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Photographs from Joseph Marshall's Album, circa 1900, Doylestown, Ohio
My great-grandparents, Joseph (1843-1923) and Catherine (RILEY) MARSHALL (1843-1924), who lived in Doylestown, kept a photo album. Many of the photographs in their album are of unidentified people, presumably friends, in-laws, and relatives.
Among their relatives and in-laws were members of the MARSHALL, DAGENHART, WHITMAN, HUMMEL, OTT, RECH, GARDNER, PETIT, SHONDEL, STEINMETZ, WILGOHS, and KINDIG, families. The photos in this album appear to date from the 1850's to about 1900.
I've created a web page containing these photographs and wish to encourage people whose ancestors might be among those pictured to view this web page.
Swartz Genealogy Connections
The Spake Family of Wayne County, Ohio
Wonderly Family with Wayne County Ties
Dahlheimer Family of Minnesota (with ties to Wayne and Stark Counties in Ohio)
The ancestors of the Dahlheimer family of Minnesota emigrated from Germany in 1852 and settled first in Sugar Creek Township, Wayne County, Ohio. In 1855, most of the family immigrated to Dayton in Hennepin County, Minnesota.
A few family members stayed in Ohio from 1855-1873, moved to Minnesota briefly from 1873 to 1875, and then returned to
Ohio where the last Ohio descendant died in 1954. Most of the descendants of the Dahlheimer family now live in Minnesota.
The Thompson/Dorland/Burge and McFarland Families of Fredericksburg, Ohio
This link is but a small piece of a much bigger family tree centered around Wayne County, Salt Creek Township, Fredericksburg, Ohio.
Castor Association of America
The Castor Association of America is a non-profit organization dedicated to the discovery and preservation of family history for the surname of Castor and many of the variations of it. The CAOA Archives are a collection of books, reports, photographs, wills, deeds, vital records and contributions from the members which preserves the family history. We are currently following these family surnames and have lineage information concerning each of them: Caster, Castor, Coster, Custard, Custer, Gerster, Kaster, Keister, Kester, Kiester, Kister, Koester, Koster, Kuester, Kuster, Kustard, Kusterd.
Brown / Martin Families of Holmes, Tuscarawas and Wayne Counties