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Wayne County, Ohio
Early Census

Wayne County census lists for 1815, 1819 and 1823 have been provided to the Wayne County Genealogical Society. Please note: The names have been indexed as they were spelled on the original list. The following is an electronic index with a link to a scanned copy of the originial list. If you have an early ancestor in Wayne County, this lists all the MALES 21 years of age and older in the county as of these three years.

WARNING - These pages may take some time to load as they are large files! You will also need to scroll through the file to find the name you are looking for.

The censuses can also be viewed at 1815, 1819 and 1823. Some general information regarding the respective census years is available through these links.

Some numbers for you:

The 1815 had 759 males 21 years of age and over. Only 362 names have survived in the townships of East Union, Lake, Mohican, Perry, Prairie, Sugar Creek and Wooster.

The 1819 had 1,845 males 21 years of age and over. The townships at that time were: Wooster, Prairie, Mohican, Lake, Wayne, Pike, Baughman, Salt Creek, Chippeway, Sugar Creek, Milton, Perry, Green, Jackson, Congress, Paint, Plain, East Union and Chester.

By 1823 there were approximately 2,572 males aged 21 years of age and over in the townships of Baughman, Canaan, Chester, Chippewa, Congress, East Union, Franklin, Green, Jackson, Lake, Milton, Mohican, Paint, Perry, Pike, Plain, Prairie, Ripley, Salt Creek, Sugar Creek, Washington, Wayne and Wooster.

1815 Wayne County Census

1819 Wayne County Census

1823 Wayne County Census