsalt, Samull Ripley
Gbun, Joshua Mohican
Geen, Gorge Mohican
Geitchey, Adam Franklin
Geitchey, Adam Sr Franklin
Geitchey, George Franklin
George, James Jackson
Getchey, John Wooster
Gettese, William Congress
Gevinger, John Ripley
Gibene, John Prairie
Gibertan, David Lake
Gibson, James Canaan
Gibson, George Wayne
Gibson, James Wayne
Gibson, William Wayne
Gierhart, Jonas Jackson
Giger, Charles Prairie
Gillbreath, John Mohican
Gilson, Allen Wayne
Gilson, William Wooster
Gin, Aheie Pike
Ginter, John Salt Creek
Girling Thomas L Wooster
Girrell, William Wooster
Giser, John Congress
Giser, Jacob Congress
Glasgo, Hiram Sugar Creek
Glasgo, John Sugar Creek
Glasgo, Otho Sugar Creek
Glasgo, Vinson Sugar Creek
Glass, John Salt Creek
Glass, James Wayne
Glass, John Wayne
Glass Wayne
Glenn, John Junier Mohican
Glinn, John Mohican
Golbraith, James Paint
Golbraith, John Paint
Gooden, Isaac Paint
Gooden, Samuel Pike
Gooden, Samuel Salt Creek
Gooden, Thomas Salt Creek
Goodfellen, Wiliam Plain
Goodwin, William Chester
Gorden, Joseph Prairie
Gorrel, William Prairie
Gorsey, Nathen Pike
Gorsuch, John Mohican
Gorsuck, Benjaman Ripley
Gorsuck, David Ripley
Gorsuck, Robert Ripley
Goudy, Wm Baughman
Gowdy, James Sugar Creek
Gowdy, John Sen Sugar Creek
Gowdy, John Sugar Creek
Gowdy, Thomas Sugar Creek
Gowdy, William Sen Sugar Creek
Gowdy, William Jun Sugar Creek
Gowdy, William Sugar Creek
Grable, Jacob Sugar Creek
Grady, John Green
Graham, Robert Canaan
Graham, James Chippewa
Graham, John Chippewa
Graham, William Chippewa
Graham, William Paint
Grandstaff, Cyrus Ripley
Grandstaff, Lewis Ripley
Grant, Jonathen Sir Prairie
Grant, Jonathen Jun Prairie
Grant, Parkeson Prairie
Gravin, John Prairie
Gray, James Lake
Gray, James jun Lake
Green, Thomas Jackson
Green, Wm Lake
Green, Alexandria Mohican
Greenfield, Zachariah Sugar Creek
Greenho, John Chippewa
Greenho, Michael Chippewa
Greenlee, Wm Lake
Greer, James Mohican
Griffeth, Asa Pike
Griffeth, David Wooster
Griffeth, Phillip B Wooster
Griffith, John Sugar Creek
Grimes, Joshua Prairie
Grimes, Robert Salt Creek
Grindel, Henry Perry
Guin, Ezeriah Pike
Guin, James Prairie
Guin, John Prairie
Guin, Thomas Prairie
Gunday, Martin Franklin
Guthery, Joseph Salt Creek
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Hacket, George East Union
Hacket, James Salt Creek
Hacket, William Salt Creek
Hackethorn, Charles Chippewa
Hackett, Catherine Sugar Creek
Hague, William Mohican
Hague, John Wooster
Hahn, Andrew Sugar Creek
Hahn, Mical Sugar Creek
Halfhill, George Salt Creek
Hall, Nathan Canaan
Hall, James Prairie
Hall, John Prairie
Hall, James Salt Creek
Hall, Robert Wooster
Halliwell, George Chippewa
Halsted, Ebinezer Lake
Haman, Barnard Lake
Hamelton, William Perry
Hamelton, John Prairie
Hames, John Chester
Hamilton, Hanson Jackson
Hamilton, James Prairie
Hamilton, Thomas Prairie
Hamilton, Henry Prairie
Hand, Samuel H Wooster
Handgrave, Wilson C Wooster
Hanes, Jacob Chester
Haney, Adam Jackson
Haney, Peter Jackson
Hanlind, Jacob Baughman
Hanna, Archabald Paint
Hannah, Thomas Salt Creek
Hannah, Alexs Wayne
Hannah, Thomas Wayne
Hannah, Thomas Wooster
Hansion, Henry Chippewa
Hansion, Henry Jr Chippewa
Harbaugh, Jacob Chippewa
Harbaugh, David Green
Harbaugh, Samuel Green
Hare, Henry Congress
Harison, William Paint
Harisson, Elisha Prairie
Harisson, John Prairie
Harkins, Wm Baughman
Harman, Conrad Baughman
Harmon, Jacob Franklin
Harper, James Milton
Harpster, Jacob Perry
Harran, William Sugar Creek
Harrier, Henry Chippewa
Harriott, James E Wooster
Harris, James Baughman
Harris, Moses Baughman
Harris, Warren Baughman
Harris, Warren Jun Baughman
Harris, Isaac Chester
Harris, John Green
Harris, William Jackson
Harris, Aron Sugar Creek
Harris, James Washington
Harris, John Washington
Harris, Joseph Washington
Harris, Warren Washington
Harrison, Thomas Lake
Harrison, David Wayne
Harry, George Chester
Harry, Reese Chester
Harry, Cyrus Mohican
Harry, Joel Wooster
Harsh, Benjn Baughman
Harsler, John Green
Hart, George Mohican
Harter, John Milton
Hartford, John Mohican
Hartgravel, Richard Mohican
Hartman, Soloman Congress
Hartsler, John Green
Hartsoak, Daniel Perry
Hartsock, John Plain
Hartzel, Reuben Sugar Creek
Harveston, John Sugar Creek
Hasler, Henry Plain
Haslet, David Pike
Hassleman, Samuel Paint
Hatch, Isaac Mohican
Hatch, Lemuel Plain
Hatch, Edmond Wooster
Hatfield, Jacob Chippewa
Hatfield, William Chippewa
Hatfield, [unreadable] Mohican
Hatfield, Adam Salt Creek
Hatfield, Joseph Salt Creek
Hatfield, Robert Salt Creek
Hatikins, Henry Mohican
Hauck, Cornelius East Union
Haverstock, Conrad Jun Paint
Haverstock, Conrad Sen Paint
Haverstock, John Paint
Haverstock, Tobias Paint
Hawkins, Joshua Chester
Hawkins, Joseph Wooster
Hay, Daniel Baughman
Hay, Jacob Prairie
Hays, Thomas Green
Hays, Benjamin Milton
Hays, Thos G Milton
Hays, Jonathan Perry
Hayse, George Canaan
Hazard, John Jackson
Healey, James Salt Creek
Healey, Joseph Salt Creek
Healey, Richard Salt Creek
Healey, Sedgewick Salt Creek
Healy, John Salt Creek
Heart, John Chester
Heart, Joseph Chester
Heart, Samuel East Union
Hedrickson, Wm Lake
Heestand, Jacob Sugar Creek
Hefelfinger, Philip Chester
Heilman, Isaac Paint
Helford, Christan Perry
Helford, William Perry
Heller, Daniel Mohican
Heller, John Mohican
Heller, Samuel Mohican
Heller, Joseph Perry
Hellis, Joseph Perry
Hellis, William Perry
Helmack, Adam Chippewa
Helmack, John Chippewa
Helmack, Nicholas Chippewa
Helman, John Perry
Hemperly, John Wooster
Henar, John Perry
Hendrickson, George Lake
Hendrickson, John Lake
Hendrickson, Litha Lake
Hendrickson, Wm. Washington
Hendrix, Peter Canaan
Henery, John Salt Creek
Henor, Joseph Perry
Henry, John Baughman
Henry, John Sugar Creek
Henry, Johnston, Wooster
Henry, Stephen Jr Wooster
Henry, Stephen Sr Wooster
