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Ackerman, A.B.., Proprietor Bryan House, cor Beech and High Streets
Ainger, D.B., Proprietor The Bryan Press, s.s. Court Square
Altaffer, I.M. & S.L., Agents of Ohio Farmers' Ins. Co. office e High St.
Arnold, C.W. Harness and Saddlery. Main st. nr Court Square
Arnold, Henry, Restaurant and Saloon
Ashton, O.C., Hub and Spoke Factory, Main St.
Baxter, D.C. of Gleason and Baxter
Baxter, D.C., Cashier, First National Bank
Baumann, Christ, restaurant and saloon, s.w. cor Court Square
Beardslie, C.H., sewing machines, organs; also lumber dealer, e.s. Court Square
Bechtel, E.E., Clerk of Williams County
Beechler, Oscar, of Smith and Beechler
Bentley, Chas., of Pratt & Bentley; also Prosecuting Attorney
Betts Bros., livery and feed stable, n Lynn street near the Depot
Betts P., of Betts Bros.
Betts, T.D. of Betts Bros.
Bird Mrs. S.J., Millinery and Fancy Goods. Main st 5 ds n of Carter's store
Blakeslee, S.E. Atty at Law, No. 49 Lynn st w s Court Square
Blessing D., restaurant, High st nr Lynn
Blisky, Christ, meat market. Main st n of Court Square
Bond, H.M., Atty at Law and Notary Public, cor Lynn and High st.
Boothman, M.M., of Sheldon & Boothman
Bowersox, Chas. A., Probate Judge of Williams County
Brewster & Dole, Real Estate and Insurance agents, room 4 Long's Block
Brewster, L.E., of Simon & Brewster
Bryan Bank, cor oLynn & High streets
Bryan House, A.B. Ackerman, Proprietor, cor Beech and High streets
Bryan, J.C., of Bryan & Willett
Bryan & Willett, dry goods, e. s. Court Square
Bryan Manufacturing Co., Portland st at R.R. crossing
Burgoyne, P.F., tailor, w.s. Court Square
Burtsfield, S.B., boots and shoes, s.s. High at nr Lynn
Carter, F.M., drugs, groceries, etc., cor Main and High
Conkling, B.F., Recorder Williams County
Cook, G.E., musical instruments, No. 21 Court Square
Cooney, H., drugs & book store, No. 5, High st n.s. Square
Corbet, A.H., agricultural implements, High st w Lynn
Cory & Hawey, millinery and ladies furnishing goods w s Court Square
Daniels, E., saw filing and repairing, 4 doors n Carter's corner
Darby, W.W., Sheriff Williams County
Day, J.P., dentist, cor Lynn and High Streets
Dillman, A.C., Furniture and Undertaking, Corinthian Monuments, cor High and Bank Streets
Dole, R.B., of Brewster & Dole
Donze, C.F., of Garver, Donze & Co.
Fay, E.G., of Bryan Manufacturing Company
Fay, F.E., of Bryan Manufacturing Company
First National Bank, cor Main and High St.
Floyd, Lewis, barber, High north of Lynn st.
Folk, Wm., gunsmith, Main st north of Court Square
Foot, J.O., Grocer and Confectioner, No. 3 High st n.s. Court Square
Foster, E., Attorney at Law and President of Bryan Bank
Fountain City Argus, Shoaff & Williams Proprs. First Nat'l Bank Building
Fountain City Cheese Factory, J.M. Welker propr.
Fountain Ctiy House, A. Gilbert, Proprietor, cor High and Walnut sts.
Freeman, C.H., House, Sign and Ornamental Painter, s.s. Court Square
Garlow, P.S., Vice-President of Bryan Bank
Garver, Donze & Co., Hardware and Stoves No. 18 & 20 e.s. Court Square
Garver, M.V., of Garver, Donze & Co.
Gilbert A., Proprietor Fountain City House, cor High and Walnut sts.
Gilbert, R.P. of Martin & Gilbert
Gleason, J.D. of Jones & Gleason
Gleason & Baxter, hardware, stoves and tinware, No. 22, e.s. Court Square
Gleason, S.M. of Gleason & Baxter
Goller, J.J., boots and shoes, High st., 5 ds w Lynn
Good, Henry, Proprietor Good Hotel, s.e. cor Court Square
Gordon, James, Carriage Shop, Butler st nr cor Main
Graser, C.H.,, Physician and Surgeon, office at Museum, Main st.
