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Submitted by Robert Hillard

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These photos were taken on 31 August 1997. The first Tombstone is of Wilbur Raymond Hillard b. 6 October 1888 in Williams Co., Ohio
and d. 4 July 1954 in Williams County, Ohio. He married Rosa W. Bergman on 26 February 1911 in Williams Co., Ohio and
she was b. 2 November 1889 and d. 16 February 1987 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana. They had four children.

The second photo is of the stones of the three cousins who died from a car crash that occurred near Bryan, Williams County, Ohio
on 19 December 1993. Scott Allen Hillard b. 5 December 1973 and d. 19 December 1993. The son of Ronald Lee Hillard
and grandson of Kermit Denver Hillard. Chistopher Shane Perkins b. 10 October 1973 and d. 19 December 1993
in Williams, Co., Ohio. Frederick John Laforet Jr. b. 6 April 1972 in Montpelier, Williams, Ohio, and d. 19 Dec 1993 in
Williams Co., Ohio. Grandson of Kermit Denver Hillard.

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This article was sent to me in December of 1972 by Mrs. Beulah Fisher who lived in Montpelier, Williams, Ohio.
Velma O. Cogswell Hillard was the wife of Loy Allen Hillard who was the son of Sylvester Allen Hillard, she was the daughter of Daniel Cogswell.

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I am attaching four pages which lists some Hillard Reunions from the first which was held on 26 August 1911>
at Elsworth Ervins Home there in Williams County. I will also type a list with the sunames
that were listed on these pages. Anspaugh, Wilma; Bingham, Mrs.; Cooley, Frank Mr. & Mrs.; Field, Byron; Field, Helen; Field,
Marsha; Foster, John Mr. & Mrs.; Haddix, Floyd; Hillard, Alice; Hillard, Anna (Simonds); Hillard, Arlene; Hillard, Bertha F.; Hillard, Byron; Hillard, Carma; Hillard,
Edna; Hillard, Elsworth Ervin; Hillard, Ernest; Hillard, Eunice; Hillard, Forest R.; Hillard, G. E. Mr. & Mrs.; Hillard, Mae; Hillard, Norma; Hillard, Olen; Hillard, Sadie; Hillard, S. A.;
Hillard, W. R.; Hillard, Wilbert; Hort, Blanche; Hort, C. W. Mr. & Mrs.; Moore, Alice Mrs.; Moore, E. A.; Mulberry, Mrs. & granddaughter; Owen, Varney Mr. & Mrs. & daughter;
Robison, Johnnie; Rouse, J. L.; Simonds, B. B. Mr. & Mrs.; Simonds, Lee; Springer, Clara Mrs. & son (Clarissa Field); Steele, La Reita; Warfield, w. L.; Welling, Arnie; Welling,
Dave; Welling, Herbie.

I believe the 90th Hillard Reunion will be held on 18 August 2002 in Pioneer, Williams, Ohio. I hope to make it back there for the reunion.

Bordner, Margaret Ann; Hillard, George Washington; Hillard, Perez & Clarissa; Hillard, Wm. Henry & wife Elizabeth; Hillard, Emory should be Elmer; Field, Rhoda.

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