Herman, George Wooster
Heron, Greenbery Prairie
Heron, Loyd Prairie
Herr, John Perry
Hersh, John Baughman
Hess, John Wooster
Hester, Frederick East Union
Hewey, W Gorge Congress
Heyson, Jacob Perry
Hibbart, Calvin Lake
Hie, Abraham Paint
Hill, William Wayne
Hill, Abraham Wooster
Hill, Joshua Wooster
Hindman, James Franklin
Hine, Jacob Plain
Hine, John Wooster
Hines, Peter Plain
Hobert, Calvan Wooster
Hockingburg, James Prairie
Hodge, John Chester
Hoff, George Milton
Hoff, Henry Milton
Hoff, Peter Milton
Hoff, Jacob Wooster
Hoff, Phillip Wooster
Hoffman, Rudolph Milton
Hoffstater, John Milton
Hoffstater, Mathew Milton
Hoffstater, Thos Milton
Hohenshid, Conrad Wayne
Hollinger, Isac Mohican
Homan, Mical Sugar Creek
Homan, John Wayne
Homes, Jones, Congress
Homes, Daniel Congress
Hook, John Franklin
Hoover, Joseph East Union
Hoover, John Sr East Union
Hoover, John Jr East Union
Hoover, George Wooster
Hoskinson, James Canaan
Hoskinson, Jeremiah Canaan
Hoskinson, William Canaan
Hossington, David Canaan
Houcts, Philip Plain
Houghp, Jonathan Pike
House, Jacob Mohican
Houtz, Henry Chippewa
Howard, John East Union
Howard, Zedack Lake
Howard, Henry Paint
Howard, Horrace Wooster
Howe, Archible Milton
Howe, Samuel Milton
Howsoner, Peter Milton
Hoy, Charles Jackson
Hoy, William Salt Creek
Hoyer, George Washington
Hoyt, Joseph W Paint
Hoyt, Daniel O Wooster
Huchinson, Daniel East Union
Huchinson, John East Union
Huchinson, James East Union
Huff, Thomas Green
Huffman, Daniel Jr Chippewa
Huffman, Daniel Chippewa
Huffman, Jacob Chippewa
Huffman, John Chippewa
Hughes, William Wooster
Hughman, Adam Congress
Hughs, John Franklin
Hulin, Alexander Pike
Hulin, Ira Pike
Hull, Henry Congress
Hull, Joseph Congress
Hull, John Plain
Hull, George Wooster
Humphrey, Peter Chippewa
Hunter, David East Union
Hunter, James Wooster
Huntsman, Jonathan Washington
Huntsman, Jesse Wooster
Hurd, James Ripley
Hurd, William Ripley
Hurh, Abraham Wayne
Huse, Ezram Junior Pike
Huse, Ezram Pike
Huse, Jefferson Pike
Huse, Taylor Pike
Huseelman, John Sugar Creek
Huston, Cunningham Paint
Hutcheson, Daniel Prairie
Hutchinson, John Chippewa
Hutchinson, William Chippewa
Hutchison, Jimsey Salt Creek
Hutchison, William Salt Creek
Hyde, David Lake
Hyett, Masheck Salt Creek
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Ingmond, Edmon Mohican
Ingmond, Edmon Junier Mohican
Ingmond, Luke Mohican
Irvin, Matthew Chippewa
Irvin, W William Washington
Irvine, Samuel Wooster
Irvins, John Washington
Irvins, Samuel Washington
Isbel, Hemon Mohican
Isbel, Joel Mohican
Isbel, Charles Plain
Ish, Christion Prairie
Return to top
Jackson, John Jackson
James, Elisha Prairie
Jameson, Joshua Sugar Creek
Jarvis, Joseph Paint
Jeffey, John Congress
Jemison, John Sugar Creek
Jewel, Joseph East Union
Jewel, Isaac Pike
Jewell, Samuel East Union
Jinkins, John Wooster
John, David Chippewa
Johnson, John East Union
Johnson, Abraham East Union
Johnson, Cornelius East Union
Johnson, Abraham Jr East Union
Johnson, Peter East Union
Johnson, Charles Milton
Johnson, Jarermah Milton
Johnson, John W Paint
Johnson, William Paint
Johnson, Isaac Perry
Johnson, John Perry
Johnson, Thomas Perry
Johnson, William Prairie
Johnson, James Salt Creek
Johnson, James Salt Creek
Johnson, John Salt Creek
Johnson, Luke Salt Creek
Johnson, Thomas Salt Creek
Johnson, William (3) Salt Creek
Johnson, Griffith Washington
Johnston, George Baughman
Johnston, Robert Baughman
Johnston, Rufus Baughman
Johnston, Wm Baughman
Johnston, Wm Tanner Baughman
Johnston, Leeman Canaan
Johnston, Christopher Chippewa
Johnston, Christopher Jr Chippewa
Johnston, Daniel Chippewa
Johnston, David Chippewa
Johnston, Isaac Chippewa
Johnston, John Chippewa
Johnston, C Robert East Union
Johnston, Matthew Wooster
Johnston, Thomas Wooster
Joley, John Wayne
Jones, Charles Canaan
Jones, Jason Canaan
Jones, Samuel Canaan
Jones, Sylvenes Canaan
Jones, Steven Congress
Jones, Isiah Franklin
Jones, Nicholas Franklin
Jones, Thomas Franklin
Jones, William Franklin
Jones, David Pike
Jones, John Junior Pike
Jones, John Pike
Jones, Joseph Pike
Jones, Richard Pike
Jones, Wm Pike
Jones, John Plain
Jones, Thomas Ripley
Jones, James Sugar Creek
Jones, John Sen Sugar Creek
Jones, Joseph Sugar Creek
Jones, Samuel Sugar Creek
Jones, William Sugar Creek
Jones, Charles Wayne
Jones, Asa Wooster
Jones, Edward Wooster
Jones, Edward O Wooster
Jones, Oliver Wooster
Jones, Thomas J Wooster
Jordan, David Ripley
Jordan, John Ripley
Jordan, Samuel Ripley
Juel, Moses Plain
Jwel, Kape Pike
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Kain, Joseph Plain
Kalkglaser, Henry Perry
Kalkglaser, John Perry
Kane, Peter Jackson
Karnihan, James Milton
Karr, Hugh Perry
Karr, Niclose Perry
Kauche, Frederick Wooster
Kauke, Harry Wayne
Kauke, John Wayne
Kay, William Sugar Creek
Keefer, Lewis Chippewa
Keefer, Jacob (2) Milton
Keefer, Michal Sen Milton
Keefer, Michal Jun Milton
Keelhofer, David Sugar Creek
Keely, James Sugar Creek
Kefer, Adam Green
Keiser, Joseph Paint
Keller, William East Union
Kelley, Thomas (2) East Union
Kelley, Ezekiel East Union
Kelley, Charles East Union
Kelley, Charles Green
Kelley, William Wooster
Kelly, John Jackson
Kelly, Aaron Mohican
Kelly, Janes Mohican
Kelly, Isaac Perry
Kelly, John Perry
Kelly, William Perry
Kelly, William J Perry
Kelly, William S Perry
Kemlerhing, Peter East Union
Kemp, Authr Baughman
Kendel, Peter Prairie
Kenedy, Archabal S Mohican
Kenedy, Joseph Paint
Kenedy, John Wooster
Kennes, John Mohican
Kennes, Thomas Mohican
Kenrick, Samuel Green
Kerns, John Prairie
Kerr, Wm Baughman
Kerr, John Prairie
Kerr, William Prairie
Kesbeer, Samuel Paint
Kieuster, Lewis Baughman
Kilgore, James Sugar Creek
Kilgore, William Sugar Creek
Kilmer, Isaac Paint
Kimerrer, Jacob Pike
Kimmel, William Wayne
