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They Went to Knox County, Ohio

People that were in Wayne County
and ended up in Knox County

Contributed by Peggy Price


ACKERMAN, L. B., insurance agent, Fredericktown, was born in Knox county, Ohio, August 17, 1839, and was married September 20, 1871, to Ella Cook, who was born in Wayne county, June 12, 1848. They have four children, via: Ida C., born July 8, 1872; William A., December 26, 1873; Ernest Lee, March 13, 1875, and Edith E., March 31, 1879. Mr. Ackerman received a liberal education and has been engaged in teaching, having taught school twenty-three years. He was principal of the Fredericktown union schools during the years 1877 and 1878, and has the reputation of being one of the ablest instructors of Knox county. He is at present engaged in the insurance and collecting business. He has been a citizen of Fredericktown for three years, and is one of the intelligent and enterprising men of this township, and has done much to promote the standard of education in Knox county. He has also taken quite an active part in political matters.

ARNHOLD, ADAM, Jefferson township, farmer; son of Michael Amhold, born in France December 19, 1822; brought to America by his parents in 1840, landing in New York. From there they came to Loudonville, Ohio, where they remained a short time, when his father purchased a farm in Brown township. Knox county, about one mile northeast of Jelloway, where he then moved his family, and where Adam, the subject of this sketch, was raised and educated.

On the twenty-fifth of January, 1847, at the age of twenty-five years, he married Mary A. Heyd, daughter of Jacob H. Heyd, who was born in Wayne county November 17, 1828. After his marriage he located on a farm of eighty acres, east of Jelloway, which he had purchased previous to his marriage, and where he now resides. In 1851 he purchased a tract of fifty acres more, known as the Messmore farm. In 1856 he bought seventy acres more; in 1859, fifty acres; in 1868, eighty acres, making in all three hundred and thirty acres.

During that time he erected for. himself a fine frame house and barn, making a very pleasant home. Mr. and Mrs. Arnhold are the parents of twelve children, viz: Michael H., born April 27, 1848, (died December 3, 1851); Frederick, December 8, 1849; Mary E., June 17. 1852; Sarah C., April 12, 1854 (died September 1, 1856); Rosena, April 12, 1855; Sarah Catharine, March 4, 1858 (died August 30, 1860); Sarinda, March 31, 1860; John W., March 1, 1862; Henry J., January 20, 1864; William, April 12, 1866, (died December 21, 1879); Wallace, January 20, 1868; Charles A., July 31, 1871.

Mr. and Mrs. Amhold are members of the German Lutheran church of Brown township.


BRICKER, WILLIAM M., Mr. Bricker was born in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, December 12, 1844. When about nine years old his parents emigrated to Ohio and located in Wayne county, where he resided until January 26, 1880. His first business was in the dry goods and grocery line, under the firm name of Paul Bricker & Co. In this he remained two years, when he sold out. his interest and continued as a salesman in the same house for one year more. He then engaged in the hotel business, and became proprietor of the American house, in Shreve, Wayne county, in which he continued four years. In January, 1880, he removed to Mt. Vernon, and became proprietor of the Philo House, in which he did a successful business for one year, since which he has been engaged with a nursery, selling all kinds of fruit and ornamental trees.

BRICKER, DOUGLASS, Wayne township, farmer, post office, Fredericktown, born in Clinton township. Knox county, and was married in 1874 to Hannah Bmchling, who was born in Ireland. They have three child ren-Fannie, born in 1875; Edward, born in 1876; and Olive, torn in 1878. Mr. Bricker came to Wavne township in 1877, and is a farmer by occupation.