Grass, N., groceries s.w. cor Court Square
Graves, David, Cooperage, Beech st nr Butler
Grisier, H. & Co., insurance and meat market, s.w. cor Court Square
Grisier, H. of H. Grisier & Co.
Grisier, C.F. of H. Grisier & Co.
Halm, Jacob, propr. Fountain City Brewery, cor Beech & (Centre sts)
Harding, G.W. Harness and saddlery, hardware, s.e. cor Court Square
Harding, Wm., harness and saddlery, Main st. nr Court Square
Harrington, E.L. of Harrington & Perkins
Harrington & Perkins, carriages, wagons and general reparing, Beech st nr Butler
Hoffman & Short, agents for singer sewing machines, office at Stough & Son, boots & shoe store, Centre sts.
Hollis, C.R., Watches, Clocks and Jewelry 21 e.s. Court Square
Hopkins, Geo. W., of White & Hopkins, also City Clerk
Hudson, Jacob, proprietor of Bryan House, successor to A.B. Ackerman
Hulbert, O.S., boots & shoes, 21 court Square
Hyatt, S.B., real estate and personal proeperty broker
Jones & Gleason, produce dealers, e.s. court square
Jones, Jas. B., of Jones & Gleason
Jump, P.O., physician and surgeon, n.e. cor court square
Karl, A., saloon, High nr Lynn st.
Karl, J., meat market, High nr Lynn st.
Kauke, E.B., hardware, stoves and tinware, n.s. court square
Keck & Son, produce dealers, cor High and Lynn sts.
Keck, Henry, of Keck & Son
Keck, W.H. of Keck & Son
Keesel, Jacob, saloon, Main st n of court square
Keisel, Jacob, restaruant and saloon, cor High and Main streets
Keiser, E.A., Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon, s.e. cor High and Main sts.
Keiser, G.W., dentist, s.e. cor Main and High sts.
Keiser, Samuel, student with G.W. Keiser
Killets, A.W., of Killets & Mores
Killets and Mores, stave, heading factory and cooperage, cor Edgerton and railroad crossing
Kempf, Frederick, restaurant and confectionery, e.s. Court square
Kelley, Jacob, Auditor of Williams County
Kenninger & Crowell, carriage manufactures, cor Beech and High sts.
Kent, Thomas, physician, office Main st e s court square
King, David, livery and feed stable, Main nr n cor court square
King, Joseph, meat market, Main st n of court square
Kissel, J.G., meat market, Main st nr court square
Klein, F.J., barber, n e cor High and Main sts
Klopfenstein, Jacob, bakery and confectionery, Main st n of court square
Knapp, T.J., groceries and provisions, s. w cor court square
Knight, Frank A., barber, s e cor court square
Laeiss, Bro & Co., boots and shoes
Laubaugh, Peter, restaurant, s e cor court square
Leedy, Jacob, cigar manufacturer, n s court square
Leidigh & Scott, attorneys at laws and notary public, room No. 1 Long's Block
Leidigh, John W., of Leidigh & Scott
Letcher, Amos, lumber dealer, e High st
Letcher, O.T. & Co., produce dealers, s s of High 1 door e of Main st.
Letcher, O.T. of O.T. Letcher & Co.
Letcher, William of O.T. Letcher & Co.
Lockhart, W.H. photographer, s.w. cor court square
Lockhart, G., of Lockhart Bros. Bryan Pump Factory
Lockhart,, A. of Lockhart Bros., Bryan Pump Factory
Long, J.W., of Long Bros.
Long, G.E. of Long Bros.
Long Bros., druggists and book sellers, n s court square
Long -------, the star saloon, s w cor court square
McClure, Richard, merchant tailor, s e cor court square
McQuilkin, H & I, groceries and provisions, n e cor Main & High sts
Magnus & Scheuer, clothing house, Long's Block
Mallory, C.N., of Willett & Mallory
Martin & Gilbert, livery stable, Butler nr Main st
Martin, J.J. of Martin & Gilbert
Mitchell, C.H., millinery, cor Main & Bryan sts.
Model Mills, cor Beech and Center sts.
Montgomery, T.C. station agent at depot
Mores, M.C., of Killets & Mores
Morrision & Fay, proprietors of foundry and machine shop, cor High and Butler sts.
Matthis, F.A., pastor of first Evangelic English Lutheran church
Neblong, Charles, barber shop, w.s. court square
Neff, J.G., brick manufacturer, s Main st.
Nelson, J.W., cashier of Bryan Bank
Ogle, E.M., treasurer of Williams County
Over, J. of Ward & Over
Owen, Selwyn N., judge of the court of common pleas
Palmer, D.B., dentist, Bank Block Main st.