Kimpton, David Wooster
Kimpton, William Wooster
King, Jashueit East Union
King, Thomas East Union
King, Ralph East Union
King, James Plain
Kintner, Jacob Wayne
Kirhendoll, John Wooster
Kirkendal, Christian Salt Creek
Kirkendall, Van East Union
Kirkendall, Samuel Salt Creek
Kirkindall, James Salt Creek
Kirkpatric, Daniel Franklin
Kirkpatrick, Andrew Ripley
Kirkpatrick, James Salt Creek
Kisleman, Valentine Franklin
Kitchen, Moses Jackson
Kizen, Jacob Prairie
Kizer, Peter Franklin
Klingaman, Jacob Perry
Knapp, Samuel Wooster
Knox, George Wooster
Knox, Robert Salt Creek
Krick, George Perry
Krick, Philip Perry
Krissliver, David Paint
Krissliver, John Paint
Krissliver, Philip Paint
Krissliver, William Paint
Kuhn, John Jackson
Kurtz, Jacob Wayne
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L Dawson John Prairie
Laffer, John Jackson
Laign, Samuel Prairie
Laing, William Prairie
Lake, Abner Junior Pike
Lake, Abner Pike
Lake, David Pike
Lake, Isaac Pike
Lake, Joseph S Wooster
Lance, Abraham Chippewa
Langberry, John Jackson
Langle, Casper East Union
Langle, Leanard East Union
Lanne, George East Union
Lanrence, David East Union
Lantz, Cristian Green
Lantz, Samuel Green
Lantz, Christopher Milton
Lantz, Henry Milton
Lantz, James Milton
Lantz, John Milton
Lantz, Stephen Green
Lantz, Wm Milton
Larimore, James Wooster
Laroin, Henry Wayne
Larwill, John Wooster
Larwill, Joseph H Wooster
Larwill, William Wooster
Larwill, William C Wooster
Lash, Peter Chippewa
Lash, John Perry
Laughhead, William Sugar Creek
Laughlin, John Wooster
Lauthan, James East Union
Lauthan, William East Union
Law, James Milton
Lawer, Adam Baughman
Lawrance, Benjamin Salt Creek
Lawrance, John Wooster
Lawrance, Onissemus Wooster
Lawrence, John Salt Creek
Lawrey, James Chester
Lawrey, John Chester
Lawry, Jacob East Union
Laylender, James Prairie
Lee, George Baughman
Lee, John Chippewa
Lee, Job East Union
Lee, Jonah Jackson
Lee, John Sen Milton
Lee, John Jun Milton
Lee, Abel Pike
Lee, David Pike
Lee, Jacob Pike
Lee, Samuel Pike
Lee, James Ripley
Lee, John Ripley
Leedom, John Ripley
Leggit, Thomas Ripley
Lemon, Abraham Sugar Creek
Lemon, Cristian Sugar Creek
Lemon, John Sugar Creek
Lemon, Ollerich Sugar Creek
Lemon, Peter Sugar Creek
Lent, Peter Prairie
Lent, Horcules Salt Creek
Lepey, Jacob Chippewa
Lepsy, John Chippewa
Lesh, Zakariah Perry
Lesher, Phillip Canaan
Lethers, Jacob Mohican
Lewistone, Andrew Wayne
Liggit, George Washington
Liggit, James Washington
Lightfoot, John Ripley
Lightfoot, John Junior Ripley
Likes, George Mohican
Likes, John Mohican
Lilly, David Plain
Lilly, James Sugar Creek
Linsey, William Franklin
Lisen, George Plain
Lisle, Robert Paint
Lisor, George Wooster
Litle, Thomas Baughman
Lock, John Franklin
Lock, Thomas Franklin
Lockhart, Moses Franklin
Loffer, Philip Paint
Lohra, John Wooster
Lohra, John B Wooster
Long, Lohn Congress
Long, Joiah East Union
Long, James Green
Long, Noe Jackson
Long, George Perry
Long, Henery Perry
Long, Jacob Perry
Long, John Perry
Long, Petter Perry
Long, Isac Ripley
Lonnon, Thomas Salt Creek
Look, Arzle Paint
Loop, Henry Wooster
Loop, Jacob Wooster
Loore, John Ripley
Lore, Phillip Wooster
Losier, David Plain
Losier, Gorge Plain
Losier, Jacob Plain
Losier, Peter Plain
Losure, David Wooster
Losure, Jacob Wooster
Lotta, James Paint
Loughlin, Robert Perry
Louther, William Wooster
Lowe, Adam Paint
Lowe, Henery Paint
Lowery, James Canaan
Lowre, Frances Perry
Lowre, Lazerus Perry
Lowthar, George Sugar Creek
Luce, Daniel Wayne
Luckey, Andrew East Union
Lukins, Abraham Plain
Lune, Opaieap East Union
Luse, Jonathan Chester
Luse, Daniel C Chester
Lutz, Adam Chippewa
Lybarger, Jacob Mohican
Lyde, Jacob Pike
Lydy, John Sugar Creek
Lyle, Aron Pike
Lyon, Isaac Jackson
Lyon, Nathaniel Jackson
Lytle, John Salt Creek
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M Bride, Alexander Wooster
M Coy, Alexander Wooster
M Coy, Hugh Wooster
M Cracken, Hugh Wooster
M Donnell, David Wooster
M Key, Thomas Wooster
M Millin, Martin Wooster
Mackenlush, Wiliam Plain
Mackentuck, Daniel Plain
Mackentuck, James Plain
Mackey, William Salt Creek
Macluer, Wm Lake
Madison, Jesse Congress
Madison, Nathias Congress
Madison, George Sugar Creek
MaDran, John Wayne
Magner, Henry Jr Wooster
Magner, Henry Sr Wooster
Manning, John Green
Mannon, George Chippewa
Mants, Peter Plain
Many, John Perry
Marchel, Charles Wayne
Marisson, William Prairie
Markis, Joseph Plain
Marks, George Lake
Marquis, David Franklin
Marquis, John Franklin
Marquis, Samuel Franklin
Marshall, James Baughman
Marshall, John Baughman
Marshall, Wm Baughman
Martin, James Baughman
Martin, Wm Baughman
Martin, Daniel East Union
Martin, Benjamin Mohican
Martin, Edward Prairie
Martin, John Prairie
Mason, John Jackson
Mason, Jacob Wooster
Mast, D William East Union
Mather, Robert Wayne
Mathewson, James Ripley
Mathewson, William Ripley
Matocks, Jacob Prairie
Matthews, Isaac Jackson
Matthews, Jacob Wooster
Matticks, Edward Salt Creek
Mauler, John Baughman
Mauler, Wm Baughman
Maulton, Almeren Canaan
Maulton, Dan Canaan
Maulton, Earl Canaan
Maxwell, James Baughman
Maxwell, James Pike
Mayers, John Perry
McBride, Amos Jackson
McBride, Thomas Jackson
Mcbride, Alexander Perry
Mcbride, Robart Perry
Mcbride, Robert Perry
Mcbride, Thomas Perry
McBride, John Plain
McCanlass, James East Union
McCanmon, Moses Wooster
McCarns, Dennis Wayne
McCartney, James Paint
McCaughland, Michal Ripley
McCelland, James Chester
McCharren, Richard Prairie
Mccinley, Jesse Green
McClan, Charls Sugar Creek
McClaren, David Franklin
McClaron, Robert Wooster
McClellan, Andw Baughman
McClellan, Saml Baughman
McClellan, Thos Baughman
McClellan, John Franklin
McClintick, James Paint
McClure, Oliver Mohican
McClure, Thomas P Mohican
McClure, John Salt Creek