BURGER, LEVI S., farmer, Pike township, post office North Liberty, born in Bedford county, Pennsylvania, in 1833, and was married, in 1858, to Catherine Wohlford, who was born in Wayne county, Ohio, in 1837. They had eleven children : Allison P. (born in 1859), George W. (in 1860), James L. (in 1861), Priscilla A. (in 1864), John E. (in 1865), Catherine L. (in 1867), Jacob A. (in 1869), Joseph H. (in 1871), William A. (in 1873), Edward F. (in 1876), and Lomorie Blanche (in 1878). The deceased members of the family are George W., Joseph H., and John E. Mr. and Mrs. Burger are worthy members of the German Baptist church. His father, Jacob Burger, was born in Bedford county, Pennsylvania, in 1796, and was married to Susannah Rush, who was born in Center county, Pennsylvania, in 1798. They had ten children: Rebecca, Elizabeth, Mary, Susan (deceased), Catherine (deceased), Levi S., Hannah, Joseph, Abraham, and Maria (deceased). Mrs. Susannah Burger departed this life in 1848, Jacob Burger in 1880.

Mr. Burger emigrated to Knox county in 1835, and located in this township on the same farm where his son Levi now resides. He was a very industrious man, and by his industry, economy, and perseverance, he succeeded in clearing and improving one of the most beautiful farms of this township.

He was a deacon of the German Baptist church, of which he was a member for- many years, and remained firm in his religious faith until his death.


COOK, SAMUEL N., painter, Fredericktown, was born in Wayne county, Ohio, in 1846, and was married in 1872, to Alary E. Johnston. who was born in 1849. He was a soldier in the late war, in the Ninth Ohio volunteer cavalry, and sewed three years. Mr. Cook received a liberal education. He has been correspondent for several popular daily newspapers, such as the Cincinnati Times-Star, New York Dramatic News, and Mt. Vernon Republican. He has written and produced a number of dramatic pieces. The Mayor's Daughter, has been tendered publicly in this city, and highly commented and applauded. Two other of his productions, entitled The Wanderers Return, and Paul Black, (a war drama), are popular. Mr. Cook is engaged in the carriage factory of Stephens & Scott, as painter.

CRUNKELTON JAMES, Pike township; farmer; post office, North Liberty; born in Wayne county, Ohio, in 1851, was married in 1870, to Catharine L. Allen, who was born in Richland county in 1851. They have four children: Curtis O., born in 1873; Harry L., in 1876; Lucinda E., in 1878, and Daniel, in 1880. They came to this county in 1854, and have lived here since that time.

CUNNINGHAM, MILTON M., Pike township, farmer, post office Democracy; born in Wayne county, Ohio, in 1835, and was married in 1862 to Jane Armstrong, who was born in Canada in 1837. They have one daughter, Arminta, born July 18, 1863. Mrs. Cunningham came to Knox county in 1838. They own a well improved farm with good buildings.

CUNNINGHAM, ELI S., Pike township, farmer, post office North Liberty; born in Wayne county, Ohio, September 18, 1833, and was married May 17, 1855, to Sarah A. Oberholtzer, who was born in Holmes county, Ohio, June 12, 1837. They have six children: Marrietta, born July 9, 1857; Milton J., February 22, 1860; Alvin H., March 16, 1862; Dillman F., January 25, 1866; Matthew E., August 2, 1868, and William, March 27, 1872. Mr. Cunningham carne to this county about 1862, and owns a well improved farm with all the modern improvements. He is engaged in farming, also owns a threshing machine, threshing all kinds of grain, and is an active and enterprising citizen.

EDGAR, J. K., deceased, Pike township; born in Washington county, Pennsylvania, in 1818, and was married in 1846 to Elenor Chiddister, who was born in Wayne county, Ohio, in 1826. They had five children: Orlando P., born in 1847; William M., in 1848; Auretta J., in 1851; Miranda O., in 1856, deceased; and Frank C., in 1860.

Mr. J. K. Edgar was a soldier in the late war, a member of company B, Ninety-sixth regiment Ohio volunteer infantry, and remained in the service until his health became impaired. While in the war he contracted a disease of which he died at his home in Amity, January 18, 1865, at the age of forty-six. years and six months. He was a brave soldier and a Christian, and was highly respected by all who knew him. He was a member and an exhorter in the Methodist Episcopal church, but afterward joined the Disciple church, and was an official member of that church until his death. His widow, with her son. Frank C., lives in Amity.