Patterson, Robert N., proprietor of Bryan Democrat, n.e. cor court square
Perkins, J.N. of Harrington & Perkins
Pitcairn, C.W., of Willett & Pitcairn
Plank, David C., blacksmith and horse shoeing, cor Butler and Walnut sts.
Plummer, M.B., justice of the peace and notary public, cor High and Lynn sts.
Pratt & Bentley, attorneys at law, office w s Court Square
Pratt, A.M. of Pratt & Bentley
Ransom, M.L., agent U.S. Express Co., s.s. Court Square
Relyea, Mrs. N., millinery, w.s. Court Square
Rice, R.M., contractor in brick work, w.s. Court Square
Rill, Mrs. R.M., dress making, w.s. Court Square
Ryan & Stall, watches and jewelry, n.s. Court Square
Scheuer -----, of Magnus & Scheuer
Scott, Robt. A., of Leidigh & Scott
Seids & Tomlinson, groceries and provisions, e. s. Court Square
Seids, J.O., of Seids & Tomlinson
Serrels, Jno H., atty at law, cor Lynn and High sts.
Shaefer, F., saloon, w s Court Square
Sheldon & Bootman, attys at law, cor Main & High sts.
Sheldon, B.E. of Sheldon & Boothman
Shoaf & Williams, proprietors of Fountain City Argus, Bank block n e court square
Shoaf, Van. B., of Fountain City Argus
Shorthill, S.E., barber shop, 1st door w of Exchange Hotel
Sink, W.H., Proprietor of the Stough House
Simon, E.E., proprietor of Fountain City flouring mill, cor Edgerton and Walnut sts.
Simon, J.A., of Simon & Brewster
Simon & Brewster, attys at law, room No. 4 Long's Opera Block
Sloat, Levi, restaurant & Saloon, near depot
Snyder, A.L., M.D. & druggist, e s Court Square
Snyder, J.J., manufacturer of boots and shoes, s w cor Court Square 41 Centennial Block
Smith, J.W., agricultural implements, near s e cor Court Square
Smith & Beechler, attys at law, No. 2 Opera House block
Smith, Philetus, of Smith & Beechler
Sperry, C.T. & Co., dry goods, clothing, etc. No. 20 e s Court Square
Sperry, C.T. of C.T. Sperry & Co.
Stough, Wm., Mayor, Justice of the Peace and Ins. Agt., e s. Court Square
Stough, Wm. & Son, boots & shoes, e s Court Square
Stough, Wm., of Wm. Stough & son
Stough, Wm. E. of Wm. Stough & Son
Stough House, W.H. Sink, prop., Lynn st opp depot
Straight, C.H., blacksmith & forger, s.w. cor Court Square
Stuck, L., Dentist, No. 3 Opera Block
Teems, Jacob, photographer, Lynn st w s court square
The Bryan Press, D.B. Ainger, propr., n. s. Court Square
The Bryan Democrat, Robt. N. Patterson propr., n.e. cor court Square
The Fountain City Argus, Shoaf & Williams proprs., First Nat'l Bank Building
The Good Hotel, Henry Good proprietor, s. e. cor court square
Tomlinson, F.A. of Seids & Tomllinson
Tressler, A.J., president First Na't Bank
United States Express Office, M.L. Ranson agent, s.e. cor court square
Urie, & Garfield, furniture factory, Main st nr depot
Ward & Over, furniture, Main st n of square
Ward, J.G. of Ward & Over
Welker, J.M., dry goods, boots, shoes and fancy goods, s e cor court square
Wetmore, C.B., handle factory, Main st at railroad crossing
White, Samuel, of White & Hopkins
White & Hopkins, hats, caps, and furs, s e cor court square
Willett & Pitcairn, attorneys at law, Kent's Block
Willett, George D., of Young & Willett
Willet, B.R. of Bryan & Willett
Willett, J.H. of Willett & Mallory
Willett, A.M., algricultrual implements, Main st.
Willett & Mallory, marble works, Main st n court square
Williams, S.R. of Fountain City Argus
Wilson, Mrs. L.B., millinery, Main st nr court square
Wolff, D.A., Clothier, No. 15, e. s. court square
Yates, Thos W., photographer, s.e. cor court square
Young, T.J. of Young & Willett
Young & Willett, farm machinery and wagons, 1 door e of Carter's Corners
Young, Phillip, saloon, High st nr Lynn
Yunck, Fred, wholesale and retail dealer in tobacco and cigars, 1 door w of First Nat'l Bank