McColach, Hugh Prairie
McCollaugh, Andrew Chippewa
McComb, Lambert Wooster
McComb, William Wooster
McCombs, Joseph Mohican
McConaughy, Samuel Jackson
McConkey, John Wooster
Mcconnaha, Green
McConnell, John East Union
McConnell, Wilson Franklin
McCoulach, James Prairie
McCoulach, Joseph Prairie
McCracken, James Wooster
McCracken, Thomas Wooster
McCulle, George Wayne
McCurdy, William Wooster
McCure, Robert Ripley
Mcdanel, James Prairie
Mcdanel, John Prairie
McDanill, John Salt Creek
McDannel, Allen Paint
McDannell, John Paint
Mcdonnel, Milo Prairie
Mcdonock, James Ripley
Mcdonock, William Ripley
Mcdowell, James Sugar Creek
Mcdowell, John Sugar Creek
Mcdowell, Nethaniel Sugar Creek
McElhenney, Robert Sugar Creek
Mcelvey, Patrick Ripley
McEntafer, Jacob Wayne
McFadden, James Chester
McFadden, William Chester
McFadden, James East Union
McFadden, Edward East Union
Mcfadden, John Green
McFadden, James Salt Creek
McFaddin, Charles Baughman
Mcfall, Frances Plain
Mcfall, James Plain
Mcfall, John Plain
McFall, William Wooster
Mcfillin, Esekel Plain
Mcfillin, James Plain
McGanicy, Patrick Sr East Union
McGanicy, Patrick Jr East Union
McGugin, Joseph Wooster
McGuire, John Baughman
McIlvaine, John Canaan
McIntire, Cornelius Franklin
McIntire, James Franklin
McIntire, John Franklin
McIntire, Smith, Franklin
McIntire, Archabald Paint
McIntire, William Paint
McKasey, Robert Franklin
McKavit, Andrew Wayne
McKee, Robert Wooster
Mckenby, Wiliam Plain
McKenney, Allen Mohican
McKindley, John Washington
McKinley, John Wooster
Mclevan, David Franklin
McLoran, James Chester
McMannes, James Chester
McManus, John Wayne
McManus, John Wayne
Mcmilin, Thomas Plain
McMillan, Alexander Jackson
McMillan, Alexander Jr Jackson
McMillan, James Jackson
McMonigal, Andrew Wooster
McPhersin, Samuel Congress
Mcullock, John Ripley
Mcullock, Joseph Ripley
McWilliams, James Sugar Creek
Mcwilliams, Robert Sugar Creek
Meanor, Isaac Lake
Meanor, John Lake
Meanor, John Lake
Meck, John Wayne
Meech, Abel Chippewa
Meek, Samuel Chester
Meek, Benjamin Chippewa
Meek, David Chippewa
Meek, Robert Chippewa
Meese, Christopher Chippewa
Meese, Jacob Chippewa
Melingen, David Plain
Melkey, James Baughman
Melkey, Samuel Baughman
Mellingen, Benidick Plain
Meloy, Hugh Jackson
Meneight, Robert Paint
Meneight, William Paint
Merquis, James East Union
Merquis, Robert East Union
Merriman, John East Union
Merriman, Elisah East Union
Merriman, Daniel Salt Creek
Merriman, Elisha Salt Creek
Merriman, Micaiah Salt Creek
Merriman, William Salt Creek
Metcalf, Edward Mohican
Metcalf, George Mohican
Metcalf, John Mohican
Metcalf, John H Mohican
Metcalf, John L Mohican
Metcalf, Josiah Mohican
Metcalf, Thomas Mohican
Metcalf, Daniel Pike
Metcalf, Jacob Pike
Metcalf, Mossom Pike
Metker, Coonrand Green
Metker, James Green
Metzgar, David Baughman
Michael, Moody Mohican
Michael, Curin Plain
Michel, Charles Wayne
Micks, Andru Plain
Micks, James Plain
Micks, John Plain
Micks, Samuel Plain
Micks, Wiliam Plain
Micorn, John Paint
Micphole, John Congress
Micphole, Daniel Congress
Middleton, John Chippewa
Milburn, Joseph East Union
Milburn, Andice East Union
Milburn, Thomas East Union
Miler, George Mohican
Miler, John Wayne
Miler, Jonathan Wayne
Miler, Peter Wayne
Miles, John Canaan
Miles, Justin Canaan
Miles, James Chester
Miller, Abraham Canaan
Miller, Benjamin Canaan
Miller, Isaac Canaan
Miller, Jacob Canaan
Miller, John Canaan
Miller, Jonathan Canaan
Miller, Joshua Canaan
Miller, George Chippewa
Miller, John A Chippewa
Miller, Micah Congress
Miller, Samuel Congress
Miller, Wm Congress
Miller, George Congress
Miller, Stephen Congress
Miller, Jacob Congress
Miller, Andrew East Union
Miller, Conrad East Union
Miller, George East Union
Miller, Jonas East Union
Miller, Jacob (4) Franklin
Miller, John (2) Franklin
Miller, Peter Franklin
Miller, Samuel Franklin
Miller, Daniel Jackson
Miller, John Milton
Miller, George Mohican
Miller, Jacob 1 Paint
Miller, Jacob 2 Paint
Miller, Jacob Plain
Miller, James Prairie
Miller, Isaac Salt Creek
Miller, Peter Salt Creek
Miller, Daniel Wooster
Mires, John Perry
Mirs, George Perry
Miser, Adam Paint
Miser, Geroge Paint
Miser, John Paint
Mitchel, David Franklin
Mitchel, Samuel Franklin
Mitchel, John Mohican
Mobley, Ezekiel Sugar Creek
Mobley, Samuel Sugar Creek
Mock, Abraham Sugar Creek
Modwell, Wiliam Plain
Molin, Dorey Prairie
Monaghey, John Chester
Mong, philip Perry
Monnel, William Chester
Monnesmith, Andrew Canaan
Montgomery, Wm Baughman
Montgomery, Isaac Chippewa
Moody, John Mohican
Moon, Daniel East Union
Moore, Robert Baughman
Moore, Samuel Baughman
Moore, Wm Baughman
Moore, Samuel Chester
Moore, John East Union
Moore, Daniel Ripley
Moore, Gabriel Salt Creek
Moore, James Salt Creek
Moore, John Salt Creek
Moore, William Salt Creek
More, Andrew Congress
More, George Franklin
More, Philip Franklin
More, Erril Prairie
More, John Washington
More, Wm. Washington
Morehead, James Ripley
Morford, Fredrick Prairie
Morgan, Daniel Franklin
Morgan, Hugh Franklin
Morgan, William Perry
Morgan, Stephen Pike
Morgan, Isaac Sugar Creek
Morgen, Isaac Prairie
Morgen, James Prairie
Morgen, Jesse Prairie
Morgen, John Prairie
Morgen, Jonathen Prairie
Morgen, Joseph Prairie
Morris, Lewis Canaan
Morris, Joseph Jackson
Morris, John Wooster
Morrow, Thos Baughman
Morrow, John Sen Chester
Morrow, John Jun Chester
Morrow, James Paint
Morrow, Samuel Sugar Creek
Morton, Joshua Chippewa
Mosher, Thomas Chippewa
Mosser, John Baughman
Mowerer, Michael Chester
Mowrer, John Jr Jackson
Mowrer, John Sr Jackson
Moyers, Matthias Chester
Moyers, John Chester
Moyers, Isaac Chester
Moyers, Abraham Chester
Mullin, John Franklin
Mullin, Thomas Franklin
Mumaw, Andrew Paint
Munn, James Baughman
Munn, David Sugar Creek
Munson, Herry Prairie
Munson, Isaac Prairie