GLENN, DAVID, (deceased, Pleasant township, was born in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, July 9, 1788. On May 13, 1813, he married Miss Jane McConnell, of Pennsylvania, born in 1792. They settled in Pennsylvania, where they lived until 1847, when, with his wife and ten children, he moved to Ohio, located for one year in Wayne county, then moved to Ashland county, remained two years, and in 1850 moved to Knox county, locating on a farm in Green valley, four miles west of Mt. Vernon. In 1852 he purchased and moved on the farm now owned and occupied by his heirs. February 27, 1869, he died here, aged eighty-one years. He was one term in the legislature, and filled the office of justice of the peace for many years,' in Pennsylvania. August 27, 1875, his companion died, aged eighty-tour years. They reared a family often children, viz.: Eliza J., John, James M., David, Nettie E. and Mary A. (twins), George W., Samuel H., Thomas S., and William S.-all now living, except David, who died February 4, 1858.

GRIFFITH, WILLIAM, farmer, Pike township, post office, North Liberty; born in Chester county, Pennsylvania, in 1848, and was married in 1870 to Mary E. Mishey, who was born in this township in 1851. They have one daughter, Ella Lizzie, born December 24, 1874. Mr. Griffith emigrated with has parents to Wayne county, Ohio, in 1855, and remained there one year then removed to Pike township, this county. He is a farmer, and an active and honorable citizen.


KNERR, AMOS, Pike township, farmer, post office, North Liberty, born in Lehigh county, Pennsylvania, in 1810, and was married in 1835, to Catharine Snyder, who was born in Union county, Pennsylvania, in 1814. They have eight children living, viz: Eliza, John, Mary, William Henry, Malinda, Sophrona, and Alice Amanda. The following have deceased, viz: Sarah, Cyrus, and Catharine Lucinda.

Mr. Knerr came to Ohio in April, 1838, and first located in Wayne county, and remained there nine years. From there he removed to Stark county, and remained six years. In 1853 he came to Knox county, and located in Pike township, and at present owns a well improved farm. Two members of the family (John and Malinda) are living in Wayne county.


LEWIS, GEORGE, Morris township, farmer, post office, Mt. Vernon, was born in Liberty township, March 3, 1809, and was married in 1837 to Mary Gardner, who was born in Maryland. They had two sons. Arson B. was born in 1838; George W. in 1840. Mrs. Mary Lewis died in 1843. Mr. Lewis subsequently married Miss Gassaway, who was born in Belmont county, Ohio. They had children-Amanda Ellen was born in 1851; Mary Eveline, in 1853; Elizabeth Ann, in 1855; Sarah Isabelle, in 1857. Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis died in 1861. He was married in 1863, to Catharine Studer, who was born in Wayne county, and came to this county when an infant. Anson B. married Nancy Hireman. They reside in Clinton township. George married Ellen Green and resides in Union county, Ohio, Elizabeth Ann married Alexander Buckman. They reside in Liberty township. Mary E. married Fenner Robinson. They live in Mt. Liberty.

Mr. George Lewis has always been identified with Knox county. He remembers the howl of the wolf, and has seen the different wild animals that in early times roamed over the forest. He is acquainted with all the early customs, remembers Johnny Appleseed, and also the Indians when they were more numerous than the white people.


MCMILLEN, DAVID, farmer, post office, Butler, Richland county, Ohio. He was born in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, in 1805. In 1830 he was married to Rachel Williams, who was born in the same county in 1807. They had five children: Jesse was born in 1836; Lavena, in 1838; Isaiah, in 1840; James A., in 1842; and Marion, in 1844. The deceased members are: Mrs. Rachel McMillen died in 1880; Isaiah died in Knox county; Lavena died in Wayne county in 1844. They located in Wayne township in 1830.

He settled in Knox county in 1849. He owns a good farm with all the modern improvements. His father, Alexander McMillen was born in 1779, in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, and was married to Christina Yearian, who was born in the same county. They had five children: Christena, Mary, Esther, Alexander, and David. Mrs. McMillen died in Pennsylvania; A Leander McMillen died in Berlin township in 1864.

