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Submitted by ROBERT O J HILLARD,, May 2002

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I am attaching a photo of Maurice Hillard and Vernon Hillard's Tombstones there in Riverside Cemetery in Montpelier, Williams Ohio. Maurice Byron Hillard a son of Lloyd Hillard and Hazel Stuller, and a son of Kemit Denver Hillard, Vernon Michael Hillard. Maurice was b. 13 May 1914 in Monpelier and d. in 1977. Maurice was married to Audrey O. Jones on 14 June 1936 in Montpelier, Williams, Ohio and they had three children I believe, two daughters and a son. Vernon Michael Hillard was b. 26 February 1950 and d. 9 June 1975, He married Lynn Ann Stoy on 20 April 1968 and they had four children, I belive two sons and two daughters.

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Kermit Denver Hillard's Tombstone in Riverside Cemetery there in Monpelier, Williams, Ohio. Kermit was the son of Rev. Lloyd J. Hillard who was the son of Byron Washington Hillard the son of George Washington Hillard. kermit was Born in Montpelier, Williams, Ohio on 27 February 1919 and he died on 7 July 1984 in Montpelier, he married Dorothy Larena Covert born in Nelsonville, Athens, Ohio on 11 March 1926, the daughter of Mount Vernon Covert and Thelma Murphy. They had 4 children.


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These two Tombstones are in Riverside Cemetery in Montpelier, Williams, Ohio. The first is Rev. Lloyd J. Hillard's stone, he was b. 22 March 1894 in Florence Twp., Williams Co., Ohio and d. 13 April 1959 in Montpelier, Williams, Ohio. He married Hazel B. Stuller on 26 August 1911, she was b. 25 September 1891 in Edon, Williams, Ohio and d. 25 August 1963 in Montpelier. Lloyd and Hazel had two children, Maurice and Kermit.

The second stone is Loy Allen Hillard's Stone who was the son of Sylvester Allen Hillard, Loy was b. 15 September 1888 and d. 12 May 1959 in Montpelier, Williams, Ohio. He married Velma O. Cogswell on 15 December 1910. Velma was b. 2 August 1888 in Ohio and d. 14 November 1972 in Montpelier, Williams, Ohio. Loy and Velma had two children I believe.


I am attaching these Obiturary Articles in four sections, as you will notice there are four pages of written Obituaries of Hillards. The first page tells of Byron Waqshington Hillard who was born in Florence Twp. on 29 July 1855 and died at his farm on 14 November 1913. The Rev. C. W. Perry did the services at Byrons home on 16 November 1913 and then he was taken to Riverside Cemetery in Montpelier, Willams, Ohio for burial. On the second page it tells of Carrie May Carr Hillard's birth, 17 Jul y 1863 and her death on 24 July 1914. Survivers were her husband, Wilbert E. Hillard, who was born in Bridgewater, Williams, Ohio, and her two daughters, an aged father and mother, five brothers and four sisters. On the second page it also tells of William Henry Hillard's Obituary, He was 64 years and 4 days of age when he died. He was born in Venice, Seneca, Ohio on 8 May 1851 and died 12 May 1915 in McBride, Montcalm, Michigan, but grew up in Williams County, Ohio. He married Elza Jane Jackson in Michigan. His survivers were his wife, three daughters, two sons, four brothers, two sisters and a host of friends. On the third and fouth page it tells of George Edward Hillard who was born in Spring Lake, Williams, Ohio on 5 August 1864 and died on 5 October 1916 in Olivet, Eaton, Michigan. The members of the surviving family were his wife Gladys L. Neer Hillard and two sisters, Mrs. (Ella) Permilia Ellen Hillard Cory, Mrs. Allie Ann Hillard Burt, three brothers, (M) , John Emery Hillard, Alva Elverton Hillard, Cassius Marcibilus Clay Hillard. Rev. Theodore Wilson officiated and the interment was in the Olivet Cemetery in Olivet Eaton, Michigan. Those who attended from out of town were Mr. & Mrs. Cassius Hillard, Mr. and Mrs. (Dell) Adelbert Hillard, Jolly Hillard, all of Montcalm County, Michigan, Mrs. Allie Burt of Traverse City, Alva of Paris, Tennessee, Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Pickle of Bryon, Ohio, Al Bordener, Mr. & Mrs. Ellsworth Hillard, Mr. & Mrs. Sylvester Hillard, Mrs. Mary Hillard of Montpelier, Bert Hillard of Concord, Michigan, Mrs. Otis Brown and Mrs. Orville Mochermanof Pioneer, Ohio, Mr. & Mrs. Will Page of Camden, Michigan, Mr. & Mrs. Homer Rigleman of Saginaw, Michigan, Mr. & Mrs. John Bartlow, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hawk of Battle Creek, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bartlow of Leslie, Michigan, Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Bartlow of Frement, Indiana. I received this information from Kermit Denver Hillard in March of 1974. - Robert Owen J Hillard

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