Murdick, David Mohican
Murphy, Lewis Wayne
Murry, Richard Paint
Musgroves, john Mohican
Musser, Jacob Sugar Creek
Myads, Matthias Plain
Myars, John Plain
Myers, Andrew Paint
Myers, Henery Salt Creek
Myers, John Wooster
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Naftzinger, John Congress
Nailor, James Wooster
Nailor, William Wooster
Naylor, John Mohican
Nealy, Joseph Pike
Need, John Congress
Neel, Samuel Plain
Nelest, Jacob East Union
Nelson, James W Paint
Nelson, John Paint
Nelson, James Perry
Nelson, William Perry
Nepton, Wm Pike
Nevell, Joseph Salt Creek
New, Joseph Congress
Newbrough, Wiliam Mohican
Newel, Charles Mohican
Newel, Thomas Mohican
Newhouse, John Chippewa
Newkirk, John Lake
Newkirk, Henry Pike
Newkirk, Joseph Pike
Newkirk, Ruben Pike
Newman, Thomas Mohican
Nickles, Nathan Pike
Nigh, John Plain
Nimmon, John Plain
Nitherour, Jacob Chippewa
Nixon, Jacob Franklin
Nixon, William Franklin
Nobles, William Salt Creek
Noe, Benjamin Sugar Creek
Noggle, David Mohican
Noggle, Joseph Mohican
Noris, Stephen Prairie
Norris, Elias Jackson
Norris, Joseph Mohican
Norris, James Prairie
Norse, Jacob Mohican
Nowlen, William Franklin
Numbers, James East Union
Nye, Benjamin Pike
Return to top
Ocker, David Sugar Creek
Odell, Joseph Pike
Odell, Y Nathen Pike
Odell, Rosel Salt Creek
Odell, Thomas Washington
Odgen, Armstrong, Plain
Odgen, George Plain
Oficer, David Salt Creek
Oficer, Thomas Salt Creek
Oharrow, Hugh Wooster
Okeley, Aaron Chester
Okeley, William Chester
Okeley, Abraham Chester
Oller, Daniel Canaan
Onstat, David Perry
Onstot, Jacob Perry
Oram, Joshu Lake
Orr, Smith, East Union
Orr, Samuel East Union
Orr, James East Union
Orr, Hugh East Union
Orr, Robert Wooster
Oswalt, Jacob Sugar Creek
Otis, Edward Salt Creek
Otis, Jesse Sugar Creek
Owen, Richard Mohican
Owens, Moses Wooster
Owns, john East Union
Owns, Thomas East Union
Oyenbaugh, Abraham Chester
Oyenbaugh, Isaac Chester
Return to top
Pacock, Daniel Pike
Pacock, Elijah Pike
Page, Elijah Wooster
Pah, John Congress
Painter, George Salt Creek
Painter, George Wayne
Palmer, Adam Wooster
Pancoast, William Wayne
Panther, John Chester
Parcell, John Washington
Parcell, Richard Washington
Parcell, Rudolph Washington
Parcher, Jacob Canaan
Parker, John Chippewa
Parker, Joseph Chippewa
Parker, A Longley Washington
Parker, Jacob Wooster
Parkesan, Thomas Baughman
Parkey, Gabrial Paint
Parks, David Chester
Parks, David Chippewa
Parks, John A Chippewa
Parnell, William D Paint
Parsons, Isaac Washington
Parsons, Jonathan Washington
Patrick, Thomas Prairie
Patterson, James Congress
Patterson, James Franklin
Patterson, William Franklin
Patterson, Joseph Milton
Patterson, Robert Wayne
Patterson, William Wooster
Patton, John Wooster
Patton, John Wooster
Paxtan, Hugh Perry
Paxtan, James Perry
Paxtan, John Perry
Paxtan, Nathael Perry
Paxtan, Nethaniel Senior Perry
Paxton, Michael Mohican
Payn, William Green
Pearce, John Milton
Pearson, David Sugar Creek
Peckenpaugh, Green
Peckum, William Ripley
Peers, John Chester
Penix, John Salt Creek
Peppard, Isaac Paint
Peppards, John Franklin
Peppards, Jonathan Franklin
Perosal, Peter Salt Creek
Perrigo, Eliza Canaan
Perrine, Nicholas Congress
Perrine, Henry Wayne
Perrine, Isaac Wayne
Perrine, Peter Wayne
Perrine, Stepen Wayne
Perry, Levi Chippewa
Perry, John East Union
Peters, Godfrey Paint
Peterson, Conrad Franklin
Peterson, Jacob Perry
Petticord, Nathan Paint
Pfoutz, Reuben Paint
Philips, Thadphiles East Union
Philips, Nicholas Sugar Creek
Philips, Vespatior Sugar Creek
Phillips, Jonathan Salt Creek
Phillips, Joseph Washington
Pierce, Isaac Chippewa
Pierce, John Franklin
Pierce, George Pike
Pinkerton, James Paint
Pinkerton, Richard Paint
Piper, David Milton
Piper, Fredrick Milton
Piper, George Milton
Pisar, Philip Sugar Creek
Pittenger, Daniel Perry
Pittenger, Henery Perry
Pittenger, John Perry
Pittenger, Thomas Perry
Plank, Christen Wayne
Plank, David Wayne
Plank, Jacob Wayne
Plank, John Wayne
Plant, John Wayne
Plechen, Henry Plain
Plumb, Henry Sugar Creek
Plumb, Hnry Sugar Creek
Plumb, John Sugar Creek
Plummer, David Canaan
Plummer, Lazeress Wooster
Poe, George Congress
Poe, W David Congress
Poe, John Congress
Poe, Adam Congress
Poils, John Jun Plain
Poils, Michael Plain
Poland, Peter Ripley
Polind, Enoch Washington
Pols, John Plain
Poots, Jonathan Mohican
Porter, Richard Baughman
Porter, Alexander Chippewa
Porter, Charles Chippewa
Porter, John Chippewa
Porter, Patrick Chippewa
Porter, William Chippewa
Porter, Bazel Sugar Creek
Poulston, Jespar Prairie
Poulston, William Prairie
Pounds, Thomas Salt Creek
Powers, Byrem Canaan
Powers, Winson Canaan
Powers, Neal Wooster
Powers, Richard Wooster
Powers, Samuel Wooster
Pramer, Samuel Chester
Pratt, Joseph East Union
Pratt, Oliver East Union
Pratt, Luther East Union
Preemes, John Chester
Premer, Frederick Chester
Premer, Valentine Chester
Price, George Chippewa
Priest, Hanky Jackson
Priest, Daniel Lake
Priest, Wm Lake
Protsman, George Chippewa
Protsman, Peter Chippewa
Prowse, Michael Chippewa
Pumerene, Julias Salt Creek
Pumroy, George Wooster
Pumroy, George Jr Wooster
Pumroy, John Wooster
Pumroy, Thomas Wooster
Punehas, Thomas Wooster
Putman, Jacob Paint
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Quick, Benamin Lake
Quick, Cornelius Lake
Quick, David Lake
Quick, David jun Lake
Quick, Thomas Lake
Quinby, Samuel Wooster
Return to top
Rail, George Canaan
Ramsey, William East Union
Ramsey, John East Union
Randoll, Cilas Chester
Randolph, Jonas F Chippewa
Randolph, Jonathan Chippewa
Randolph, William Chippewa
Rasey, Samuel Chester
Rathbun, Robert Canaan
Rathburn, Samuel Chester
Raven, John Perry
Rayl, Thomas Prairie
Rayl, Prairie
Redall, Samuel East Union
Redick, Jonathan Salt Creek
Redick, John Wayne
Reed, Andrew Chester