Jesse McMillen was married to Louisa Yarger, who was born in Ashland county, Ohio, in 1840. They have three children: Georgia .Vice, born May 12, 1876; Bertha Celia, October 10, 1877, and David Franklin, January 9. 1879.

Mr. McMillen is a plasterer by trade, and assisted in plastering the court house in Mansfield. James McMillen was a soldier in the late war, and was a member of the Ohio National guards.

MISHEY, J. K. P., Pike township, merchant, post office, North Liberty, born in Knox county, in 1847, and was married in 1868, to Aminda M. Crunkilton, who was born in Wayne county, Ohio, in 1849. They have three children: Clara Etta, in 1870; Sherman Scott, in 1875; Frank Herd, in 1877.

Mr. Mishey engaged in the mercantile business in North Liberty, in 1867, and is still in business there. He is a practical business man, has a stock of goods consisting of dry goods, boots, shoes, groceries, and drugs, and constantly keeps a fresh supply on hand direct from manufacturers.


SINGER, J. W. F., merchant tailor, Hill's block, South Main street, Mt. Vernon, was born in Center, Pennsylvania, August 9, 1819, where his parents resided until he was seven years old, when they removed to Clearfield county, and located on a farm where he resided fourteen years, and then emigrated to Pittsburgh, Wayne county, Ohio, where they lived three years, and until April 1, 1840. While living in Clearfield young Singer entered the employ of an elder brother and learned the tailoring trade, where he served four years. His first business engagement in his own behalf was at Pittsburgh, Wayne county, where he started a tailor shop and continued it until 1840, when he came to Mt, Vernon and engaged in the same business, and carried n on until 1852, when he went to Lancaster, Ohio, and engaged as cutter in an establishment there, remaining there two years. On his return to this city he entered the employment of A. Wolff as cutter, which continued eight and a half years, and then -two years with Mark Curbs. He then commenced merchant tailoring, and has carried it on ever since. He commenced with a capital of fifteen hundred dollars, and has been doing a business of about twenty thousand dollars per year. He now carves a stock of five thousand dollars, comprising cloths, cassimeres, suitings, overcoatings, and merchant tailoring in all its branches, and warrants every suit that leaves his establishment.

Mr. Singer was married to Miss Kate Stockwell, of Wayne county, in March 1838.

SMITH, ISAAC, farmer, post office, North Liberty. He was born in Wayne county, Ohio, in 1814. He was married to Deliah Smith. They had two daughters, Sarah and Maria. They reside in Iowa. Mrs. Deliah Smith died in this county, September 28, 1858.

Mr. Smith subsequently married Sarah Wallace, who was born in Dauphin county, Pennsylvania, in 1832. They have six children: Eldaah, born in 1860; Arming A., in 1862; Ettie, in 1864; Mary, in 1866; Charlie, in 1868; Milton in 1869. Mr Smith came to this county in 1854, and located in Pike township, where he now resides. He was engaged at the carpenter trade while in Wayne county. He erected his present residence with his own hands. He owns a good farm and is engaged in farming.

STAATS, JOHN, Jefferson township, farmer and stock raiser, post office, Jelloway, son of Joseph and Catherine Staats, born in Butler township, Knox county, March 18, 1827; he received a common school education and continued to farm for his father until 1849, November 10th, when he was united in marriage with Miss Rosannah Horn, a daughter of Jacob Horn, bore in Butler township, Knox county, April 10, 1826. After his marriage he remained in Butler township for about nine years, and then moved to Jefferson township, and there purchased a farm of one hundred and twenty acres, where he then moved with his family, and devoted himself to farming, which has been his vocation all his life.

Mr. and Mrs. Staats became the parents of six children, viz: Sarah J., Jacob H., Joseph L.. Calvin F., Edward S., one of whom died in infancy. Five are still living. Mrs. Rosannah Staats, his wife, died August 20, 1863, aged thirty-seven years. On the tenth of March, 1864, he married Miss Hannah Berry, daughter of Joseph and Matilda Berry, born in Wayne county, January 20, 1838. By their union they became the parents of five children, two of whom are dead and three are living, viz: Carrie B., Carresie B., Charles B.

Mr. Staats now resides on a farm of one hundred and sixty acres, known as the Marshal farm, two and one-half miles southeast of Jelloway.

STEELE, JAMES B., Morris township, deceased, born in Wayne county, in 1827, and was married in 1854 to Rebecca Patterson, who was born in Wayne county, in 1832. They had five children: Ida, born in 1855; William P., in 1857; Sarah E., in 1858; Walter S., in 1860; and May Belle, in 1861.

Mr. Steele came to Knox county in 1860, located on the farm where they now reside, is engaged in farming and has been successful in accumulating property. He was a prominent member of the Presbyterian church in Fredericktown; and a worthy Christian. He died at his home, August 31, 1874.

William Patterson, father of Mrs. Steele, was a native of Fayette county, Pennsylvania, and was married to Rebecca Findley, a native of the same county. They had seven children: Ebenezer F., deceased; Jane, deceased; Matilda, deceased; Margaret, James, Rebecca, and Martha. Mr. Patterson died in Wayne county, Ohio, in 1854. Mrs. Patterson is a resident of this township, living with her daughter, Mrs. Steele. They are all members of the Presbyterian church.

STRUBLE, JOHN D., Berlin township, deceased, was born in Sussex county, New Jersey, in 1792, and was married in 1822 to Mary Hadley, who was born in Norris county, New Jersey, in 1802. They had nine children--Rebecca, born in 1824; Headley, in 1826;' Daniel, in 1828; William J., in 1831; John S., in 1834; Charles S., in 1836; Oscar, in 1839; David W., in 1841; and Edwin Dallas, in 1845.

Mr. Struble located in Fredericktown in 1832. He was an extensive land holder, owning over four hundred acres, and a very active and successful business man, engaged in different enterprises, such as the sale of merchandise and the milling business, superintending all himself. In 1874 his mill property was destroyed by fire. He did much to improve Fredericktown, and was a prominent member of the Baptist church. He departed this life May 21, 1875. Mrs. Struble is living with her son, John S., in Berlin township.

STRUBLE, DAVID W., Fredericktown, retired from business, was born in Wayne township, this country, in 1841; was married in x866 to Anne Cummings, who was born in Richland county in 1844. He was a soldier in the late war, a member of company B, Second New York cavalry, and was in the service over three years.

Mr. Struble has been engaged in the mercantile business for some time, but has retired from all business pursuits.

STUDER, DAVID, Mums township, farmer, post office, Fredericktown, was born in Bedford county, Pennsylvania, in 1825; emigrated with his parents to Ohio in 1830, and was married in 1858 to Rebecca Ebersole, who was born in this county in 1833. They have three children-Byron, born in 1859; Albert, in 1864; and Castilla, in 1866 Mr. Studer's parents first located in Fairfield county, Ohio; also resided in Holmes and Wayne counties, and then came to Knox county. He has since been a resident of this county, and awes a beautiful .farm in this township, with fine improvements.


TAYLOR, JOSEPH W., Mt. Vernon, physician and surgeon, was born in Wayne county, Ohio, near Wooster, in December, 1849. He remained in the family until about fourteen years of age, when his parents removed to Mt. Vernon. He read medicine with Dr. Jacob Stamp, of Mt. Vernon, for three years - 1869, 1870 and 1871. He attended two courses at the medical department of Wooster university, located at Cleveland, from which he received his diploma. He returned to Mt. Vernon, and practiced with Mr. Stamp in 1871, 1872 and 1873. He then purchased the drug store of Mr. L. Rowley. After the erection of the Curbs house, in 1877, he moved his store to the room in building where he has since remained.

He came first to Mt. Vernon about 1866. He attended school at Kenyon about one year. He was deputy auditor under Colonel Alexander Cassil for two years.

He purchased a half interest in the Mt. Vernon Republican in February, 1881, and is the political editor of said paper.