Reed, John Chippewa
Reed, Robert Chippewa
Reed, Alexander Perry
Reed, David Plain
Reed, Charles Salt Creek
Regdon, Charles Salt Creek
Regleman, Valentine Milton
Reider, Daniel Paint
Rempson, Henry Franklin
Repp, John Perry
Reyland, Henry Wooster
Reynolds, James Baughman
Rheas, Thomas Wayne
Rice, John Chippewa
Rice, Absalom Mohican
Rice, Christan Perry
Rice, Barnhart Wooster
Rice, Federick Wooster
Rice, Peter Wooster
Rice, Simon Wooster
Richard, Philip East Union
Richard, Leanan East Union
Richard, Samuel Salt Creek
Richards, Daniel Chippewa
Richards, Samuel East Union
Richards, Henery Paint
Richards, Jacob Paint
Richer, John Chippewa
Richer, Thomas Chippewa
Richey, James Baughman
Richey, James Jun Baughman
Rickel, Mathias Jackson
Rickel, Michael Jackson
Rickey, Jesse Wayne
Rickey, John Wayne
Ricks, Lawrance Congress
Riddle, Benjamin Sugar Creek
Ridener, John Perry
Rieser, Daniel Wooster
Rigby, James Wooster
Right, Moses Paint
Riheldarfer, John Chippewa
Riley, Elijah Salt Creek
Riley, David Wooster
Rinesmith, George Green
Rinesmith, Samuel Green
Rinor, George Wooster
Rissel, John Green
Riter, Jacob Wayne
Riter, John Wayne
Riter, John Wayne
Rittenhouse, Jessey Plain
Rizor, John Lake
Robason, Charles Sugar Creek
Roberson, James Plain
Roberts, Robert Congress
Roberts, James Ripley
Roberts, Samuel Ripley
Robinet, George Salt Creek
Robinet, James Jr Salt Creek
Robinet, James Sr Salt Creek
Robinet, Samuel Salt Creek
Robins, Amos Salt Creek
Robins, Isaac Wayne
Robinson, John Chippewa
Robinson, William Chippewa
Robinson, William Jr Chippewa
Robinson, Alexander East Union
Robinson, Anthony Salt Creek
Robinson, George Salt Creek
Robinson, Samuel Salt Creek
Robison, Thomas Baughman
Robison, James Chester
Robison, James Salt Creek
Robison, George Wayne
Robison, David (2) Wooster
Robison, John Wooster
Robison, Thomas Wooster
Rockwell, Jerimiah Prairie
Rodgers, George Salt Creek
Rodgers, John Salt Creek
Rodgers, Samuel Salt Creek
Rodgers, Thomas Salt Creek
Rogers, Rice Baughman
Rogers, Levi Chippewa
Rogers, Benjamin Plain
Rogers, John Plain
Rose, James Canaan
Rose, John Wayne
Roseborough, Adam Congress
Roseborough, Wm Congress
Roseborough, John Congress
Ross, Archabald Jr Salt Creek
Ross, Archabald Salt Creek
Ross, James Salt Creek
Ross, John Salt Creek
Rosser, John Wooster
Rough, Henry Jun Plain
Rough, Henry Plain
Rough, John Plain
Rough, Philip Plain
Rough, Wiliam Plain
Routson, John Chippewa
Row, Michal Perry
Rowen, Wm Pike
Rowland, Robert Wayne
Rowland, Robert Wooster
Ruben, Williams Prairie
Ruffcorn, William Green
Rugg, Curtiss Paint
Rugg, John Paint
Rukam, Jesse East Union
Rulby, Mathis Wayne
Rumbaugh, Adam Chester
Runion, Absalom Plain
Runion, Joseph Plain
Rurcel, James Salt Creek
Russell, Joseph Wooster
Ryland, Henry Mohican
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S More, Samuel Franklin
S Vanniman, Samuel S Franklin
Salsbury, William East Union
Saltzman, George Sugar Creek
Sanders, Dennis Paint
Sanderson, Alexander Franklin
Sanford, Benjamin Green
Sanford, Elisha Plain
Sannierman, George Baughman
Sanson, Joseph Wooster
Sapp, Samuel East Union
Sapp, Henry Jackson
Schilling, William Wooster
Schott, Robert Ripley
Scornthorn, Mical Paint
Scot, John Pike
Scott, William Paint
Scott, John Perry
Scott, Thomas Prairie
Scott, William Prairie
Scott, Mathew Salt Creek
Scott, William Salt Creek
Searight, William Salt Creek
Selby, John Sugar Creek
Sellers, George Chester
Sewles, Stephen Jackson
Shaddow, Adam Chippewa
Shafer, Nicklas Perry
Shakel, Frances Green
Sharer, James Washington
Sharer, John Washington
Sharer, Thomas (3) Washington
Sharin, Fredrick Perry
Sharkey, John Pike
Sharp, Jacob Baughman
Sharp, James East Union
Sharp, George East Union
Sharp, Adam Salt Creek
Sharp, Mickel Wayne
Shebunda, Abraham Congress
Sheets, Samuel Congress
Sheldon, Wm Pike
Shelhorn, Henry Wayne
Shellenbarger, Jacob Congress
Shilling, John Baughman
Shimers, Samuel Franklin
Shinabarger, John Mohican
Shiniman, Isac Jun Plain
Shiniman, Isack Plain
Shiniman, Joh Plain
Shinneburger, Jacob Jackson
Shinneburger, John Jackson
Ship, James Perry
Shirts, John Chester
Shirts, Lawrence Chester
Shisler, Henry Perry
Shisler, William Perry
Shivler, John Congress
Shock, Henry Chippewa
Shoflen, Timitha Wayne
Shomaker, John Perry
Shoot, Philip Jackson
Shough, David Congress
Showalter, Jacob Wayne
Showalter, John Wayne
Showalter, Joseph Wayne
Showalter, Simmon Wayne
Showmaker, James Wayne
Shrieve, Thomas Pike
Shrinehart, Jacob East Union
Shull, Samuel Sugar Creek
Sickman, John Baughman
Sickman, Philip Baughman
Sigafoose, Frederick Washington
Sigafoose, Solomon Washington
Sigler, Henry Milton
Signs, John Congress
Signs, John Jnt Congress
Signs, Peter Congress
Simcock, Mikiel Congress
Simmermon, Coonrad Green
Simnermon, Samuel Plain
Sines, George Perry
Six, John Plain
Skiles, Norman Salt Creek
Skilling, Nice Mohican
Slagle, John Ripley
Slater, William Wooster
Slator, James Mohican
Slemmins, William Wooster
Slemmons, Samuel Milton
Slifer, Valentine Chippewa
Sloan, John Wooster
Sloan, William Wooster
Sloane, Samuel Franklin
Smally, Isaac Perry
Smally, John Perry
Smally, Richard Perry
Smith, Aaran Baughman
Smith, Daniel Canaan
Smith, James Canaan
Smith, Valentine Chester
Smith, John Chester
Smith, C Daniel Chester
Smith, G Vallentine East Union
Smith, George East Union
Smith, Jonathan East Union
Smith, Moses East Union
Smith, Valentine East Union
Smith, Jacob (2) Franklin
Smith, John Franklin
Smith, Jonathan Franklin
Smith, Nicholas Franklin
Smith, Charles Green
Smith, George Green
Smith, Thomas Green
Smith, Jabaz Lake
Smith, John Lake
Smith, Joseph Lake
Smith, Christan Mohican
Smith, Elisha Mohican
Smith, John Mohican
Smith, Robert W Mohican
Smith, Isaac Paint
Smith, David Perry
Smith, Eligah Perry