TOMS, WILLIAM, Berlin township, miller, post office, Shaler's Mills, was born in Beaver county, Pennsylvania, in 1826. His parents emigrated to Wayne county, Ohio, when he was an infant, remained there fourteen years, and then came to Ashland county (formerly Richland). He was married in Richland county in 1853, to Elizabeth Schrack, who was born in Richland county in 1833, daughter of Charles Schrack. They had eight children, James Allen, born in 1853; John K., in 1855; William W., in 1859; Herschel O., in 1860; Sarah Ann, deceased; Lena May, born in 1865; Charles S., in 1867; and Nina Myrta, in 1871.

Mr. Toms learned the milling business-with his father, and afterwards worked in the Schrack mill. He then went to Newville and purchased a farm, and has been engaged at farming eight years. In 1870 he purchased Shaler's mill, and has since been engaged in operating it. Charles Schrack, father of Mrs. Toms, was born in Pennsylvania m 1790, and married Susannah Kerstetter, who was born in Pennsylvania in 1795. They had nine children Jacob, born in 1821; George (deceased), in 1824; Margaret, in 1826; Sarah, in 1828; Phebe, in 1830; Elizabeth, in 1832; Catherine, in 1835; John (deceased), and Mary Helen in 1840.

Charles Schrack died in Monroe township, Richland county, December 10, 1860. Mrs. Susannah Schrack resides with her son Jacob in Monroe township, Richland county. They came to that township and settled in 1820, and were among the early settlers and pioneers of that county.


WALLACE, JOHN, Pike township, butcher, post office, North Liberty, born in Wayne county, Ohio; in 1842, and was married in 1864, to Jane Blakely, who was born in 1848. They have the following family of children: Eva Estella, born in 1864; Edria Luella, in 1867; Verna May and Bertha Day, in 1873; Winifred, in 1875; Anna Bell, in 1876, and Ida Arivilla, in 1880. Edna Luella died in 1872, and Bertha Day, in 1873.

Mr. Wallace came to this county in 1838, and was engaged in farming for a number of years. For the last ten years he has been engaged in butchering in North Liberty. Anna Bell died October 13, 1880.

WEEKS, WILLIAM, Monroe township, farmer, a native of England, and son of Matthew Weeks, was born May 25, 1824. He migrated to America with his father and located in Gambler in 1842. His father deceased in about two years after their arrival at Gambler.

In October, 1844, Mr. Weeks married Miss Nancy Ayers, born in Wayne county, Ohio, March 4, 1824, they settled in Jefferson township, this county, remained a few months, and in June of the same year they moved to Gambler, lived one year in the village, and then moved to Monroe township, where his companion deceased in June, 1859, but be is still living in Monroe township. Their union resulted in seven children, only two of whom are now living. He served one year in the war of 1861. His son, John H., died in the service of his country during the late war.

WILLIAMS, MILTON B., Berlin township, farmer, post office, Fredericktown, born in Wayne township, Knox county, in 1827, was married in 1851 to Elizabeth Roberts, who was born in Berlin township in 1831. They have two children - Bryant and Jesse. Mr. Williams has resided in Berlin township for forty-three years. He owns a well improved farm with all the modern improvements, and is a model farmer.

Mr. Williams resided in Richland county one year, and was engaged in a saw-mill before he removed to Knox county. His father, Daniel Williams, was born in Frederick county, Maryland, in 1792, and emigrated to Ohio at the age of twenty-two years, with his parents. and first located in Fredericktown. He bought the first mill property of Mr. Cars, also a large quantity of land. He died in Knox county in 1876.

WILLIAMS, BRYANT B., farmer, post office, Fredericktown. He was born in this township in 1854. He was married September 31, 1880, to Sadie E. Steele, who was born in Wayne county in 1858.

WILSON, JOHN, farmer, Wayne township, post office, Fredericktown, born in Wayne county, January 15, 1831, and was married December 12, 1858, to Harriet McFelow, who was born in Wayne county, October 27, 1841. They had the following children-Ambel, born July 7, 1859; William Elmer, September 28, 1864; Laura Etta, June 4, 1877, and Agnes May, April 17, 1879. They were all born in Knox county except the first, who was born in Wayne county. Mr. Wilson came from Wayne to Knox county in 1859, located on a farm and is one of the leading men of this township.