Smith, John (2) Perry
Smith, Peter Perry
Smith, Christen Pike
Smith, E Levi Pike
Smith, Van Pike
Smith, Wm Pike
Smith, Ralph Plain
Smith, Wiliam Plain
Smith, Daniel Salt Creek
Smith, Nicholas Salt Creek
Smith, Christian Sr Washington
Smith, Christian Washington
Smith, John Washington
Smith, Wm. Washington
Smith, George Wayne
Smith, Azeriah Wooster
Smith, David Jr Wooster
Smith, David Sr Wooster
Smith, Elias Wooster
Smith, James Wooster
Smith, John Wooster
Smith, Nicholas Wooster
Smith, Phillip Sr Wooster
Smith, Phillip J Wooster
Smith, Valentine Wooster
Smith, Wm B Wooster
Smithmonon, John Chester
Smithmonon, David Chester
Smitt, John Prairie
Smur, Thomas Mohican
Smur, John Sugar Creek
Smur, Solomon Sugar Creek
Smurr, William F Wooster
Snider, Geo Congress
Snow, Deniar Sugar Creek
Snyder, George Chippewa
Snyder, Daniel Salt Creek
Snyder, David Salt Creek
Snyder, George Salt Creek
Snyder, Isaac Salt Creek
Snyder, Jacob Salt Creek
Snyder, Jonathan Salt Creek
Snyder, Michael Salt Creek
Soine, Henry Milton
Soloman, Daniel Paint
Soloman, David Paint
Soloman, Henerey Jun Paint
Soloman, Henery Sen Paint
Soloman, Paul Paint
Sonaduker, Henry Wooster
Sootsmon, John Green
Sooy, Noah Chester
Sooy, Samuel Chester
South, Joseph Chippewa
South, Major Chippewa
South, William Green
Sowach, Jacob Salt Creek
Spafford, Chester Pike
Spangler, George Chippewa
Spangler, Jonus Plain
Spark, John East Union
Spark, James East Union
Speck, Michal Perry
Speck, William Wooster
Spencer, William Perry
Spencer, Samuel Ripley
Spencer, William Ripley
Spidle, George Paint
Spiker, David Wayne
Spink, Cyrus Wooster
Spink, James Wooster
Spink, Thamor Wooster
Sporlin, John Washington
Sprague, John Paint
Sprague, Hezikiah S Wooster
Sprague, Lindol Wooster
Spraig, William Chippewa
Spray, John Salt Creek
Srok, Abraham Green
Srok, Benjamine Green
Srok, Jacob Snr Green
Srok, Jacob Junier Green
Srok, Peter Junier Green
Srok, Peter Junr Green
Srok, Peter Snr Green
St John, John Salt Creek
St John, Henry Wooster
Stall, Mical Paint
Stall, Joseph Salt Creek
Stall, Jacob Wooster
Standby, William Chester
Standby, Marshal Chester
Standby, John Chester
Standby, Nathean Chester
Staner, Jacob Wayne
Stanton, Samuel Chippewa
Star, Thomas Green
Starkey, David Pike
Starkey, George Pike
Starkey, Isaac Pike
Starlin, James Prairie
Starlin, Joseph Prairie
Starner, Adam Washington
Starner, Daniel Wayne
Starner, James Wayne
Starner, John Wayne
Starner, Samuel Wayne
Steel, Andrew Green
Steel, John Green
Steel, Archable Sugar Creek
Steeley, James Green
Steen, John Baughman
Steir, Mathias Green
Stephens, Peter East Union
Stephenson, James Chippewa
Stevenson, James Congress
Stevenson, Thomas Franklin
Steward, John Wooster
Stewner, John Green
Stibbs, Joseph Wooster
Stillwill, Abraham Congress
Stilson, A George East Union
Stilson, David Sugar Creek
Stine, Isaac Paint
Stinebrew, Frederick Franklin
Stinger, John East Union
Stoddard, Nathan Baughman
Stogarell, Remember Perry
Stoler, Jacob Mohican
Stone, Curtis Wooster
Stonehill, Godfrey Chester
Stonehill, Abraham Chester
Stoner, John Green
Stoner, John Milton
Stoops, Josep Green
Stootsmon, David Green
Stophlet, Samuel Prairie
Stotter, John Chippewa
Stough, John Congress
Stough, George Franklin
Stout, Safety Prairie
Stout, John Sugar Creek
Stowfer, John Green
Straice, George Mohican
Stratton, David Canaan
Stratton, Joseph Canaan
Streeby, Christian H Wooster
Strouce, David Mohican
Strouce, Fredrick Mohican
Stuart, Matthew Lake
Stucker, Jacob Pike
Sturgeon, Edward Wooster
Sturgeon, John Wooster
Sturgeon, Samuel Wooster
Stute, Jacob East Union
Sulivan, James Paint
Sumerton, Chinas Perry
Summers, George Canaan
Summers, Isaac Sugar Creek
Suter, George Wayne
Sutton, John Baughman
Sutton, David Chester
Swain, Benjamin Congress
Swain, John Congress
Swan, Nicholas Paint
Swan, Henry Sugar Creek
Swan, John Sugar Creek
Swaney, John Perry
Swanger, Peter East Union
Swanger, Philip East Union
Swanzer, Jacob East Union
Swanzer, Abraham East Union
Swart, John Wayne
Swartz, John Canaan
Swartz, John Chester
Swartz, Henery Chester
Swartz, David Chester
Swigler, Jacob Milton
Swope, Lawrence Jackson
Sylby, Thomas Mohican
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Tan, Henry Plain
Tan, John S Plain
Tanner, John Plain
Tanner, Stephen Plain
Tanner, Joseph Wooster
Tarken, Elijah Paint
Taylor, Edward Canaan
Taylor, Edward Chester
Taylor, Thomas Chester
Taylor, Freegift Chester
Taylor, John Pike
Tealkel, James Wayne
Tebolt, Mikiel Congress
Teeters, Abraham Baughman
Teeters, Henry Baughman
Teeters, John Baughman
Templeton, John Canaan
Tenor, Adam Perry
Teppens, James East Union
Teters, George Paint
Tharp, James Canaan
Tharp, John Jun Paint
Tharp, John C Paint
Tharp, Thomas Paint
Thomas, Lewiston East Union
Thomas, William East Union
Thomas, John Franklin
Thomas, William Franklin
Thomas, Mikiel Green
Thomas, Samuel Paint
Thomas, Gorden Prairie
Thomas, David Sugar Creek
Thomas, Richard Wooster
Thompson, Archibald Chester
Thompson, Thomas W Paint
Thompson, James Salt Creek
Thompson, John Salt Creek
Thompson, William Salt Creek
Thompson, Benjamin Wooster
Thompson, David Wooster
Thornburg, William Salt Creek
Tidrow, Isaac Sugar Creek
Tidrow, Thomas Sugar Creek
Tigart, Robert Baughman
Tigart, Samuel Baughman
Tigart, Robert Chester
Tilletson, Elijah Wooster
Tilton, Ira Sugar Creek
Tilton, John Sugar Creek
Tinsler, James Chippewa
Tinsler, John Chippewa
Tippins, James Jr East Union
Tom, David Paint
Tormaines, Benjamin Sugar Creek
Totten, Miciel Congress
Totten, Henery Congress
Tousby, Joseph Chippewa
Town, Willard Washington
Townsend, Thomas Wooster
Tracey, James Salt Creek
Trasler, John Wayne
Tremains, Johnson, East Union
Tremans, Daniel East Union
Tribble, Thomas Salt Creek
Tribey, John Prairie
Trimmens, Peter East Union
Troyer, Abram Prairie
Truesdale, James Salt Creek
Truesdale, William Salt Creek
Trusdale, John East Union
Tryan, John Plain
Tryon, David Pike
Tucker, John Jackson
Tudnor, Rheuben Plain
Tuiken, William East Union
Turner, John Salt Creek
Turner, John (2) Wayne
Turner, Hugh Wooster
Turner, John Wooster
Twigg, Gabriel Milton
Tylor, Benjamin Mohican
Tylor, Major Mohican
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Underwood, Isaac Chippewa
Underwood, Lanson Chippewa
Underwood, Joel Congress
Updegraff, John Franklin
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Vaendeverter, Christopher Chester
Vanasdoll, Simon Chester
Vanasdoll, Benjamin Chester
Vandeverbaugh, Adam Jackson
Vanmeter, Abraham Wayne
Vannostern, James Wayne
Vannostern, Peter Wayne
Vanolman, John Jackson
Vanosdol, James Congress
Vanosdol, John Congress
Varner, Henry Chippewa
Vendemark, Henery Chester
Vendemark, James Chester
Vendeventer, Isaac Chester
Vickers, Solomon Sugar Creek
Vukers, James East Union
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Wade, Isaac Canaan
Wade, Richard Canaan
Wade, Samuel Canaan
Wade, Richard East Union
Wade, George East Union
Wade, John Green
Wade, John Wayne
Wade, Vernon Wayne
Wade, William Wayne
Wadkins, Robert Chippewa
Waggoner, Andrew Milton
Walker, Joseph Baughman
Walker, Mathias Milton
Walters, Christian Baughman
Walters, Henry Franklin
Waltet, George Plain
Waltz, John Chippewa
Waltz, Peter Chippewa
Waltz, Peter Jr Chippewa
Ward, Thos Milton
Ward, William Prairie
Wardon, James Baughman
Warfield, Basil M Paint
Warner, Amosa Chester
Warner, John Chester
Warner, Peter Congress
Warner, Peter Congress
Warner, Jonathan Congress
Warner, Daniel Perry
Warner, Alansom Wooster
Warner, Ebenezer Wooster
Warner, Joshua Wooster
Warner, Moses Wooster
Warner, Nathan Sr Wooster
Warner, Peter Wooster
Warnes, George Lake
Warnes, George jun Lake
Warnes, Jacob Lake
Warnes, John Lake
Wasson, John Wayne
Wasson, Joseph Wayne
Watchtal, Jacob Plain
Waters, Elias Prairie
Waters, James Prairie
Wathens, Westley East Union
Watkins, John Chester
Watkins, Christopher Milton
Watkins, James Milton
Watkins, Thos Milton
Watson, George Prairie
Watson, James Sugar Creek
Watters, David East Union
Watts, John Chippewa
Watts, Joseph Chippewa
Waxler, John Paint
Waxler, Mical Paint
Weaver, Jonathan Chippewa
Webster, Asheal Lake
Webster, George Lake
Weed, Joshua Canaan
Weed, William Canaan
Wel, Joel Wooster
Welch, James Ripley
Wellhouse, George Chippewa
Wellhouse, William Chippewa
Wells, Isaac Chippewa
Wells, David Pike
Wells, James Pike
Wells, Moses Pike
Wells, William Ripley
Wells, William Senior Ripley
Welman, Marshell Wooster
Welmar, Hiram Wooster
Wels, James Plain
Wels, Timathy Plain
Weltemore [Weltmer], Jacob Plain
Wensell, John Baughman
West, William Baughman
West, Clemmont Chester
Wetherbee, John Lake
Wetherbee, Paul Lake
Weygeanott, Peter Chippewa
Whaley, Richard Chester
White, Joseph W Paint
White, Jacob Perry
White, John Perry
White, Samuel Perry
White, Benjamin Salt Creek
Whiteheadol, Samuel H Wooster
Whitford, Noah Pike
Whitmer, Jacob Green
Whut, Wilham East Union
Wice, Frerdick Perry
Wice, Peter Perry
Wice, Peter Perry
Wickerham, Adam Sugar Creek
Wicoff, Peter Lake
Wieve, Hugh Ripley
Wiland, William Sugar Creek
Wiles, Jacob Baughman
Wiliams, Eskel Mohican
Wille, Wiliam Mohican
Willford, C Dougal Green
Willford, Samuel Green
Willford, Joseph Sugar Creek
Willford, William Sugar Creek
Willforde, Joseph Green
Williams, Wm Congress
Williams, Daniel (2) Perry
Williams, William Perry
Williams, David Prairie
Williams, Joseph Ripley
Williams, William Ripley
Willington, Thos Milton
Willington, Wm Milton
Wilson, John Baughman
Wilson, Joseph Baughman
Wilson, William Chester
Wilson, John Chester
Wilson, Alexander Chester
Wilson, George Franklin
Wilson, Charles Perry
Wilson, Amaniah Plain
Wilson, Elsa Plain
Wilson, Thomas Plain
Wilson, James Sugar Creek
Wilson, Joshua Sugar Creek
Wilson, Thomas Wooster
Win, Warner Franklin
Windbiggler, Frances Mohican
Windbiggler, George Mohican
Windbigler, Richard Mohican
Winkler, John Green
Winkler, Lowrance Green
Winters, Zeph. B Wayne
Wise, Jacob Chippewa
Wise, John Chippewa
Wisemore, Abrahon Mohican
Wisemore, Daniel Mohican
Wisemore, Henry Mohican
Withero, Samuel Prairie
Wohlgamuth, Jacob Sugar Creek
Wolf, George Lake
Wolf, Peter Wayne
Wolgamot, David Prairie
Wolgomet, John Salt Creek
Wood, John Mohican
Wood, Archabel Wooster
Wooderson, Richard Salt Creek
Woodruff, Anthony Jr Salt Creek
Woodruff, Anthony Sr Salt Creek
Woods, Theodine East Union
Woods, James East Union
Woods, John East Union
Woods, William Paint
Woods, Gershem Prairie
Woolf, Michael Chester
Woolley, David Chippewa
Worley, Daniel Franklin
Worner, Nathan Plain
Worst, Henry Perry
Worthington, Benjamin Chester
Wyant, Conard Baughman
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Yarnal, Green Plain
Yarnal, Job Plain
Yarnal, Philip Plain
Yarnal, Philip Jun Plain
Yarnal, Samuel Plain
Yarnal, Samuel Jun Plain
Yarnoll, Daniel Wooster
Yarnoll, Phillip Wooster
Yates, Samuel Plain
Yergin, John East Union
Yergin, Henry Wayne
Yewkey, Lorance Sugar Creek
Yoder, Jacob (2) Wayne
Yoder, Michel Wayne
Yoke, Peter Baughman
Yoter, George Green
Yoter, John Green
Yoter, Solomon Green
Yoter, Yost Green
Young, Abraham Baughman
Young, John Baughman
Young, Saml Baughman
Young, Wm Baughman
Young, John Lake
Young, John Mohican
Young, John Salt Creek
Young, Robert Salt Creek
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Zediker, Abraham Sugar Creek
Zeigler, Philip Paint
Zok, John Green
Zook, David Green
Zook, John Green
Zook, Jonathan Green
Zook, Christian Paint
Zook, Daniel Paint
Zuver, John Canaan
Zuver, Joseph Canaan
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